1. Overview of the open kitchen

A beautiful open kitchen design is different from a kitchen in general. Cooking in an open kitchen will feel more comfortable and fresh. Especially, if the location of the kitchen is directly opposite the cool garden of the house. The open kitchen also allows cooking activities not to interfere with the activities in the house, such as cooking smoke which makes residents uncomfortable, and the smell of cooking smoke can stick to the room furniture. With an open kitchen design, fresh air from outside will bring heat and the smell of cooking out of the room. That way, your cooking process will be more comfortable.

2. Open kitchen ideas

The number of complaints from family members who feel the closed kitchen atmosphere makes them stuffy. Therefore, the idea emerged to conjure up a closed kitchen design into an open kitchen so that the atmosphere is fresher. Kitchens with open space designs are considered contemporary and are currently in great demand because they are believed to be more cost-effective. Then make the cooking atmosphere more one with nature so you can prepare food anytime for mothers at home.

In this way, the familiar impression is easily felt by guests because a family atmosphere can be realized through the arrangement of the kitchen overlooking the garden. This method is an example of a kitchen designed to meet the needs of its owner who likes to gather and entertain relatives and friends in an open atmosphere. In addition, the kitchen can also be made outdoors, overlooking the swimming pool, garden, and fitness room. That way, you can give ready-to-eat dishes to family members.

3. Choosing an open kitchen design

The kitchen is often described as hot and stuffy. However, at this time the kitchen design has become more aesthetic even though it has a size that is not so wide, for example, by designing an open kitchen overlooking the garden. A kitchen design like this will make cooking more fun with a beautiful atmosphere. In addition, you don’t have to worry because the smoke will enter the house and make the cooking smell, and stuffy.

Therefore, the ideal kitchen design is currently a boundary between indoors and outdoors, so that limited space is no longer a problem. In this review, several open kitchen designs can be an inspiration to keep the room aesthetic even though it is minimalist. Let’s look at the following discussion.

4. Some examples of open kitchen designs

Kitchens with an outdoor concept are increasingly popular because this area can double as a place to hang out while eating a meal with the family. This design is far from formal and is one of the reasons why this kitchen concept is so popular. Many people decorate their kitchen in such a way with various designs to make it look more attractive, unique, and homey. Therefore, we provide some examples of pictures of a comfortable open kitchen design as shown below. Welcome to our review!

Kitchen with indoor garden

The outdoor kitchen designed in the picture allows a lot of natural light to enter the room. In addition, a minimalist outdoor kitchen design can give a fresh atmosphere, even though busy cooking. The kitchen is generally located at the back of the house. Not infrequently, open kitchens are designed to face the rear garden area. This is not an oddity. This design will even seem more homey and harmonious for all family gathering activities.

In addition, a kitchen design that has equipped with a contemporary pantry plus a unique chandelier can add aesthetic value. So it looks beautiful. Then, to look more attractive, you can add kitchen set decorations, dining tables and chairs, and ornamental plants. That way, the open kitchen will feel more natural. Hopefully, these ideas and inspiration can add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Open kitchen beside the garden

This open kitchen also has a design with family happiness in mind. This design is very creative with a minimalist but still elegant kitchen. The design turns a narrow yard into a family gathering place. In addition, there is a bamboo blind as a cover for the kitchen during the day.

To get a more attractive atmosphere, you can arrange garden tables and chairs, hanging decorative lights, wall shelves, wall paintings, and grass equipped with ornamental plants. This kitchen design style that utilizes a sampling garden adopts a semi-outdoor concept and is worthy of your imitation. To look more beautiful, you can decorate white coral on the edge of the grass and design floor tiles with wood brown color. Then make a ceramic border with a bright color between the cooking kitchens. That way, your kitchen design will look more aesthetic and natural. Well, hopefully, this simple design can be your inspiration.

Modern traditional open kitchen

This open kitchen facing the garden has been designed in a traditional style with exposed brick wall designs that serve as a barrier between the kitchen and the garden. So it looks more attractive and natural. In this place, you can cook while enjoying the open garden beside the kitchen. In addition, when eating you can enjoy the outdoor part. Then, to keep it beautiful, take good care of the plants in that part of the garden. So the garden still feels comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The most frequent location for designing an open kitchen is the very back area of ​​the house. This back kitchen measures at least 2 x 2 M and fits perfectly into a minimalist garden. You don’t need to install a cooker hood or smoke remover in the kitchen area because the smoke and heat of cooking will be immediately replaced by fresh air from the garden. To look more attractive, choose a kitchen set made of teak wood, plywood, or polymer material to make it more durable. Well, hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your favorite kitchen.

Minimalist open kitchen

This minimalist open kitchen has been designed by combining a kitchen with a garden. But keep in mind that natural light can still enter the kitchen and garden. So it can accent produces a minimalist impression and still looks modern. Moreover, with a good arrangement of items, this kitchen will look more aesthetic.

Open kitchens generally prioritize the appearance of a kitchen that tends to be spacious for cooking activities. The kitchen set on the kitchen wall that resembles wood grain matches the wall theme. In addition, the dining table on the side can create a more rustic and environmentally friendly appearance. This arrangement looks simpler and more flexible. The absence of a room divider or insulation is the main purpose of an open kitchen so that the outdoor atmosphere can completely enter the kitchen area. Cooking will be brighter and certainly more comfortable.

Simple but modern open kitchen

This simple open kitchen is built within space constraints. Even though it looks classic, with exposed brick decorations on the walls of the dining room, then a dining table designed from exposed brick managed to make this kitchen look luxurious and contemporary. Moreover, coupled with a sink as an interior decoration of the dining room, it is simple but still useful.

In addition to paying attention to the right kitchen design and showing a comfortable and spacious impression, don’t forget to always add decorations or decorations so that the kitchen looks sweeter and pleasing to the eye. One of them is a more attractive decoration by decorating the kitchen with wall lamps, gas stove sets, fans, and ornamental plants. That way, the kitchen looks more unique and aesthetic. Well, for those of you who like a classic atmosphere, this design can be an inspiration for your kitchen.

Minimalist design with closed space

An open kitchen with minimalist open space decor can create connectivity between the kitchen and the garden. Visually, some elements between the colors chosen and the kitchen set, lights, and gardens give a minimalist impression. This design makes your cooking atmosphere comfortable and calm.

The open kitchen is also not always outside the room. You can design an open kitchen, even in a closed space area. Just make sure the kitchen area still feels spacious by making it one location with the garden. The kitchen that blends with the garden still looks open and feels fresher and more spacious.

Then, to look more attractive, the color selection of the kitchen set, dining table, and chairs must match the interior of the kitchen to make it look more harmonious. If you are happy with a small and bright kitchen design, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Artistic open kitchen design

This open kitchen design creates a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, by making the garden a part of the kitchen. With a minimalist design and a neat arrangement of dining tables and chairs, this open kitchen doesn’t take up much space. The location of the plants on the garden wall makes cooking activities undisturbed. Also, make sure the plants get natural light which can help during the photosynthesis process.

Designing an open kitchen does not have to require large land. You can make it with a size of 2 x 2 M like in the picture above. Although this design is small this kitchen is equipped with a complete kitchen set to store things. Then, this kitchen area has designed to face directly to the dining table, making it easier for you to serve food. If you are happy with the beautiful and artistic design, this design can be your inspiration.

Open kitchen design with beautiful flower garden

Cooking in an enclosed area is often uncomfortable because it is hot and stuffy. As an alternative, you can use the back area of ​​the house to become an open kitchen connected to the garden. So that when cooking next to a garden without a barrier, cooking does not become hot and stuffy anymore.

With an open kitchen design next to the garden, air circulation will take place well. In addition, lighting that comes from the outdoors will help to save electricity. Because when cooking during the day, there is no need to turn on the lights. To look more attractive, you can add a stove, kitchen table, and ornamental plants placed on walls and grass. Well, for those of you who want to enjoy cooking outdoors, this design can be an inspiration for you.

The open kitchen design blends with the terrace

To take advantage of the part of the house that is not so spacious. Then, you can use an open kitchen design like the picture above. Although the kitchen looks small, it can design to blend with the terrace so that it looks spacious and can be used to relax. For that, the room interior still looks aesthetic and more flexible, then also place a wooden shelf on the wall to store some items. Then, add a dining table with white accents and chairs so that this simple kitchen also looks luxurious and dignified.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add hanging decorative lights, wooden shelves on the wall, and a long table on the terrace. That way, your open kitchen will amaze every guest who sees it. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Open kitchen design complete with mini-bar

An open kitchen design like this gives the impression of luxury. With a neat arrangement of the dining room, it makes the kitchen more beautiful with unique accessories and accents. Then to look brighter, choose windows and glass doors so that natural light can enter the room and at the same time help plants to carry out photosynthesis.

Then, what you need to pay attention to is when designing an open kitchen, you should recognize the needs of your family. If the family likes cooking and eating together, the kitchen design can be integrated into the dining room and directly faces the back garden. Then, make the dining room at least 2 x 4 M, while the kitchen area is smaller with a size of 2 x 1.5 M. Then design an open kitchen above facing the sun so that the kitchen area is brighter and can save electricity during the day. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Open kitchen with glass door divider

This open dining room design is suitable for people who like to grow crops. Therefore, you can design this open kitchen and dining room by dividing the dining room and small garden with glass doors. So that even though it is minimalist, the dining room and open kitchen feel beautiful

But. If the kitchen and garden are very close together, you can create an open kitchen design with a fresher atmosphere. That way, the appearance of the kitchen and garden look more natural. As you can see, this open kitchen with glass partitions is decorated with greenery as decorations. Then to look more attractive, the open kitchen and garden above are equipped with unique decorative lights, kitchen sets, kitchen tables, and tables complete with minimalist dining chairs. This design, makes the kitchen area look more attractive and modern.

Canopy design open kitchen

A bright kitchen makes you healthy in it. So that the open kitchen still gets natural light, you can use a canopy with a transparent or semi-transparent glass roof. This design, besides being able to save electricity during the day, you can also make the kitchen atmosphere more lively.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, please place the plants on the edge of the room. So it feels fresher. Then, set the dining table and cooking area across from each other to make it easier to serve when you are ready-to-cook food. Don’t forget the selection of dining tables and chairs must also be adjusted to the kitchen interior to make it look harmonious. Hopefully, this design can add inspiration to your kitchen design.

Model dapur terbuka desain atap

Having a beautiful and bright kitchen is everyone’s dream. As you can see, an open kitchen with a model can connect the kitchen with the garden. If there is still space, you can use it as a place to wash. Although narrow still looks minimalist.

Many homeowners say they are worried about rats and insects when designing an open kitchen. Even though this concern can be overcome, one of them is by installing additional roofs in the kitchen and garden areas. In addition, it can avoid the rain that makes the kitchen wet
Therefore, you can install a tempered glass roof or a clear polycarbonate canopy in the open kitchen area as protection from the sun and rain. That way, cooking in an open kitchen will feel more secure, comfortable, and fun. Hopefully, this bright design can add to your ideas and inspiration. Happy decorating!

Open kitchen overlooking the pool

The minimalist dining room overlooking the swimming pool still looks luxurious and aesthetic. These wooden chairs and dining tables are suitable for relaxing while drinking coffee and enjoying the view. Moreover, being close to the park and swimming pool will create a pleasant atmosphere.

The kitchen area is separated from the other rooms. This kitchen measures 3 x 1.5 M only. This luxurious kitchen design gives a unique and modern impression. In addition, this open kitchen creates a pleasant atmosphere. By choosing material for floors, kitchen walls, roofs, and classy kitchen sets, ​​and being resistant to weather changes, the interior of your home will look more luxurious. If you have a sufficient budget, this design can be an idea and inspiration for you.

Classic design open kitchen

As far as we know, you still love the classic design that makes you always want to go back in time. Therefore, designing an outdoor dining room in this garden can provide a natural aesthetic because the kitchen is part of your life. In addition, the atmosphere of the open nature design is increasingly felt with trees and gardens next to the kitchen.

Therefore, the most frequent location for designing an open kitchen is the area at the back of the house and next to the house. This open kitchen looks designed to be elongated and fits perfectly into a minimalist garden. With this design, you don’t need to install a cooker hood or smoke remover in the kitchen area because the smoke and heat of cooking will be immediately replaced by fresh air from the garden.

To look more attractive, you can choose a kitchen cabinet made of teak wood, plywood or polymer material to make it more durable. With this design, you and your family will feel more at home. Hopefully, this design can be useful and be an inspiration for your kitchen.

Vintage design open kitchen

This open-air dining area overlooks the gardens giving the interior a lush aesthetic because the leaves grow naturally. In addition, even though it is narrow, the kitchen atmosphere is no longer stuffy with a design like this, and it looks beautiful.

Then, to look more attractive, this vintage open kitchen is decorated with unique chandeliers, white dining tables and chairs, old furniture, ornamental plants, and kitchen walls designed with exposed bricks. That way, this vintage open kitchen design will make your kitchen atmosphere warmer. Well, hopefully, this simple vintage design can be an idea and inspiration for you.

5. Conclusion

As you know, an open kitchen overlooking the garden can make your cooking atmosphere even more enthusiastic. Therefore, we hope the open kitchen design above is following your home design and your taste. Hopefully, you can prepare a budget to build your dream open kitchen to make it look beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and comfortable. Hopefully, this review is useful for those of you who are looking for inspiration for your favorite kitchen design.


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