1. Overview of the Scandinavian kitchen

We know Scandinavian kitchen interiors are almost the same as minimalist design concepts. The difference in this kitchen is in the combination or choice of colors. Scandinavian interiors mostly use a combination of white and brown, while minimalist interiors play a lot with monochrome colors.

The hallmark of Scandinavian interiors is the dominance of white. Even if you try to combine it with brown or other colors, white remains the dominant color. Even so, you can still combine white with other colors as a sweetener, such as orange, yellow, lemon, and turquoise. In addition, you can design the color of the chair or sofa to the lampshade in the same color.

2. Scandinavian-style kitchen set design

Currently, the Scandinavian style is in great demand by many people because Scandinavian interiors home design makes the room look more elegant, and clean but not excessive, making it suitable to be applied to various types of other design styles.

One of the rooms that often use the Scandinavian style in the kitchen. There are so many kitchen creations with an attractive Scandinavian style. Then, if you want to do renovations, the budget must be very considerate thing, considering the costs for renovations are not small. Therefore, to realize a Scandinavian-style kitchen design, you can design a kitchen set in a Scandinavian style.

3. Organizing a kitchen set for a Scandinavian kitchen

Having a room with a dominant white color can make it easier for you to combine it with other colors. For the kitchen area with dominance of white paint, it’s easy for you to play with the accents of your favorite colors. However, the color must be adjusted to your kitchen model to make it look harmonious.

Remember. Playing color elements in a Scandinavian or monochrome room is not something that is prohibited in interior design. Therefore, you can mix and match colors to make the kitchen look more dramatic. In addition, add other color elements to the kitchen set or wall decoration to sweeten the kitchen. Then you can choose your favorite color to suit your taste.

Kitchen interiors that are in great demand by homeowners are Scandinavian designs. Even though the size and area of ​​your kitchen are not spacious, you can dress it up with a kitchen set so that the appearance looks very beautiful. The best thing about this kind of kitchen decoration is that it doesn’t lose function. On the contrary, your kitchen can look very stylish with a beautiful kitchen set design.

4. The budget needed to make a kitchen set

Currently, many interior design services offer Scandinavian kitchen set renovations. For budget issues, this depends on the area of ​​the kitchen you have. Then, the Scandinavian kitchen set style concept that you want to apply. If you are going to use interior design services for the first time, you should ask for a kitchen set design that will be designed in your kitchen to suit your kitchen area and taste. If you agree, you then negotiate a price and prepare a budget.

5. Some examples of Scandinavian-style kitchen sets

Scandinavian kitchen sets are in great demand by homeowners because they have a simple design but are still attractive to the eye. Moreover, Scandinavian designs can combine with a unique and beautiful vintage style. That way, this kitchen design will look more attractive. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the Scandinavian kitchen set design below.

Scandinavian kitchen set with wood material

One of the characteristics of the Scandinavian kitchen set concept is the use of wood materials. To realize a Scandinavian kitchen set, you can design your kitchen set with wood materials. However, if you want to use wood material, make sure to choose a durable wood material. Then, to look more attractive, mix and match the walls with white exposed bricks. Then arrange your kitchen like in this picture.

Simple Scandinavian kitchen set design

Another Scandinavian kitchen set option is a simple and clean design. The Scandinavian kitchen set style can be obtained without the need to use excessive details.
In addition, a simple impression can also make it look attractive. With a clean Scandinavian kitchen set, you can expose other elements in the kitchen, for example using hexagon mosaic tiles.

To make it look more attractive, you can add decorations such as antique hanging decorative lights, a kitchen set with a wardrobe model complete with a kitchen table, and kitchen accessories. With this design, your simple kitchen will look elegant.

Kitchen set design in an open kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen sets can also use an open kitchen design concept. This design can be connected to all rooms and uses the same wood elements. In addition, you can use exposed wood elements with textures and tones that match the room. So you can make this design much more integrated with the overall design of the house.

To make it look more beautiful, you can decorate the kitchen with white hanging decorative lights, wall hangings, small flower pots, a kitchen table with a white texture complete with a gas stove set, and a dining table set. With this arrangement, your kitchen will feel comfortable, and you will feel at home cooking.

Using a rustic feel

The rustic feel of a Scandinavian kitchen set can make your kitchen look much more modern and clean. Actually, with this rustic feel, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the Scandinavian style. You should know that this rustic design usually uses wood elements. But you have to choose the right wood furniture, so that it can blend with the Scandinavian kitchen set design.

Then, to make it look cool, you can add a dining table and chairs, flower pots, and kitchen utensils. That way, you will feel at home in the kitchen while watching your wife cook. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Modern design kitchen set

The Scandinavian-style kitchen set can also make the kitchen look more modern. Modern elements can combine with wood elements and various Scandinavian kitchen set design patterns, so it looks much more alive and warm.

To look more harmonious, you can design a wall with white exposed brick, then the kitchen is faced with an aluminum frame glass window, and add to the kitchen decoration with flower pots so it doesn’t look monotone. With an arrangement like this, your kitchen looks modern and fun.

A touch of vintage style in yellow

The Scandinavian kitchen set design is not just a rustic feel. Scandinavian kitchen set designs can also be combined with vintage nuances. If you want a vintage feel, you can use vintage-style furniture and colors.

The similarity of color tones in the Scandinavian kitchen set can blend with the furniture used in this design. In addition, this design will also make the room warmer. To make it look cool, you can mix and match the yellow color of the kitchen set in this kitchen. With a beautiful color combination, your kitchen will look unique and artistic.

Modern kitchen set design

Modern Scandinavian-style kitchen set designs can be seen from all the elements in the kitchen. This design blends from the wooden floor and the table in the middle has designed in white. Then, on the lower left side of the table, there is a small cupboard to put plants and books

As for lighting, use a beautiful type of chandelier. Then, to add to the beauty of the kitchen, the kitchen set has equipped with two cupboards on the side of the kitchen set which are used as a place to store dishes and other utensils. Then, to add to the warm atmosphere of the kitchen, the floor is designed with wood motif ceramics. With this design, the kitchen atmosphere looks more natural and comfortable.

Botanical kitchen set

The next Scandinavian kitchen set design is a design that is thick with botanical nuances. Like this picture, the kitchen ceiling looks a lot of hanging plants that make the room cool and more beautiful. The kitchen arrangement is like a typical Scandinavian room design. In this place, there are two dominant colors in this kitchen set, namely brown and white.

The next discussion is a kitchen set design complete with a stove and a kitchen table. In this kitchen, you can see the door that also functions as a window made of see-through glass. With this design, the sun will easily enter the room and make the kitchen brighter. With this eco-friendly style and concept, you can save on electricity usage. It looks like this design is quite attractive and can add ideas to your kitchen design.

Cafe lamp kitchen set

The Scandinavian kitchen set design that utilizes the concept of cafe lights as lighting looks very interesting and fun. The black color lamp looks harmonious with the shades of brown and white in the entire kitchen set. High ceilings can make the air circulation around the kitchen cooler and comfortable.

Then, to appear more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a kitchen set table, a table for mixing food ingredients, and walls designed with white exposed brick motifs. Then in order not to look monotonous, the kitchen set area is decorated with flower pots of ornamental plants. So it makes the eyes look fresh and pleasant. Well, for those of you who like to cook, this design is perfect for you to design in your kitchen. Happy decorating!

Japanese kitchen set

If you want to design a kitchen to be beautiful and charming. You can make design a kitchen set in a Japan-style. This design gives a natural feel. As you can see, the presence of a kitchen set with a natural wood color motif gives a luxurious impression. Therefore, we provide this design reference. So you feel happy and satisfied with the appearance of a kitchen like this.

To make it more interesting, you can place a small table that can be used to eat food like in Japanese ramen shops. Then, decorate the kitchen with some chandeliers, frames for paintings, and wall shelves. With this arrangement, your kitchen will look elegant and luxurious. Then, if you have a narrow kitchen, you can make this design in your kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen set

The L-shaped kitchen set is one of the most widely used designs in minimalist homes because it can maximize the side of the room as a kitchen. In addition to saving space, the minimalist L-shaped kitchen set design is also suitable for those of you who have a house that is not too large.

However, to look harmonious and feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can place a white kitchen set and a white kitchen table with an original wood color texture. Then you can design the walls with exposed white bricks, decorate them with spotlights, and put appropriate kitchen accessories. With a design like this, your Scandinavian kitchen will look beautiful and luxurious.

Kitchen set for a narrow room

Small cupboard shelves are a great way to store items you use every day as tea and coffee holders. In addition, closet shelves are also very suitable for those of you who have a narrow kitchen as a substitute for a kitchen set. To appear more artistic, you can design a wall with white exposed brick. In this place, you can put mugs and cutting boards for easy access when you need them.

Placing cooking utensils on cupboard shelves and the wall above the stove is one easy way to make the kitchen feel more comfortable. In addition, this method will save space in the kitchen cabinets. Well, for those of you who have a narrow kitchen, you can make this design for your inspiration.

U-shaped kitchen set

Finally, there is a minimalist U-shaped kitchen set design. You can use this design inspiration in large homes. Then, to look more attractive, the tables and furniture used mostly use wood and have been processed with a beautiful texture

Then, to loo luxurious, the lamp uses a round design like three balls. The presence of bar tables and chairs, wall paintings, and pots of ornamental plants add to the warm and pleasant atmosphere. If you want to design a multifunctional kitchen, this design can be an inspiration for you. Good luck!

6. Conclusion

Well, there are some of the best Scandinavian minimalist kitchen set designs you can use as your inspiration. From all the pictures above, you can choose the best design that suits your taste and kitchen model. If you are looking for houses and apartments where the kitchen has not been designed, you can make one like the picture above. Then, we hope your home’s design will look aesthetic, attractive, and fun. Happy decorating!


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