1. Bohemian kitchen overview

You can apply an aesthetic bohemian kitchen design to your home for those of you who want to be different. When designing a kitchen design, usually only a few people dare to express a different style. However, most kitchens are designed in a minimalist style that tends to be easy to organize and timeless. So who would have thought, the bohemian design concept was no less stunning to apply to your beautiful kitchen?

As we know, bohemian design can be translated into many forms. It can be gray walls, solid wood or rattan chairs, Middle Eastern rugs, to open windows with upholstered fabrics on the surface. The bohemian style fits well with other designs such as rustic, minimalist, and Scandinavian. Its easy integration means you can easily mix and match with your existing kitchen. If you want to change the interior and inspiration below.

2. Ideas and inspiration

Kitchen ideas and designs are one corner of the house that is a family favorite. So do not be surprised if the design of a kitchen is made as beautiful as possible so that anyone who uses it can feel at home and comfortable. Apart from being an attractive concept, kitchen interior design is also a concern for everyone.

One of the kitchen space designs that you can apply is a bohemian design. If in general, many people choose a minimalist concept because they are considered able to keep up with the times, this bohemian concept actually gives a unique, artistic feel, and is different from the others. Here we look at some attractive examples.

3. Some attractive examples

The bohemian kitchen design is synonymous with the impression of being irregular. So the impression of a bohemian interior design is considered unique and artistic. Likewise, the kitchen is often identified as a dirty and messy room. However, the bohemian style kitchen design is different from other concepts. Even though it looks messy, this kitchen still looks attractive.

Then, how can this bohemian and kitchen concept be combined well? For that, let’s look at the kitchen design below. Hopefully according to your taste. Then make your partner more comfortable cooking. Welcome to our review!

Choose a striking backsplash style


Choosing an attractive design is the first step to creating a bohemian style. For starters, you can give your home with this design. For that, you can do it by choosing a backsplash style. Then, you can choose a bright color with a unique pattern. By combining interior colors with the unique rustic style of blue and island stove units, your kitchen design will look thick with a bohemian style.

Then, to make it look more attractive, add a unique hanging decorative lamp on the ceiling, wooden shelves on the wall, bar stools, colorful floor rugs, a white kitchen table, and interesting knick-knacks. To make it look beautiful, design ceramic tiles with blue and white motifs. That way, your kitchen design will look

Southwestern touch


The kitchen design above is the perfect combination of bohemian and southwestern. Bohemian with Southwestern style turns out to be a perfect match to combine. The cool kitchen above embodies the perfect side of the bohemian style you desire. The floors play with bright colors and bold patterns. Meanwhile, the teal-colored refrigerator and the island, which are the same color, are the important keys to uniting all the elements in the room.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this kitchen has equipped with colorful patterned carpets, gray worktops, wooden shelves on the walls, unique hanging lamps on the ceiling to illuminate the kitchen at night, and ornamental plants that refresh the eye. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will feel comfortable.

Put some ornamental plants


If you want to make a beautiful kitchen design like your dreams, you can design a bohemian kitchen with ornamental plants. Classic bohemian style turns out to be very attached to natural materials. Natural, of course, is not only limited to wood materials but to the real part of nature, namely plants. In the bohemian kitchen design above, the designer tried to make pots filled with green plants a charming final touch.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in a bohemian style, you can try the idea of ​​placing plants in various corners right away. To make it look beautiful, complete your kitchen with a wooden kitchen set, refrigerator, beautiful knick-knacks, wall paintings, a gas stove set on the kitchen table, and a brightly colored kitchen table. With this equipment, your kitchen will look cool.

Use color-matching furniture


Everyone definitely wants their kitchen to look beautiful and charming. So that they are comfortable when cooking. Then, it doesn’t feel cramped and stuffy. To minimize the narrow and stuffy impression in the kitchen, you can use minimalist furniture that doesn’t take up much space. Instead, use furniture with neutral colors such as black, white, green, and brown.

As you can see in the picture above. This kitchen table is designed in green with white surfaces, green and white patterned walls, and table and chairs the same color as the kitchen interior. While the floor tiles are designed in brown and white. With this color combination, this kitchen looks beautiful and fun.

Choose a color with an attractive tone


If you want your kitchen to look cool with colors, you can minimize the use of motifs in decorations in the kitchen. Use 2-3 colors of wall tile motifs to beautify your kitchen. Then design the kitchen table surface with wood. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, add ornamental plants in flower pots to make your eyes feel fresher. Meanwhile, for storing kitchen equipment, you don’t need to install a kitchen set. You can install two stacking wooden shelves on the wall. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will feel comfortable and relieved.

Design in boho style


If you are confused about kitchen design at home, then you can consider a bohemian-style design. Bohemian is the term used to describe the gypsy lifestyle. So by making a bohemian design, your kitchen will look like irregular design.

As you know, this bohemian characteristic is interpreted as a style that promotes freedom of expression and is not bound by standard rules. So in this bohemian room design, you can freely combine any colors and motifs. However, this bohemian-style design can also be applied to the living room and family room. We hope this article will help you in designing a beautiful kitchen in your home.

Colorful furniture

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One of the characteristics of bohemian style design is the use of striking colors, textures, and accents. Use brightly colored furniture like blue, yellow, green, and red. Not only that but to emphasize the bohemian style, use old-style furniture so that there is a unique and distinctive accent in your kitchen. For a more interesting accent, complete with unique decorative lights hanging on the ceiling, wooden wall shelves to place kitchen spices, unique knick-knacks, and ornamental plants in flower pots. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look beautiful.

Motif tile design


The floor is another element that must be considered in designing a bohemian-style kitchen. To make it look unique, you can use patterned tiles for floors or other areas around the kitchen. With tiles that have motifs, your kitchen will look more lively and represent the bohemian spirit of freedom. In addition, you can add a wall design with white exposed brick, a unique hanging decorative lamp on the ceiling to illuminate the kitchen at night, 2 layers of long wooden wall shelves, and a bright color kitchen table. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks bright and beautiful.

Patterned carpet design


The kitchen design above looks unique and artistic. To add a bohemian impression, you can add ornaments on the floor like carpets. Use a patterned rug to make it look more striking and distinctive. In addition, pay attention to the color of the carpet used. Bright-colored rugs are perfect for use because they match the character of the room. Then, mix the color of the carpet with the blue ceramic wall with fish fin motifs. For the kitchen table and kitchen set, you can design it with the same color. Then you can design the floor with brown ceramic. With a color arrangement like this, your kitchen design will look harmonious.

Final touch


As an attractive touch, you can add some ornate ornaments to fill your kitchen. These ornaments can range from lamps with unique designs, to potted plants that can be placed on the kitchen table or hung near your kitchen window. With this, your kitchen will look lively and festive. For a more beautiful look, add a wooden wall shelf to put antique knick-knacks.

Exposed brick design


The kitchen is one corner of the house which is a favorite place for the family. So do not be surprised if the kitchen design is made as beautiful as possible so that anyone who uses it can feel at home and comfortable. In addition to the interesting concept, the variety of kitchen interiors is also a concern for homeowners. Then, this kitchen is designed with neatly arranged exposed bricks. To look more stylish, this kitchen is equipped with kitchen and countertops in matching colors. Meanwhile, the gas stove set is arranged on the kitchen table. With this arrangement, the kitchen looks very attractive.

One of the kitchen room designs that you can apply is the bohemian design. If in general, many people choose a minimalist concept because they are considered able to keep up with the times, then this bohemian concept actually gives a unique feel and is different from the others. Here are things to pay attention to when you choose a bohemian concept for a kitchen space.

Soft color


A clean, tidy, and good kitchen certainly makes the spirit of cooking even higher. Minimalist kitchen decorating tips can be a solution for those of you who want to freshen up your kitchen. To do these tips, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The following tips will allow you to have a beautiful kitchen even if you don’t spend much on your budget. You can design kitchen sets and worktops with beautiful soft colors. Then, place a wooden shelf against the wall to place knick-knacks. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add flower plants to the pot. That way, your kitchen will look beautiful and fun.

Marble is durable


If you want a luxurious minimalist kitchen atmosphere, you can choose marble material. This material does cost you quite a bit, but marble is a beautiful and durable material that makes it worth it for your bohemian kitchen design. The advantages of this material are strong and durable so you don’t have to pay extra to replace or repair it regularly. Apart from that, you can make marble a coating for kitchen tables and add round bar stools. Then, choose a marble color that matches the other materials in the kitchen set or walls. Meanwhile, your walls can be designed with exposed brick in a color that matches the marble. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks luxurious.

Decoration with wall hangings


Decorating a beautiful bohemian-style kitchen can be done by using everyday items that are unique in shape, such as kitchen wall shelves made of wood. Small in size, but interesting in shape. If you don’t like this shape, you can also choose another unique model. Apart from that, you can also add a box-style ceramic jar.

Another bohemian kitchen decoration alternative is to add wall hangings. You can design ceramics with colorful colors. There, Then add a kitchen counter in a subdued color. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look artistic.

Chandelier design


Another bohemian kitchen decoration that is multifunctional is a chandelier. Place this light source above the kitchen to support food preparation activities. Apart from that, you can also install a chandelier above the table to accompany you and your family to eat delicious food while adding to the warm atmosphere between family members.

For decoration functions, choose a chandelier that matches the style of the kitchen. For example, for a modern or minimalist industrial kitchen, choose a light bulb with a white iron hanger and hood. That way, this simple bohemian kitchen decoration is a favorite of modern homes.

Decoration with green decorative plants


If you want to make the kitchen fresher, place green ornamental plants as decorations. Then, make a special shelf to put tiny plants in pots. However, don’t be careless in choosing the model of the shelf or plant pot used, because both of them can affect the overall appearance of the kitchen. Ideally, choose the model that best suits your kitchen design.

Then you place the shelves and pots near windows or other areas exposed to sunlight. If you like to cook, try choosing herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano, and coriander. This way you will feel happy and comfortable cooking in the kitchen.

Textured backsplash


If you want to make your kitchen design look aesthetically pleasing, another trick that you can do is to choose a backsplash in the kitchen set area. Instead of using plain ceramics, choose other materials or textured ceramics. While the color can be matched with the color of the house wall paint.

Textured backsplash materials can make a kitchen look more alive. If you add lighting, the texture will look more lively and charming. However, don’t forget to make sure the kitchen backsplash material doesn’t absorb water and stains so it’s easy to clean. Then, add a wooden shelf on the wall to place kitchen furniture. In this way, your kitchen design will feel more stylish.

Soft Coastal Design


As you can see in the design above, the coastal style cannot eliminate the Bohemian impression. The green color with hexagonal patterns in this kitchen design by Elena Loo is the perfect definition to describe a relaxing coastal or nautical atmosphere. This look is made without sacrificing a bohemian touch. Then, open wooden shelves and a careful selection of accessories make this kitchen feel very pleasing to the eye. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look simple but still look attractive.

Glass window bohemian design


The kitchen design inspiration is in a house that is 100 years old. However, this kitchen design inspiration looks so fresh thanks to the abundant windows, natural light and various collections of plants, unique hanging decorative lights on the ceiling. In addition, the various storage areas on the walls are also added with pots of green plants on top. With the greenness of this kitchen nuance, maybe you like being in a garden. To make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with an island table, portable decorative lights, colorful patterned carpets, and bright color kitchen sets. With this arrangement, the kitchen design looks elegant and luxurious.

Quiet and cool kitchen design


To organize a calm and cool kitchen design, you can place several types of healthy plants in the kitchen. In this way, your kitchen will actually look calm and comfortable. Therefore, you should put a plant pot filled with cascading ivy and place it in the corner of the storage in the kitchen. The existence of this plant can actually be used to offset stainless steel equipment which seems cold. In addition, to beautify the kitchen, you can put colorful patterned carpets, stainless kitchen tables, gas stove sets, and wooden shelves to place kitchen utensils. That way, you will feel comfortable and calm while cooking.


Those are some bohemian kitchen designs that we can recommend. This design is expected to suit your taste and become your home inspiration. But if none of the designs suit your taste, we suggest looking at our other articles, or you can take a look at home decor magazines. Hopefully, our review above can make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and attractive. Then, make your partner more comfortable cooking. Happy decorating



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