1. Home Design for summer

Attractive living room design in a country with a tropical climate, we have to get used to hot weather every day. Therefore, the design concept of the house must also be made in accordance with the summer interior concept so that the house remains comfortable and cool.

Most people will usually prefer to use devices such as air conditioners or air conditioners that must be used at home to reduce heat. Even with a few simple tips and tricks, you can also make the atmosphere of your home stay cool and fresh. For that, let’s look at the right design for your home.

2. Choose the right design

As you know, there are several ways to fix the house when the weather turns hot. This makes some people need to adjust their activities. In addition to habits, the concept of a house also automatically needs to be adjusted to stay comfortable. For that, you can choose the right design for your home.

Now, many people are starting to install air conditioners or air conditioners at home to reduce heat. However, the use of this air conditioner is also not always good. Apart from being wasteful of electricity, from a health point of view, it is also not good because the air produced is unnatural. Even though our bodies need natural air to form the body’s immune system. For that, we want to review some examples of home designs that are suitable for summer.

3. Example of a summer house

Tropical climates such as in Indonesia are characterized by hot and humid air temperatures and high rainfall. Homes in tropical climates should have good air circulation. In addition, the basic materials for tropical houses should be able to make the temperature inside the house feel cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This is because the air humidity in the tropics is relatively high, and the annual temperature in the dry season can reach 38 degrees C. With the increasing temperature of the Earth every year due to global warming, the air temperature in the tropics is even higher.

This phenomenon is unavoidable. But humans have the ability to always adapt to change, good or bad. If the temperature outside is unfriendly, there is at least one place that can provide comfort. That is our home. Here are some examples of homes that are best suited for hot climates. We hope that our review below will suit your taste. Welcome to our review!

Use bright paint colors

To make your home look cooler and fresher, choosing bright bright paint colors is claimed by designers to be the easiest and cheapest way. Bright colors will make the room seem more spacious and comfortable so that the room doesn’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. Apart from choosing colors, you can also make the atmosphere bright and the atmosphere of the room fresher by using accents such as chair cushions, ornamental plants, and brightly colored sheets with cool materials. That way, your living room design will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Install window blinds

Glass is a good heat conductor material. Because almost 30% of the heat can come from the window. Therefore, to reduce the heat that spreads on your glass windows, let the blinds and curtains cover during the day. By leaving it closed, the sun’s heat can be reflected back outside so that it will keep the temperature in the room cool.

So that sunlight can still enter the house, use curtains with sheer material that is not too thick. Apart from that, you can also equip your living room with furniture that can absorb heat such as foam sofa sets, and floor rugs. Then, also decorate the living room with wall paintings, decorative lights, and ornamental plants placed in pots.

Add plants

Making the room cooler and fresher doesn’t need to be complicated. For those of you who like plants, you can put your favorite ornamental plants in the room. Place plants in small pots in several corners of the room. By adding plants, small or large, the air becomes cooler. In addition, it makes the room more natural and more open. Therefore, it is advisable to choose indoor plants that are easy to maintain. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Adjust air circulation

One way to make your living room feel cool and comfortable is to create a good air circulation system in the house by maximizing openings. Not only as access to and from the building, the door can also function as a pathway for fresh air to enter the house. Open doors will create a flow of fresh air. In addition to the door of the house, it is also recommended to open windows regularly in the morning and evening. By diligently implementing this step, fresh air circulation in the house will enter more optimal. Then, a living room design like this will make you and your family feel comfortable and healthy.

Build swimming pool

The element of water is believed to be able to reduce the heat around it and bring a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with building a small pond at the front or back of the house if there’s still space. In addition, you can also use a small pool to absorb heat. In this way, you can also swim and soak in hot weather with your family. However, design a swimming pool according to the area of ​​your house so it doesn’t look cramped. Then, also make a swimming pool as your home decoration. That way, the exterior design of your home design will look aesthetic.

Create a high ceiling

A beautiful and comfortable home design is everyone’s dream. But to make it happen you have to be good at managing the interior design of your home. As you can see in this picture, high ceilings will make the air temperature inside the house feel cool, even though there is hot sun outside. Another plus, the house will look wider even though it’s actually not that wide. To prove this theory, you can imitate the house design above. Then, design the floor with a wood motif to dissipate the heat. Don’t put too much furniture in the room so it won’t be cramped. With so a design, the interior of your home design will look elegant.

Give it a wood element

Minimalist house design is perfect for hot weather. A spacious interior with white walls can create comfort and coolness in hot weather. Then, to reduce the hot atmosphere in a room, you don’t need to store unnecessary items in an invisible place. This will make the interior of the room cramped and cramped. Then make, the atmosphere in the room becomes hot and uncomfortable. Try not to arrange furniture too tightly so that air can move freely in the room. In addition, you must cover the glass window design with curtains that can completely cover the sunlight entering the room. In this way, the interior of your living room will feel comfortable and cool.

Blocking sunlight

Blocking direct sunlight from entering the room is a way to make the room feel cooler. The use of curtains and blinds is highly recommended to do. In addition, the use of curtains and blinds with varied models will not eliminate the aesthetic value of the room. Models and variations of curtains and blinds are also very easy to find on the market.

In summer house designs, curtains can also be used as large room partitions with cheerful and attractive colors. Blinds and curtains are very effective and ideal for blocking direct sunlight from entering a room and making a room feel cooler and cooler. So that the living room interior looks more attractive, design curtains with colors that match the furniture in the room. That way, your living room will look beautiful and charming.

Design using wallpaper

Wallpaper designs can ensure walls look brand new. It has also proven to be cost-effective. There are many creatively designed and very aesthetically designed wallpapers for various rooms in the house, such as wallpapers designed to withstand the sun’s heat. By installing this kind of wallpaper, your living room will feel comfortable and cool. But don’t forget to add ornamental plants to the house to make it feel fresher. Plants have the ability not only to purify the air in a room but also to provide an open atmosphere. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will make you feel at home.

Choose wood elements

If you have ever stayed in a house with wood elements in a mountainous or coastal area, you will definitely feel cooler when you are in it. Wood elements can make a room feel cooler in hot weather, and make the house warmer in cold weather. Not only that, but wood material is also known for its strength because it can last for years. So wood is very appropriate for those of you who want to make a thick home with a natural atmosphere. Then, even the wooden design can make your home interior design look luxurious and elegant. Happy decorating!

Choose a cool color

The light blue color in the house can make the atmosphere feel cool and comfortable. Therefore, you can play house accents in cool colors, such as green and purple based on blue and blue. These colors are thought to make a room feel cooler, and looking at them is believed to have a calming effect. However, you also have to be good at mixing this color with the furniture in the room so that it looks harmonious. If not, the interior of your room will look unattractive. If you are interested in the design above, this image can be an inspiration for your home interior. To look aesthetic and attractive.

Rethink lighting in your home

An easy way to reduce the temperature in the home interior is to replace the right type of bulb. Replacing a light bulb can change the feeling of a room that was originally hot to cool. When choosing a bulb, what you need to look at is not only the brightness but also the color temperature of the light. A bulb labeled “cool white” will emit a bluer light than one marked “warm white.” You can choose this bulb so that the interior of your living room feels cool. That way, you will feel more comfortable in the room.

Floor design with marble

If you’ve ever walked barefoot on a marble floor, you know that some surfaces are “colder” than others. These materials, such as stone and metal, are good conductors of heat. Therefore, marble floors can make you feel cooler inside the house. While you may not be able to install marble countertops right now, you can accentuate cool surfaces in your home. Then, remove the carpet from the tile floor, or use the most refreshing and cool materials. That way, the interior of your room will feel cooler.

Melancholy design

This type of artistic spirit is quite high. A house with this melancholy design will feel cooler. Your mood also feels calm and comfortable, and not moody. It is different from other model houses which tend to change easily due to hot weather so they are easily provoked by emotions. But melancholic designs prefer comfortable designs.

Based on these characters, the melancholy design will really be in tune with the classic Victorian design which is characterized by strong, luxurious, and elegant classic elements. Indian or Chinese silk would add to the impression. Plus flowers and upholstery made of velvet, fur, or lace, will make the melancholy design needs fulfilled

Use a light paint color

In order for the house to look cooler and fresher, choosing a bright paint color is claimed by the designers as the easiest and cheapest way. Bright colors will make the room seem more spacious and comfortable so that the room doesn’t feel stuffy and cramped. Apart from choosing colors, you can make the atmosphere brighter and fresher by using accents such as chair cushions or brightly colored bed sheets with cool materials. However, don’t put too much furniture, because it will cause the room to become stuffy and hot. Adjust the furniture with the interior of the room. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and elegant.

Add useful plants

The most effective way to make a room cooler and fresher is to add some plants that are beneficial for health into the room. You can put plants placed in small pots in several corners of the room. This is a great way to feel connected to the outdoors because you can bring elements of nature from the outside into your home. But to make it look more attractive, adjust the furniture in the room with the interior of the house. That way, the interior of your room will look more attractive and spacious.

Easy-to-open window design

As a country with a tropical climate, the weather in Indonesia may not be as extreme as in countries with 4 seasons. Even so, here we also know summer, which in several situations influences the concept of home interiors. But actually, you also need to know, in interior design, there are some simple tips and tricks to make the atmosphere of the house feel cool and refreshing. The solution is, you design a window that is easy to open wide. That way, air from outside will easily enter the room. Besides that, the exterior of your house also looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

4. Conclusion

Those are some summer house interior designs that we can recommend. This design is expected to suit your taste and become your home inspiration. But if none of these designs are to your taste, we suggest checking out our other articles, or you can check out home decor magazines. We hope that our review above can make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and attractive. Then, make you and your family more comfortable and cool. Happy decorating


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