Overview of the beautiful house

The touch of color is always effective in providing joy in the house because the atmosphere is more cheerful when it becomes a gathering place for family members to close relatives. Family members will generally feel happy if they have a beautiful and comfortable interior. Therefore, arranging a beautiful home will require the right design and sufficient budget so that the results are satisfactory and according to your taste.

As we can see, a small living room, complete with pastel-colored furniture is an attractive design for families. Then, a wall painted with a masking tape technique can be a focal point in your family home. In addition, make the characteristics of the interior of your room. So it becomes the attention of every guest who comes. For that, let’s review one by one the attractive designs below.

Attractive design

Now an attractive design and much in demand by many people is a shabby chic design. This design plays a lot of colors and is not bound by one rule. Then the advantage of this design, you can use old furniture as room decorations. Then, it makes the living room look more artistic and unique.

Unlike the minimalist design, which tends to be simple, bright, and doesn’t use much furniture as decoration. Then, even this design is bound by the rules of colors that should not clash. Therefore, even this design is in great demand by many people. For more details, let’s follow the review below. Hopefully, some of our designs can be to your liking.

Get to know the unique design character

Each interior design style must have its characteristics. For example, industrial designs are synonymous with iron material, then minimalist designs are dominated by monochrome colors, Scandinavian designs are synonymous with nature, to vintage designs are synonymous with the impression of the old school.

As we know, vintage designs are known as old-school styles and are often applied by women because of their soft colors. But you have to understand some of the other characteristics of vintage designs as below.

Use of old-school furniture

The hallmark of vintage design is that it is identical to the old-school impression, so the furniture used is also old-school. There are two kinds of vintage furniture in vintage designs; furniture with models that were popular in the past and modern furniture models that seem shabby.

Examples of furniture with models that were popular in the past are tables, chairs, and dungarees. This old model of furniture was popular in the 1950s and 1970s. The hallmark of this old model furniture is the use of wood material and the shape of the furniture legs which are conical and not perpendicular. Rocking chairs with circular wood were also popular in the past.

As for furniture with a modern model that looks shabby, you can make your own by repainting a favorite piece of furniture with the effect of peeling paint in some parts. Not only by repainting, but you can also turn an object into furniture for a distinctively vintage design impression.

For example, using an old crate as a coffee table or a medium-sized oil drum as a seat. Regardless of the type of furniture used, all furniture in vintage style has been made of wood quality and made by hand, not plastic or metal like factory-made furniture.

Use of color in vintage designs

The most predictable characteristic of vintage designs is the use of color. Vintage designs are generally dominated by soft colors or pastel colors such as salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine.

These colors are applied to walls, TV cabinets, decorations, sofa beds, to tableware. Therefore, vintage designs have been used in everyday life. Then, making vintage designs so popular among women and less attractive to adult men is soft colors.

The electronic design uses a lot of retro styles

As far as we know, the basic material for furniture in vintage designs is wood and has an old-school model. Then for electronic items use retro style is used. The retro-style electronic items referred to here are convex TVs, radios, and even ovens for the kitchen.

Then, if you want to find these electronic goods is arguably not easy because it is rare for electronic goods to be produced in a retro style today. Instead, you can search the antique market or disassemble your grandparents’ electronic collection. If these items no longer work, you can still put them in the room as room decorations.

Model bed with mosquito net

This bed design reminds us of our childhood. A bed that is characteristic of a vintage design is a bed with a simple model but equipped with a canopy or mosquito net. This canopy and mosquito net will create a comfortable and soft atmosphere, that can affect the sleep quality of the occupants.

In addition, canopies and mosquito nets can help you sleep soundly without mosquito bites. Then, to look more attractive, the materials used to play more with bold colors so that the design of this bedroom looks beautiful and unique.

Vintage design floor covering

The impression that is usually highlighted in vintage designs is the impression of old school and a warm feel. Therefore, most homes with vintage designs always use floor coverings in the form of terracotta tiles, parquet, and wood. As a residential owner, you must pay extra attention to its maintenance.

As you already know, wooden floors have pluses and minuses, such as being easily weathered and scratched, so they must be routinely given a special coating of paint and should not be stepped on using high heels. Therefore, to avoid damage, wooden floors are always maintained regularly.

Minimalist home design inspiration

If you have a plan to build a simple house, a minimalist home design will probably suit your needs. As far as we know, minimalist home styles and designs are popular in this modern world because minimalists design look simple. The meaning of word “minimalism” itself means living with simplicity.

This minimalist home design is attractive because it does not require large land to build it. Moreover, land and house prices are now soaring. So many people don’t have that much budget. Therefore, the most appropriate solution is to build a minimalist house.

Simple and elegant living room

Next, we review the minimalist living room design. Minimalist home design is quiet about goods, but every item has a function. Not only as a display. Every display in a minimalist home must have a function. So accessories are a useful thing in a minimalist home design. Then, to look more attractive, there is not much furniture in the living room. So the living room looks simple but still looks elegant.

Make use of versatile furniture

The next design is a minimalist concept that uses equipment as needed. Well, it would be even better if you find furniture that is versatile. So for one item, you can be used for many functions at once.

This design looks Unique, beautiful, and functional. This concept was born from minimalist home design inspirations like the picture above. You can now apply and try to design the interior of your home easily. The thing to remember is just “make it simple” Don’t forget to complete your dream minimalist home with household furniture that is no less cool than other design styles.

Artistic minimalist bedroom design

This minimalist artistic bedroom design looks comfortable. Of course, everyone can see the unique design of this room. The wall on the back side of the bed made of stone or cement is given a beautiful geometric texture with wood carvings. A wardrobe with mirrored doors in the bedroom also gives the impression of a spacious room.

With a wooden vinyl floor design and beige painted walls, a brown bed with white chocolate sheets and blankets will give a modern minimalist room style yet elegant. Then the artistic minimalist figures also beautify the bedroom bed platform walls. With this design, your bedroom will feel comfortable.


If you want to design your dream home according to your taste. We explain some examples of vintage and minimalist designs. We hope that one of these designs will suit your taste. But to choose the design must be by your wishes so that the results are satisfactory. Then, you can select the best design. so that your home design looks elegant, aesthetic, attractive, and luxurious. Hopefully, this design can use for you and your family.


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