1. Overview of the Japanese-style living room

Since five years ago, Japanese-style interior design, which combines Japanese and Scandinavian elements, has become a favorite of many countries, including Indonesia. This Japanese-style design is mostly made for the living room because the model is simple and attractive. One of the most popular models is the floor-sitting style design.

Generally, this living room design is more dominant with a minimalist and functional design. So do not be surprised if the interior of your home will look aesthetic in the eyes of your guests. That way, the house will feel more comfortable and pleasant.

2. Beautiful living room inspiration

The living room is the first room guests see. Therefore, we need the inspiration to design the living room to make it feel comfortable and pleasant. A beautiful room design can make you confident to accept guests and talk comfortably. So, it’s a good idea to think about how to plan the best living room design so that everyone feels at home in this place.

Therefore, one design that deserves to be applied is a Japanese-style minimalist living room design. This design not only puts forward the functional aspect but also highlights the aesthetic value very well. Therefore, for those of you who are confused about looking for a design, this design can be an inspiration for your living room. Happy decorating!

3. Some Japanese-style living room designs

After we talk about attractive living room designs, Next, you can determine what living room model to make in your home. Is a Japanese-style living room with a low table in the middle followed by a few flat pillows that characterize the design of Japan. Therefore, if you want to design in a Japanese style, you will prioritize elements of natural simplicity that come from Japan.

As far as we know, the Japanese-style living room is indeed attractive to review. Especially with the Japandi characteristic design of sitting on the floor. It can make the family atmosphere even closer. Then, when you hear the word sitting on the floor, the first thing your mind is eating.

Eating food while sitting on the floor is indeed better and makes the atmosphere more relaxed. No wonder many residents apply it to the dining room or family room. Therefore, if you like the Japanese-style living room model, you can see the article below until the end. So we are guaranteed you will not regret looking at the beauty of room after room wrapped in a pleasant Japanese-style architecture.

Japanese minimalist living room

The design of a modern minimalist living room with a Japanese style is inseparable from the elements of furniture that tend to be low. This is what makes the Lesehan living room commonly found in Japanese-style residences.

But by sitting on the floor, your home still looks modern and contemporary. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add floor chairs, soft furry floor carpets, floor sofa sets, and low-leg wooden chairs. That way, the atmosphere of your living room will be warmer and more pleasant.

Living room model sitting on the semi-outdoor floor

The Japanese-style living room is indeed fun because the atmosphere is more relaxed. Therefore, if you are happy with this Japanese-style living room, you can also place it on the outside of the house, namely a semi-outdoor room on the terrace. With this design, you are more relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, you and your family can eat warm coffee in the afternoon with a gentle breeze blowing. Then, to feel more comfortable, don’t forget to add some pillows so that you and your family sit comfortably and pleasantly. Then, this design can also be made on a minimalist home model. We hope this design can add to your inspiration.

Minimalist living room with low sofa

Having an attractive and unique living room can make us proud because we can welcome guests with pleasure. Therefore, design a minimalist living room in the Japanese style. Japanese living rooms are generally equipped with Japanese-style furniture. Then, now penetrated the modern world. Then, this Japanese touch makes the house feel more comfortable and peaceful. Especially for those of you who only have limited land. It will benefit you.

Then, to make it look more beautiful and charming, complete this living room with a floor-style sofa set, sofa cushions, floor rugs, Japanese-style decorative lamps, wall hangings, and Japanese-style curtains. That way, even a narrow living room will feel comfortable. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Living room with a typical Japanese atmosphere

We know that designs using wood materials can make a room look natural and fresh. As you can see in this design, the use of wood materials in Japanese-style dwellings is never forgotten. The combination of these two materials can never be separated. Therefore, you can use this material on floor mats, walls, or all the furniture

Then, to make the atmosphere warmer and more touching, you can decorate the living room with spotlights, decorative lights, wall hangings, a large wooden table, and beautiful room accessories. But don’t forget to choose a Japanese-style door and window model with many large lists. With this design, you will feel like you are in the land of Sakura. Hopefully, this design can inspire your soul. Then make your family more cheerful.

Japanese classic living room

The design of the living room model sitting on the Japanese-style floor is indeed more pleasant. Starting with a comfortable theme and promoting tranquility, you can add decorations outside the living room as a wide-open glass design with a beautiful view of the typical garden. Then, you can fill it with a collection of ornamental plants to make it look more natural and beautiful.

Besides being able to display all kinds of plants, guests will be happy to see them. To look more attractive, you can equip this model living room with floor chairs, a large wooden table, floor carpets, beautiful accessories, and hanging decorative lights. With this design, your relaxing living room will feel comfortable. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration.

Japanese-style living room

If you are happy with a living room full of knick-knacks. This Japanese-style living room is suitable for you. Therefore, you can design it as an attractive decoration in your home. That way, your living room model that sits on the Japanese-style floor looks more attractive if you have such thick characteristics.

To look cool, you can complete this living room with hanging decorative lights, wall hangings with black T-shirts, a single sofa, sofa cushions, wooden chairs, wooden floor tables, and Japanese picture rugs. Then, don’t forget to keep using wooden floor mats so that your Japanese interior design looks thicker. We hope this design can inspire you.

Modern stylish design

If you are bored with this type of Japanese-style seating. You can keep it modern with a faint Japanese touch like in the design above. To still look more attractive with the Japanese style, the table is still made and lower than the seat still uses wood with a mix of attractive materials. Then, to look more beautiful, you can use marble or porcelain tile floors with modern motifs. That way, your Japandi living room will look more attractive and aesthetic.

Traditional design

The Japanese living room has been designed by sitting on the floor. Is not only able to sit cross-legged or cross-legged. That way, You can use another alternative by providing space under the table. So you can put your feet casually under the table.

Even though you still prioritize traditional Japanese designs, you and your family will still be comfortable while eating and chatting. That way, the design of the family room and dining room is like the interior of a typical Japanese restaurant.

Japanese-style minimalist living room with minimal decor

You can apply a minimalist Japanese-style living room with minimal decor in a modern home. Therefore, you can hide things or the best furniture with secret room designs. As you can see, the minimalist Japanese-style living room above is indeed quite calming and suitable to be applied to modern homes.

Then to make it look more attractive, you can complement the white floor sofa set, wooden table, wall hangings, wooden motif floor, and floor carpet. With this design, your living room still looks Japanese style. If you want to show a calm and relaxed atmosphere, this design can use for your inspiration.

The combination of white and wood

If you are looking for a living room design inspiration that is thick with Japanese nuances, you can try decorations like the one above. You can choose a white sofa combined with a low table and Japanese-style floor seating. That way, your living room will look aesthetic.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add hanging decorative lights, spotlights, wall hangings, ornamental plants, floor rugs, sofa cushions, and wooden room accessories. With this design, you will feel a relaxed atmosphere while drinking tea. But don’t forget to design the glass windows so that the room looks bright. Hopefully, this living room design with white and wood can add inspiration to you.

Split level living room with a comfortable atmosphere

The concept of a split-level room is a technique that creates a new room by changing the floor height. The result is as if there are two rooms in one place. Then, the interior design of this house feels even more perfect by applying wood to the floor.

Next, you can combine a short-legged table and floor pillows in the higher part of the room. As for the other room, you can combine a matching brown sofa with a minimalist bookcase, a half-bureau sideboard, wall hangings, wall spotlights, ornamental plants, floor rugs, and wooden chairs like the picture above. That way, your split-level living room will be able to amaze everyone who sees it. Hopefully, this beautiful design can be your inspiration.

Scandinavian feel with white paint

Although this living room design displays the characteristics of the Scandinavian design, overall it still reflects the Japanese style. The combination of white and black is suitable for all types of home designs, including Japanese interior design.

Then, to make it look even more perfect, you can complement it with a black geometric or round coffee table and dark brown wooden chairs. Then, place the floor chair on a patterned rug with matching gray and white stripes. Then, to add freshness, you can put pots and green plants in the corner of the house. That way, your living room will look more aesthetic. We hope that this combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs can be your ideas and inspiration.

All white living room

One of the advantages of a room with the Japandi concept is that it always looks neat. Moreover, this design applies a minimalist and simple design without excessive furniture. Usually, these interior functions still look in Japanese interior styles, such as table furniture with extra storage, sofabeds, and floor lamps.

Then, the design of this Japanese living room also features white color characteristics such as wall paint, color sofa sets, half-bureau tables, and decorative lights. Everything is more dominant in white because it can make the room look brighter and feel spacious. Then, to beautify it, you can apply light brown decorations, such as floor pillows. That way, the atmosphere of this room can remain comfortable even when sitting on the floor.

Combination of black and gray

The Japanese-style aesthetic living room is indeed a concept that always prioritizes function, saving space, and choosing neutral colors, such as gray, black, and white. So this living room looks more spacious.

Then, to look spacious, the living room design uses black minimalist furniture. Then, to look more attractive has been combined with simple decorations, such as a feather rug, photo frames on the walls, and plus a small pillow for a seat. With this design, the atmosphere in the living room will be warmer to be used as a place for conversation.

All light brown design

One of the most prominent combinations of interior themes from the Japandi style is combining Scandinavian functional furniture with classic Japanese elements, like the picture above. Then, to stay in the Japanese style, you can combine a short brown and black table with a white wooden bench to create a minimalist impression. Then, add ornamental plant decorations, a wooden fan on the ceiling, and a wooden buffet shelf that extends above the television. With this design, you can bring a comfortable and calm atmosphere. We hope this design can provide additional ideas for your living room.

Nude colors and contemporary elements blend together

The combination of nude colors with contemporary decorations can create a minimalist room aesthetic that is thick with Japanese style, like the picture above. Then, for the Japanese living room to look artistic, you can combine a gray sofa with a brown wooden floor and white and black wall decorations. Of course, this decoration looks even more beautiful with green plants. To make it look perfect, you can add a floor rug, small pillows, and a small black table so you can sit on the floor more calmly. With this design, your living room will have a high artistic value. Hopefully, this design can add to your creativity to inspire.

4. Conclusion

After we discuss some Japanese-style living room design inspiration, make sure the dark and light colors in your living room can produce an attractive living room design. Therefore, do not hesitate to try until you find the right design for your living room.

Then, your Japanese living room looks aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and fun. You can take an example from the image above. Then, you can design your own with your care. However, if you don’t want to bother, you can leave the design of this Japandi room to the home decorator. Hopefully, this article can use for you and your famil


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