1. A glimpse of the vintage terrace

The terrace is the foremost open space that can bring all kinds of charm. Many homeowners design terraces as a place to relax with family, a place to relax when the mind is confused, a place to receive guests over coffee. Therefore, homeowners will be happier if they can make a design according to their taste.

We understand many designs are exposed in articles or promoted by home decor companies. However, the selection of designs has still been chosen according to their taste.
For that, let’s discuss one design that is loved by many people and also widely used by coffee shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers. For that, let’s review the design below.

2. Choosing a unique and attractive design

One of the most popular beautiful home designs with unique is a vintage design. Vintage design is one type of safe design style that is increasingly loved by millennials today. In addition, to fashion, vintage or retro themes are very popular with business owners. This design is famous, so it gives the best impression in the hearts of its fans.

In addition, this design is also suitable to be applied in other types of homes. One of the things that are quite popular in vintage home designs is a vintage home terrace. This design can make everyone in this place remember their past. Therefore, if you want a youthful and youthful spirit, you can apply this design to your

3. Get to know the vintage house terrace

You can use a vintage design terrace to welcome guests who come. With its unique and attractive design, this terrace can also be used as a safe and comfortable place to chat with friends and family.

Then, some people may pay less attention to the aesthetic elements of the house. The terrace of the house can be a reflection of the personality of the owner of the house. Therefore, if you want to beautify the front porch with a vintage design, you can design it first so that the results can amaze everyone. One of the styles that you can use to design your home and amaze everyone is the vintage style. This old-fashion can bring sweet memories of the past. Not only that, but vintage style is also on the rise and popular. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to design your terrace in a vintage style.

4. Some vintage patio designs

We have several creative and unique vintage home terrace designs for your home recommendations. To design it, you can see some sample images below. This design is adjusted to the model and area of ​​your home so that the results satisfy you. For that, let’s discuss the vintage patio designs one by one below. Hopefully, this design can add inspiration for those of you who will design a terrace. Welcome to our review!

Terrace with a combination of white and blue

Having a beautiful home design can make you more confident. With this vintage terrace style, it proves that you can bring a pleasant feel. In addition, vintage designs do not always have to use natural or neutral colors such as white, cream, gray, and brown. The proof is , by using a combination of blue and white, the vintage impression from the terrace of the house can still be felt and enjoyed by the homeowner. So, you don’t have to be afraid to combine colors.

Then, to make it look more attractive, complete your terrace with white patio chairs and tables, hanging decorative lights and black walls, ornamental plants, and beautiful accessories. With this design, the atmosphere in front of your house will feel comfortable, and you can also casually chat with your family and friends.

Arrange the terrace with vintage furniture

You can also imitate this vintage-style terrace design. Then, unique and attractive combination of two chairs with ancient models and different colors. Then, the paint color that matches the chair brings its charm. The windows have been painted white to give a lighter and modern impression.

Then, to look more attractive, add beautiful patio accessories, colorful sofa cushions, chandeliers, black wall hangings, ornamental plant pots, antique tables, floor carpets, and black curtains as patio decorations. With this design, your terrace will make guests happy to see it and make your conversation atmosphere cheerful.

Monochrome style

If you’re not happy with over-the-top designs and heavy colors, don’t worry! Only by using white, you can change the terrace of your house with a vintage touch, like the picture above. By using a combination of wooden floors combined with old furniture, such as patio chairs, flower pot racks, and ornamental plants, an elegant vintage terrace, can make it look aesthetic. That way, your terrace does not seem too monotonous and boring.

Unique vintage patio design style

This vintage patio design looks unique and fun. The terrace with exposed brown brick walls adds to the warmer atmosphere. Then the terrace floor design with colorful ceramic motifs displays the characteristics of vintage designs. Moreover, flower pots made of clay, make and add a more natural appearance

Then, to be different from the others, this terrace is equipped with a bicycle flower pot with an iron frame, then to make it look more attractive, the walls are decorated with wooden accessories and wooden flower pots. In addition, patio chairs and terrace tables add a warmer atmosphere to chatting with family. Hopefully, this design can add inspiration to your vintage patio.

Tiny vintage patio design

Don’t think if you have a small house and terrace you can’t design a comfortable one. Instead, you can make the terrace with a tiny vintage style. With this design, you don’t have to spend a lot of costs.

Then, to decorate it, you can complete it with white patio chairs, round tables, wall hangings, and antique garden lamps. To create a green atmosphere, you can complement it with ornamental plants on the walls and green paint. That way, your tiny vintage patio will amaze people to see it.

Vintage terrace with a modern feel

Currently, vintage design is one of the most sought-after points in several ways. Starting from the colors, accessories, and equipment. So don’t be surprised by the current design developments. Many home decor companies offer antiques and vintage items for vintage patio designs.

Like this vintage design, the terrace looks attractive with equipment such as antique white patio chairs, round wooden tables, rattan floor carpets, and antique wooden accessories. With a design like this, your terrace will make the atmosphere of the conversation even warmer.

Terrace sofa selection

vintage impression can be presented through the selection of a sofa with a classic design. Then, you can apply a sofa covered in floral or colorful motifs to the interior design of your terrace. Then, sofa motifs that have been a trend in the past will invite you to reminisce. Floral motifs were quite famous at that time were floral motifs.

Then, to add to the beauty of the terrace, you can add equipment such as antique decorative lights, colorful sofa cushions, wall hangings, and beautiful accessories. In addition, to add to the artistic impression of your terrace, this equipment also creates a warm and intimate impression.

Shabby chic design

Currently, the home interior style, the Shabby Chic style, is becoming a trend among millennials. The combination of vintage style and pastel colors gives elegant impression to the residence. Then, apply the Shabby Chic residential interior style to your home. Use pastel colors, such as beige, rose pink, and light blue as accents.

Then, to make it look more attractive, add decorative beads on the wall, ornamental plant pots on the wall, hanging ornamental plant pots, and ornamental plant pots on the floor so that the green atmosphere is more attached to your terrace. Then, you have to complete next are antique patio chairs and white antique tables. The combination of several elements on this terrace can make your conversation atmosphere more lively and fun.

Beberapa tahun belakangan, kita selalu disuguhi dengan desain rumah minimalis. Warna monokrom, pola garis, aksesori yang sedikit, seakan menjadi template untuk rumah masa kini. Namun seperti yang diungkapkan Melani Jofatma, dosen Desain Interior Universitas Trisakti, perputaran tren desain interior sama seperti dunia fashion.

Design with ancient objects

Don’t be surprised if, in the few years, vintage patios will become a trend. The proof is now that many interior designers are starting to apply shabby chic, retro, or Jengki bicycle designs and collect ancient objects for their design purposes.

We also know that people increasingly want to present nostalgia, so there is an attitude of appreciating vintage designs. For those of you who want to apply the concept of a vintage terrace, you can equip your terrace with ancient objects such as old televisions, Jengki bicycles, antique sewing machines, and antique lamps. With a design like this, when you sit back on the terrace, you will feel like you are in your past. If you like the design of ancient objects, this design can be your inspiration.

5. Conclusion

Having a beautiful terrace design is everyone’s dream. With an aesthetic design, your home will be admired by many people. Therefore, you must prepare the best design so that your terrace looks beautiful, aesthetic, attractive, and fun

Then to make it, you must prepare a sufficient budget and submit the manufacture to the home decor company. But if you want to make your own, you can choose some of the designs we provide and leave it to the patio builder. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you. Then make the exterior design of your home look beautiful and charming.


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