– Since the 1950’s masculine interior design have lots of attention in the world of home architecture style. The style begins with bachelorhood interior and then spreads widely to the home project. It is not all about showcasing your Playstation and a half of the cheeseburger left on the table. No, it’s all about the messiness of a bachelorhood room tour. However, it has been developed with a curated sleek, and sexy interior appeal. We found the stylish dining table, Tv cabinets, and exquisite art decor inside the masculine living room ideas.

In thing writing, we will guide to see and explore how the men’s interior project finds its character through the design. Exposing the art of raw decor for such display the concrete wall or unfinished ceiling look that enhances the beauty of the industrial design.

 What is masculine interior design?

We’ve briefly talked about masculine interior design but what it actually is? We are figuring out the right description for the style. Anyway, we’ve got the idea that masculine interior is practical and bold of manly character transform into the home living. Simply, it is a design which not focus on the curvy and pastel color on creating a romance room. It is the space where all men can express their natural taste in the home design. We find that manly decor is quite versatile, and have an amazing object that creates such an artistic home decor, we can say it that is pretty handsome!

Tips to achieve charming masculine living room design!

tips for masculine living room design

When you are extremely want to apply charming masculine design for your living space. Then, you start to observe the style more and might need some tips top to achieve the manly style that you really want. Alright, here we have some tips to achieve the perfect masculine design!

Create a balance of comfort and style

Showing the raw accent project industrial design and amazing art decoration is indeed appealing and could show the character of the manly design. But more than that, we have to find the balance between artistic decor and comfort. Because we could not leave behind the comfort accent on creating a cozy home living. We can add the clean minimalist accent to infuse the space and also add comfortable furniture that belongs to everyone!

Adding the manly character to the space!

One of the most important things about creating a manly interior design is the decoration! Every interior theme has its own unique decoration, talking about the manly theme living room. We can focus on the traditional or modern tech furnishings to infuse the space with manly character. When you decide to give a traditional charm manly interior style, we can display the tv cube, console game, and some additional tables. On the contrary, if you want to show the sophisticated modern manly interior design, we can put the latest tech furnishing to infuse the living room. Men really love technology, that does not mean women are not. But, most men love to show their room appeal by showcasing technologies products.

Infuse the space with a wise color palette

We cannot doubt the masculine interior design tends to use a dark color palette to infuse the space. But too much brushing color tone without any consideration will make the space fall into strict and uncomfortable. So, we have to be wise on combining the dark and neutral color palette on the masculine interior.

After we describe all about the masculine design and tips on achieving the design itself. Let’s dig into the project down below!

Sleek minimalist manly living room decor

sleek minimalist living room decor

The first masculine living room design we bring to you has a bold clean minimalist line decoration. The neutral white color palette meets dark accent colors such as deep blue creates a perfect balance of masculine wall palette ideas. In addition, infusing the space with a comfortable modern sofa, we can choose the Scandinavian sofa style. It has durability accent, timeless feature, and feel comfortable when we sit for long. In addition, giving the sleek manly furniture by adding chairs on the side. Create a central focus on the living room by featuring an amazing Tv wall accent and stylish white stools at the front. There is nothing messy or raw accent in this manly room design. This type of minimalist and masculine design gives a comfortable and trendy home living design that fits both males and females!

Sophisticated masculine living room idea

sophisticated masculine living room

When we talk about the manly interior design, we cannot doubt the sophisticated modern line decor just like in the picture above. The darkroom transforms into a classy and cozy manly living room style. The large neutral couch lay on the floor followed by distressed rug color. In the middle, there is a luxurious glass coffee table that has an amazingly glossy accent.

To give enough natural light in this dark room accent, full-height windows are installed. When the sun rises and open up the curtain and let natural light comes generously through the full-height windows. It creates a warm interior design. On the contrary, when the sun goes down the subtle LED lights lighten up the dark interior style. The highlight decoration of this sophisticated masculine living room there is a set classy dining table at the side of the sofa. The functional decoration and perfect curated subtle lighting create a dramatic and sexy appeal to men’s interior style!

Industrial living room design

applying industrial manly living room

As we alluded to earlier, there are many ways on creating an exquisite manly interior style. For such combining clean minimalist style with sleek leather furniture, showing the art of industrial design. Now, we can see how beautiful the manly room style showing the exposed brick wall as the backdrop. Then, the flooring style with distressed wooden tiles. More than that, adding furniture that could represent manly style to the space. The neutral gray sofa in the middle accentuates the style with leather sofa cushions. In addition, the furry brown chairs give an impactful masculine interior style!

For the decoration, we can stick the blueprint poster to the exposed brick wall. It can enhance artistic industrial design! Don’t forget to keep the balance between comfort and class. Keeping this industrial living room welcoming yet stylish artistic at the same time. Installing full-height windows is a great idea to infuse the space with warmth and serenity. The natural lights in the morning robustly come to the interior giving the warmth that makes us cozy inside!

Cheer up and accentuate the plain room with orange color palate decoration!

orange decoration masculine living room

If you want to have a manly living room interior but without taking too much renovation. There is something we should keep in mind about the masculine design is all about the practical and giving the statement of manly decoration. These simple rules hopefully could help you on creating a manly living room!

Starting off brushing the neutral color palette to the wall. Or if you’ve had it before, you don’t need to paint the wall with a new color. This is such a good thing to save your budget for the room renovation! We don’t want the manly living room that looks so strict. So, we can cheer up the room with a bright accent color palette. The abstract wall art in orange color tone successfully embraces the cheerful manly room decor without breaking the essence of the manly room itself! In addition, we can also put some orange color sofa cushions. Provide the lighting with floor lamp and classic table lamp on the other side. This simple masculine living room is so much easier to follow and of course without sacrificing comfort!

Set a functional bar cabinet in your living space!

bar cabinet in the mamsculine living room

The bar is always attached to men’s lifestyle. This gives us the idea to feature the functional cabinet to store your wine collection. Hanging out with friends in your beautiful living room and getting some fresh beer is something joy! So, if you are the type of guy who loves hanging out in the bar, you might need the functional cabinet to store your drinks neatly and it gives a distinctive manly decoration to your living room!

Final Thoughts

Since the 1950s masculine interior design come to the world and create a great demand across the globe. The practical and bold male accent interior is not only the style that popular among bachelorhood. From time to time, the masculine interior has been developed with various styles that could represent the homeowner’s taste of the interior. In this writing, we have shared with you the simple tips to achieve a masculine interior living room. Then we provide some various styles that could represent a manly living room. From the affordable clean minimalist to the exquisite artistic male living room inspiration. We hope you enjoy the guidance of achieving masculine living room ideas with plenty of descriptions about the design. If you love the idea, let’s decide immediately and start the project as soon as possible!


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