Eye catchy living room overview

If you are bored with the arrangement of the existing living room, you can change the new atmosphere in the interior of your home to make it look eye catchy. For that, you can try to design the walls of your house with various motifs and wall decorations to make your living room look eye catchy. You can adjust the wall design to your theme. But if you want to vary, you can create a different theme in each room. Then, if you are a person who likes traveling, you can decorate your walls with pictures of beautiful landscapes.

To make the interior design of the house look beautiful and elegant, you can decorate it with various variations ranging from line motifs to unique motifs. Now as a reference for you, this time, we provide some wall design inspiration so that the interior of the house design looks eye-catching. If you are curious, we will provide a review of the living room design below.

Eye-catchy living room design

Many people try to make their homes look beautiful and charming. Then, the artists always pay attention to the house interior to keep it different. Later, many people shared their home portraits on Instagram. In the upload, it looks like a living room with a luxurious and comfortable look. In addition, the living room also appears to be dominated by green and red colors.

A beautiful room design will create a comfortable room. However, not infrequently when decorating a living room There is a corner that is left behind so that it looks empty. An empty corner seems to make the living room look less beautiful and aesthetic. Therefore, so that the empty corner of the room looks prettier and more functional, you can add a few decorative accents. That way, the empty corner of the living room will be filled with decorations that make the room more beautiful.

Inspirational ideas that can be imitated

The living room is the most important and most valuable compared to other rooms in the house because this room is the place most often used to receive guests and gather with family in a romantic, harmonious, and warm atmosphere.

With the presence of the living room, family members can spend time joking around to release joy after being tired outside the house. But it all also needs the right design to provide comfort and feel homey to use. Well, this time, we will give you some of the best eye catchy living room designs. We hope this comfortable and eye-catchy home interior inspiration can be your inspiration. For that, let’s review some design examples below. Happy decorating!

Living room wall design with wall molding

Make the living room walls look attractive, not just by painting them. You can try wall molding. This wall molding decoration gives a luxurious impression to the house. In addition, the impression of vertical lines also makes the house atmosphere feel higher. On a plain wall, you can add a beautiful flower painting that will enhance the look of your living room. To make it look more dancing, you can add decorative wall mirrors, sofa sets, tables, sofa cushions, and ornamental plants. That way, your living room design will look more attractive.

Living room wall design with shabby chic wallpaper

In this living room design, there are various ways to beautify the appearance of the walls. One of them is the use of wallpaper that makes a beautiful impression. This living room carries a charming pink shabby chic concept.
Combine with a matching colored sofa with a capacity of two seats. Then, the guest table is uniquely designed with a combination of rattan material that gives a natural impression. Then, to look attractive, the walls are decorated with paintings. That way, the wall design with wallpaper is more lively.

Living room wall design with landscape wallpaper

The next is the living room wall design has a beautiful and elegant appearance. With a landscape motif filled with green, it makes the feel of this living room even fresher. The use of colorful colors on the walls gives a pleasant impression. For that, you can choose a sofa with a letter L model that is suitable for this minimalist living room.
Then, to make it look more attractive, this living room is designed with wood motif ceramics and is equipped with a table to create a warm atmosphere. You can put green plants to give a cool atmosphere to the room. That way, you will feel at home in the living room while enjoying the view behind you.

Living room wall design with mirror decoration

This living room carries a monochrome concept with the dominance of white and gives the room an airy impression. This living room has a limited size of 3 x 3 meters but still looks charming with a wall molding design on the walls. Then, the application of molding in the corner of the living room can make your interior elements look more luxurious.
In addition, using mirror decorations in this minimalist living room gives a spacious visual appearance. The use of wall molding with white color provides a beautiful mix between the interior of the living room and the furniture in the room. To make it look more elegant, use a sofa with a two-seat capacity, complete with sofa cushions with attractive covers, and add ornamental plants and beautiful room accessories. That way, the design of your living room will feel more comfortable.

Living room wall design with flower pictures

Designing the living room to make it look more aesthetic can give you a sense of pride. To provide a more relaxed atmosphere, you can apply the dominance of white in your living room. So that the walls do not look empty, you can try the wall molding technique. By having the form model of elongated lines, it gives a spacious impression of a minimalist living room.
In addition, combining it with a flower painting on an empty wall space will enhance the interior appearance of your living room. To create a homey atmosphere, use a short-legged sofa with beige color with the addition of a beautiful cushion. Then add decorations, a round table made of marble to match the sofa model, add a floor rug, a small buffet, decorative lights in the corner of the room, and some beautiful flower pots. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic and attractive.

Living room wall design with monochrome wallpaper

The living room design with white walls has a graceful and charming appearance. So that this concept does not look monochrome, it is combined with black. Using black and white decorations makes your living room look modern and aesthetic. To make it look cooler, complete it with some wall decor with family photo frames to enhance your appearance.

To make the minimalist living room look more beautiful, add a black floor rug with white motifs, a black sofa set, white tablecloths, bright-colored sofa cushions, and white decorative lights in the corner of the room. To feel fresher, put green plants to give a cool atmosphere to your home.

Living room walls with vintage motifs

Having a living room full of joy can make you appear more cheerful. Therefore, you can apply vintage living room design inspiration to your living room. This vintage design further accentuates the lively decor such as abstract and floral patterned pillows. It makes the living room look more old-school but sweet.

Then, to sweeten the room, add a long sofa, sofa cushions with floral motifs, round tables, decorative mirrors, antique decorative lamps, floral floor carpets, and ornamental plants in several corners of the room. With this arrangement, your living room design will look aesthetic and unique.

Wall pattern with abstract wallpaper

If you are bored with the look of the living room walls that are just like that, you can change the atmosphere by using attractive wallpaper. Then, for some people, wallpaper can give an attractive impression in a room. Be it the living room, family room, kitchen, or bedroom.

However, the wallpaper pattern must be adapted to the character of the dwelling and the function of the space. If you choose the wrong one, the house might even look uncomfortable. Therefore, this abstract wallpaper pattern can give a stylish and artistic living room impression. In addition, with the choice of contemporary furniture like the example above. Your living room will look beautiful.

Fresh green wallpaper pattern

Living room walls can provide comfort to the owner. With the right design members, the living room can be made as a place to relax and gather as a family. Instead of looking for a landscape with green nature. We can also bring the nuances of this fresh green color wallpaper into the house with a more modern and contemporary touch.

Therefore, you can choose a patterned wallpaper pattern with a fresh easy green color. The refreshing color will make the family room more comfortable and give positive energy. Then, add a bright color sofa set, glass table, and ornamental plants. To look elegant, design the living room floor with wood motif ceramics. That way, your living room will look luxurious.

Living room wall design with attractive wall molding

This living room design has a variety of furniture and wall decorations. All of this has been designed to beautify the living room. One way that is done here to decorate the living room is the use of wall decorations such as atmospheric nuance picture frames that give a beautiful impression. This living room carries an artistic and unique vintage concept.

Then, to look more attractive, you can combine a green sofa with a brown motif chair. Then, decorate with white and black chandeliers. To look cool, Add a rug in a color that matches the floor and seating. That way, the design of this living room gives a vintage impression.


So, those are some attractive motif wall design inspirations to make your home look eye-catching that you can be proud of. To design it, you must prepare the best design and a sufficient budget so that your living room design looks elegant, aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and luxurious. Hopefully, this article can be a reference and useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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