1. Overview of the narrow living room

As far as we know, a minimalist house design has been built on a not-so-wide area, including the living room and other rooms. However, you can work around this by presenting a narrow living room design that looks more elegant and charming. Although the size is limited, you can apply a comfortable small living room design. Therefore, there are many ways that can be done to create a simple but charming living room, one of which is to maximize every corner of the interior of the room.

In addition, you also do not need to use the services of an interior designer to make it happen. You can see various designs from articles to find references that suit your wishes. Therefore, you can get small living room design ideas and inspiration to beautify the house’s interior. For that, let’s take a look at the living room decor reviews below.

2. Attractive living room decoration

This time we are still faced with the theme of a small and narrow living room. However, this should not discourage you from arranging your narrow living room with attractive decorations. For that, You can share a narrow living room decoration that has a very interesting decoration.

What can you do if your living room turns out to be small and cramped? Although sometimes we make this place to lean on and rest because this space must always be clean and tidy. You definitely won’t be confident if you have a messy living room. Therefore, you must be good at arranging and decorating it so that your small living room looks more attractive and comfortable.

But many also suggest minimizing beautiful furniture so that the living room looks luxurious. In addition, you are also the one who suggested removing the table so that the living room looks more spacious. Some even set it up without a sofa and table and replace it with carpet and sofa cushions. Well, it all depends on your taste.

3. Inspirational ideas

For those of you who live in a small house, you have limited living space. Don’t worry, because you can use space design tricks according to your needs. When you meet someone for the first time, you may build your first impression of that person by seeing how they dress. It’s the same with the living room design. This is the room that people who visit your home will see first.

Then, what if you live in a small house where guests are coming? Therefore, you must be anxious and insecure. Then, you must be looking for a way to overcome this all. For this reason, you still have to get ideas and inspiration to solve this problem. Then, the solution you can use the terrace of the house. Then, design it into a living room. By finding these ideas and inspirations, you will find the solution and your home will look more modern and contemporary.

4. Some examples of elegant narrow living rooms

We know that to make the living room look more attractive. You don’t need to make all-round decorations. For that, you can see some simple living room design inspiration below. Don’t think a living room with makeshift furniture can’t make the house look stunning. Precisely by arranging it properly and neatly, you will get results according to your taste.

We know that several factors make the living room at home look attractive. Some of these factors include the furniture layout, the size of the furniture, and the color of the walls. Therefore, let’s look at the design of the living room as shown below. Welcome to our review.

Use neutral colors

You can use neutral colors such as ivory, brown, or gray for the basic color of the living room walls. Neutral and warm colors can create the illusion of a wider room in your small house. In addition, these colors can also blend with any furniture color.

To make it look more attractive, adjust the color of the furniture with the same color to make it look beautiful and harmonious. Choose an elongated model sofa so it doesn’t take up space. Then round table. Decorate your small living room with floor rugs and sofa cushions. That way, the living room design will look beautiful and elegant.

Wood elements give a clean impression

Although wood elements are often identical materials used in classic-style homes. But it is undeniable that this one material can also be the perfect combination for a modern-style house. The use of marble motif floors produces a modern and luxurious feel. Coupled with several pieces of furniture such as guest chairs and shelves of the same tone, add to the impression of a clean and warm living room. To look cooler, you can add wall paintings, sofa cushions, flower pot racks, and short cabinets. That way your narrow living room will look more attractive.

Monochrome living room to form a luxurious impression

The combination of black and white basic colors is indeed widely implemented in minimalist homes. No wonder, because these colors can create a luxurious and modern impression. A small sofa and a round table like the one above make the room look simple but still elegant. Plus a chandelier with a matching color can sweeten the minimalist living room design. Then, to look cool in the living room you can add flower shelves, ornamental plants, and sofa cushions. That way, the interior of the living room looks more aesthetic.

High ceiling rules

Having a living room with a high ceiling makes the atmosphere in the room not hot. Therefore, you are lucky to have a house with a high ceiling. Without much effort, the ceiling has given the impression of being spacious and relieved at home. If your house already has a high ceiling, you only have to be more careful in decorating it. Then, apply the rule of thirds to the walls.

To look more attractive, fill the base of the wall with beautiful ornaments such as a sofa whose color is different from the color of the walls. Then, the center of the wall can be decorated with wall decorations. Leave the top of the wall without any ornaments to give the impression of being free and not piling up. Then, decorate with decorative lights to make it look more luxurious and elegant.

Exposed brick wall

The living room with an exposed brick wall design has been painted white and gives a warm, clean, and airy impression. A living room design with white exposed brick like this is suitable for your Scandinavian interior style house. So that it doesn’t look boring, add a minimalist sofa decoration, colorful pillowcases, hanging decorative light, patterned rugs like the picture above, and a small round table to place flower pots. With this design, your living room will look elegant and fun.

Unite the living room and dining room

The limited space in the house can make us cramped and uncomfortable. One way to make your small house look spacious is to unite the two functions of the room at once without providing a partition. For that, you can unite the living room with the family room or dining room as well as above. The goal is to give a wider impression. In addition, the concept of a house without a partition like this can also build the character of family members to be more open to one another.

To make it look sweeter, you can add white sofas, round tables, colorful sofa cushions, buffets, dressing mirrors, hanging decorative lamps, and room accessories. To add to the impression of luxury, adjust the floor design with a wood motif. That way, you and your family will feel at home while chatting.

Take advantage of windows for natural light

Designing a wide living room window has many benefits. With this design, the entry of sunlight makes the living room look brighter and can create a broad effect for a small living room. In addition, it can save electricity during the day.

Then, to look more attractive, please arrange furniture to create a more functional zone. Then do not put too much furniture to increase the source of lighting, be it from lamps or natural light. To appear brighter, design the interior of the room with bright colors. That way, your living room will look bright.

Place ornamental plants for refreshment

You can get around the narrow living room design inspiration by placing ornamental plants like the picture above. You can paint the walls a beige color so that the narrow living room feels wider. Then, to look more attractive, use neutral-colored furniture, such as a gray sofa, black and brown shelves, floor rugs, wall hangings, and unique chandeliers. With this design, your living room will look more beautiful and charming.

Artistic narrow living room

Black, white, and gray can create a monochrome room feel. Then, it can create a modern impression. Then, to make it look beautiful, you can combine monochrome colors with wood materials and ornamental plants. If you want to look more attractive, you can add a gray sofa, wall paintings, wall shelves, colorful sofa cushions, floor rugs, and room accessories. That way, your living room will look aesthetic and artistic.

Open space concept

If you have a narrow living room, it’s not a problem because you can make it look more spacious if you can arrange it with the best. Like the inspiration above, you can carry the open house concept by maximizing one room for several places at once. The thing you can do is not to use the bulkhead space. This design is guaranteed for a home that looks spacious and comfortable.

To look more attractive, you can add ornamental plants, guest chairs, a dining table plus chairs, buffets, decorative lights, and a long wooden table. That way, the atmosphere of your living room will look more alive. For those of you who want the interior of the house to look more spacious, this design can be an inspiration for you.

The application of warm colors and minimalist decorations

The combination of cream, brown, and gray colors in the living room can give a soft and warm feel. Therefore, do not present decorations that are so crowded. To look more elegant and attractive, you can add beautiful sofas and sofa cushions, guest chairs, guest tables, decorative lamps, wall paintings, makeup mirrors, hanging decorative lamps with matching colors, and a corner table to the left and right of the sofa to put decorative lights. That way, your minimalist living room will look luxurious.

Homey small living room

Having a homey living room is the desire of every homeowner. Therefore, if you want to imitate the design above, you can design this narrow living room. Using simple paint color, namely white, makes the room look brighter and more spacious. Wall paintings that are installed in various ways, paired with brown furniture and sofa cushions, make the interior of the room feel warmer.

This combination certainly makes the living room look more comfortable and minimalist. Don’t forget, the presence of the pattern and texture of the carpet on the sofa brings its aesthetic to the room. Well, for those of you who are happy with this unique design, you can use it as your inspiration.

Warm earthy tone accent

Utilizing wood elements is the easiest way to display an eye-catching living room decor. Wood is the hallmark of simple and natural design that is functional for almost any interior design. The material can make a room look more stylish and elegant.

In addition, use other decorations that are all earthy tones to create a warm, homey feel. Then, to feel the atmosphere warmer, add guest sofas and chairs, wooden shelves, round tables, wall hangings, and unique chandeliers. To add a fresh atmosphere, place ornamental plants in the corner of the room. That way, your narrow living room will look more natural and accent earthy tones.

Domineering neutral color

White is the favorite color for homeowners. We know, that the white color fits perfectly with the appearance of simple and minimalist room decor. In addition to the white painted walls, use some decorations such as artificial plants and ornamental displays. To look more beautiful, present a bright color sofa, sofa cushions, antique decorative lamps, glass wall shelves, small tables, floor rugs, and room accessories. With a design like the one above, your small living room design will look cozy.

Decorating a narrow living room without a sofa

Some people have designed their living room without a sofa to make it look more spacious and comfortable. Therefore, this design does not use a sofa or guest chair. This design makes more use of foam carpets and colorful sofa cushions.

Then, to add a fresher atmosphere, you can put ornamental plants in the corner of the carpet, wall painting, and room accessories mounted on the wall. With this arrangement, your living room will be more comfortable, and you will have more freedom to move around. Then make this living room a unique design.

Simple narrow living room decoration

You can design a beautiful and enchanting living room from inspiration for you, a design or living room decoration whose arrangement looks aesthetic. The first decoration you have to do is to design an attractive living room appearance. To make this, you can combine it with the family room next to the stairs.

In addition, you can also make this living room wider without a partition. This design will certainly make a room feel more spacious and look elegant and beautiful. Then, to look cool, you can put a single sofa, guest chairs, round tables, floor rugs, wall hangings, and unique hanging decorative lights. So that the atmosphere of the room feels fresher, you can put ornamental plants in pots. That way, your living room will feel legal, and you are free to move.

The narrow living room looks beautiful

Designing a living room to make it look beautiful and fun you can do by looking at pictures on home decor or on the internet. You can beautify your living room by placing some furniture, accessories, and color games in the living room interior. Therefore, adjust the color of the furniture with colors that match the room to make it look more harmonious.

In addition, the living room model that extends forward without too much interior only requires two chairs, so be something artistic in this room. Don’t forget to include wall decorations to enhance the appearance so that the atmosphere becomes more calming if someone visits our house. With a design like the one above, you will be more confident to accept guests.

Luxurious minimalist narrow living room

Having an elegant and luxurious minimalist living room can make homeowners more confident to receive guests. Therefore, you can make a living room design inspiration like the picture above.

In addition, you can adjust the appearance of your living room according to your taste and budget. We know that a low-budget living room decoration will produce a simple design. However, if you are good at arranging colors, your living room will look beautiful and elegant. Then, to look cool, you can choose a long model sofa and colorful sofa cushions, guest chairs, wall lamps, wall paintings, makeup mirrors, and black and white carpets. That way, your living room will look elegant and luxurious.

5. Conclusion

Everyone wants their living room to look more attractive.
Therefore, if you want to design a narrow living room to look more spacious and comfortable, you can see some of the pictures we provide above so that your living room looks luxurious, elegant, beautiful, comfortable, and fun. We hope that this review can use and can be a guide for you. Happy decorating!


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