1. Minimalist narrow living room

In general, minimalist homes has built on land that is not so wide. Of course, it makes every room designed with a limited area. However, you can work around this with a narrow living room design but still feels relieved.

Even though the size is limited, you can apply a narrow living room design that is comfortable, feels spacious, and not you are boring. Therefore, many ways can be done to create a simple but charming living room. One of them is to maximize every corner of the room. Especially if you don’t use the services of an interior designer to make it happen. That way, you can look at various designs on the internet to find references that suit your needs. We hope this article can be used as an inspiration for your narrow living room design so that it still looks beautiful and charming.

2. Minimalist room inspiration ideas

Generally, a house with an area of ​​36 square meters only has a living room. Even though the living room area is limited, don’t let it hinder your creativity in designing it. Therefore, you need a lot of inspiration to make the room look more attractive. Moreover, the living room is one of the rooms to receive guests. For this reason, you have to style it properly. So it looks elegant and charming.

Even though your living room is narrow, design it properly so that this room can provide comfort and joy to your family and guests. For that, you can get around a small living room with simple inspiration that you get from several articles. Therefore, you must design the room with a beautiful living room, a small modern minimalist living room, and fun.

3. Some examples of narrow minimalist space designs

Don’t think that a narrow minimalist living room can’t be decorated beautifully. Precisely with a small living room, you can decorate it optimally because the costs needed to decorate are not much. In addition, with the remaining budget, you can buy beautiful and charming living room furniture. Then, to look more attractive, please decorate the walls of the living room with beautiful wallpaper. For clarity, let’s discuss one by one the image below. Hopefully, this image can be an idea and inspiration for you. Welcome to our article review!

Place a contrast color sofa

If you want to display a beautiful living room, don’t hesitate to put a brightly colored sofa in the living room that applies white and green paint. In addition to the sofa, you can put a bright colored carpet that contrasts with the room and furniture..

Then, to look more attractive, decorate your living room with ornamental plant pots, sofa cushions, and a beautiful table. Bright colors such as white, cream, and brown, are still the right combination. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to play with colors.

Design with pink carpet and brown sofa

When you design the living room, make one part the focal point of the room, it can be a sofa or a carpet. This living room has a brown sofa and a bright pink carpet. While the console table and walls are white, they all combine and look beautiful in the living room.

Then, to look more attractive, you can decorate with ornamental plant pots, decorative mirrors, sofa cushions, and a television on the wall. That way, your living room will look complete and pleasant. Then, your family can gather to watch movies while relaxing.

Place a wooden bench and coffee table

With this simple design, everyone must have a level of boredom with a monotone design. Then, to avoid boredom, you can design your narrow living room by placing a set of sofas, wooden benches, wall shelf, accessories, and a simple coffee table. Then, Many mixed and match sofas, coffee tables, and benches in the living room, but for an arrangement that suits your taste, you want a minimalist wooden bench and coffee table to look different. That way, the last atmosphere make you are boring will become a pleasant atmosphere for you and your family.

Multifunctional concept

If you want your narrow living room to look wider. Design the living room integrated with the dining room and kitchen. With this multifunctional concept, you can use other rooms for your needs. To make it look less cramped, place an elongated sofa with sofa cushions and a low-legged table. Then complete with television, shelves containing displays containing plants. That way, you will get a more comfortable atmosphere. Most importantly, you do not hesitate to make this multifunctional concept. Happy decorating!

Design with wooden floor

A beautiful and cool small living room is everyone’s dream. But to arrange it, you have to prepare the best design and sufficient budget so that the results are satisfying according to your taste. As you can see. The highlight of this small living room is the dark green sofa that contrasts with the wall paint. In addition, wood or parquet floors make this living room look more different than ordinary tiles. White carpet, black rattan chairs, and others complement each other in this small living room design. That way, you will feel a pleasant atmosphere.

Safe colors look attractive

If you want to design an attractive living room, but don’t dare to play with color. You can choose muted colors like light gray for the sofa and curtains. Then decorate it with white living room paint, coffee table, wall displays, and sofa cushions. That way the atmosphere of your living room will look minimalist design. If you really don’t like contrasting colors, you can choose a color like this.

Decorate with attractive accessories

For those of you who want to design a living room to make it look aesthetic. You have to understand, that this living room is not only full of sofas, ottoman chairs, coffee tables, and console tables. In addition, you can decorate your living room with two shelves filled with potted plants and a coffee table. To look more attractive, you can put a display on the wall in the form of photos and other accessories. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate to design a living room like this. Use your creativity to make your living room look pleasant.

Design with sofa and bench

If you often have guests, but the living room is small, you can arrange it by placing attractive furniture. As you can see, this living room has one sofa, three benches, and one ottoman chair (a bench without a backrest

To look more beautiful, you can arrange your narrow living room with decorative flower pots, mini floor rugs, wall shelves, decorative mirrors, and the necessary accessories. By arranging the right place, you can make everything in the living room feel more beautiful.

Place a leather sofa for a luxurious look

A narrow living room will look more beautiful if you arrange it properly. Therefore, you must be smart to design it. One design that can make your living room look luxurious is the presence of a leather sofa and an artistic round table.

Then, so that the small living room looks luxurious and more attractive, choose the color of the leather sofa according to the interior design of your living room. As you know, leather sofas are suitable for elegant and modern minimalist living room designs. That way, you don’t hesitate to choose a leather sofa set. In order for the living room atmosphere to feel calm and comfortable, place ornamental plant pots in the corner of the room. With greenery, the atmosphere of the room will feel cool.

Design with sofa cushions

A small living room sofa will look more attractive with various colored sofa cushions. Therefore, if you want to make your small living room to looks luxurious, you must create a design like this and choose a small elongated living room. Then, you can put wall displays, plants, and other accessories.

The elegant narrow living room design is different from others. A small living room must decorate with the best design and the best furniture. So the interior of the living room looks more aesthetic. But if you want to look more attractive, you can install the wall wallpaper. In addition, use design inspiration and your ability to create a comfortable living room for you, your family, and guests.

Place refreshing ornamental plants

This small living room design inspiration has characterized. By use ornamental plant, it can make your family pleasant and cheerful. As you can see, white wall paint makes a narrow living room feel spacious. Moreover, the living room floor has designed with large white tiles. Of course, make the living room more clean and bright

Then, to look more beautiful, use neutral-colored furniture, such as a beige sofa, blue chairs, and a round mini floor rug. Then, for a cooler, you can place some ornamental plant pots. In addition, you can decorate your walls with paintings and attractive family photo frames. In this design, your living room can make your family feel comfortable and at home.

Domineering monochrome accent

Minimalist designs tend to display bright colors such as white, black, and gray. Your small living room will look spacious if you can design it well. Therefore, you must be able to choose the best design so that the living room looks beautiful and pleasant.

Like this picture, black, white, and gray, are always used to create a monochrome room feel. The living room with white wall designs, black and white abstract paintings, and cream sofa sets look harmonious with the interior design of this narrow living room. To look more attractive, you can equip a black chicken cage model table, small pots for ornamental plants, and sofa cushions. The perfect arrangement in this living room, it can make the room look elegant and charming. If you like the three colors above, you can use this design for inspiration.

Open space concept

If you have a narrow living room, it’s not a problem for you to design your living room. For this reason, you can make it look more spacious if you design it. Therefore, you must think about how to get the right design inspiration. Then, you can carry the open house concept by maximizing one room for several places. But you do not use the bulkhead space divider. With this design, you will feel a comfortable and spacious home. Then you can use this room for family gatherings while chatting.

Complete with explanation

The design of the living room with a combination of cream, brown, and gray colors in the living room can give a soft and warm feel. Therefore, the decorations presented are not too crowded, only in the form of soft sofas and minimalist sofa pillows.

Then, you can design the minimalist living room as above, using the lighting. So the room looks bright and spacious. Then, to look cool, you can add a minimalist table, corner table, decorative lights, accessories, and attractive wall paintings. That way, your narrow room will feel spacious.

Homey room

If you want to make the living room feel homier, you can imitate the design above. The hallmark of this narrow living room design is the use of simple paint color, namely white.

Then, to look homier, this white wall is juxtaposed with brightly colored furniture and wooden floors. This combination certainly makes the living room look more comfortable and minimalist. However, to make the atmosphere warmer, complete this living room with a letter L sofa, wooden table, ornamental plant pots, wall paintings, and corner chairs. That way, the living room will seem spacious.

Warm earthy tone accent

Utilizing wood elements is the easiest way to display an eye-catching living room decor. Wood is a natural design characteristic that is functional for any interior design. The material is able to make a room look more stylish and elegant.

In addition, you can also decorate with a gray sofa set, rattan chairs, sofa cushions, a single chair, white accessory shelves, and ornamental plants. Then, to create a warm and homey feel, you can complement it with a wooden floor rug. That way, the living room will feel warmer and pleasing to the eye.

Domineering neutral color

The wall paint color combination above fits perfectly with the simple look of the room decor. In addition, to the walls that are painted blue, use some decorations such as white decorative lights, and artificial and bright decorative displays. Then, sofa set you can bring a gray, white round table and bright sofa cushions. But don’t forget to bring a wall painting. Then, the view is not monotone. With an arrangement like this, your living room feels comfortable and calm.

4. Conclusion

In this discussion, have been explained how to organize a narrow minimalist living room. Then, to look aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, attractive, and fun, please see this picture. For that, we hope that the design above can make your minimalist home interior feel more comfortable. So that your family and guests will be happy and feel at home in your living room. Hopefully, it can use to beautify the interior of your home. Happy decorating!


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