In the year 2018 is a lot of homes that have attractive living room design, this is because the development of human needs and design ideas are very diverse. Here we will help you to find an interesting design idea for the Living room with a modern concept so that your living room more comfortable in use with family.

Living Room

In a house, of course, the living room is a must-have room because this room has a great role to build a familial relationship. With the importance of this room to eat interior design in use must be comfortable in use. However, not all homes have a spacious living room, and that’s no reason not to have a tantalizing or comfortable design because there are so many design concepts that are suitable for small living room and one of them is the modern concept.

Modern Concept

From the many design concepts for the living room, here we will give you a design idea from the modern concept. In addition to an interesting concept, the concept of modern also certainly has a lot of advantages to use in a small room, including:

  • It has a model furniture with various interesting shapes.
  • It has a variety of different furniture sizes.
  • Easy to apply with a variety of colours.
  • Design Furniture is easy to get because this concept follows the development of design science.
  • And many other advantages that can be obtained.

Examples of Interior Design Modern Living Room

In order for you to find and decide what kind of interior design for the small living room, we will give some examples of living room design with a modern concept which will make you want to imitate all the design examples below. But just be quiet this is just an example, you can create your own design ideas by imitating some design from the concept below is like imitating the preparation of furniture, the type of furniture, colours in use, or something else.

© by Pinterest

If your house is not possible to have a living room in the house, you can imitate the above design by creating a living room in the home lear by using a glass wall that gives the view outdoors, and this also serves to give a broad effect on the room.

© by Pinterest

The modern concept does have a unique furniture design and easy to design even in a small room like the picture above.

© by Pinterest

You can use the white colours like the photo above, with white colour in this room will give a broad effect when people are in the room.

© by Pinterest

Maybe this is also one of the tips for a small room, you can take advantage of outdoor scenery by providing a large window for your room feels spacious.

© by Pinterest

And that is some desirability of the modern concept for a small living rom. It now depends on your decision and the family to use what kind of design is comfortable for you and your family to use. Find other designs here that can give you an interesting design idea for all the rooms in your home.


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