1. Overview of a minimalist narrow kitchen

In addition to the bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen is also the most vital area in a house. There are so many activities that we do in the kitchen, starting from cooking, washing cutlery, and sometimes even eating. The kitchen is also a reflection of your character, it the cleaner and more neatly arranged, indicating that you are a well-organized and diligent person.

Even though your kitchen is a narrow area, you can still make the kitchen comfortable. The trick is that you must be able to design and organize your kitchen properly. Do not use unnecessary furniture. Use your ideas to make storage areas and practically put things. That way, your narrow kitchen will feel comfortable and beautiful.

2. Minimalist kitchen ideas and inspiration

If you want to make a simple kitchen design without a kitchen set, but it looks neat, comfortable, and beautiful, you have to get the right ideas and inspiration. After you find the right inspiration through examples in decorating articles and magazines, you can design a kitchen with beautiful, elegant, attractive, luxurious, and unique. Therefore, you can get design inspiration in this article.

The use of a kitchen set is indeed quite important to make the kitchen look neater. But that does not mean that without a kitchen set, the kitchen will be messy. Therefore, you must know how to arrange it in a practical way so that it feels comfortable and pleasant when you are in the kitchen. In this way, you can also save on expenses. If you want to find the best inspiration, you can find it in this article review.

3. Some examples of inspiration for arranging a narrow kitchen

The kitchen is one of the more important rooms in a house. Apart from being a place to cook, the kitchen is always used as a place to store various household appliances. Usually, the kitchen has a narrow space compared to other rooms. Therefore, you must know how to arrange a narrow kitchen so you can use the kitchen is maximized.

The main thing you must consider in arranging the kitchen is the layout. In addition, the design of the room and the placement of items are also one of the more necessary aspects in the appearance of the kitchen. If you want to rearrange your kitchen, here are some ways to design a narrow and minimalist kitchen to make it look neat. For that, let’s discuss the design inspiration below.

4. How to arrange a kitchen to make it look spacious

If you are looking for ideas on how to design a narrow kitchen to make it feel more spacious and comfortable, you can arrange it according to the reviews we provide below. The first step, do not to use a kitchen set and determine several zones. This method is to help when you are cooking. For example, you can set up storage zone, processing, and dining areas. As for some zones in the kitchen that can be made, we will discuss them below.

Cooking zone

To be more practical, this zone around the stove and food processing area can be equipped with kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, knives, and pans. With you create a zone for your kitchen equipment. You will find it easier to take cooking utensils when needed.

Storage zone

This zone has located near the sink. It is where you can find plates, glasses, cups, and bowls. This zone is a storage container and filters to make it easier for you to store cooking utensils. By arranging the zone like this, the arrangement of items looks neat and not messy. Then your kitchen feels more comfortable and not cramped.

Pantry zone

This room is the perfect place to process and prepare food. Canned foods, cereals, and junk food are easier to find when grouped by category. Therefore, this pantry can function according to your wishes. You can easily mark the items you save.

Dining Zone

This area is where we eat our food. Therefore, use clean placemats and tablecloths to increase our appetite. By dividing these zones, it will be easier for us to focus more when preparing food. Of course, you and your family will feel happy with this kind of care. To look more attractive, complete the room with decorative lights, ornamental plant pots, and attractive accessories.

Get rid of things that are not important

How to arrange a small elongated kitchen that must be considered is, non-essential items in the kitchen. So it doesn’t look cramped. Therefore, we have to sort out which items should be placed in the kitchen and not. For example, letters, keys, newspapers, or others. Then, you have to move it to another place. Do not forget to make a storage area, and a list of equipment that is stored. Then you can put it outside or on a shelf outside the room.

Determine the position

After creating the list, decide where to put the tools you use and don’t use. How to arrange this kitchen looks easy. But it can’t be from the position. For example, for kitchen tools such as knives, mugs, spoons, and pans, you can place them near the stove. Meanwhile, for kitchen utensils such as an oven or microwave, you can put them in a cupboard or kitchen shelf. Therefore, you must be able to choose the items that are often used so they are easy to reach. So quick to get it.

Grouping items according to type

Next, you must store things in the kitchen according to their zone. You have to think about how to use a small and elongated room for your needs. It is more important to organize an efficient kitchen. Then, keep all the plastic wrap, and the foil in the same drawer. Place plates, cups, glasses, and everyday cutlery close together. So when you want to use it all are in the same range.

The window for air circulation

This one element is more needed in the kitchen. Not only that, how to organize a small and elongated kitchen can also use medium or large windows. So that air circulation can occur properly. The windows will bring in a cool breeze, so the smell of food and smoke from the kitchen will quickly exchange with the outside air. That way, the room is always fresh, then try to open the window to get fresh air.

The right decoration

To decorate the kitchen to make it look more attractive, you can add flower vases, tableware, wall decorations, mini kitchen sets, and kitchen tables according to the color of the kitchen decorations. But remember, don’t go overboard when decorating it so the kitchen doesn’t look too crowded and cramped. Then, to make it look more attractive, decorate the walls with white natural stone. That way, the kitchen will look natural.

Cleaning the fridge

How to organize a kitchen without a kitchen set you can do by cleaning the refrigerator. When you clean the refrigerator, you should check the product expiration date. Cooking products usually don’t last long. So you have to diligent in checking the expiration date. If you get vegetables that are old and wilted, throw them away. So they don’t spoil the aroma in the refrigerator. Then, use clear plastic and drawers to store similar items and label each container with a sticker or marker. It will make it easier to find them when you want to cook.

Hanging cooking utensils

If you have a cooking utensil with a long handle, you have to find a way to organize a kitchen without a kitchen set. Arrange the room to provide space to hang cooking utensils on the wall and place it in an easily accessible position. Of course, make sure you install it according to the type of item so it can be easily picked up and put back. Then, to look more attractive, you can sort items from small to large. So it looks neat and organized.

Use transparent jars for storage

After you have finished classifying and sorting the ingredients, place the jar in the kitchen with a see-through model. This method will make it easier for you to see the stock. Then, you can control the items needed to refill it. So you do not need to open the container one by one. That way, you can save time.

Composing cooking recipes

This is one method you need to do well. Collect or rewrite the items you keep. Make a space to put recipes in the kitchen. This can be in the form of paper or cards that are easy to read clearly. If you have free time, you can put this collection of recipes and write a list of recipes in the storage area. Then. set according to your taste and needs so that it is easy to remember.

Minimalist wall paint and lights

Wall paint and lamps are more important for kitchen lighting. A narrow and simple kitchen will look bright with it. Usually, the kitchen has brighter lighting than other rooms because the kitchen is needed for cooking. Then choose a light-colored wall paint such as white, cream white, or light brown. That way, the lighting from the lamp can illuminate optimally. Then, you can easily find the equipment you need.


Having a narrow kitchen is not an obstacle for you to being creative. For this reason, you can design your small kitchen to look modern, aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, attractive, and fun. In addition, you can make your kitchen feel more comfortable when cooking.

Therefore, we provide several reviews to arrange a practical kitchen the way is, zone, decorate, and equip kitchen equipment. Then, it makes it easier for you to take things while cooking and put them back in their place. Hopefully, this review can help you to organize your narrow kitchen.


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