1. Overview of outdoor laundry

Everyone definitely needs clean clothes so that appearance and communication with the interlocutor run smoothly. Therefore, washing clothes is very much needed. The design of a laundry area located in an outdoor area not only considers its function as a washing area but also takes into account its appearance so that it looks attractive and pleasing to the eye.

For those of you who intend to make an attractive and functional outdoor laundry area, you can check out the following article because it will provide some of the inspiration you need. We know washing clothes is a routine activity carried out by people all over the world. Therefore, almost every house has a washing area or a laundry area that is used for cleaning and drying clothes. If you place the washing machine carelessly, the washing area can disrupt the visualization of the house and make it unsightly. Therefore, we provide reviews to choose an attractive design as below.

2. Choose an attractive design

The design of the laundry area which is located in the outdoor area, not only considers its function as a washing place but also takes into account its appearance so that it looks attractive. For that, those of you who intend to make an outdoor laundry area can choose an attractive laundry design like the review below. We hope the design below can suit your taste. Then it can be an inspiration for your home. For that, we provide some examples of design reviews that you can emulate.

3. Some design examples

We understand that many people do the activity of washing and drying clothes outside the home every day. This is because apart from not contaminating the inside of the house, it also speeds up the process of drying clothes. However, seeing the space for washing and drying clothes outside the house is disturbing, especially if it is placed carelessly. Therefore, it’s important for you to build an attractive outdoor washing place design. For that, let’s look at the explanation and design below. Hopefully one of the designs is to your taste. Then make your home design look more attractive. Let’s follow our review!

Minimalist laundry design

Minimalist laundry is the most popular concept for many people. This is because this room looks spacious and cool. To support this concept, use paint colors like white, green, and gray. Then, also use natural stone and wood elements in several parts such as walls and floors. For fresh eyes, don’t forget to add plants around the washing room. Then, so that your clothes dry quickly in the sun, you can open the laundry room ceiling and design it with mild steel. Then, add a wooden shelf on the wall. With this arrangement, your laundry room design will look minimalist and attractive.

Attractive industrial design

The industrial concept is becoming a trend among millennials and young families. This concept is not only made for home interior design. But if you are one who likes industrial concepts, you can apply this design to an outdoor laundry like the picture above. In addition, you can also combine the laundry area with an outdoor kitchen so you can save space. Then, you can design walls using exposed bricks that don’t need plastering.

However, if you want the white exposed brick, you can paint it white. That way, your laundry design will look like an industrial and natural design. To make it look more attractive, add black iron shelves, clothes hangers, decorative plants, and wall paintings. That way, your washing machine design will look artistic and unique.

Design in a rustic style

As we know, apart from being industrial, rustic concept houses are also popular with many peoples. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if the laundry area also uses the same concept. Usually, this concept is synonymous with walls that use metro tiles to make it look like the wall hasn’t been finished yet.

The design of an outdoor laundry area is rustic in style, you can combine it with minimalist color designs such as black, white, and gray. Then, also add the ornamental plants that are beneficial for health in beautiful pots. To look beautiful, decorate your washing area with a garden of coral and ceramic motifs so that the washing area looks like a garden. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home looks aesthetic.

Design in the area behind the house

Apart from often being used for the garden behind the house, you can also use it as a place to wash outdoor clothes. Even though it’s outdoors, you can provide a house or roof canopy to protect the washing machine and clothes from rain and hot sun. To make it look more attractive, complete your laundry room with a wardrobe for storing dirty clothes, ornamental plants, and antique decorative wall lights. Then design the floor with a wood motif. That way the design of your washing area looks beautiful.

Design in front of the house

The design of an outdoor washing machine can not only be made at home or in the backyard. You can also make a laundry area in the front yard.
In order not to disturb the view, place the washing machine in a place that is not too visible. Then, you can make a small space for the washing machine like in the picture above. Put a canopy on it so that the washing machine is not damaged by rain. To create a service area or laundry.

The most important thing is to determine in advance where to hang clothes. If this area is placed in the front yard, avoid drying clothes in an open area because it will make the view of the yard less beautiful. In order not to look monotonous, complete the laundry area with useful ornamental plants and a small garden. That way, the exterior of your house will look more attractive.

Laundry room on the second floor which is transparent

Making a laundry room on the second floor like the picture above looks like a minimalist and space-saving design. There are two main keys to the design of this drying room. The first is the roof which is made semi-transparent. Thus, the sunlight entering the laundry area is not excessive so that the clothes are not easily damaged. When the rain suddenly falls, you don’t need to panic to lift the clothesline.

The second is the arrangement of the washing machine, hangers and cabinets which are in only one corner. The washing machine is given a wooden frame. So the upper part can be used to place various items without burdening the machine itself. Then place the cabinet to store clothes that are dry. Under the cabinet, there is a drawer to store equipment for washing clothes. With this arrangement, this laundry room design feels comfortable.

Design in the rooftop area

Many minimalist homeowners make rooftops. This is due to the limited land they have, making it difficult to divide the room. However, if your house has a rooftop, you can use it as a place to wash and dry clothes. The rooftop area of the house which is exposed to the sun can make it easier for your clothes to dry quickly to the maximum.

To make you feel more comfortable, you can add a canopy at the top where you put the washing machine and clothes drying area to protect it from the rain. Meanwhile, for those of you who add to the beauty of the laundry area, you can add ornamental plant decorations in small pots to beautify your washing room. Then, also add clothes hangers, storage for storing or drying clothes, unique decorative lights hanging from the ceiling, antique knick-knacks, and some interesting wall paintings. To make you relaxed, add patio chairs and a round table. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will look aesthetic.

Japan style design

Japanese design is currently a trend in society. So if you see the Japanese style getting popular and more widespread, you can use this design for your open washing area. In addition, you can also use it as a place to dry clothes.
As you know, japan is synonymous with wood elements, so you can use it as a washing machine opening and closing door as a washing machine protector. Also add wooden elements to the fence, decorated with ornamental plants in pots, make shelves for the washing machine, and place washing equipment. With this arrangement, the exterior of your house will look beautiful.
The design blends with a small garden

Utilizing the outdoor area for washing is the right choice because you are more comfortable washing clothes. Therefore, for those of you who like trees, you can combine this design with a garden in one place. The presence of various plants can give a cool and beautiful feel so that it gives peace when you wash clothes. In order to make you relax, you can add furniture such as tables and chairs to relax while washing clothes. In this way, washing activities are guaranteed to be fun.

Design with a glass door

The next outdoor washing place is to provide glass material as a dividing door between the indoor and outdoor rooms. With glass doors, it makes the limited washing space feel spacious. Then, give a touch of white to the laundry room furniture to add an elegant impression. As you know, glass doors also allow maximum sunlight to enter to dry the clothes you are drying. With this arrangement, your clothes will dry quickly.

Utilize special land

As you can see in the picture above, the design for an outdoor laundry for the size of this house is not too big. Usually, homeowners take advantage of a special place to be used as a laundry room. This is because washing and drying places are not available. As you can see above, the washing area is in a small space under the water tank. Even though it’s small, with the right arrangement, the washing area still feels comfortable.

Like the design above, you can wash and dry it back and forth because the place is quite wide. Apart from that, you also have to prepare electricity for the laundry room, adequate lighting, and a place for washing water. To make it look more attractive, you can decorate the washing area with beautiful decorative plant pots and pictures mounted on the washing room wall. That way, your simple laundry room still looks attractive.

Vintage design

For those of you who have a house with a vintage concept, of course, the laundry place also uses the same concept. Usually, this concept is synonymous with walls that use plastered exposed brick to make them look like the walls of a house

Now for this vintage-style outdoor laundry room design, you can combine it with minimalist color designs such as black, white, and gray. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complement it with ornamental plants placed in pots, wall hangings, wooden shelves on the wall, and interesting knick-knacks. In addition, also add wall paintings so they don’t look monotonous. That way the place to wash clothes becomes more aesthetic.

Multifunctional design

The exterior design of this house looks beautiful and charming. As you can see, this place can be used as a design for outdoor washing. Even if you don’t have a house that’s not too big, you can design it beautifully. Besides taking advantage of a small space, you can also combine an outdoor washing area with a dining table.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complement this open washing area with a dining table and chairs, decorative plant pots that are beneficial for health, shelves for storing clothes and placing washing machines, and antique knick-knacks. To make it look elegant, you can design floors, laundry room ceilings, and walls with wood that has been treated and varnished. With this arrangement, your exterior design will look elegant.

The terrace merges with the laundry room to look aesthetically pleasing

A beautiful minimalist home design generally has a terrace, even though it is small. In addition, the terrace of the house is usually nicely decorated and pleasing to the eye because it is immediately visible from the outside and to the guests who come. In order to make optimal use of every corner of the house, the terrace can also be used as a laundry room. But the arrangement must be precise. To make it look attractive.

As you can see, the owner of this terrace has decorated the terrace in a unique way. The floor is filled with stones and arranged in 4 tile squares to make it look beautiful. The unique thing is that in the corner area, there is a washing machine. Apparently, this terrace is also used for washing clothes. To make the homeowner relax, the terrace is equipped with chairs and tables, and ornamental plants. That way, you can enjoy a cup of warm coffee after washing your clothes.

Attractive outdoor laundry

Generally, Indonesian people are accustomed to washing and drying clothes in the yard. This is done so as not to contaminate the inside of the house and also speed up the drying process. But this habit can interfere with the appearance of the house, and not unsightly people passing by. The solution that can be done is to apply a special outdoor laundry area design

As you can see in the picture above, this open laundry design is limited by glass doors and windows. That way mothers who are still confused about design ideas for a laundry room in an outdoor room don’t need to worry. We provide interesting design inspiration that can be used as a reference, such as placing a washing machine in the room. Then, dry it next to the glass so that it is exposed to the sun and the clothes dry quickly.

Design of a Semi-Indoor Outdoor Laundry

For those of you whose house doesn’t have a yard or who live in an apartment, you can design of an outdoor semi-indoor laundry area. The trick is, to provide a special room near the window. Then arrange the washing machine, clothesline, and ironing tools as desired.

Then, the floor is made lower than the floor of the residential interior to prevent water from flowing inside. Add sliding glass doors to delimit living and laundry areas. In addition, take advantage of the empty space for the design of the laundry. Arrange all your laundry needs, from soap, and softener, to irons here. The open shelf concept guarantees smooth air circulation so that the humidity of the design for the laundry room is maintained.

Glass canopy design and wooden partitions

The design of the laundry room in this one outdoor room blends in with the relaxing area in the backyard. The washing machine is placed slightly inside to avoid sunlight. Meanwhile, the drying area is equipped with a glass canopy that is placed in the garden.

This canopy is multifunctional to ensure you can still dry your clothes when it rains, as well as reduce the intensity of sunlight so that the colors of your clothes don’t fade easily. A wooden partition decorated with heat-resistant green plants is used as a barrier between the design of a laundry area and a garden where you can relax. That way the atmosphere will be more enjoyable.

Combination with wet kitchen

As you can see in this picture, even though the space outdoor is limited, the design for a place for washing clothes and a wet kitchen must still be made. Therefore, you need to try to combine the two. The design idea for a space-saving laundry room is mostly made abroad.

To complement the washing machine and kitchen area, this room is furnished with a countertop, sink, and food prep area. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the cabinet is a place to put the washing machine and refrigerator. That way, the interior of this room becomes multifunctional.

4. Conclusion

Those are some designs of outdoor washing places that we can recommend. We hope that our reviews above are to your taste and can make your home’s exterior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, elegant, and comfortable. However, if the above reviews don’t suit you, you can order designs from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and to your liking. Then, make you more comfortable and feel at home to washing and drying clothes. Happy decorating!


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