1. Overview of ceramic motifs

When you feel bored with the atmosphere, and interior design of your home, repainting the walls is not the only solution. To avoid that, you can give a new impression on the house by changing the floor tiles. Currently, floor tiles on the market have a variety of patterns, colors, and attractiveness. In addition, the color of floor tiles is not limited to white and gray because there are many anti-mainstream floor tiles colors for you to apply to your home.

Over time, the function of ceramics turns into a decoration or home interior decoration. Therefore, you can seek inspiration and ideas through articles or home decor magazines. As far as we know, the appearance of the house interior has been greatly influenced by ceramic. However, to install it, you have to adjust it to the area of ​​​​the house to make it look harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, we discuss ideas and inspiration for floor tiles as below. We hope these ideas can use for you and your family.

2. Ideas and inspiration

Minimalist houses are indeed the choice of urbanites because the prices are not expensive. Then, it can save costs. Therefore, minimalist homes are a favorite for those who live in urban areas. However, minimalist homes have limited space alias narrow. Therefore, to get around a small house, special tricks are needed so that a minimalist house looks spacious and attractive. One way is to found for ideas and inspiration for choosing ceramic motifs to be used because ceramic floor motifs are not only to beautify the room but also to give a broad impression to your home.

As far as we know, there are some kinds of ceramic motifs that can be adapted to your home. The ceramic motif with a rough texture is suitable for use in the bathroom. In contrast to the kitchen wall ceramic motif, which uses a smooth and shiny surface. In addition, you can install smooth ceramic motifs such as marble or with unique patterns on the floor because they can beautify the room interior and are easy to clean. For that, choose a ceramic motif that can give the best impression of a minimalist home. Therefore, let’s look at some examples of interesting ceramic motifs below.

3. Some examples of interesting ceramic motifs

Renovating a home can be a tricky job because many factors need to be considered. For that, you have to think about how to make the best use of space. Then, install the lighting in the room, and then choose a ceramic model that will be installed.

In addition, you must be careful in choosing a design. Especially if you want to use ceramic as a living room floor, kitchen wall, or bathroom floor. We know, that those ceramics for floors and walls serve to reduce overly wet and humid conditions, as well as provide a safe surface.

Then, in addition to the functional aspect, you must pay attention to the aesthetic aspect. Because the selection of motifs and models of tiles also contributes greatly to the room interior to make it look beautiful and charming. Therefore, let’s review the ceramic motifs below according to their function. Let’s follow our review!

Elegant color of the terrace ceramic motif

Although this ceramic motif is sometimes not paid attention to, it turns out that it can also be designed for the living room to welcome guests who come home. Indeed, usually, the ceramic terrace motif is always equated with the ceramic motif on the room exterior. However, there is nothing wrong if you play a little with this ceramic motif in your living room to make it look beautiful and unique.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can add a bright color sofa set, and large glass windows so that sunlight enters the room and can illuminate the whole room, then decorate the painting on the wall. That way, your living room design looks elegant and luxurious.

Monochrome motif

The latest black and white floor tiles are indeed on the rise. With various motifs and types of ceramics, you can apply them to all rooms in the house. Both in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and front porch. You have to adjust the motif with the furniture that will be used in the room to make it look harmonious. Therefore, you can use the ceramic motif that you will install according to the size of the room and your taste. To add to the beauty of the bathroom, you can decorate it with ornamental plants to make it feel fresher.

Porcelain Marble

Two premium materials combine into one, producing a super beautiful porcelain marble for a luxurious interior look. The living room tile on this floor is perfect for presenting an industrial concept in the room. Moreover, if it is built with exposed concrete walls, the industrial design in this living room is more lively.

The inspiration for this living room also looks dramatic thanks to the contrast between the ceramic living room and various furniture frames and black decorations. Don’t forget the combination of living room ceramics with a touch of wood found on display racks, tables, and lampshades also makes the room not seem monotonous.

Abstract white floor tile

If you want to make your living room look clean and spacious, you can design it in white. The color of the white tile floor does not seem monotonous if you are good at choosing and arranging beautiful furniture. As we know, the color of the floor tiles like the picture above is suitable to be installed in a large living room. In addition, this color seems soft and bright. That way, the appearance of marble motif ceramics in this minimalist living room will give a luxurious impression.

Plain motif bathroom ceramic model

To design a bathroom with a plain motif, you can install simple ceramics that suit your tastes and dreams. To have a stunning wall, no need to bother. You can install simple tiles in a color that matches the floor. One of them is plain patterned ceramics.

Like the picture above, this plain bathroom wall ceramic design matches the minimalist concept design. With this design, your bathroom will look clean and elegant. In addition, plain motifs will also make the bathroom look more spacious and attractive. Therefore, you can install this plain bathroom wall ceramic so that your bathroom looks bright. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add stainless steel accessories on the walls, ornamental plants, vanity mirrors, and bathroom fixtures that have a texture that matches the bathroom. With this design, you will feel at home inside.

Lightning motif ceramics make an elegant impression

A design like the picture above displays looks an elegant impression. Then, the impression caused by choosing this ceramic color can indeed make the house look luxurious. Therefore, for those of you who like shiny ceramics, you can use ceramics with bright colors with brown on the list. At first glance, the results look simple, but still, seem elegant.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add white sofas and tables, document shelves, and ornamental plants. That way, the living room floor looks more striking. In addition, by using bright-colored ceramics, the living room interior will look aesthetic.

Types of flooring with coral motifs

Technological developments make ceramic companies compete to produce better ceramics. Various ceramic motifs are marketed to penetrate the market share so that the design of the house becomes more attractive. One of the best products is the motif that is produced similarly to a rock.

The motive has made to compete in the market. This motif with a good color of floor tiles is getting more popular because more and more houses are designed in an industrial style. This motif comes in gray color and has designed like a cement or concrete surface. This motif can use in open or closed spaces, such as living rooms and terraces. Then, to look cooler, you can decorate this tiled floor with a white sofa set, a wooden short buffet, table lamps, and wall paintings. That way, the interior of your living room will look more beautiful and charming.

Garden stone motif ceramic floor

The interior of the room will feel nice if you design it properly. Therefore, bring a natural feel by using floor tiles from garden stone materials, especially in areas such as the kitchen or laundry room. If you want to look clean and spacious in your room, you can design it with gray floor tiles. This color does not seem monotonous if you are smart in combining it with the right furniture. In addition, this ceramic floor motif is also suitable to be installed in the garden house.

Ceramic wood floor

We know that wood material fits the concept of a simple yet elegant residence. But to design the living room floor, you don’t need to use original wood. You can outsmart it by using ceramics with similar motifs. In addition, to minimal maintenance, the colors and motifs are also quite a lot. Then, you can place this floor tile in your living room. So you feel comfortable when gathering with family. Simply by using granite floor tiles, you can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the modern mid-century style like the example above.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a sofa set, sofa cushions, guest tables, and flower pots with matching colors. To make the atmosphere feel fresher, you can decorate it with ornamental plants and place it in the corner of the living room. That way, your family will feel at home and cheerful.

Natural stone ceramic floor

With a relatively rough surface texture, the use of natural stone in the interior of the house is ideally placed near the bathroom and kitchen. For those who like the concept of a back-to-nature house, this type of ceramic can be a reference for the floor.

Slate ceramics have firm and charming characteristics because they have a natural stone color. Then, the color of this good ceramic floor tends to be dark with dark gray accents making the residents feel cooler. To make it look more attractive, you can add wooden furniture of the same color. That way, the interior of your room looks more natural.

Anti-mainstream ceramic motif

If the atmosphere in the house is boring, you can design the house with the use of patterned ceramics. As far as we know, ceramic motifs also vary, ranging from flowers, leaves, plants, abstract, hexagonal, and many other motifs. In addition, the colors are varied and make your family cheerful. Therefore, you can select it as your wish.
Cream ceramic color with floral motifs is suitable to be placed on the living room floor. Choosing a ceramic floor color like the picture above will give a sense of confidence and comfort to you. What you need to pay attention to is adjusting your budget to your needs so that it is not hampered when the renovation of your living room floor.

Aesthetic with a hexagonal shape

Having a beautiful and comfortable kitchen design is everyone’s dream. To make this, of course, you have to prepare the best design. The hexagonal motif floor design in the next minimalist kitchen can be an inspiration for the appearance of your kitchen. To look more attractive, you can combine this design with a beautiful wooden kitchen set, a gas stove set, a kitchen table, decorative lamps, spotlights, and a buffet for storing kitchen utensils. That way, your kitchen will feel more comfortable.

Bright wood ceramic motif

A comfortable bedroom interior design can make your sleep quality guaranteed. Therefore, the contrast of light in the room interior can be influenced by various factors, such as the natural lighting system in the form of windows. But the use of decorations in it can also contribute to the room.

If you want to bring a bright atmosphere to your home, you can use bright-colored wood floors to make the whole room warm and attractive. This wooden floor can make the room look more attractive and natural. Apart from the living room, this motif wood floor is also suitable to be installed in the family room because the material does not cause allergies. Then it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Two-way pattern wood floor

The arrangement of the wooden floor used by forming a pattern of arrows in different directions can help provide a textured accent that makes the interior more contained and not too plain. This design is suitable for a spacious living room. To make it look more attractive, you can adjust the color of the furniture with a color that matches the wooden floor. Then set a larger window design so that sunlight can easily enter the room. That way, the living room will be able to amaze your guests.

Premium ceramic with glossy marble motif

This shiny ceramic motif like granite is in great demand by homeowners because this motif is commonly found in luxury homes that always use marble floors. Then, this floor motif can make the appearance of the living room look premium and comfortable. Then, to look more attractive, this motif is usually used in the living room and dining room.

But to make it look more harmonious, use a large granite size and you should adjust the furniture with the same color. That way, your living room will look aesthetic and elegant. Hopefully, this floor tiles design can be an inspiration for those of you who have a large living room.

Ceramic motifs match the floor carpet

If you are looking for a neutral color, you can use a beige tile floor with a matte look. This light beige color is a characteristic of natural colors designed from earth-tone colors. This natural color can have a variety of impressions when combined with other colors in the decoration.

In addition to designing ceramic motifs with this stunning motif, you can also get a different atmosphere by adding floor rugs that match the interior theme. Then, to make it look more harmonious, you can adjust the color of the sofa set, table, and decorative lights with colors that match the living room floor. That way, your living room will look more attractive.

Bright colors for narrow space ceramic motifs

One thing to get around a minimalist home is to choose bright colors. Ceramic motifs with bright colors can give a spacious impression in a narrow room. In addition to ceramic motifs, try not to roll out a rug on it so that the room doesn’t seem cramped.

However, to make it look more harmonious, adjust the color of the furniture with a color that matches the tiled floor to make it look more attractive. Then, don’t put too much furniture on ceramic motifs as above because it will make the view of the interior of the room uncomfortable.

Natural impression for bathroom ceramic motifs

The bathroom not only prioritizes the aesthetic side, but security is also one of the main requirements in the selection of bathroom floor ceramic motifs. Then, for the bathroom, you can choose a ceramic floor motif with a rough texture embossed in all parts. So that the surface of the bathroom floor is not slippery and can cause people to fall.

Then, to look more attractive, choose a ceramic wall motif with colorful colors and combine it with a wooden patterned floor. With a combination like this, your bathroom will look beautiful and natural. We hope this design can be an inspiration for your bathroom.

Ceramic motifs do not look monotonous

If you want your bathroom doesn’t look monotonous, you can play with the ceramic bathroom floor motif which indirectly becomes a neat decoration for your bathroom. Next, you should know that you can choose bathroom floor ceramic motifs with natural nuances such as raised stones or typical wood strokes.

Then, choose ceramics with a rough texture so they don’t slip easily. It will keep you safe. Then, to look more beautiful, combine it with makeup mirrors, antique chandeliers, and bathroom accessories. With this design, you will feel at home and comfortable inside.

Color play for kitchen tile floor motifs

The kitchen is one room often visited by people. But if you want to make a kitchen, you must always display the best appearance. If your kitchen area is limited, you can play with kitchen ceramic motifs with bright color choices or according to family tastes. Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can decorate it with a kitchen set, colorful wall tiles, and a bright kitchen table design. For the main display, you can decorate with the best-tiled floor motifs. That way, your kitchen design will look aesthetic.

Contemporary motif kitchen floor

This kitchen design is inspired by modern restaurants in big cities. Kitchen ceramic motifs can use contemporary motifs with irregular images but still in the same color. Contemporary ceramic motifs are usually available in various sizes, but the most common is the 40 x 40 cm floor ceramic motif.

In addition, to supporting the appearance of the kitchen, the kitchen tile motif on this floor can be used as a room divider between the family room and kitchen. Then, to look more attractive, you can decorate the kitchen with a kitchen set, dining table and chairs, spotlights, and unique hanging decorative lights. With this design, your kitchen will feel more comfortable.

Natural motif terrace floor

Terrace ceramic motifs are usually chosen as earthy or natural colors because of their location outside. The motif of ceramic terraces with pictures of wood, stone, or marble has always been an option that many people are interested in.

Not only ceramics on the floor, to create a different and matching impression, you can also install ceramics on the outside walls of the house. The outer wall tile motif is usually selected one level brighter than the terrace floor tile. Then to seem more attractive, you can deal with the outer wall ceramic motif with a game of color. You can use any color, as long as the wall tile motif matches the color of the floor tile motifs.

4. Conclusion

By paying attention to the tips above, your minimalist home interior will look beautiful by playing on ceramic motifs. Not only the broad impression you get, but ceramic motifs can also indirectly make your home more lively and not boring. We hope you can find design inspiration like the pictures we show. Happy decorating!


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