1. Overview of vintage designs

We often hear the term vintage, but do you know that many of us don’t know the meaning of vintage itself. Vintage is a fashion that developed between the 20s and 60s. The characteristics of vintage colors have dominated by soft and warm colors such as peach, pink, yellow, turquoise, gray, and red-green. Therefore, vintage designs are very suitable to be applied to the interior of your home. If you like trendy designs, then vintage designs are perfect for your choice. For that, we will immediately discuss this vintage design, instead of being curious, let’s look at the vintage minimalist design with a low budget. Have a good time watching.

2. Turning old-fashioned into vintage designs

If you often get gifts of ancient items, you can use them for vintage designs in your home. For example, if you receive an inheritance, whether in the form of furniture such as rattan chairs or antique decorations such as ancient paintings, do not throw them away.
Especially if you let it accumulate in your house. So it is filled with dust. You better make these items as elements of vintage design in several rooms in the home. That way, the house interior design looks more antique, beautiful, unique, and full of nostalgia.

In vintage design, elements of old things incorporated into the room can evoke a cozy and warm atmosphere. Most people often think that vintage design means antiques, while antiques usually have a price that is quite hurtful to the heart and wallet. Adding the unique good you already have, it’s actually enough to give a vintage impression. Even if you want to buy new things, you are also not required to buy more expensive antiques. For that, let’s look at this design idea and inspiration.

3. Ideas and Inspiration to make vintage designs.

Have you seen ideas and inspiration from vintage home interior designs in movie stories? You must be interested in making designs like that. Therefore, we will discuss ideas and inspiration for vintage interior design with a low budget. For this, you don’t need to spend a big budget because you can use items in your homes such as flower vases, wall hangings, and old wall clocks as vintage designs.

The house interior will look more attractive and amaze your guests if you design it properly and comfortably to take a break from the daily routine. At home, we can relax while doing activities such as reading books and listening to music. Therefore the atmosphere in the room must be comfortable. Sometimes, many people are willing to spend a large budget just to redecorate the house interior because they realize that making a comfortable situation in the house is more important. Besides being comfortable, a beautiful home interior design can make your home look aesthetic.

4. Get to know unique vintage characters

Each interior design style must have its characteristics. For example, industrial designs that are synonymous with iron material. Then, minimalist design has dominated by monochrome colors, Scandinavian designs that are synonymous with nature, to vintage designs that are synonymous with the impression of the old school.

However, if you are happy with the decoration of ancient items, you can choose a vintage design for the interior of your home. Besides being known as the old school style and often applied by women, this design has soft colors. But for those of you who don’t know the characteristics of vintage designs, you can follow the reviews of some examples of trendy designs below.

5. Some examples of accessories vintage designs

The house is not just a place to rest, but the house is also a personal area that serves to provide comfort for its residents. It’s not wrong if some people want to decorate the interior of their home to make it look beautiful and charming according to the desired design.

Therefore, many people choose vintage designs because these designs put forward elements of old-school items that evoke warm atmospheres and take them to the past. But many people think that vintage designs require expensive antiques. You only need to add the old stuff you have to make this design. For that, let’s discuss the vintage design image below. Hopefully, you are interested. Welcome to our article!

Adopt soft colors like pastels

What you need to pay attention to in designing the house interior is the wall paint color. The paint color determines the overall design theme that you create. As for vintage designs, you can choose soft pastel colors such as light blue, light yellow, pastel pink, or mint green to make them look beautiful and comfortable.

Not only for walls, but it would be even better if you apply these pastel colors to large furniture such as cabinets, beds, tables, to carpets. That way, the interior of your home will be able to amaze everyone who sees it.

Make hangers from glass and hemp rope

If anyone wants to add decoration to the house interior, you can make a hanger from glass. You only need three items, such as hemp rope, used light bulbs or used milk bottles, and flowers, and you can choose real or plastic flowers. Next, tie the neck of the bottle with hemp rope and then hang it on the wall in a position like a step. After that, put the flowers in a bottle and become a budget-saving vintage hanger. Easy isn’t it!

Insert vintage accessories

It doesn’t feel right if there are no vintage-style accessories in your home room. Therefore, you can add a mirror with antique carvings or a used photo frame that has been transformed into a jewelry holder. Not only that, but you can also use old-school electronic items such as radios or old-fashioned cameras to put on the table. A design like this will make people who see fascinated.

Use old-fashioned furniture

Vintage design is synonymous with the use of antique furniture. However, to have typical vintage antique furniture does not mean you have to buy it at an expensive price. Therefore, you can use furniture that is already at home even if it is not well maintained. Precisely these objects can create a vintage impression on your home. Then to make it look more attractive, you can also choose furniture with a style that was famous in the past even though it is now outdated. If necessary, you can ask your grandmother about past furniture. It seems that this design wants to invite us to remember when our childhood. Happy decorating!

Design with retro electronics

Having ancient objects doesn’t mean you can’t use them. We now know that most vintage designs use old things, such as using retro electronics that will give you a vintage nuance. The electronics in question are convex TVs or ancient radios that are currently on display for vintage designs.

Then, we know finding this item is a bit difficult, but if you are curious and want to look for them, you can find them at flea shops that sell antiques. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter because this object is only used as an aesthetic decoration. Well, you are interested in these antique objects. Therefore, please design it in your home.

Patterned lampshade design

Proper lighting will also affect the interior atmosphere of your home. Rooms that have vintage designs usually use dim yellow light. In addition, a room with a vintage design uses a lot of lamps with a flowery or lace-patterned hood. Then, this is what gives the impression of an ancient room in your home

So the secret of beauty in vintage designs apart from ancient objects is a unique lamp because unique lamps can make a vintage design look more attractive. Usually, lighting that uses yellow color can make the room feel warm. Therefore, you can present a vintage design with several antique lamps, such as a corner table lamp with a medium-sized hood made of lacy fabric and neutral colors. So for those of you who want to bring antiques into your home, this lamp can make a vintage impression.

Use wallpaper or motif painting

Vintage design is a design that plays a lot with color motifs and ancient objects. Therefore, if you want to create a vintage feel in your home, you can use these color motifs. As in this picture, the walls use colorful leaf-patterned wallpaper. With a design like this, the room in your home will give the most vintage impression.

To avoid the impression of being claustrophobic or excessive, install patterned wallpaper on only one side of the wall. But if you don’t like wallpaper, you can use big abstract motif painting with colorful motifs. That way, the feel in the room will be more comfortable.

Antique wooden floor design

There are many ways for you to design vintage designs. One of them is to give a touch of wood color to the room of your house. Therefore, you can make the interior of your vintage home by using wooden floors. That way, you give the impression of old vintage in the house. Well, if you don’t have the budget to renovate and replace the floor with wood, you can buy a wood motif rug and install it on your floor.

Then to look more attractive, complete your wooden floor space with a sofa set, antique chairs and tables, spotlights, hanging decorative lights, velvet rugs, and antique decorative mirrors. With a design like this picture, the room in your house will be the attention of your guests. Then, make your family happy and feel at home in this place.

Use of old furniture

As previously discussed, the hallmark of vintage design is that it is identical to the old impression. Usually used furniture in vintage designs was popular in the past. The event impressed shabby has a high value. Then, furniture with models that were popular in the past, such as tables, chairs, and dungarees. This Genki model of furniture was popular in the 1950s and 1970s. In addition, the hallmark of this Genki model furniture is the use of wood material and the shape of the furniture legs which are conical and not perpendicular. Then, the rocking chairs with circular wood were also popular in the past.

But if you don’t have furniture in the past, you can make your own by repainting a favorite piece of furniture with the effect of peeling paint in some parts. Not only by repainting, but you can also convert an object into furniture for a distinctively vintage design impression. For example, using an old crate as a coffee table or a medium-sized oil drum as a seat. Regardless of the type of furniture used, all furniture in vintage designs has made of quality hand-crafted wood, not plastic or metal like factory-made furniture.

Soft color design for women

Vintage designs are generally dominated by soft colors and pastel colors such as salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine. Usually, these colors are used on the walls, TV cabinets, decorations, sofa beds, and tableware.

Therefore, you will often find vintage designs applied in the living room. Then, the thing that makes vintage designs so popular with women and tends to be less attractive to adult men is that vintage is a style with soft colors that is an idol for women. But for men, you can use bold and antique colors. Please try.

Distinctive flower pot design

True to its motto. Vintage designs are antique and unique designs. Therefore, a mandatory decoration in a vintage design is a medium-sized antique flower vase complete with several flower stalks. This flower vase can be placed on the TV table to accompany your television or on the dining table as a sweetener to the atmosphere in the room.

In addition, this decoration has combined with decorative mirrors and antique clocks. This antique mirror is usually square or oval with a wooden frame with beautiful carvings. In addition, for the clock, use an analog clock that hangs on the wall or a large clock complete with a pendulum. Well, please add this item to complete your antique flower vase.

Retro electronics design

As you know, the material for vintage designs has made of wood and has an old furniture model. So, electronic items that use a retro-style vintage design. It has a mixed design with metal. The retro-style electronic goods referred to here are convex TVs, radios, and even ovens for the kitchen.

Then, to find electronic goods like this can be said to be difficult and easy because it is rare for electronic goods to be produced in a retro-style nowadays. Instead, you can search the antique market or disassemble your grandparents’ electronic collection. If these items no longer work, you can still put them in the room as room decorations. It’s fun!

Mosquito net as a vintage design

The bed that is the hallmark of this vintage design is a bed with a simple model but equipped with a canopy and mosquito nets. This object will create a comfortable and soft atmosphere. Then, it can affect the sleep quality of the occupants. In addition, canopies and mosquito nets can help you sleep soundly without mosquito bites.

Then, the characteristics of the vintage design is a bed with a simple model but equipped with a canopy or mosquito net. This canopy and mosquito net will create a comfortable and soft atmosphere. Then, it can affect the sleep quality of the occupants. In addition, canopies and mosquito nets can help you sleep soundly without mosquito bites. Hopefully, this ancient design can be your inspiration and save money on your mosquito repellent.

Vintage wall photo frame design

We understand that a wall decoration that must exist in a vintage design is a photo frame with carved edges and a shabby chic style. You can also adjust the size according to the size of the room to make it look harmonious. If you want this photo frame to look more attractive, you can arrange it without a symmetrical pattern and use several different photo frames at once.

In addition, you can also be creative and make antique photo frame collages. With these photo frames, you don’t need other decorations to complete the look of vintage designs in your home. However, if you are confused looking for it, you can make a carpenter photo frame according to the design in this picture. Good luck!

6. Conclusion

From the vintage equipment designs above, we hope you are interested and apply them to any room in your home. But if you want to design the interior of your home to look aesthetic, beautiful, fun, and attractive. We provide some examples of designs like the picture above.

To make it, you need the right image design to suit your taste. Therefore, we hope that the pictures of the vintage equipment above can be an idea and inspiration for you. Then, make the interior of your home more beautiful and charming. Happy decorating!


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