1. Minimalist home interior

You will always get into trouble when decorating your home. We know that the house interior is always used as a benchmark for someone to judge the house’s owner. Therefore, for those of you who want to look fancy or simple, minimalist decorations can be the right choice for home interior design.
However, there is one thing to keep in mind if you want to design a minimalist home interior, you have to prepare the best concept so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Therefore, we want to present recommendations for some minimalist home interior designs that can be your ideas and inspiration. That way, you must know what a minimalist design is.

2. Minimalist design

Minimalist design is one of the most significant design styles of the present century. This design may not be the most popular, but it has an impact on almost every field. The influence of minimalist design can penetrate more areas than any other art trend or design style.

Almost all models of houses and home furnishings have a minimalist design influence. From user interface design, hardware design, car, film, and game design, to web design and interior design is no exception. All these fields are influenced by the minimalist style.

We may not realize for sure what minimalism is? However, likely, we are currently familiar and even intimate with minimalist designs such as room interiors, room exteriors, sofas or chairs, and even a minimalist lifestyle. There are countless reasons why minimalism can penetrate so many fields. The principle is that minimalism is more of a principle than just a visual style. As a result, minimalist design is the principle of a design that is simple, bright, and clean. Many designers and architects in the design industry apply and adopt minimalist design principles. Therefore, minimalism can wide influence many people.

3. Some examples of minimalist interior design

This article has provided some examples of minimalist interior design, such as a bed, living room, kitchen, family room, and dining room. Of course, this design has adjusted to the model and area of ​​the room. So that the interior design of the house looks more beautiful and charming. Then, make the people amazed when they see it. Therefore, let’s discuss the pictures one by one below. Hopefully, it can be an idea and inspiration for you.

Bunk bed

Instead of spending land by making a dining room, it might be better, if you make a bedroom. That way, you can shift the cost of building a room to a good-quality bunk bed frame. Then, for a luxurious impression, avoid plastic furniture and choose those that have wood elements.

In order not to look like a dormitory, complete it with a wooden bedding set instead of shiny plastic. Place some metal furniture and decorations for a luxurious feel, such as sofa cushions, wall hangings, and flower pots on the walls. With that, your bedroom will look more attractive.

Beds on different levels

If you still have a bit of space and budget, you can build a stage level above the kitchen area or cupboard as an open bedroom. Then, to look luxurious, add gold elements from chandeliers, television, sofas, tables, chairs, and wallpaper. If you want more leverage, use wooden floors. That way, the room under your bedroom will look luxurious.

Placing the television on the wall

Well, with the following interior design, you can place beautiful furniture as you want. With a television that is ‘hanged’ on the wall, it will save space. Then, the tv table that takes up space can be a place for other items. Then, to look cool, complete the living room with a minimalist sofa set, table, sofa cushions, and attractive accessories. Then, decorate the room behind the living room with a dining table and decorative lights. That way, the living room and dining room will look more harmonious.

Use Glass as a room divider and door

Using glass as a room partition can make your home look more spacious and beautiful. The living room and bedroom are separated to make your home design look modern. Then, this design is suitable for those of you who don’t mind the bedroom visible from the living room. Because the living room and bedroom are separated, your house looks wider.

Interior with high wardrobe furniture

Having a tall high wardrobe makes difficult for you to put and take clothes. However, this tall wardrobe design is suitable for type 22 houses with high ceilings. That way, it will provide more space for other furniture such as bookshelves on the wall and work desks. Then to look more harmonious, you can design the color of your furniture to match the bed. That way, you will feel a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, if you have a bedroom that is not big, you can make this design for your ideas and inspiration.

Minimalist house interior design type 36

One of the tricks to bring instant luxury to a small house is to place luxurious furniture. Although simple, the room still has its charm. But if the room can’t be tricked, you can place luxury furniture in the corner or the middle of a minimalist home interior.

If you have a type 36 dwelling, you can place a grandfather’s clock or a classic display cabinet with a complicated design. Then, to look more attractive, choose a series of sofas with a minimalist model but look luxurious, such as a velvet or leather sofa. Then you can add fresh flowers to the room. A contrasting color will make the room look aesthetic.

Minimalist house interior design type 45

With an area of ​​45 m², you may still feel comfortable and breathe easy. Then, to increase the spaciousness while adding to the impression of luxury, you can take the ideas from this minimalist interior. There are three elements that add to the luxurious impression, namely contrasting colors such as bright yellow to gray. Then, there are some metal lamps, as well as the use of textured materials, in the form of carpets, wooden floors and wooden furniture. That way, the impression of luxury in a minimalist interior, can be obtained from the contrasting color game.

Create a grouping for rooms that are still in line

For an easier arrangement, group the functions of the room that are still in lines, such as the kitchen and dining room. If you want the room to look luxurious, you can use the high ceiling method or large windows to maximize the best impression of space in the room. We understand luxury homes are spacious. Therefore, the minimalist concept also likes spaciousness.

Basically, the concept of open space cuts the permanent partition or wall and merges several functions of the room at once. Then to make it look cooler, you can complement it with a beautiful dining table and chairs, hanging decorative lights, and a bar table complete with chairs. That way, you will feel comfortable and safe.

Using beautiful furniture colors


In addition to continuous and contrasting colors, other factors add to the luxurious impression of this room, namely the use of high-quality furniture, as well as the main lamp made of metal with gold accents. The impression of luxury in a minimalist interior, can be obtained from the use of contrasting colors. Then to add to the beauty of the room, you can add partitions, dining tables and chairs, wall hangings, and wooden shelves. That way, your room will look more attractive.

Combining the family room and kitchen

The family room is a room and is in the middle of the house or central. Then, you can place it close to your kitchen and dining room. With simple and functional furniture, a minimalist interior design for your home will feel more cheerful. Then, to add to the beauty of the room, you can add simple and functional furniture. So can make the minimalist interior design for this house will look pleasant. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Color and texture play for tiny houses

This staircase model is increasingly popular because it gives the impression of being spacious in a narrow area. Although simple, you can add luxury from the texture of the wooden walls, contrasting colors, and the use of metal stair railings. This staircase design with luxurious colors and textures can make the room look wider and brighter.

Then, to look cooler, you can design the walls of the room with bright exposed bricks, then complete the room with a bar table and chairs, sofa set and table, and accessories that match the room. With this design, the room will look more lively and fun.

Living room with glass staircase design

This glass wall design has made of cement dan painted white color, so it can make the best impression, look clean, and airy staircase with the glass railing. Then, the vertical elements on the wall function as a statement wall that gives a luxurious value. That way, this minimalist interior looks luxurious.

Then, to look more luxurious, this room is equipped with a sofa set and table, wooden wall decorations, and sofa cushions. That way, you will feel more comfortable in the living room. Hopefully, this design can be a unique idea for your living room.

The concept of open space combined with metal stairs

If you have a design like this, of course, you can’t more to comment on than to provide a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Then, you can see that many minimalist elements make this living room look luxurious. Then, you can see the use of luxury furniture, large windows, high ceilings, and metal stairs in this living room make you feel comfortable. Then, your minimalist home interior will look perfect. Therefore, this open space concept looks cute combined with metal stairs in a minimalist living room interior

Placing the workspace facing the garden

If you want to design a room for work, the first thing that can support your performance is a placement that gets outside light and faces the garden and trees. That way, at any time you can rest your eyes by looking at the scenery outside.
Then, to make it look more pleasant, adjust the composition of the light color of the room and the quality of work equipment such as tables and chairs. But you also need to pay attention to work comfort. Then, keep creating a beautiful and charming minimalist-style home interior so can make your work will be more productive.

Utilize the empty space for a laundry

When you get the space ready to place the washing machine, you can use this room more effectively as a place to store dirty clothes, detergents, hangers, and other utensils. Then, to give a more attractive and not boring impression, you can decorate the room with indoor plants, decorative mirrors, and clothes racks to strengthen the minimalist interior. A minimalist-style home interior allows you to make a place to wash clothes more efficient.

4. Conclusion

Minimalist home interiors are currently the most popular type of house for many people. The reason is that a minimalist design has the meaning of simplicity but gets the best results. Therefore, if you want to design a minimalist home interior, we provide some examples of the best room designs as above.

Then, to make a beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and luxurious home interior design, you have to spend enough money. However, if you want to design by yourself, you can use the designer. So the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, this article can add ideas and inspiration for you.


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