1. Overview of the garden in the house

For those of you, plant and flower lovers, of course, you want to make a beautiful garden in your homes. The presence of a garden can provide a beautiful and comfortable touch of nature. Even though it’s only on limited land, the appearance of your tiny house will look fresher and calmer. Creating a garden does not have a large room because you can create a small minimalist garden suitable to the size and condition of the house.

Then, the shape and design of the garden can influence the comfort of the house. In this place, you can create a garden. Then, not only aesthetically pleasing, but the garden in the house can provide good air circulation. Therefore, we have summarized a small minimalist garden design idea that you can apply at home.

2. Minimalist garden design in the house

The garden in the house is currently in great demand by many people. Therefore, many people decorate the exterior of their homes with aesthetic gardens. However, the garden can not only design outside the house. But you can make it inside the house. Therefore, if you have vacant land, you can make it. Although, rarely do people want to apply it. Even though the presence of a garden in the house, can give a distinct impression to the house and create a beautiful house interior.

We know that a minimalist garden design built in a house will add a cool impression to your home. Therefore, now many people design their home gardens with beautiful minimalist designs. As a reference, you can read the function of a minimalist garden below.

3. Functions of a minimalist garden for health

Before discussing the garden model, you need to know the garden function in your home. As far as we know, having a garden adds to the aesthetic value or beauty of a house. In this place, you can plant various beautiful flowers that can decorate your home and give the impression of being neat and orderly.

In addition, the main function of the garden is to absorb dirty air and produce clean oxygen. Then, the presence of green plants at home can also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that humans need. Therefore, your home environment will be fresh and healthier.

Besides that, having a garden will reduce air pollution and can also make the house healthier and cleaner. In addition, to physical health, the existence of a park is also able to affect a person’s psychological or mental because the park can help refresh the mind from tiring activities. For that, we review some garden design ideas below.

4. Indoor garden design ideas

Gardens do have the function to make attractive of the house. Most of the gardens has made in the yard of the house. The goal is to beautify the house exterior. That way house will look attractive even if viewed from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to know that the garden does not always require a large area because it can be designed minimalist and small. Therefore, if you have several rooms that still have a large area remaining. It would be better if used to create a garden because making a garden in the house does look unique.

Then, by creating a garden in the house, you can change the atmosphere in your home to feel more comfortable. But before making a garden, you have to plan the minimalist best design. So the results are according to your taste. Therefore, we have some ideas that you can use to design a garden in the house. For that, let’s discuss the garden design below. Welcome to our review!

Garden inside the house next to the stairs

Usually, people rarely use the area near the stairs. But if you can make a small minimalist garden next to the stairs and plant a small tree complete with grass, it can beautify the room’s interior. Then, in this garden, you can add small pots to add a lush atmosphere. That way, you don’t give much care to the plants.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can plant a variety of beautiful flowers in the garden, put a long bench, and a table for you to put drinks in the area next to the stairs. In addition, you can use the garden area to apply the garden design in the house. Then, to add a fresher garden, you can plant several plants using wall shelves.

Japanese style garden

The garden design in the next dwelling is the Japanese style. The garden made in the Japanese style is certainly very synonymous with the oriental style. The garden in the house with the oriental style is now a favorite. How apply it is said to be easy. However, to design it, you must consult with the garden maker so that the results are satisfactory and according to your taste.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can add Japanese-style flowers, then you decorate the garden by giving a touch of nature such as stones and using decorations that use decorative lights and round mirrors placed near the pond. That way, you will get a garden-like dream.

Garden with vertical model

If you don’t have enough land, that’s not an excuse for not being able to make a garden. With a patch of wall, you can create a garden in the middle of the living room. Vertical garden ideas are suitable as a land-saving solution to have a green view. This idea also won’t bother you in maintenance. Then, make sure you place it in an area that gets enough sunlight.

This vertical garden design is very favorite, and many are made at home because its application will not take up too much room. Then, the garden design in this vertical house can make the interior of your home more attractive. So, you don’t have to bother to plant it in the ground. Then, to be more beautiful, you can add small flower pots, elongated flower pots, and minimalist color wooden accessories. That way, the room will also be more comfortable. Moreover, if the wall decoration blends with the garden, it will not look monotonous.

Garden with pots

The next garden design in the house is the use of pots. This design is suitable for minimalist-sized homes. Even though it is minimalist, you can still add a garden to the house. The trick is to use some tiny pots. While the location of the minimalist garden, you can place it next to the window. Therefore, you have to prepare enough room or area to create a garden.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can design a wall with natural stone, make shelves to put pots, and put chairs and tables to enjoy the garden. That way, you will find a green atmosphere in the house like your dream in a large garden.

Garden in sand garden style

The garden that is in the house is sometimes not worth implementing. But it would be fun if given a touch of minimalist design. Like using a sand garden design or a sand garden. So, the main focus of a sand garden is the use of sand. Then to look more beautiful and charming, you can use white sand in the garden area and decorate it with river stones, but gravel to make it look more attractive. Therefore, the garden ideas above can make your stress disappear. Hopefully, this park can be your dream.

Garden with fish pond design

If you have a plan to build a fish pond at home, leave a small plot for planting medium-sized trees and water plants. This small garden design idea is not only pleasing to the eye but also cools the room. Then, to look more attractive, decorate the garden with neatly arranged river stones, flower plants, and ornamental plants. That way, the interior of your home will make people fascinated and amazed. Hopefully, you can make this fish pond garden design according to your dreams.

Small garden in the garage

If you want to beautify the appearance of your house, start paying attention from the front. Garage areas are often simply designed and only used for parking vehicles. In fact, by giving a little greenery, you can beautify its appearance. Then, to look beautiful and bright, you can add white pebbles and plants equipped with mini spotlights. That way, the exterior appearance of your home will make you happy and cheerful.

A garden with an all-green atmosphere

The green atmosphere in the house can make your soul calm and peaceful. Then the presence of tables and chairs can complete your happiness by drinking tea or coffee with the family. This atmosphere is coveted by families to be able to gather with the soothing sensation of nature. Therefore, this minimalist garden maximizes every available corner in the house.
Then, to make you more peaceful, you can plant green plants as garden decorations. Then, use wall plants in hanging pots to make the atmosphere more beautiful and comfortable. By presenting all green, fresh, and beautiful shades, it can make the family cheerful.

The cool little garden in the middle of the room

You can set aside a few meters of land to make a small garden in the middle of the room. Green grass and minimalist plants can make the whole house feel more beautiful and fresh. White tree trunks are planted to add an aesthetic impression that is attractive to the eye.
Then, to get a relaxed atmosphere, you can equip the garden with some chairs and tables for discussion over coffee. Don’t forget to add bookshelves as wall decorations and wall paintings. That way, your garden will be more lively and fun.

Garden with landscape design

The next solution for those of you who want to enjoy the green scenery in your house is to create a garden. You can grow red palm plants or plants with broad leaves that people usually plant outside the home. With a landscape model design, the atmosphere of your house looks beautiful and unique.
Then, to look unique, you can add a stone path as a path, design a wall with large ceramic motifs, and put some flower pots. That way, you can prove that you can create a garden in the house.

Garden in glass

A minimalist garden in a house made of glass looks like a natural aquarium. This garden design will give a modern and elegant impression. In addition, you only need a small amount of land to build this model garden. In the glass garden, you can design walls with natural stone and put various green plants in small to medium-sized pots. Then, to be more interesting, you can add wooden shelves, and ornamental plants in flower pots outside the glass.

Dry garden

If you want to work at home and are not bored, you can create a minimalist dry garden in the workspace. Looking at the beautiful plants, motivation and work productivity will increase properly. Therefore, you can design a dry garden in your work area.

Then, to make it look more attractive, add wall shelves for flower pots, decorative lights, and comfortable tables and chairs. That way, you will be more excited to complete your work. Hopefully, this design will be your inspiration and dream.

Garden of hanging branches

Next, we will discuss garden design in the house in the form of a large hanging twig. This garden design can be realized by using the vertical concept of the walls. The main focus of this park is the giant branches that make a natural impression. In making this garden, your creativity and artistic spirit are needed. Then, to look unique, you can hang garden lights on large twigs. That way, the garden in your home will be the center of everyone’s attention. Hopefully, this design is your inspiration and dream.

5. Conclusion

If you want to design your house to look beautiful and aesthetic. We present some examples of the best and most unique garden house designs. Therefore, you have to prepare a fee for a home decorating company if you want satisfactory results. However, if you want to make it by yourself, you can look at some of the sample designs that we provide, then you can leave this work to the gardener. Hopefully, this article can add inspiration. Then, it can make your dreams come true. Happy decorating!


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