Hello friends, Welcome back to NextHomeGeneratioan. This article will give you 7 designs for the exterior home in a modern style that will satisfy your eyes. This information is useful for those of you who will create a new home that will live with your family, this information may possibly give you an interesting idea other.

Home Design

Luxury homes can make people who live in the house that proud or feel satisfied, especially if the description of the house you live in different from other home designs around you, something like that certainly can attract the attention of people who pass in front of the house you. Because it is something you need to make a good decision when building a house.

Exterior Home Design

Sepert that has been disclosed that the attractive exterior design of the house can attract a lot of attention. Below we have prepared 7 Exterior Home Designs.

  1. The first is the exterior that has a quite unique design. Dark colors on the walls of the house add to the modern impression, plus the open concept by installing a glass or a large window that leads directly to the front yard will add to the spacious atmosphere while inside the house.
Home design 1
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  1. The next one is still the same, the modern design for the exterior of the house with the backyard of the pool can be beautiful to your home and gives the impression cool with lots of big windows.
Home design 2
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  1. Almost the same as the second picture, but the design of this one has a different form of building in which large windows function as air ventilation as well as the wall of the house.
Home design 3
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  1. Design of this one house has a unique shape. Such design is suitable for those of you who dare to be different.
Home design 4
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  1. The modern impression is still visible in this house with the typical big windows contained in this house.
Home design 5
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  1. Indeed not all modern home design should have a large window that directly leads out, this is evident from the design of the house below. Using wood as the outer layer of the home wall adds an elegant impression to the house and this is an interesting innovation.
Home design 6
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  1. The latter is the design for you that will make the house in a sloping ground contour. You can finish your house exterior like the picture on this opponent to make your house look attractive and modern.
Home design 7
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So, what kind of exterior design do you want ?. Hopefully with 7 photos design home above can give you an idea to make your dream home with beautiful design and interesting of course. Thank you and see you again in the next home design.


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