1. Overview of luxury house designs

You must have often seen a luxurious house. Luxury homes certainly require a lot of money in the construction process. However, you don’t have to worry about your simple home. You can make your home look luxurious. You only need to do a few tips to make a simple house look beautiful. That way, you will get the impression of luxury in your home.

We understand that many elements make a house look luxurious. Usually, we see luxury homes from the lights in the living room, the floors used, and other decorations. In addition, you can see the luxurious house from the spacious impression of the house.

2. Attractive furniture

Then, to make your simple house look luxurious, you don’t need to dismantle your home and build it. You only have to know tips on how to make a simple house into a luxurious one by arranging some of the furniture at home. Therefore, there are several things you should do to make your home design look beautiful. The method is:

Put the statue and urn

You have to put things right. Then, use decorations such as a classic brass statue or urn in your living room. With the addition of these jars and statues, your home will look elegant. It’s better not to display items that have been used. Later these items even give the impression of being cramped and untidy.

Design with curtains

To make your home design look luxurious, you can play with curtains. Curtains can give the impression of luxury in your simple home. Therefore, curtains can make a room look very beautiful. Then, you can install these curtains in the living room and look for beautiful colors to give the impression of being expensive. In this way, your living room will look luxurious with these curtains. Next, you can see the difference between a room without curtains and a room with curtains.

Use the best paint color

If you want to make your simple home look luxurious, it is better should use the best wall paint colors. If you choose white, the space will look clean and spacious. In addition, you can also play with any color of furniture if you use white wall paint. Then, you should use furniture in red, black, and brown colors because it will give a glamorous and elegant.

Design with bookshelf

Your home can seem luxurious if you put a bookshelf with your collection of books. Books can replace other luxury goods. With a bookshelf, you can make all guests feel comfortable looking at it. Guests can read the existing books, and all guests will judge that you are a very classy and intellectual person.

Design with glass shelves

When you buy a bookshelf, you should use a glass shelf because it can give an expensive and elegant impression to your space. Glass shelves are not always expensive. Currently, there are many glass shelves sales with low prices. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add books, vases, or your miniature car collection to this shelf. That way, a simple house becomes luxurious. Then, you will make the interior of your home look classy without having to spend a lot of money.

3. Some Examples of ideas and inspiration

Luckily, there are ideas and inspiration to make a simple house into a luxurious one. For that, you can design a simple house to be luxurious house. Interior designers reveal that tricks such as adding certain accessories to a room and remodeling your home on a small scale can create a luxurious feel to your home. For that, let’s look at the reviews of some examples below to inspire your simple home to be beautiful. Welcome to our review!

Avoid painting mistakes

The color of the walls can reflect the atmosphere you want to display. But if you want to make a house that looks luxurious, you should avoid using pop-up colors such as yellow, green, or orange that can make your home like a children’s playground.

Therefore, choose a calm and neutral color such as white or beige that can give the illusion of a clean and spacious home. In addition, you can also combine white with black to create a luxurious house with a modern minimalist design. Good luck!

Sufficient budget

Owning a luxury home is everyone’s dream. But to have it is always constrained by the budget. Therefore, creating a house with a luxurious feel does cost a lot of money. The reason is that the furniture used usually costs more than a house with a simple design.

But, don’t be discouraged because there are many ways you can do to make a simple house look more luxurious and elegant. But still budget-friendly. Moreover, you can apply it to your home to make it look luxurious, with a beautiful sofa set, sofa cushions, table lamps, hanging decorative lights, wall hangings, ornamental plant pots, and curtains that match the sofa set. But If you want to make it look more luxurious, please design the floor with wood motif ceramics. With this design, your living room will make your guests happy and at home.

A simple house looks luxurious

Almost everyone wants to make the design of his house to be luxurious. Of course, this requires considerable funds. Therefore, don’t worry if you have a simple home. With the right design, you can give the impression of a luxury home. The trick you must follow is the example of this image to make a simple house look like a luxury house.

However, there are many elements in the design of a luxury home. It can look like the lights in the living room, floor, and other additional decorations. That way, you have conjured a simple house to look like a luxury home. So you don’t have to dismantle the whole house, which spends a lot of money.

Set up a luxurious design with furniture

If you want to make the house look luxurious, it is not easy because you must have a sufficient budget. Especially, for the cost of renovation materials cost a lot of money. Then, prepare costs for designers and builders so that your home looks beautiful and luxurious.

Therefore, not many people ultimately give up because they feel the effort they have to spend to renovate a simple house into a luxurious one requires a large amount of money. Therefore, many people selected to decorate their homes with beautiful wall hangings, antique sofa sets, dining table sets, floor rugs, attractive accessories and designing floors with wood motif tiles. With this solution, your home interior will look luxurious.

Luxury house with crown molding

If you want to know, the key to the appearance of a simple, But luxurious house lies in the details of the rooms. Like adding crown molding in the corner of the room or the top of the doors and windows. In addition, Crown molding, which connects the walls and ceiling, can complement the mix of rooms and create the impression of a simple but luxurious home.

Conversely, without crown molding, the room tends to look ordinary, even like an unfinished room. Then, to look more attractive, add ornamental plants, wall paintings, and lounge chairs. Don’t forget the floor design with wood motif ceramics. That way, the interior of your home will feel comfortable.

Next, when deciding on a crown molding design for a luxurious home. Please choose a wide trim for a more beautiful and fun effect. Therefore, many designers think that the spacious crown molding can make the room more luxurious.

However, to create an effect like this, you can add several types of the molding at once at homes, such as crowns, ceiling beams, and chair rails. In this way, the cost of home renovation with crown molding is also relatively inexpensive, especially those made of plastic. Then, to look more attractive, add hanging decorative lights, wooden tables and chairs, kitchen tables, and kitchen sets so that your home interior looks luxurious.

Luxurious design with artwork

Create a stunning focus of the room by installing artwork in the living room for a simple but luxurious home effect. This artwork can be in the form of uniquely shaped tables and chairs, vintage table decorations or decorations that have been passed down from family generations, wall paintings, and large canvas posters. A room with a view like this makes a simple house look luxurious, elegant, and modern.

So that the costs incurred for a simple but luxurious house are not large, you can get paintings or other works of art at thrift stores. Or, if you want more creative and personal results, you can arrange small wall hangings into unique works of art on the walls of your living room. However, you must avoid a monotonous room by displaying elements with attractive shapes and silhouettes, especially in the family room of a simple but luxurious house.

Matching color selection

We understand that choosing house paint colors is a difficult decision to make. But if you are designing a simple but luxurious house, several color choices can immediately attract attention. The solution is you choose bold and dramatic color patterns or neutral and soft tones.

These two types of patterns can both create a simple but luxurious home. Next, you only have to adjust the pattern you choose with the character of the house you want to build. Then to look more beautiful, you can add a matching soft sofa set. Then add a round table, hanging decorative lights, wall paintings, wall shelves set, and some accessories. That way, the interior of your home will look beautiful and luxurious.

Dining room design with matching colors

The interior of the dining room in this house looks beautiful and charming. The inside of the door that is painted black is also one of the easy ways you can do to display a simple but luxurious house. If you follow this option, add some black home decorations or accessories in the room so that the overall design of this simple but luxurious house is unified.

Then to look more beautiful, add a minimalist dining table and chairs, antique hanging lamps, work desks, and curtains in colors that match the doors and walls. With a design like this, the interior of your simple home dining room looks luxurious. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Elegant room with curtained windows

The interior design of this house looks elegant and charming. The design is the same as crown molding. We know that a house without window blinds looks like an unfinished house. Fortunately, curtains are one of the best decorations to add to a simple yet luxurious home. Therefore, variations in the type and price of curtains can affect the beauty of the room.

o make it look sweeter, you can choose the best quality curtains that match your home interior. Avoid curtains from thin or transparent materials even though the price is much more affordable because it will give the impression of being inappropriate for a simple but luxurious house. If you want to make it cool, you can add unique guest chairs, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, round tables, decorative lights, and wall hangings. Choose a color that matches the curtains and windows. That way, your room will appear to have a work of art.

Desain tirai dengan motif abu abu putih

Gray and white window curtains in a simple but luxurious house. That is the right choice. These curtains have made of elegant materials, such as silk, linen, and cotton. If you don’t like curtains, another alternative that you can choose is bamboo or wood curtains. But make sure these curtains for the feel of a simple but luxurious home that you display are right for the interior of your home. After that, hang the curtains as close to the ceiling. That way, the curtain that hangs above the window will give a graceful impression.

Lighting can make a room beautiful

Many contractors choose to install standard lighting in the homes they build. Of course, this is one of the reasons why many houses that look standard do not have a strong nuance and character. Lighting has a significant role can make elegance, especially if you want to make a simple but luxurious home.

To look cool, you can put a chandelier or floor lamp with a unique design for a simple but luxurious home. With it that has a creative shape, it will add luxury to the house and can also act as a work of art in the room.

Lighting with curved lamps and sunlight

The interior design of this house has decorated with curved decorative lights. To make it look more attractive, you can add some lighting sources from the sunlight that comes in from the window. In addition to avoiding a gloomy room, light sources can enhance the impression of a simple but luxurious home. With a curved light design and sunlight from the window, it can create an elegant classic look and feel.

Golden color mirror and urn accessories design

Home accessories are one of the most intricate decorations. There are homes with too few room accessories. So that it looks empty, some houses have too many room accessories as a reason to increase the decoration budget. Therefore, to display a simple but luxurious room, you can design it with mirrors and gold jars.

The golden color can instantly create an elegant feel in a simple but luxurious home as long as there are not too many gold accents in one room. Then, photo frames, lamp ornaments, and gold table decorations can make the eyes happy to see them.

Design with beautiful sofa and sofa cushions

If you design a lot of furniture in the house, it doesn’t make the house look simple and luxurious. But instead makes the interior of the house messy and cramped. Therefore, please arrange furniture and accessories properly. In addition, please design the house interior with gold accessories so that a simple but luxurious room feels more comfortable.

To add a warmer atmosphere, you can decorate the house interior with brightly colored sofa sets, colorful sofa cushions, table lamps, gold mirrors, tables, accessories, and ornamental plants to add beauty to the house interior is simple but luxurious and makes your guests and family feel at home.


Those are some of the most popular inspirations if you want to make a simple but luxurious house with ease. However, there is an easier. Then, a more affordable way that you can do to keep it neat and clean. We hope this design can make your home interior look aesthetic, luxurious, beautiful, and attractive. Therefore, find a variety of furniture and decorations for the interior of your home and design it right away!


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