1. Bohemian-style couch

The design world will never die, and there is always something new. If you are getting bored with the usual home sofa designs, you can try new designs that are unique and interesting. So your house does not seem monotonous. So there is always a fresher and different look at the house than the others. Therefore, you can try using a home design with a unique bohemian sofa style.

From a layman’s point of view, this bohemian style does look like a mess. But for people who have a high artistic taste, a sofa with this concept is perfect and suitable for those who have a free spirit. The combination of colors and other components that seem to collide is what makes it even more unique and attractive. This concept is indeed not fixated on design rules that pay attention to harmony.

As you know, the bohemian style is not only used in home concepts. But also can be used for hotel interiors, homestays, restaurants, and other business needs. Even though it has a freestyle, this design has a deep meaning.

The casual and informal impression has been felt in this one style. As you described, this style is a blend of various elements, such as colors and materials that are mixed without any mistakes. That’s how the bohemian expresses his style. Even though they have similar features, two living rooms with a bohemian style will never look the same. Here are the characteristics of a bohemian design style that can be your guide for bohemian decorating.

2. Unique characteristics

The bohemian style, or what is known as the ‘boho style’ is actually a typical style of the Hippies who were born in the late 1960s when they were present as a result of the Vietnam war that was not over. Interestingly, these people also have a distinctive appearance with their loose clothing which shows their identity which is close to nature.

Over time, the Bohemian style has actually developed into an attractive home decoration. This concept is also very rich in the use of colors, textures, and layers so that the three basic accents create a relaxed and cheerful impression.

If you want to find a definite character from the bohemian style, of course, you will not be able to find it because this style comes from irregularity and uncertainty. Its distinctive feature is a style that is colorful and mixed with ethnic, hippie, and also vintage styles. Therefore, bohemian sofa designs will never be the same as one other. Even the colors will clash. Therefore, let’s review some examples of beautiful bohemian sofa designs.

3. Some examples of beautiful designs

One of the hallmarks of the boho style is the bold and colorful textiles. Because they look so cultural, they are usually applied to pillows, carpets, curtains and upholstery. Apart from that, bohemian-style fabrics have colorful characteristics and also have many different motifs.

Hence, you can hang one of these fabrics on your wall as an unconventional piece of art and signify freedom. You can also see how the textures and bold colors are reflected in other interiors in the room, such as the lamps and tablecloths. Therefore, we want to share ideas to provide some interesting examples Hopefully it suits your taste. Therefore, let’s follow the review below.

Sofa with textile material

Textiles or fabrics are the most important thing to highlight a bohemian style design. Various patterns, colors, and textures on the combined textile fabrics do not need to look harmonious with each other. It only requires a contrasting appearance and a variety of patterns to create a bohemian impression.

The more patterns that appear on a cloth will further strengthen this style. The fabric used can be applied to pillows, carpets, sofas, curtains, and various other uses of cloth in the living room. To make it look thicker with a bohemian style, you can add decorative plants, decorative lights, and colorful curtains. That way, the living room design will look aesthetic.

Bohemian-style wooden sofa

Wooden furniture that is used to display a bohemian impression usually looks antique and old. Furniture from various periods and places are collected in one place. Vintage style is the furniture most often used in decorating the bohemian style. However, this wooden sofa is definitely equipped with fabrics that have unique accents or motifs.

The selection of comfortable wooden furniture is an important point in this bohemian design style. To feel more comfortable, this wooden furniture is discovered by soft foam and colorful fabrics which are characteristic of the bohemian style. Then, combined with tables, decorative lights, unique wall paintings, useful ornamental plants, and colorful motif window curtains. Don’t put too many decorations in the living room because it can make your living room look cramped and uncomfortable. That way, the living room will look beautiful and charming.

Use light colors

The bohemian-style sofa tends to display bright colors. So if you want to design your living room to look unique, you can use bohemian bright colors. As we know, bohemian style is synonymous with hitting bright colors. Meanwhile, dark colors will look ‘dead’ for a bohemian interior style.

White and bright colors make a beautiful backdrop for a variety of knick-knacks with vibrant prints or bright colors. As you can see in the picture above, such pink, red, and turquoise colors are playful and suitable for a bohemian style. Then, you can also use this color for the walls combined with other light-colored knick-knacks. Then, to make it look more festive, you can combine this design with antique decorative lights, decorative plants, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room will be pleasing to the eye.

Low seat

The bohemian concept usually does not order, you can freely mix various textures in one room, such as placing linen next to iron and wood or placing copper on top of bright colors and then arranging them into one unit. The more various textures in the room, the more bohemian feel is felt.

The advantages of the bohemian style are synonymous with the impression of being relaxed, comfortable, and familiar. Therefore, you can build this atmosphere by adding lots of cushions to sit on low chairs designed from iron and wood. Besides that, you can add a short table to put books or drinks. To make it look more attractive, you can combine this furniture with antique decorative lamps, wall paintings, patterned floor rugs, exposed brick wallpaper, and interesting knick-knacks. In this way, your living room design will look exotic and artistic.

Simple design

The characteristic of the first bohemian house concept is that it does not create a luxurious impression because this style adheres to freedom and is not bound by luxurious rules. Bohemian style does use a variety of decorations and sofas as they are. So this one design is perfect for those of you who don’t like to look luxurious and prefer simplicity.

Some of the decorations in this bohemian-style house also use items in the house, such as rattan chairs, patterned sofa cushions, used cardboard for small pots, small wooden shelves for decorative plant pots, bright carpets, antiques decorative lights, wall hangings, and antique knick-knacks. Although, this concept is irregular and seems messy. This arrangement further accentuates the typical bohemian style.

Colliding color design

In this living room concept, you don’t need to think about whether the color is appropriate, or tacky. As you can see, the color of the sofa chosen is quirky and not only in wall paint. However, this color is also for decorating the living room to look stunning.

Then, to make it look more festive, you can combine this color with an artistic and unique wall. Then, add ornamental plants placed in the corner of the living room and hung from the ceiling, colorful motif sofa cushions, antique glass tables, antique hanging lamps, tables wooden corners, colorfully patterned floor rugs, antique knick-knacks, and beautiful window curtains. With this design, your living room will look antique and unique.

The use of colorful fabrics as a sofa decoration

The concept of this bohemian-style house also uses textile materials as important components. If you are a creative person, you can apply these fabrics to pillows, curtains, and even carpets. Then, you can also combine various motifs and colors freely without paying attention to color harmony.

As you can see, this bohemian sofa style looks more attractive with the knick-knacks that you have in this living room. So you are free to use any color to combine the fabric with this bohemian-style sofa. To make it look thicker with a bohemian style, you can use red, green, or yellow to make it look more festive. Then, combine various colorful motifs with the sofa. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add decorative plants that are useful, ornamental lamps, colorful motif carpets, unique hanging lamps, sofa cushions and patterned floors, white wooden tables, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room design will look elegant.

Design with a variety of textures

This bohemian-style sofa model looks separate. This concept is in accordance with the bohemian style that does not have to follow neat and harmonious rules. Therefore, by choosing a bohemian style for the sofa and living room, you can freely mix various textures in one room.

To make it look more festive, you can put stacked green wooden shelves, some abstract paintings, a round table covered with colorful cloth, a decorative lamp placed next to the sofa, and window curtains with bright colors. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add colorfully patterned floor rugs, beautiful flower pots, and antique knick-knacks. With a setup like this. Your living room will look unique and antique.

Unique and cool design

Apart from being urban, minimalist, and Scandinavian, currently, the bohemian interior style is becoming a trend among the public. This design is opposite the minimalist style that looks neat and orderly. The bohemian interior design can give the impression of being irregular as if it’s messy. But therein lies the hallmark and uniqueness of this design.

This design combines two concepts, namely vintage, and shabby chic. There are no rules in applying this concept. To make it look more attractive, you can equip a home-style sofa in this living room, then add rattan chairs with foam wrapped in colorful fabrics, round glass tables for placing drinks, makeup mirrors, attractive floor rugs, useful and decorative plants, paintings walls, antique knick-knacks, and decorative standing lamps to illuminate the living room. With this arrangement, your living room design looks aesthetic.

Attractive brown bohemian sofa design

Many people like the color Brown because it is one of the most popular colors selected for living room furniture. Then, the versatility that this color is unrivaled. Not only that, the brown color doesn’t demand a lot of attention, but it still feels charming when it complements the interior design of the living room. Many people say this color is the perfect color base for various other color palettes. Therefore, this color is ideal for those of you who frequently change home accessories.

As you can see in this picture, this sofa model looks simple. But with a brown design, it looks elegant in the living room. Then, to look cool, this sofa has combined with bright-colored guest chairs, round glass tables for placing drinks, unique chandeliers, attractive wall hangings, and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. Then, to make it look elegant, this living room is equipped with a bright color floor rug. With this arrangement, your living room looks simple but elegant.

Different colored vintage sofa designs

This one living room design looks beautiful and charming. The color combination of furniture, walls, and floors makes this design even thicker with a bohemian style. Vintage furniture designs are always used for the bohemian house style. Even though the furniture model looks old, but not inferior to modern designs

Even so, the use of vintage furniture is often covered in colorful fabrics, patterned blankets, and patterned sofa cushions. In addition, vintage furniture always uses makeshift models collected from various eras. It can make the characteristics of the bohemian style look irregular.

As you can see in this picture, the sofa set in this room is not designed in the same color. Then, to add to the beauty of the living room, it is equipped with abstract wall paintings, several portable decorative lamps, a unique round white table, colorful motif sofa cushions, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the living room design can amaze your guests.

Dazzling motif sofa design


As you can see, this bohemian sofa design looks elegant. Soft and bright colors make this living room look luxurious. Then, the combination of various colors in this living room makes this living room design look attractive. Especially with natural lighting, making beautiful the design of the living room. With a free and irregular design, this style integrates the outdoors into the home. This makes Bohemian-style dwellings often use large windows to make it easier for sunlight to enter.

To make it look more attractive, this vintage-style sofa is combined with colorful motif sofa cushions, antique knick-knacks, two round tables for placing books and drinks, and surrounded by a variety of ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. That way, this living room design looks natural and beautiful.

Aesthetic Design

Even though it started with the irregular lifestyle of nomads, boho designs can also be a very aesthetic design inspiration. The design of the Boho-style wooden sofa itself is currently widely applied to various things including themes for festivals. In fact, this one theme has become a trend of interest on various social media.

So, you too can give a beautiful and unique touch to the living room with a bohemian-style wooden sofa. In addition, you can use this sofa on the terrace with an artistic bohemian feel. Then to make it look more attractive, you can combine this sofa with colorful motif sofa cushions, bright and brown floor rugs, unique lounge chairs, floor cushions, unique knick-knacks, and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. That way, your living room design looks aesthetic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some bohemian-style sofa models that we can recommend for your living room. Therefore, we want to share ideas to provide examples that can be role models for you. We hope our reviews above can make your home interior design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, elegant, and comfortable. Then make you and your family more cheerful. Happy decorating!


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