1. Overview of the apartment

Currently, people in the capital prefer to live in apartments. One of the reasons is that houses with limited land have sold very expensively. Then, they are closer to the office. So they can save time and money. Therefore, many property companies are focusing on developing their business in apartments.

They have the thought, apart from its strategic location and being surrounded by public facilities, the cost of renting an apartment is also more affordable than buying ordinary housing. Therefore, many people want to invest in apartments. In general, the types of apartments start from studio types, one-bedroom types, and two-bedroom types.

As we know, the most popular type of apartment among the millennial generation is the studio type. Although not too big, the studio type can also be made spacious by applying a minimalist interior design. So if you are interested in living in a studio apartment, we provide inspiration for the interior design of a beautiful and comfortable apartment living room.

2. Inspiration interior of the apartment

Studio-type apartments are small apartments with one open room. In other words, the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are together in one room. The studio type is an apartment that prioritizes space efficiency and is usually sold at the lowest price.

It’s no wonder the millennial generation who are still working or young couples who have just married, choose this type of apartment as a place to live. However, considering that the studio type uses the open plan concept, all rooms, such as the living room are one with the other rooms. Therefore, like it or not, there must be an overhaul in the living room so that the apartment becomes more spacious and efficient.

For that, you need the right apartment living room interior design. Even so, don’t be in a hurry to immediately hire the services of an interior designer. You can decorate and organize your own living room. Besides that, you can turn the apartment balcony into a relaxing area as well as a place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

3. Ideas and design

The model of a studio apartment and the one-bedroom apartment, have been inspired by the needs of the tenants. Buyers prefer to invest in studio-type apartments because the rental prices are cheap. Then, there are many people in demand for it. But if you have family, they prefer a type one bedroom apartment. Therefore, these two types are the most in demand. In addition, the furniture used to complement this type is not much. So you don’t spend a lot of money decorating it. For that, we want to share ideas to provide some examples of attractive apartment designs below. Hopefully, our review below can be used for you. Then, become an inspiration for you. Welcome to our review!

Modern minimalist living room design

The first studio-type apartment design that you can apply to your living room is a modern minimalist interior design. This design uses simple choices of furniture and furnishings, thus giving the impression of a wider room. This design is perfect for studio-type apartments that use an open space concept.

To not feel cramped, you can use a beautiful mini sofa, a rattan chair, a round table for placing drinks, and a rug with the same color as the sofa. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can decorate the walls with wooden shelves, wall paintings, and decorative lights. With this arrangement, your apartment living room will look elegant.

Industrial living room design

This one living room design looks unique and artistic. Industrial-style living rooms like those in this apartment are starting to be in great demand by modern society. Even though this studio apartment has a limited area, it doesn’t mean you can’t use industrial concepts.

For interior design in the living room itself, you can use large, old factory-style furniture in monochrome colors. It aims to accentuate the industrial style in the living room of the apartment which is by the characteristics of the industrial style. In addition, you can also apply the concept of a room without a partition like the previous design. Then, replace it with a bookshelf as a room transition.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate the walls with brown exposed brick, arrange wooden bookshelves against the wall, place sofas with different colors facing each other, wooden tables that resemble crates, and colorfully patterned floor rugs. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can add ornamental plants, classic furniture, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room will look aesthetic.

Chic style living room design

Chic style living room is a very fashionable style for interior design. By applying this design, you can enjoy the visual beauty in the living room of the apartment. You can also get the comfort of a chic style by using functional compact furniture. This design looks like a minimalistic and Scandinavian design. However, with the presence of antique knick-knacks and accessories, the design looks different.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a beautiful white sofa set, antique guest chairs, and single chairs with high backs. Then this room is equipped with a round table to place flower pots and drinks, bright color motif carpets, antique chandeliers, wall hangings, and unique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design looks artistic.

All-in-one living room design

Boredom sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable at home. Therefore, an all-in-one room concept can make your studio apartment look wider. Then, you also feel at home inside. This concept is a solution for those of you who are bored with minimalist style. By implementing the all-in-one concept, all rooms, such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are in one area and are not blocked by partitions.

Then, to look beautiful, this design uses carpet as a dividing symbol as well as a room differentiator. Then, using large windows in the apartment is also the key to the interior in this design. To make it look more attractive, you can also use white to give the impression of being clean, comfortable, and spacious in the apartment.

Not to be cramped, you do not put excessive furniture. You simply put a single sofa, carpet, and wooden shelves to put antique television and knick-knacks. Then, design a mini bedroom complete with a minimalist bed. Don’t forget to design a lamp on the ceiling for lighting at night. With this arrangement, your living room design looks beautiful and elegant.

Japanese-style living room design

Japanese-style interior design has become popular because using of natural furniture. Therefore, the Japanese-style interior design concept can be the right choice if you have a minimalist apartment with an oriental style. By applying a design like a picture above, you and your partner will feel comfortable and at home. At first glance, this Japanese-style interior design uses room decorations with shades of wood or bamboo. Then, you can also buy some furniture that can be used casually, such as a dining table or work table.

To make it look more natural, you can use a large window in one corner of the apartment’s interior as natural lighting. Then, add a sofa with an elongated model. So many people can sit on it. Add a table for placing drinks and an artistic wall decoration that can become an icon of the interior of your living room. Then, to not look monotonous, add ornamental plants so that the view feels fresh, wall-mounted televisions as entertainment, and unique knick-knacks. That way, your living room looks Japanese style.

Scandinavian-style living room design

The Scandinavian-style living room is currently in great demand by the public. This design has become popular because of its clean, neat, bright arrangement and not using a lot of unnecessary furniture. Therefore, you can design the interior of your apartment living room with a design like this picture.

This design is perfect for those of you who like a room with a warm and comfortable impression. With a mini kitchen and dominance of neutral colors like white, your apartment’s living room will look spacious and cozier. Apart from that, you also can incorporate brick elements into the living room to make it look more textured and natural. To make it look more beautiful, add a white sofa set, motif sofa pillows, standing decorative lights, unique hanging decorative lights, wall paintings, and ornamental plants. To look elegant, you can add a fluffy carpet. With this arrangement, your living room design looks luxurious and elegant.

identik sebagai hunian vertikal dengan luas setiap unitnya yang tidak seberapa besar. Biasanya apartemen hanya berbentuk studio atau memiliki satu atau dua kamar saja.

Tiny apartment design

Generally, the studio-type apartment design has a limited size. With a size like that, you can imagine how narrow it is to live in an apartment. If you are worried about the size of a tiny apartment, it can be solved by arranging an interior design that is comfortable and space-saving. Never use furniture of a large size because it can take up space.

Instead, use multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds, bunk beds, and beds equipped with storage underneath. In addition, the choice of mattress size is also key. As a reference, we summarize some small apartment interior designs that are comfortable and space-saving. Then for room dividers, you can use partitions from wooden shelves and motif rugs. So that the living room looks beautiful, complete your sofa with colorful motif sofa cushions and a wooden television shelf. With this arrangement, your living room design will look beautiful and charming.

Place a pretty wall decoration

Organizing the living room is something fun. Especially when you can make it beautiful and charming, even though you have a narrow apartment size, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the walls to make it look more attractive. You can decorate the apartment wall with various displays to make it look more stylish, such as installing wooden wall hangings made in various models and different colors.

Then to make it look complete, you can use a mirror to give a reflection effect so that the apartment room looks wider. Then, install spotlights as lighting for your living room, put a single sofa with a color that matches the interior of the living room, and place a table and chairs that can be used for eating and working. To make it look luxurious, design floors with wood. With this arrangement, your living room design feels comfortable.

Place useful ornamental plants

If you have the size of a tiny apartment, don’t worry that the room interior will be cramped. Then, it will be difficult for you to move. Even though you have a narrow size, you can still decorate it with ornamental plants. You can put ornamental plants in the corner of the room to make it feel fresher.

Then, to make it look more attractive, add a minimalist sofa set, a table for placing drinks, a wooden shelf on the wall to place knick-knacks, a television as your entertainment, decorative lights to illuminate your living room at night to make it feel more romantic with your partner, and sofa cushions motive. With this arrangement, your living room will feel more natural.

Don’t put too much stuff

Tools and furniture that are only supporting in nature, it’s better not to force them into the living room. If you like exercising, forget the desire to put a static bicycle into the unit or room. Better to go to another place that will give you the sensation of riding a bicycle while having fun. So your room, which is very limited in area, is not full of furniture. You can organize your studio-type apartment with the furniture as needed.

Many people who are still single choose studio-type apartments. This type has an all-open layout or does not have a room dividing wall except for the bathroom. So all functions are combined into one space. To complete your studio type, add a sofa bed that you can use as a bed, place a television on the wall for entertainment, a minimalist buffet, decorative lights, a workbench side the window, and attractive knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room does not look cramped.

Adjust the lighting through the window

If you have a studio-type apartment, there are many ways to design it to feel comfortable. One way to outsmart a narrow room is to include as much natural light as possible. This aims to give a bright and airy impression to the living room and reduce the feeling of stuffiness.

As you can see, the apartment above uses neutral and warm colors like white and brown. This color can help spread natural light from the window so that the apartment looks bright. Then, to make it look beautiful, you can complement this living room with a long sofa set that you can also use as a bed, a wall-mounted television with a variety of wood, a round table for placing drinks, a hanging lamp, a floor rug, and a set of dining tables. Then, to feel fresher, you can put ornamental plants in the corner of the room. That way, your apartment design will look beautiful and aesthetic.

Organize a multi-function sofa

If you have a studio-type apartment, you have to be smart to arrange your tiny room to make it look beautiful and elegant. As you can see, this one apartment is not big, but there is a trick to make the decoration make the interior more comfortable. The first is to create a multifunctional area for sleeping and socializing.

As you can see, a bed that can also function as a sofa must be in the right area beside the window. Then, the existence of a small table still makes the room seem open while adding function to where you work. To make it feel comfortable, you can add decorative lights, colorfully patterned floor rugs, wooden shelves on the walls to place knick-knacks, and pendant lights. So that your room does not look monotonous, you can display some beautiful wall paintings and wall-mounted decorative mirrors. That way, your living room will look multifunctional.

Set up a design with used items and exposed bricks

As we explained above. If you have a studio-type apartment, you must be smart about arranging the interior of your apartment so that it doesn’t feel cramped and comfortable. As you can see, the walls of this type of studio apartment are designed with exposed brick so that it adds to the appearance of the interior, which looks like a vintage and industrial design. In addition, the interior of this room is decorated with second-hand items, such as old radios, old box-style tables, and antique knick-knacks.

To create a comfortable impression, the living room is equipped with a two-seater sofa, patterned sofa cushions, decorative plants, and a carpet in the same color as the sofa. With this arrangement, your guests will feel at home and comfortable.

Attractive private design

Everyone will be happy if they have a comfortable and aesthetic studio-type apartment. So if you own a studio apartment, you need to use flexible built-in furniture. Features like it not only make a room feel large. But also add value to the home when you sell it. Therefore, you can create attractive design styles, such as changing storage model furniture to maximize space.

Then, to display a minimalist impression, you can design a long white buffet for placing photo frames and laptops. Then, you can use the drawer to store your private documents. Then, combine your white buffet with a long gray sofa, a table for placing drinks, decorative standing lamps, ornamental plants, and carpets in the same color as the sofa. With this arrangement, your living room design will look pretty.

Low ceiling design

As we explained above, designing a studio-type apartment must have lots of ideas and inspiration. So if you divide a room into different areas in a studio apartment with a short ceiling, it will seem difficult. The solution is you can use the right furniture. Then put it in the right place, so that your studio-type apartment doesn’t become cramped.

The trick, you can apply this layout by placing a bed near a short sofa to create an additional sitting area. Then, the room partition at the end of the bed is the highest object in this room. Thus placing partitions like this can create a dining area. Then, you can decorate with industrial-style furniture.

4. Conclusion

Those are some examples of modern minimalist apartment living room interior design, industrial, and Scandinavian styles. If you are interested in our review above, you can choose one that suits your taste. But if you don’t want a border, you can order from a home decor company. So the results are satisfying and according to your wish. Hopefully, the design above can make your living room design look elegant, beautiful, aesthetic, and comfortable. Then, make you and your partner happier. Happy decorating!


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