1. Overview of the outdoor living room

A beautiful home design is everyone’s dream. To realize all that you have to prepare the best design and a sufficient budget. In addition, you can create a different atmosphere through the living room. One of them is by making a simple comfortable outdoor living room design at home.

The living room is a more important place in the house that cannot be overlooked. Some people believe that this comfort can also function as a family room. Therefore, many homeowners design their living rooms to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive, including making an outdoor living room design that can accommodate many families.

2. Ideas and Inspiration

Everyone certainly wants to have an ideal home. Therefore, ideas and inspiration are needed for home designs to make them look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. However, it all depends on the wishes and tastes of the homeowner. The house has a lot of space that can be utilized. There is a living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, garden, kitchen, and dining room.

In addition, the size of the house that someone has does not determine whether the home will be comfortable or not. Comfort can happen with the right spatial arrangement. It all depends on the selection of the right furniture which is one of the comfort factors for the house. Don’t let your living room be forgotten from a beautiful design. Therefore, arrange the living room nicely and create an outdoor living room according to your wish. To add to the comfortable atmosphere when visiting guests, you can talk in this place. For that, let’s review some examples of outdoor living rooms that you can make.

3. Some examples of outdoor living rooms

A beautiful outdoor living room design does not only provide space to relax. This living room must also be able to provide comfort and a fresh atmosphere at home. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to review an outdoor living room design that can provide everything for you and your family. We hope this outdoor living room can be multifunctional including for entertainment. Then, you can enjoy the garden and the free air. For that, let’s follow the review below!

The outdoor living room blends with the garden

Relaxed and full of openness make the outdoor living room much in demand by homeowners. Designing this room with a garden is a trend that must be tried if you have the land and the budget. In addition, the inspiration for an open living room that blends with the garden above is just one of the many comforts that can be offered to family members. You can use this room to unwind after your activities all day outside the home.

An open living room like the one above can make you and your family even closer because you will communicate all the time in this comfortable place. Therefore, you can consider properly realizing this space, especially in terms of weather and furniture resistance. To look more attractive, you can use a minimalist sofa with heat and moisture-resistant materials. With good planning, your open living room becomes the ideal little paradise for anyone.

Simple but comfortable design

To design a simple open living room, you don’t need to think about the concept of a luxurious living room. You can’t possibly make the idea of ​​an open living room blend with the garden with a limited budget and land. But don’t worry because, with a patch of land, you can design your living room as a place to relax. Then, you can use this place to gather with friends and family.

You can design an open living room close to the garden. So it looks more attractive. The important thing is to be observant in creating an open concept and not hesitate to make the design. In this way, your open living room will make you feel comfortable. For your place to relax, you can prepare a beautiful sofa set and sofa cushions. That way, you can use this living room as a place for family gatherings and receiving guests. With this arrangement, your open living room design looks more attractive.

Design in the middle of a beautiful garden

If you have enough land, you can make a beautiful garden design. By having a beautiful garden, you can design an open meeting room complete with furniture. The atmosphere is definitely much different from the closed living room. In this place, you will feel comfortable, free to enjoy the outdoors, and free in talking with your family and business partners.

Apart from that, you can use this place as a place for you to unwind after your daily activities at the office. The concept of a beautiful garden like this can be the best solution for you to relax with your family. With this arrangement, your open living room design will look aesthetic.

Open living room design with garden

To optimize an open living room, you can take advantage of the garden in your home environment. But if you have enough land, you can decorate your living room as comfortably as possible. So your family and guests will feel at home in this place. By maximizing the existing garden in the area of ​​the house, you will feel comfortable.

But if you want to make this room more attractive, you can use the garden, put furniture such as sofa sets, round glass tables, and neatly arranged knick-knacks. So that makes this living room look fun. In addition, this open living room is actually in front of the main living room located inside the house. Therefore, arranging the terrace to become an open living room will make the living room feel more spacious and bright. With this arrangement, your living room will feel natural, fresh, and not stuffy. That way, you and your family will feel comfortable in this open living room.

Designing a balcony into an open living room

This open living room design feels very comfortable. This living room has located on the second floor. So it looks bright with sunlight. if you have a balcony on the top floor that is quite large and unused, you can try making it a living room area as well as a place to relax like in this picture. Give a little touch of plants, either green leaves or flowers that can make the balcony look more beautiful.

To complete your relaxing place, complete this living room with sofa sets that are placed opposite each other, sofa cushions, round tables to place flower pots and drinks, and round benches to sweeten the room. With this arrangement, the open living room design will look elegant.

Design with sliding glass doors

This open living room design is not a whole open living room because this living room is limited by sliding glass doors. By installing sliding glass doors that lead to the outdoors, you can present an open living room as you wish. If you want to close living room, you can immediately push the sliding glass door.

This method is the easiest to present two different atmospheres and impressions at once. Then, to make this living room look beautiful, you can equip a luxurious sofa set, sofa cushions, and ornamental plants in the corner of the room. With this arrangement, your open living room design looks luxurious.

Utilizing the rooftop for an open living room

Everyone wants their home design to look beautiful and charming but not all of them can make it happen. This is because of the limited budget to buy a good house. However, you don’t need to be sad because you can also design a minimalist home design to become a beautiful home according to your dreams.

As you can see, this open living room design makes use of the rooftop. For some people who may have a rooftop, you can make this design an inspiration for you. To look elegant, you can complement this open living room with a colorful patterned sofa set, sofa cushions in the same color as the sofa to make it look harmonious, a table to place drinks on, and a carpet in the same color as the sofa. With this design, you will feel at home in this place while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. Then, enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Designing a terrace for an open living room

An open living room design will be more useful in front of the house. So if you have a terrace in front of the house that is quite wide, you can try this idea to make it your living room. You can try installing some comfortable sofas and a small table on the terrace. Then, decorate the walls with beautiful paintings. Then, add a floor rug to make it look elegant. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic. Then, you can enjoy tea or coffee in the afternoon.

Artistic and unique design

The last open living room design looks different. This living room is located outdoors and has been designed with the best art. The ideas and inspiration for this living room have been well-designed. The arrangement of accessories and the lights hanging on the wooden pergola make this living room look unique and antique.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this living room is equipped with a beautiful sofa set, a wooden table for placing drinks, and sofa cushions the same color as the sofa. Then, the floor has designed from cement which is made into squares, and the edges are planted with grass. So it looks unique. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel at home in this place while enjoying your favorite drinks and food.

4. Conclusion

Those are some open living room designs that we can recommend. Then, to make this happen, you can choose one of the designs we reviewed above. But if you don’t want to bother, you can order it at home decor so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review can make the exterior of your home design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Then, useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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