1. Overview of beautiful beach houses

Having a house for a resort near the beach is certainly very pleasant. However, before building or buying it, pay attention to the following things and don’t underestimate them. If you have a minimalist house near the beach or sea, of course, it is a distinct advantage, moreover, you are the type of person who likes the beach.

You can feel the holidays every day if you have a residence close to the beach. Especially if your house is on the coast of Bali, Lombok is fun. It can be a long-term investment for those who want to invest because you can rent a house during the holiday or dry season. However, before you buy or build a house near the beach, you need to consider a strategic and safe location. For that, let’s review the ideas and inspiration below.

2. Beach house ideas and inspiration

In general, many people buy houses on the beach, which can be used as vacation spots or rent them out. So most are not permanently inhabited. Usually, vacation homes have designed in tourist areas such as mountains or beaches. So they can be used while on vacation or rented out.

The ideas and inspiration for houses by the beach have come from those who like to vacation by the beach and who like to rent their home to newcomers. Therefore, usually, this house on the beach has designed with many rooms. So it can be used by many people. Then, to create comfort, every room including Airconditioning. So the air is not hot. Or you can also install a fan on the ceiling. Then, the window design always faces the sea so you can see the view of the open sea. That way, everyone who is in it will feel at home and comfortable. For that, let’s review some of the attractive beach house designs below.

3. Some attractive design

In this review, we want to share ideas with you to provide some examples of interior design for houses on the beach. This design was adopted by several people who always rent houses to fill their holidays with their families. So we provide some examples of attractive interior designs for your consideration. We hope the reviews we provide can be an inspiration to you. Welcome to our review!

Building design

Generally, houses on the beach have views of the sea. This is to make them not bored to see the waves from a distance. Then, the design of the building is equipped with a terrace equipped with comfortable and relaxing furniture such as using wooden beach chairs, round tables for placing drinks, and chairs that can be used for lying down. Then, in front of the terrace, a fireplace is made for burning fish. Therefore. people inside can feel the warmth when gathering in this place at night. Not forgetting also a bbq grill is available to host a dinner party at this house. That way, the atmosphere in the house interior will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Perfect location to build a beach house

If you plan to rent a house during the holiday season, look for a location that is close to tourist attractions. That way, you and your family will enjoy your holidays cheerfully. The beach coastal area is one of the popular areas and is liked by many people. The atmosphere is cool, the wind blows gently, and the beautiful natural scenery of the beach is an enticing attraction for everyone.

So you are not only interested in visiting tourist sites but also interested in living in a coastal area and want to build a house in a location close to the beach or sea. If you want a house near the beach, you must consider several things before starting to build a house in that location. Like, as location, design, and sufficient budget. That way, you and your family will enjoy your idol’s home.

Pay attention to the distance between the house and the sea

Before building a house in a coastal area, make sure you will build it in a location that is safe from the flood zone or high tide zone in the coastal area. You need to pay attention to this to ensure your safety and the property that you will put at home. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the height of the house that you will build to avoid waves.

We recommend that before you start planning development, do research first about the potential for erosion that could occur in the area. That way, you can calculate whether the property you are building can last a long time and make your investment, not a loss. Therefore, design with the best planning so that the results are what you want. In that way, you will get a safe and calm home.

Use the services of an architect to be safer

After making sure of the location, and a safe area from flooding, and erosion, the next step is to draw the design of the house you want to build. In areas near the beach, housing is rarely built, that’s why most people choose their own design and location. The goal is that their investment is not in vain. Then, the building is satisfactory and according to the wishes of the homeowner.

Then, to make this happen, you can use the services of an architect to help you design a house near the beach that is comfortable and safe for you to use. An architect can help you to determine the right material that you will use as a material to build a house. Then, make a design according to your wishes so that the results don’t disappoint. By using architects, your home building will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Then, your family will be happy to occupy their new home.

Choose a tropical design

Many people want to build a house on the beach as a resting place. The beach house is said to help health and relieve stress. Therefore, you should not make your design. As you know, when building a house design with an architect, you must determine the right design for your home. So the house on the beach will look good.

Then, to make it look more comfortable, the tropical style is perfect for homes near the beach. You can add a gazebo, patio, and deck as an additional building. Then, add a bench to sit back and relax while looking at the vast ocean and the rolling waves. In this way, your stress and fatigue during work will disappear. Then, the atmosphere of intimacy in the family is increasingly guaranteed.

Build a house facing the beach

If you have a house with direct access to the beach on foot is highly recommended. In this place, you can see the open sea and rolling waves. In the lounge itself, there are glass windows that make this house look more attractive. On the terrace is placed a comfortable sofa neatly arranged. So it feels very cozy. The design of the house, made of glass and wood, really gives warmth to this room.

As you can see, the design of this beach house is related to aesthetics and comfort for you and your family. As you know, a house beach facing the beach can give extra comfort because the views offered are beautiful enough to be seen every day. Moreover, in front of the house lies the white sand beach that you can use as a game area for you and your family. With this arrangement, your beach house design looks beautiful and charming.

Choose the right material

In building a beach house, wood is the main material. As you can see, on the exterior, the color of the wood is covered in black which gives an elegant and simple impression of the outside house appearance. As for the structure of the house, it is left exposed and has natural colors, such as wood colors that match the overall house interior.

It is the more important part. In addition, the land in the coastal area is different from the land in other residential areas in the city center. Therefore, to maintain comfort and safety, use the best materials with strong durability for roofs, doors, and windows. While for the cement used, choose the best cement that is resistant to salt water.

Likewise with the concrete and wood that you will use, choose a material that is strong and waterproof because the location on the beach tends to be damp and watery, especially at night and cold weather can have an effect on comfort. You also need to remember that the wind that blows around the beach is stronger than in general residential locations. That’s why you have to have a material with a strong enough resistance.

Build a house with many rooms

Most people go on vacation to the beach with their families. So if you want to build a house, make lots of rooms to accommodate many families. You can make a bedroom area on the second floor. Then, for the living room and family room downstairs.

Make sure, the bedrooms can be accessed via corridors and connected to the other room. Then, to look more spacious, the living room and family room can be made together for family gatherings. If you want to feel more comfortable, you can design a glass window facing the sea. That way, you can enjoy the view of the open sea at any time.

Untuk sirkulasi keluar masuk udara, desainlah jendela besar. Dengan begitu, angin dan udara dapat dengan mudah keluar masuk ruangan. Dengan membuat sirkulasi yang benar, interior ruangan akan menjadi sehat. Kemudian, kayupun tidak lembab karena kena sinar matahari. Kami harap panduan ini dapat bermanfaat untuk anda dan keluarga.

Living room facing the beach

A house on the beach is indeed the dream of many people. Imagine, all five senses can unite with nature from the moment you wake up to sleep again. The crashing of the waves and the breeze bring the smell of the sea into the house. This atmosphere is tempting!

As you can see, the concept of a beach house, the living room in the center of the house has been designed to face the sea. In this place, you can enjoy the wide seas and the sound of the waves at any time. With a design like this, you feel like you are on a cruise ship. Then, the front of the living room has installed with a large glass door that can be opened and closed as needed. With this arrangement, the living room design looks beautiful and luxurious. Then, you like to enjoy family vacations in the summer.

The open dining area overlooks the sea

A bar-style outdoor dining room with large windows can also be an attraction for a beach house. Therefore, you must be able to arrange it properly so that this dining room looks aesthetic. To look more attractive, choose a dining table for a large family complete with chairs. Then, add spotlights on the ceiling to illuminate the dining room at night.

Then, to make the atmosphere warmer, you can face the dining table towards the sea. That way, you can enjoy your meal while looking at the open sea and listening to the sound of the waves rolling in the sea. This arrangement makes your dining room feel comfortable. Then increase your appetite. Happy decorating!

The bathroom faces the sea

This beach house bathroom design looks aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. In this place, you can enjoy the sensation of enjoying a bathroom with a seafront view. In the bathroom, there is a mat that can be used for massage. This is because the house is intended as a place of relaxation and a bathroom.

Additionally, there is a sauna with sea views and a deck with a swimming pool. Then, the iroom nterior has decorated with grapier wood including the floors and walls. Then the bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and a roof made of fiberglass. So you can see the sky. With a design like this, your bathroom design will look luxurious. Then, you will be comfortable and feel at home inside.

4. Conclusion

Those are some ways that we can recommend if you want to design a beach house. If you are interested in making a beach house, we hope that one of these guidelines can be an inspiration for you so that your investment is not in vain. Then, you and your family will be happy on a vacation on the beach. Hopefully, this guide can make your beach house design look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, attractive, comfortable, and safe. Happy decorating!


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