1. Overview ruang tamu minimalis

Modern minimalist living room designs are now increasingly liked by many people This concept is more dominant in simplicity and does not require excessive furniture. To make it look more attractive, this design is combined with a neat modern concept. When the modern interior has collaborated with minimalist style furniture in your living room area, the appearance will definitely look more elegant and fun. It’s even easier to clean. For those of you who don’t have a choice, design, therefore, we provide several attractive design options for you to choose from

2. Don’t choose the wrong design

Minimalist interior style is indeed a trend today. For you not to choose the wrong design, we present a neoclassical design that tends to display space with soft colors, thus making the feel of the room wider and more spacious.

Neoclassical designs which are classicism mixed with modernity usually use simple and geometric furniture. Then, dark wood materials are also often used to make the appearance look luxurious. Therefore, for those of you who are still confused about determining the design of the living room, you can try this neoclassical design. For that, let’s take a peek at some examples of living room designs that we recommend below.

3. Some of the designs we recommend

Having a minimalist or modern living room design that looks spacious, comfortable, and reflects personality is certainly a dream for many people. The living room is the first room that entertains residents or guests when opening the main door. Therefore, this room became the main priority to be designed.

With increasingly compact house land, many young families are now choosing to unite the living room with the family room. Moreover, with the decrease in inviting your closest guests into the house, people prefer to have meetings or meet at cafes, restaurants, or malls. In the end, people who come to the house are increasingly selected, namely family or closest friends.

4. Some designs that you can use as inspiration

The minimalist living room is the most designed by people today. Therefore, we are interested in presenting several design examples for you to use as inspiration for your home interior. We hope some of the designs below can be your choice. Then, make you more confident to accept guests. In addition, make you and your family look cheerful. Therefore, let’s follow the review below. Happy following!

Artistic minimalist living room

The interior design of this minimalist home is in pastel colors. This design can create an atmosphere that makes residents feel at home and comfortable. Even though a type 30 house has a small and limited space if it combines artistic and creative interior design. It can create a visual appeal.

As far as you know, pastel colors are currently being chosen because they can create a unique and modern retro style. This design is not only warm and creates family intimacy, but pastel colors are trend-proof all year round and easy to harmonize with modern minimalist home interior designs. To make it look more attractive, you can decorate it with some ornamental plants on the floor and hang it with a rope. Then, add a buffet, floor carpet, sofa set, and guest table. With this arrangement, your living room will look artistic.

Pastel decorative floor

This living room design looks elegant. However, you can also add soft pastel shades throughout this room. Then, bright colors can make you cheerful. Therefore, many people take advantage of this color for their room. The design of the room with this color is ideal using paste colors. To make it look more attractive, you can add a floor rug with the same color as the sofa.

In addition, you can design the living room floor with wooden floors and ornamental plants. Then, place the guest table to place drinks when guests arrive. By combining wooden floors and bright color furniture, your living room design will look different.

Rustic style with pastel colors

If you want to create a minimalist type 30 home interior design in a Shabby Chic or rustic style, you can choose the right color for your living room. As you can see in this picture, the sofa and table have been designed in dark colors. However, with a bright color living room, your living room still looks elegant.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can add a wall design with exposed bricks, bright wall paint, antique decorative lights, wall decorations, ornamental plants, and colorful chair cushions. With an arrangement like this, the interior design of the house will look rustic like the rustic style in Europe.

Choose a comfortable pastel sofa

Many homeowners avoid pastel colors simply because they can’t combine home interior designs with soft colors. In fact, you don’t need to worry about this color. You can combine this color with the color of lacquered wood. Then. adding a floor rug in a color that matches the sofa.

To appear more attractive, just choose the main furniture such as a pastel-colored living room sofa. Then, mix it with a dark wooden table. With this combination, your room will feel warmer. So that the living room looks cooler, you can add a decorative lamp in the corner of the living room. Then add floral patterned cushions, stripes, or even a pastel-colored tablecloth with polka dots. With this arrangement, the atmosphere of the living room will look more refreshing as if it had just been renovated.

Design in vintage style

This one living room design looks like a vintage design. This design plays more bright colors so it looks attractive. As you can see in the picture above, this design is inspired by pastel colors and bright colors. Therefore, match the color of the furniture properly to make it look beautiful and neat.

Then to make it look more artistic and aesthetic, you can decorate this living room with abstract wall paintings, some colorful antique model guest chairs, an antique coffee table, wooden shelves to place knick-knacks, and colorful sofa cushions. With this arrangement, your living room design will look like a vintage design. Then, you will feel at home in this place.

Luxurious classic living room

Interior Design This living room has a classic style. A room like this sometimes becomes a neglected room. However, the thing you need to know is that the living room is the first room guests see when they enter the house. In addition, this room can also be used as a space to gather and chat with family members. Of course, the interior design of this space is something that deserves attention.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a sofa set in beige color, floor rugs and beautiful curtains with colors that match the sofa and the interior of the room, decorative lights, a guest table to put drinks, wall decorations, and beautiful knick-knacks. To look more attractive, design the wall color with a minimalist color. That way, your living room design looks luxurious and comfortable.

Artistic and aesthetic living room

The living room is one of the more important rooms in your home. This room has a function to accept guests and also unite family members. In addition, the living room also can make us more confident to accept guests and other family members.

However, there are some conditions that make it impossible for every family member to gather at certain moments, such as when guests are visiting the house. In addition, the living room is also often used as a room to be used as a place to hold family gatherings.

Then, to make this room look beautiful and aesthetic, you can add several sofas for family gatherings, unique hanging decorative lights, round mirrors on the walls, lounge chairs, floor rugs with colors that match the interior of the room, portable decorative lights, wall hangings, and so on. Don’t forget to put ornamental plants for fresh eyes to see. That way, your living room design will look artistic and aesthetic.

Unique classic minimalist design

Having a classic and unique style living room design is indeed the desire of every homeowner. The interior design of a space like this can give an extraordinary impression to those who see and also visit it. In general, the interior design of the living room with a classic and unique style is owned by people who certainly have a fairly high taste in terms of home interiors. So they appear confidently to receive guests.

To make this room look more attractive, this room has been decorated with a set of carved guest chairs in bright colors, a carved table in the same color as the guest chairs, unique hanging decorative lights, floral floor carpets, a glass buffet, and beautiful curtains in matching colors. room interiors and chairs. That way, the living room design with this matching color looks pleasing to the eye. In addition, arrangements like this can make you and your family more comfortable and at home.

Design with dazzling paint colors

The design of this living room is inseparable from the choice of paint colors and also the furniture in it. In the first design, you are faced with the arrangement of a classic and elegant living room. However, for this one living room, the classic impression caused by this space can be seen from the color of the room and the accessories, which are more dominant in choosing beige and gold colors.

To make it look more beautiful, this room is decorated with antique chandeliers, sofas from teak wood with magnificent carvings, antique guest tables to put drinks on, and floor rugs that match the tables and sofas. Then, to not look bored, this room is also decorated with beautiful wall paintings, portable decorative lights, and beautiful curtains in colors that match the interior of the room. That way, your living room design looks more beautiful and dazzling with paint colors.

Design with a unique light decoration

This minimalist classic-style living room design is indeed the dream of every homeowner. Beautiful, aesthetic, comfortable, and luxurious designs make the living room look perfect. How could I not, the interior design of the living room in the previous model gave a very artistic impression. But for the living room, this one looks perfect nuance.

It can be seen from the selection of antique hanging decorative lamps and spotlights illuminating the living room. Then to look more attractive, you can add several sofas with minimalist colors, beautiful sofa cushions and glass tables, small attractive wall paintings, and large paintings, floor carpets and curtains have a matching color with the interior of the room and the sofa. , living room furniture. With an arrangement like this, your living room design will look perfect. Then it allows you and your extended family to get together at any time, so your family members get closer

Comes with an aesthetic and elegant impression

This living room design comes with an interior design that is quite attractive and attracts the attention of many people. However, the interior design of the living room also determines the impression of your home. The selection of home furnishings and colors in the family room determines the interior design of a classic minimalist living room.

Then, to add a pleasant impression, this living room has decorated with a minimalist color sofa set, sofa cushions, several portable decorations that provide lighting in the living room, beautiful wall paintings, floor carpets that match the interior of the room, and a glass table decorated with flower pots. With this arrangement, the interior design of your home will look aesthetic and elegant.

Comes with a modern classic style

In this modern classic minimalist living room interior design, we will be amazed at a luxurious room design. In the interior design of this living room, of course, we can choose sofas and chairs that are placed side by side. The placement of this living room design does look a bit messy but still gives an elegant and modern impression. Coupled with other decorations and ornaments such as antique hanging lamps, portable decorative lamps, standing decorative lamps, and several wall paintings.

If you want a living room that looks brighter and also elegant. Of course, you can create a living room with a bright concept with enough light ventilation through the glass window. With a design like that, your living room will be the attention of every guest who comes. Then make you and your family comfortable and feel at home.

Simple but elegant design

A simple and beautiful living room design is everyone’s dream. You can function the living room as a place for you to unwind while enjoying television entertainment. In addition, in this place, you can chat with family members while having fun. But what you need to pay attention to is, the cleanliness and tidiness of this room when there are guests visiting.

Having a look and design that is quite luxurious can make you more confident. Like the interior design of the living room in the picture above, it looks simple but looks luxurious. To appear more attractive, the living room is decorated with wall paintings, antique hanging lamps, portable decorative lamps placed in the corners of the room, beautiful magnificent sofas, sofa cushions, and glass tables. With this arrangement, the living room design will look elegant and attractive.

5. Conclusion

Those are some classic modern minimalist family room interior designs that you can use as a reference to apply in your living room. We hope one of the designs mentioned above can be your choice. Then, you can make your living room design look aesthetic, attractive, luxurious, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review is useful for you and out. Happy decorating!


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