1. Scandinavian house interior overview

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and charming home design. Having your own home can give you the freedom to create the appearance of your home as you wish. We know there are so many interior designs that we can try to match the look of our homes. One of the interior designs that we can apply is the Scandinavian style interior design.
Scandinavian-style interior design is popular with a simple but luxurious impression. Different from other interior designs. This design has a very distinctive and unique character and can be adapted to the house owner’s character so if you are interested in trying Scandinavian designs for the interior of your home. You can follow the article below.

2. Getting to know Scandinavian design

Designing and changing the appearance of the interior of the house is one of the most enjoyable jobs. By designing a house, you can channel your desire to make your home design look elegant and luxurious. Then, the view you create will represent your own character.
But to design it, you can choose a design that you like. One of the interior designs that are currently popular is Scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian designs are in great demand because easy applied to limited-sized homes. Then, this design is simple and beautiful.
As you know, Scandinavian interior design has its characteristics. For that, let us first know what is meant by Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design is one of the designs that has a simple and minimalist characteristic. As the name implies, this Scandinavian design comes from Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. At first, this design was only popular and applied to various home furniture, interior design, and textiles.

3. Characteristics of Scandinavian-style dining room interior

Designing home interiors can make you healthy and cheerful because you have the freedom to channel your hobbies. However, you still have to choose one design so that the interior of your home looks cooler. You can select Scandinavian interiors for your home design because it has simple and uncomplicated characteristic. For that, we explain the characteristics of the Scandinavian design below.

Do not use floor carpet

Maybe you often see homes that use carpets to make the house look beautiful and charming. But for Scandinavian design, this design does not use floor carpet at all in its main design style. That way, you can save on costs for the floor.

Simple bright color

Scandinavian design has a very close relationship with the play of bright colors that are simple and soft. These colors were chosen because the Nordic countries generally have very long winters and are rarely exposed to sunlight. Therefore, using bright colors can maximize the house’s interior. So it looks brighter.

Making use of wood elements

One of the uniqueness of Scandinavian design is that there are beautiful wood elements. Almost all existing furniture has wood elements. Not even a little furniture was made of wood completely. In addition, the colors of the wood used are also wood with bright and beautiful colors to provide a beautiful and charming mix of color elements.

Draw a clean line

Many people like the Scandinavian interior design because it has clean and firm lines. All the details of the existing objects are also very simple without any excessive and tacky decorations. Firm lines will also make the room look more attractive and look spacious.

The room is neatly arranged and not much furniture

A small house must have a neat interior without any items that can make the house crowded. Scandinavian-style interior design also requires that the contents of the room you have must be neatly arranged and not filled with items. Therefore, this design does not use much furniture.

Simple Accent

Scandinavian design is very distinctive with simple accents and not excessive. Therefore, look for furniture that is small in size and has dark colors to create a beautiful contrast. That way, the interior of your living room will look harmonious.

Maximize the entry of sunlight

If you want to create a comfortable and healthy home atmosphere, you can make large windows in your home. That way, sunlight can enter freely into the room. This design is the hallmark of Scandinavian design. Therefore, if you want to choose a bright home design, you can make this design inspiration for your home. Then, the advantage of this design is you can save electricity.

Arrange ornamental plants

A good house must have a touch of green colors from ornamental plants. This decoration is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. By adding small decorative plant decorations, you will get a refreshing effect on the interior of your home. If you have the budget to buy a house, don’t forget to decorate your home with ornamental plants that can make your eyes fresh.

4. The main elements of the Scandinavian-style 

In every interior design, several main elements are different. This element makes the interior design more distinctive and unique. If you are interested in changing the interior of the house to a Scandinavian style, you must be able to fulfill some of these elements.
The main element of the Scandinavian interior is to prioritize the play of bright colors to create an interior that looks more spacious and at the same time minimize the use of lights during the day. Then, make natural light enter more perfectly.
Like the picture above, wood and iron are the two combinations of Scandinavian elements that you must fulfill. Scandinavian houses usually have furniture made of iron or wood and the combination makes the interior of the house look more natural.

5. Organizing a Scandinavian-style living room

Sometimes we are bored with the interior design of the house just like that. This situation can make you bored and finally look for a new atmosphere. Therefore, if you have a plan to change the interior of your home into an attractive Scandinavian style, there are some tips that you can follow below:

Use minimalist furniture

To fulfill an attractive living room interior like a Scandinavian-style interior, you have to find and use a variety of furniture with a minimalist touch and not too big. Then, also make sure that your room is not filled with various other furniture so that you can enjoy the Scandinavian design atmosphere in your home. That way, your living will feel comfortable and at home.

Look for high-quality products

Scandinavian-style furniture products are known for their excellent quality. Try to use high-quality furniture so that the items in your home can last a long time. Not only that, this furniture that has good quality usually has a luxurious design and is not cheap. It will make the atmosphere of the living room look elegant and comfortable.

Play with neutral contrasting colors

As previously mentioned above, the living room with a Scandinavian design has a game of neutral contrasting colors. Therefore, you can look for furniture and items that have neutral colors to create a Scandinavian atmosphere in your living room. By following directions like this, your living room design will look elegant and luxurious.

5. Organizing Scandinavian bedroom features

Choose a beautiful color

The bedroom is a very private area as well as a place where we relax and rest. Therefore, it must be designed with the best so as to get an attractive appearance and a comfortable atmosphere. Among the many colors, white is one color that you can apply to your bedroom to get a calm atmosphere. From a psychological point of view, white is a color that can give a spacious impression to a room. In addition, you can use white as a base color or a color choice that dominates your bedroom space.

The all-white design is synonymous with the Scandinavian design style. A Scandinavian style that is simple and will give peace to your bedroom. Then, your rest will be of better quality. In addition, you can also apply this style to all rooms in your home so the room’s interior design will look spacious and comfortable.

Choose attractive furniture

If you still choose to use white for all parts of the wall, then to make the bedroom look more attractive, you can play with the color of the furniture. Use furniture for a table or bed made of wood with a simple and rather short design. The presence of wooden furniture will give warmth to your bedroom. Then, combine it with white furniture, so the Scandinavian characteristic is still felt.

Then, put the bed and work desk next to the bed. By placing the bed and table in front of the glass window, you will get a refreshing view to start your activities. In addition to being warm, a wooden bed and work desk will provide a beautiful natural accent in your bedroom. Then, the color and texture of natural wood will give a warm classic impression.

Therefore, make the most of your bedroom by choosing the right furniture and furniture, and don’t use big furniture. Use small-sized furniture according to needs and functions. Of course, it can make your bedroom area still feel spacious.

Use beautiful accessories

Beautify your Scandinavian bedroom with the use of decorative elements on the walls. The presence of accessories will make your Scandinavian-style bedroom more lively and not boring. Then, to look more attractive, you can place your favorite paintings, inspirational quotes, or posters. Place it on a wooden frame and your bedroom wall. That way, your Scandinavian bedroom will be even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Add ornamental plants

As a final touch, you can add ornamental plants to your room. Not only beautiful to look at, but the presence of plants can also make the air fresher and cooler. Therefore, Choose plants in small pots and place on the table or in the corner of the room. Putting flowers in a vase is also one option that you can do to produce freshness in the room. Don’t forget to change the water and flowers regularly.

6. Scandinavian-style kitchen design

Color selection

At first glance, the Scandinavian kitchen interior resembles the appearance of kitchen space with a minimalist design concept. What distinguishes this design is only the choice of colors. Then, the Scandinavian design uses a combination of white and brown colors, while the minimalist interior plays a lot with monochrome colors.

As far as we know, the hallmark of Scandinavian interiors is the dominance of white. It is, even if you try to combine it with brown or other colors, white will still be the dominant color. However, you can still combine white with other colors as a sweetener. Choose colors such as orange, yellow, lemon, and turquoise and present these colors on wall decorations, chair or sofa colors, to lampshades.

Incorporating elements or accents of favorite colors

Having a room with predominantly white colors can make it easier for you to be creative with other color elements or accents. Therefore, for a kitchen area with a dominant white paint color, it can make it easier to play with your favorite color accents.

However, keep in mind that playing color elements in a minimalist or monochrome room is not something that is prohibited in interior design. You can easily mix and match colors for a more dramatic effect on the overall appearance of the space.

Furniture selection

Like the previous kitchen design, you can add another color element to the furniture or wall decorations. And this is not only intended as a sweetener, you can also try to combine your favorite colors according to your taste. That way, your kitchen design will look beautiful and charming.

7. Designing Scandinavian-style bathroom

Wall motif

Having a luxurious and modern bathroom can make you feel at home in this place. Of course, we want to have it in our own home. One style that looks cool and modern is a Scandinavian-style bathroom. Bathroom designs like the picture above are the target of many people. Because this design model will look simple but still attractive. That way, you will feel more comfortable inside.

Color and furniture game

White is not always boring because you can apply bathroom walls with your favorite motif. Then, to make it happen, you can use wall stickers or choose patterned ceramics. So that a small room looks spacious, you can also place a mirror in the right area. Moreover, now there are many forms of reflectors that you can adjust to the room. In addition, use multilevel drawers to store various necessities and items efficiently. That way, you can keep your bathroom from falling apart.


A bright and not humid bathroom can make you healthy. For that, lighting must be optimized by adding windows. That way, sunlight can enter the bathroom. Then, to make the room more attractive, you can use some ornamental plants, mirrors, decorative lights, or other types of minimalist decorations as decorations. That way, your bathroom design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

8. Conclusion

Those are some of the characteristics elements, and tips for arranging home interiors so you can have a Scandinavian look that is attractive and different from others. It’s not easy to organize a Scandinavian Interior in a house. By knowing these characters, you can get to know the Scandinavian style. Then, create your own Scandinavian style in your home. We hope that some of the design examples above can make your home interior look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, luxurious, and comfortable. Then it can make you and your family happier. Happy decorating!


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