Beautiful country house

Today we plan to take a vacation to one of the villages located on the outskirts of the city. This holiday because we feel bored with the atmosphere of the city that is just like that. A city is full of all kinds of the bustle of business and the hustle and bustle of vehicles. Therefore, we and some friends wanted to find a fresh and natural atmosphere in the countryside.

One of our friends has a family who lives in a rural area quite far from where we live in the city. We eagerly prepared some supplies for there so as not to bother the owner of the house. We departed in the morning, and the trip was estimated to be 6 hours.

Moreover, we admire the artistic, unique, and natural design of a country house. Then, not long ago, many unique rural-style house designs were spread, which could be an alternative to inspire urban people. We were even more curious and wanted to get to that location as soon as possible. But along the way, we thought that building a house with a distinctive and beautiful appearance in the countryside would be very interesting. Not only that, it must have a modern classic style even though it is far from urban. Next, let’s look at a rustic design review after we arrive at the

Natural house design in the countryside

After arriving in the countryside, we were confronted with a unique rural house design that was formed with wood as the main material. This wooden house has been designed in such a way. So it looks classic and modern. The beauty of the shape of the building is not inferior to the buildings in the city. What’s more, this design amazed us, and wanted to get into it immediately.

Some of us are still looking at the unique exterior design of the house that looks different but still trendy. Then this design became one of the most attractive things we saw. Therefore, the unique design of a country house is actually used as an inspiration in the world of architecture. Then, this house design has created a solution to the wishes of city dwellers who crave a rural atmosphere. The construction of this unique, minimalist, rustic-style house made us amazed and delighted. That’s why we started to look at the uniqueness of this design.

Country house design elements

In addition, this country house creates natural elements that are identical to the rustic style, such as adding indoor plants so that everyone who comes to this place can feel the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. Then, the interior uses ethnic-style furniture to match the natural concept created.

We know that the design and concept of this country house is the taste of the residents because everyone has different tastes. Therefore, it is not wrong if we start thinking about this unique country house design as an alternative to residential styles in the future. Not to be curious we just packed up and headed inside. Then we began to pay attention to the design of this house one by one.

Simple home terrace

Vacationing in a country-style house is an attractive option to get closer to nature. Then, with a simple house model and a beautiful and cool rural feel, you can enjoy your vacation. It is certainly able to make everyone pleasant and comfortable. Therefore, the concept of a country-style house can be a solution for those of you who want to switch from countryside to city design. This concept provides serenity and peace.

As we saw, the design of the terrace of a country house can provide a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Moreover, this terrace included patio chairs, tables, and ornamental plants. Not only does the vintage design look, but the modern touch adds a more beautiful appearance to this terrace. This atmosphere makes us miss vacationing in the countryside. Away from the crowds, and has a beautiful view and cool air.

Living room design appearance

Living room inspiration

We saw this living room in Inspiration with a simple living room design. This living room many uses a lot of wood material on various elements. Starting from the guest table, sofa chair legs, shelves, door, and window frames to the wooden ceiling in the living room.

Then, to perfect the appearance of this simple living room design, it is designed in a classic style to make it look more aesthetic. In addition, this guest table also carries a Japanese-style multifunctional design and is made using solid wood material so that it is of high quality and can give a luxurious look to the living room. That way, this living room looks elegant.

Simple model design

In addition, we see that the design of this living room is simple. This design has equipped with a multifunctional sofa bed, so it looks more modern. In addition to space-saving, this sofa bed is made with quality materials and can make us sit comfortably while lying on it.

However, unlike the second simple living room inspiration, it emphasizes more of an ethnic and classic impression. This living room has made of a wooden roof with a few carvings and various furniture which is dominated by wood material.

This simple living room design in this village not only gives an ethnic touch but also accentuates the impression of luxury thanks to the dim lighting from the classic chandelier in the ceiling area. Then, to make it look more attractive, this living room is decorated with several indoor plants so that the living room still looks comfortable and beautiful.

Country feel

Even though we were in a living room with a modern classic design, the beautiful feel of the countryside made us feel comfortable. Moreover, the environment in the village generally has very minimal pollution so that the air feels cooler and healthier.

Unlike people who live in urban areas, they can adopt a rustic style of living by arranging the right decoration. They still feel uncomfortable when outside the house. Therefore, to create a beautiful and cool atmosphere, they apply a living room design like the design in the village with an open concept. Of course, the living room design can give a comfortable impression because air and light will be channeled to the maximum.

Add ornamental plants

To look more attractive, you can adopt this simple living room design by adding ornamental plants. This living room design gives a beautiful impression through the many placements of various ornamental plants.

In addition, this living room also uses wooden furniture, decorative lights, and classic accessories such as chandeliers. The presence of these materials represents the design of a simple living room in the village that looks fun.

Bedroom appearance

Comfortable room design

After we finished discussing in the living room, they invited us to put our equipment in the bedroom next to the living room. We realize that a bedroom is a place that must be able to accommodate the need for rest. We see this rustic bedroom design feels very comfortable. Therefore, to get a comfortable and calm atmosphere, we tidy up our equipment.

But for most people, the bedroom is a private area where people spend more time at home. Even this bedroom design makes us feel comfortable and calm. Especially the quiet rural atmosphere. Then, we saw that this bedroom design looks classic and unique with a teak wood material design.

Classic furniture

The rustic-style bedroom prioritizes comfort. But without aesthetics, anyone will not feel serenity and comfort. If we see a messy and drab bedroom area, it can make us not feel at home inside. Therefore, this rustic bedroom included modern classic-style furniture. Then, to look more beautiful, this bedroom is equipped with a luxurious bed, cloth wall hangings, decorative lights, a single sofa, a corner table, and a footrest. That way, the bedroom design looks beautiful and charming. This design makes us feel at home in it.

Luxurious classic design

A comfortable bedroom design has been designed with beautiful furniture and accessories. The design of this bedroom made us amazed and fascinated. This classic style bedroom reminds us of the past.

The classic interior style can create a comfortable space atmosphere with perfect aesthetics. This style is a style full of luxury touches and accents. As you can see, wall decorations, carving techniques, to color combinations reinforce the classic design. Therefore, no doubt the classic interior style is one of the many interior styles that can present a distinctive and iconic atmosphere. In addition, this interior style is timeless and still loved by many people.

A Rustic Touch in the Dining Room

After putting the equipment in the room, we were invited to the dining room to eat together. We are very happy because this rustic style is synonymous with natural materials, raw, and even unfinished like wood and stone. Sometimes the walls are made of only bricks and without cement or paint. We are welcome to enjoy the dishes in a warm atmosphere.

Then, the owners of this house created a comfortable and beautiful space has decorated it with a classic dining table and chairs, wall hangings, buffets, wooden floors, and antique decorative lamps. That way, we feel that the atmosphere of eating in the countryside is more comfortable. Then, to save space, this dining room has integrated with the kitchen that is equipped with a kitchen set.

Touch with natural bathroom

After we ate together, we wanted to clean our bodies by taking a shower in the bathroom at the back of the house. This simple modern rustic bathroom with an open concept provides an outdoor bathing experience. Imagine how comfortable it is to take a bath with the latest minimalist shower model while enjoying the natural fresh air.

This rustic bathroom design is certainly different from the modern minimalist bathroom model used today. Usually, the bathroom model comes with the concept of openness, uses a lot of natural materials, and has decorated with various tropical plants. With this rural atmosphere, we enjoyed our vacation.


Such was our vacation trip to the countryside. In this place, we find the best design of the terrace, living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom, and has been designed naturally and simply. The beautiful and calm atmosphere made us feel comfortable. Hopefully, some examples of this country house interior design can be an inspiration for your home. Hopefully, the reviews above can make your home design look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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