1. About hollow iron

In everyday life, we ​​must have known the name of iron. It turns out that there are three types of iron used in the construction world, namely wrought iron, solid iron, and hollow iron. Among the three, hollow iron is considered a versatile building material. How not. You can make building frameworks, crafts, wall ornaments, to interior decorations such as room partitions.

In addition, the appearance of hollow iron is more attractive when compared to other iron. As the name implies, hollow iron has a cavity in the middle. Then. Its shape is in the form of a rectangular cross-section, so it is also known as a straight pipe. The advantages of hollow iron as a construction material are no doubt. Even room partitions can be made of hollow iron. What are the advantages of hollow iron room partitions that you should know? Let’s follow the review below.

1. Easy to Form and Install

The advantage of hollow iron as a partition wall material lies in its ease of installation. As a result, many have switched from wood to hollow iron to make wall partitions. The weight of hollow iron is lighter, so it is flexible enough to be shaped according to its pattern. Then, to design it, you just need to use concrete wire scissors to make the desired partition pattern. Although light, hollow iron is no less strong than other iron. As far as we know, the building frame is more durable and does not collapse easily, even though it is only used as an accessory material.. Therefore, hollow iron is most widely used for various needs.

2. Termite-Resistant Material

At first, wood was widely used as room partitions. Unfortunately, wood has a weakness, namely, wood can be porous because termites eat it as it ages. Therefore, many people are starting to choose hollow iron to make wall partitions. The appearance of hollow iron that is smooth and not corrugated can create the luxury of a room. Then, the appearance factor makes hollow iron easier to paint and does not need to be shaved like wood. The painting results look good because the iron surface is already smooth.

3. Resistant to rust

As we know, this material has made of a mixture of silicon and aluminum, so it is more resistant to rust or corrosion. With these advantages, many people make room partitions from hollow iron that are suitable to be placed in any area, including outdoors. Then, the construction with hollow iron still looks durable, even though it is exposed directly to the sun. In addition, if you are bored with the initial paint, you can repaint it with a new color you like, and the process is not difficult.

4. Stage against fire

Hollow iron not only absorbs heat from the air but is also resistant to high temperatures, such as fire. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you build a partition with hollow iron because it is not flammable. So it’s no wonder hollow iron is often used in rooms that are prone to fire, such as storage warehouses.

5. Easy to care

The maintenance of hollow iron furniture is also not difficult, especially considering its durable nature. To treat it, spray oil paint so that the surface of the partition wall remains durable. In addition, this new paint can increase the strength of hollow iron. Furthermore, for maintenance, you simply wipe it with a wet cloth so that there is no dust attached to the partition wall. That way, your partitions always look cool.

6. The price is cheap and the process is easy

The advantages of hollow iron, are the price is cheap and can be used for any design. Therefore, hollow iron is widely used by the public. We know that the price of hollow iron is cheaper than other building materials. Then if you want to make partitions, the process is also easier because you don’t need to shave like a wooden surface to make it look smooth. By using a hollow iron, you only need to buy basic paint and then you paint according to the color you want.

7. Multiple partition designs

In general, the interior of a house consists of a living room, family room, and dining room. Then, to delimit each area, it is usually separated by walls and partitions. However, for a minimalist house, a partition as a room divider is the most widely used alternative. But if you can make it from hollow iron, the manufacturing process becomes easier. Then, the results are the best. Therefore we give you some pictures of room partition designs that you can apply in your residence. Please follow the review below!

Room partitions made of hollow iron and glass

One of the materials commonly used to limit a room is a glass partition with a hollow iron frame. This material is widely used because glass is strong, thick, and not easily damaged. In addition, glass is available in various designs. So it can make the room look more attractive.

Not only used as room partitions in the house. Therefore, iron glass partitions also can be used in office spaces. Its semi-permanent nature makes maintenance and renovation costs cheaper. In addition, it is transparent, opaque, or textured. But if you want to look your partition more beautiful, should be combined with hollow iron.

Room partition from the mirror

Every homeowner wants his living room to look beautiful, spacious, and bright. Therefore the use of mirror partitions is highly recommended. The mirror has the property of reflecting light. So that during the day the room becomes bright even with little sunlight.

Then, not to look fragile, the mirror can be combined with hollow iron or wood materials. Apart from being used as a buffer, this material can increase the uniqueness and beauty of the mirror partition itself. That way, you will feel at home in the living room.

Living room partition from iron

Some interior designs are now starting to dare to use iron partitions as living room dividers. Although thick and heavy, iron partitions are suitable for use in minimalist homes because the design can adjust to the size of the room.

Steel hollow frame is a material that is widely used for partitions because it is easy to form and can be combined with wood and glassware. Then, for maintenance, it is easy, namely by rubbing a dry cloth on the entire surface that is exposed to dust regularly. As for the color, use black or white. So the living room design looks aesthetic.

Hollow iron living room divider

The room divider made of hollow iron is widely chosen in the living room because it has a simple and unique design. The cavity produced from hollow iron is one of the unique models. As the picture above, this partition is designed like a long trellis with a per-row model. But make no mistake. Then, this partition also can be combined with other furniture. So it looks harmonious in the living room. To look more attractive, you can give black as your favorite color for the hollow iron model partition. That way, your living room design will look beautiful.

Hollow iron partition with glass combination box model

Partitions and hollow metal combined with glass in the picture look aesthetic in the workspace. This partition is designed as a workspace decoration to make it look more attractive and comfortable. The hollow metal modeled in a box and combined with the glass in the box looks elegant and charming. With this design, the workspace will look neat. Then, to look beautiful, add ornamental plant pots in the corner of the partition. That way, your workspace design will feel more comfortable and make you excited to complete your work. Happy decorating!

Sliding door model partition

Using living room partitions as insulation does not mean the room always looks more open and reduces privacy. If you want more privacy, you can limit the room with a hollow iron design partition and transparent glass material designed to be a sliding door that can be opened and closed at any time as you wish.

Then, to make it look more attractive, a room divider with a sliding door design. That way makes it easy for you to get privacy with a practical and elegant partition. Then, to look more elegant, give it a white color to make it look clean. Well, if you want your living room or workspace to be more pristine, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Folding model hollow iron partition

Portable room dividers can also be an alternative when you want to insulate the room in a non-permanent and practical way. Its slim and foldable design makes this divider practical and easy to use in the corners of a room or room that doesn’t require a lot of insulation.

Then, to make it look more attractive, design it with a minimalist color hollow iron in combination with a white cloth. With this design, your living room will look elegant and fun. Then, you can easily move it according to your needs.

Bamboo fence partition with hollow iron frame

You can see a unique partition design in this living room. It can make attract everyone’s attention. Like the picture above, this partition gives a natural impression, you can use bamboo sticks as a partition between rooms. Then, to make an aesthetic, you can create a frame from black hollow iron.

Then, to look artistic and unique, bamboo sticks are neatly arranged. Then, pieces of bamboo decorated with green moss make the room look alive and have a natural impression. This design aims to create an artistic and unique nuance. Then, to look attractive, the bamboo stalks are arranged irregularly and given a light varnish color.

Carved model hollow iron partition

Partition with carved hollow iron frame combined with antique wood looks. But beautiful when displayed as a room divider. So it has a high aesthetic value. Insulating a room using wood carvings and a hollow iron frame can give a vintage and unique impression to a room. Then, to make it look more attractive, give this carving in black and brown wood. That way, the partition in your living room will look antique and unique.

Design with Mirror

The design of this partition is a combination of perforated iron and a small square mirror. This design looks antique and unique in the living room. Its elegant appearance makes the living room look luxurious. Then, the combination of black hollow iron and mirror looks very harmonious. Then, to make it look more beautiful, the arrangement is affixed to the wall so that the holder is stronger and does not fall easily. Its elegant color matches the floor rug and furniture in the living room.

2. Conclusion

Well, it turns out that there are lots of materials that can be used as a unique and minimalist room partition model. Not only use expensive materials such as glass, wood, or iron, but you can also use simple items such as bamboo, wood, and cloth as room dividers to beautify your home. We hope this design can make your home interior look more aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, antique, and unique. Hopefully, our review can use for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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