1. Overview rumah gaya Jepang

Having a beautiful house design from another country will always be interesting, especially with the buildings that are typical of the country. For example, Japan has a distinctive house exterior and interior. A minimalist Japanese house is a design that is said to be able to combine traditional and modern looks very well.
Japan is very famous in the realm of architecture. No wonder Japanese houses even though they seem minimalist but still have good quality. If you are interested in Japanese-style houses, you can find out what are the inspirations for the Japanese style.

2. Ideas and inspiration

If you want to create a cool home with a warm feel, you can use Japanese home designs as inspiration. The uniqueness of the concept is not only an attraction for the residents of the house but also for the visiting guests.

Therefore, the developers started competing to adapt the Japanese house model in Indonesia. If you plan to build a Japanese-style house. Let’s look at the Japanese house design below.

3. Artistic and unique design

Japan is a land of a million charms with extraordinary charm and no doubt about it. Besides being famous for its artistic and unique culture, the country of cherry blossoms is also known for its quite classic house designs. A minimalist Japanese house design is a design that is said to be able to combine traditional and modern looks very well.

But ff you want to build a Japanese house in Indonesia, concrete is more suitable than traditional materials such as wood and bamboo because concrete is not affected by the humidity of Indonesia’s tropical climate. However, for residents who live in earthquake-prone areas such as Japan, wood is useful for housing even though it is easily weathered in tropical climates and requires high maintenance costs. For more details, let’s look at some of the designs below.

Japanese style wooden house accent

Rumah kayu bergaya Jepang ini tujuannya adalah pada udara bersih yang dikelilingi oleh taman. Ini adalah rumah warisan Jepang yang unik. Tak hanya itu untuk model rumah gaya Jepang aksen kayu memberikan penghuni kenyamanan yang sederhana dan praktis. Rumah gaya Jepang dengan aksen kayu dilengkapi dengan taman jika luas tanah Anda mencukupi.
Aksen Jepang yang terpancar pun semakin kuat dan asri untuk penghuninya. Rumah gaya Jepang aksen kayu memberikan nuansa hangat dalam sebuah hunian. Jika Anda sedang mencari hunian bergaya Jepang dengan aksen kayu, temukan pilihan huniannya

Japanese-style house made of cement

Although it looks simple, if you pay close attention, the facade of this house has a unique texture and makes it look different. With a very modern appearance, this residence also does not apply the walls of a Japanese house which are usually made of special paper. Even so, you can still feel the comfort of a Japanese house based on the choice of dominant wood materials.

Eco-friendly Japanese-style house

We far as we know that Japanese culture is closely related to love and respect for nature. The best way to strengthen the relationship with nature is to bring nature into the concept of the house. Japanese houses generally place typical plants in the house such as bonsai or bamboo. Therefore, you can place Japanese plants in the house as an interior decoration of natural elements.

Japanese-style concrete box house

Inspired by the works of Tadao Andi, a couple from Houston, Texas built their dream concrete house. The combination of traditional and modern designs can be seen from the ratio of materials made of wood and concrete. Even though it looks like a modern house, you can still see the Japanese touch in this residence. However, to maintain the beauty of the building, you still have to decorate the land by planting grass and ornamental plants to make it look green.

Modern Japanese-style house

In addition to the beauty of the exterior, the interesting thing about a modern Japanese house is the interior that combines traditional concepts. If you are interested in Japanese-style design, especially in the interior, then the use of tatami or a seat on the floor can be the right choice.
A room with a Japanese-style concept or washitsu is indeed identical to this one element. Tatami creates a neat and traditional impression in the room interior, to create a more homey atmosphere. For a distinctly Japanese look, add a chair with short legs and a seating area on a wooden floor.

Square Japanese-style house

The appearance of several houses in Japan are on this hill, such as box houses built in the city. It is a simple house that focuses on an area consisting of many rooms which are enough for a family. The concept of this house resembles a minimalist concept, but it looks artistic and unique. Then, a path has made to the entrance, with flowers and green grass. Make this house design look luxurious.

Traditional Japanese house design

You must have seen a house design like this. This Japanese house design is the first to be made complete with its trademark, namely a pointed roof at the ends. This Japanese house is still so traditional that it brings the characteristics of the cherry country to your home. The gravity of the Japanese house will be even more attached if you also plant Japanese pine trees in the yard. Then, to make it more interesting, you can add a beautiful garden with flowers, grass, and garden lights. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Japanese stilt house design

The design of this one house looks aesthetic and fun. If you are not satisfied with the traditional style, you can also design your home in an old Japanese style. The house on stilts is equipped with windows and also its distinctive wooden walls, it will make the Japanese atmosphere seem as if it has moved into your home. Then, you can usually find these Japanese-style houses on stilts above ponds or artificial lakes. Then, to look more beautiful, the front of the house is decorated with green gardens, Japanese fir trees, and colorful natural stones. Wow, so cool. Hopefully, this beautiful home design can be an inspiration for you.

Japanese house with a large area

Japanese house design is usually equipped with a culture of sitting on the floor like the picture above. If you don’t want to change the house interior, you can focus on the area behind the house to design differently. That way, you can feel that you are in a different location even in the same.

Thus, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the Land of Sakura when releasing fatigue complete with the elegant colors of the wood used. But don’t forget to adjust the color of the original wood to make it look more natural. Then add short tables, buffets, and floor rugs. That way, the atmosphere of the room will feel more comfortable.

Japanese minimalist house that suits the climate

These typical Japanese houses look similar to houses in China. Uniquely, each country has a different home design. As far as we know, the differences in architectural styles in each country are due to adjusting to the geographical location and climate.

You can see the house in the picture above. This building has been designed to adapt to the long winter. Then, the roof has made of asbestos, and the goal is to warm the air in the room. Then, when the summer comes, this roof can reduce the heat of the sun. That way, you and your family will feel more comfortable at home.

Hallway in the house

In every traditional Japanese house, there is a wooden hallway that connects one room to another. Having a beautiful, comfortable, and quiet home is everyone’s dream. Beautiful and comfortable conditions will make the owner feel at home to stay at home.

By having a look at the design above, you don’t need to move to Japan. To get a home and a comfortable, beautiful Japanese atmosphere, you don’t have to fly to the land of cherry blossoms. You simply apply the Japanese-style interior or exterior design in your home. That way, you can enjoy it every time. Then, to look more attractive, you can arrange fish ponds and gardens so that the atmosphere feels cooler.

Desain Rumah Minimalis Jepang Mewah Nan Elegan

The Japanese-style minimalist house design above is one of the most favored by many people. Not only does it look elegant, but the design of the house also looks more modern and stunning. To add a more artistic impression to this traditional Japanese house, you also have to pay attention to the wood application, making sure to choose high-quality wood. To perfect the appearance of your home, it never hurts to apply an oriental garden in front or behind the house. Then add beautiful garden lights. So that your garden looks aesthetic and attractive.

Desain Rumah Minimalis Kecil dan Nyaman

As you know, this latest Japanese-style minimalist home design is ideally applied in a spacious house yard. Not only that but this Japanese-style minimalist modern home design inspiration can also be done by minimizing the walls. That is more referring to the empty space between the area inside the house and outside the house. The goal is none other than to maximize the natural lighting in the room. That way, the house will feel wider, brighter, and certainly more comfortable to live in.

Classic Japanese minimalist home design

This Japanese-style house is not the latest residential inspiration but is one of the minimalist Japanese-style houses that has existed since the 1950s. No wonder there is a retro style or an old style that is thick but still maintains a Japanese-style minimalist element. This design is quite visible from the wooden frame that it uses, which is arranged as neatly as possible on the ceiling, lined with windows, and there are also decorative lights at strategic points. Of course, this can get everyone’s attention.

In addition, it creates comfort and a calming impression on the occupants. Then, to make the atmosphere more relaxed, the wooden stilt terrace added some patio chairs and tables with colors that match the walls. That way, this minimalist home design looks aesthetic. Then, even this design is guaranteed to make the user’s rest more optimal.

4. Conclusion

Those are some Japanese-style house designs that can be your inspiration. To be known, each house design must have its character. Choosing a way to renovate the house is also the right choice. But if you don’t want to design everything, you can make the land behind the house to be renovated so that it has a typical atmosphere of Sakura Country. There are several options for ancient, traditional to modern design reviewed in this article. We hope this design can make your home look artistic, unique, aesthetic, and attractive. Happy decorating.


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