1. Overview of the house by the beach

In general, the design of a beautiful house on the beach is made to be a place of rest. Therefore, for those of you who want to make a place to live in the coastal area, you should consider the right and attractive beach house design. By making such a design, you can enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere from your home. Therefore, please design according to your wishes and your family in order to create a warm and comfortable home feel. Then make you and your family feel at home in this place.

We all know that the hallmark of a beach house has made on stilts. It is because there are always ups and downs in water. Then, one of the characteristics of a beach house that stands out is the wall of the house made of stone and wood. Then, the foundation has made of stone with a stage model. So it looks very sturdy. The walls have made of wood that is resistant to water and hot weather around the beach.

2. Attractive house design

If you want to make a house on the beach, you can make it with the best design. The design of the stilt house used to avoid if there is water overflow or tides. Then, make the house with high pillars as a foundation. Then, at the same time pillars support the house. Then to enter the house make a ladder.

To feel more comfortable, make your bedroom face the beach. So when you rest, of course, you will feel more relaxed and calm. This way, you don’t need to buy a villa or rent a beachfront inn, and you will feel comfortable at home while releasing your fatigue. Therefore, let’s look at the idea of ​​​​inspiration for a house on the beach!

3. Beach house design ideas and inspiration

The beach theme is known as nautical. Then so that the concept feels more natural in your home, you can look for ideas and inspiration to create a comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, look for the best location. Then, find the best design ideas and inspiration to make your home look more attractive. Next, design your house facing the beach so you can see the beach every day and don’t feel bored. For that, let’s review the beach house design below. Hopefully, one of the designs can be an inspiration for you. Welcome to our review!

Wide glass walls and windows

The hallmark of a beach house with a modern theme often uses wide glass walls and windows. This house model is many used for lodging houses. The glass windows are deliberately designed for the part facing the beach. The advantage of this house is that the windows seem to connect to the beach area. So when you opened, you can see the view of the beach immediately visible. Of course, this is an option to turn the room into fun.

Then, to make you feel more comfortable, add room accessories such as pillows, blankets, and white curtains. The goal is to make the bedroom room brighter and fresher. If you want to give a private accent to the window, you can hang a Kirei made of bamboo. Bamboo material can give a natural touch to your bedroom.

Design with natural materials

The beach has many attractive elements that you can apply to your bedroom. Starting from sand, wood, and wildlife. By choosing natural materials as sweetener accessories, you can make the bedroom look colorful and rich in texture.

Another feature of the beachfront house is to use of thin cloth to protect the room from the hot sun. You can see in the picture above, this room is equipped with white curtains for the windows and doors. The purpose of this curtain is to protect the occupants of the house from the sun. Therefore, choose beautiful curtains so that your room looks more attractive.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a unique bed, white bed cover, pillow, nightstand, unique chandelier, bed lamp, and wooden chair. With an arrangement like it, your bedroom design will look beautiful and luxurious.

Balcony design for a relaxing place

In addition to designing the bedroom, you can design the balcony of your house with the game of wood materials. The selected colors and materials with marine nuances can add a nautical impression to your balcony room. That way, This beautiful decoration can give a romantic feel to the balcony area.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a dining table and long bench, wooden wall hangings, ceramic chairs in the garden area, ornamental plants, and garden spotlights. Don’t forget to design the balcony floor with wood to make it look more natural. Then face the view of the open sea. With this design, you and your family will feel at home and happy. Hopefully, this beautiful balcony design can make your family more cheerful.

Swimming pool design in front of the terrace

For beach houses that still have land in front, you can make a swimming pool with a box model. With this design, you don’t have to swim into the sea when the tide is high and the waves are big. Decorate the edge of your swimming pool with ceramics to make it look more beautiful.

Then, to look cool, you can add a sleeping chair to the left and right of the swimming pool. Then, choose a waterproof plastic or wood material. So it doesn’t get damaged quickly. Design this swimming pool in front of your terrace so you can control your children when swimming. Don’t forget to add beautiful furniture to the terrace so your terrace design looks luxurious.

Aesthetic beach house kitchen design

Every house must have a kitchen to do cooking activities for the family. Then, for a beach house kitchen, it must look different from an ordinary home kitchen. But the equipment is, of course, the same. The difference is only in the game of color and faced with the beach.

The aesthetic kitchen in this concept is designed in such a way that it looks attractive by choosing a kitchen table facing the sea. Then the kitchen is also equipped with an island table, kitchen set, and chandelier resembling a ship’s lamp. Colors for the kitchen, choose light colors to make it look bright when the sun comes in. That way, you will feel at home cooking in the kitchen while looking at the sea. Wow, that’s

The dining room design faces the sea

After we talk about the kitchen, the next we will talk about the dining room for the beach house. For you to know, the house beach dining room can be made into two models. First, you can make it inside the house, and second, you can make it outside. But the discussion here is about the dining room in the house and It has designed to face the sea.

As we know, if you eat while looking at the sea, it’s like eating on a cruise ship. Your appetite will increase. However, you need to pay attention to adjusting this design. Then, to make your dining room look more beautiful and comfortable, you can add a large table and several dining chairs for family gatherings. Then add a beautiful chandelier, wall decoration with natural stone to make it look natural, and dining room accessories.

If your dining room blends with the living room, add guest chairs to give a more relaxed and warm atmosphere. The most important thing is the design of the dining room floor with wood motif ceramics. With a design like this, your holiday atmosphere at the beach house will be longer. Happy decorating!

Master bedroom in a beach house

The Beach house designs are always made of two floors. The second floor is always created up for the master bedroom and then has a private balcony with a direct view of the beach. Then, also equipped with one main bathroom and located in the bedroom. That way, the bathroom cannot be used by the public. But if you want to work indoors, you can put a work desk, chair, and work lamp.

Then, to make the bedroom feel more comfortable, you can add a beautiful bed with a soft mattress. Then, add floor rugs, wall paintings, and wall lights. Most importantly, the beauty of this bedroom will look luxurious with wooden floors. With a design like this, you will feel at home for a longer stay at your beach house.

Living room design for beach house

Having a luxurious and fun living room design is everyone’s dream. By having a design like this, you can gather while chatting with your family. In addition, you can watch tons of entertainment movies with your family. Therefore, the family room at the beach house is always designed on the first floor and has equipped with furniture and entertainment equipment.

Usually, the family room is always made downstairs at the front. According to the architect Visbeen, creating a family room for gathering, a large kitchen, one guest bedroom, and a complete and comfortable bathroom can make the family closer. In addition, you can create this family room adjacent to the terrace to relax and also party with your extended family. That way, you are free to use the out room with your family and guests. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Front porch to relax and welcome Guests

Another atmosphere that can make your family happy is to design a terrace overlooking the beach. Houses around the house beach are generally spacious. It can use to welcome guests who come to the beach house. Then, to be more comfortable, made in a size that is wide enough and can be used to chat while looking at the beach.

Then, a house with a fairly luxurious style usually uses a wooden floor. But it also doesn’t matter if you want to use wood motif ceramic floors. But it is rarely made with a ceramic floor model because it will add heat to the house.

In addition to the luxury concept, usually, the beachfront terrace has design in a vintage home terrace style. To make the atmosphere more unique and comfortable, you can add a large sofa and table to drink coffee while enjoying the beach view. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who have a house on the beach.

Choose a matching interior paint

You can make a beautiful home interior design with attractive paint. Therefore, the color of the beach house is better to use a nautical-themed paint color. Some of these Nautica colors can be imitated for exterior and interior colors. For example, the colors blue, white, turquoise, and yellow. This color combination is perfect because it has a color that matches the beach house. If you want to combine it with a modern concept, it can be made with a more modern model. For example, you can use the interior of the house use wide sofas and comfortable sitting pillows. And don’t forget there is always a wide glass window overlooking the beach.

Then for the color usually use a nautical-themed paint color. Some of these nautical colors have been applied to the exterior and interior colors. For example, blue is more dominant than seawater. Then the white color is more inclined to the beach sand. Therefore, these two colors can give a comfortable impression on the interior and exterior of your home. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your beach house.

Furniture and fixtures for the beach house living room

But if your house is located in the beach area. You can choose interior equipment that is more important. One of the characteristics of the beach houses around the beach is that they always have an interior with a beach theme. It looks very attractive because these various interior accents don’t look boring. Even to get rid of the impression of being bored, you often use some living room furniture, accessories, and equipment for entertainment.

As you can see, room equipment such as sofa sets, patterned sofa cushions, makeup mirrors, television, and antique chandeliers adorn this living room. With a design like this, you and your family will feel relaxed and at home in this place. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Aesthetic beach house garden

The garden is one of the decorations for the exterior of the house. By having a beautiful garden, the atmosphere of your home will look natural. As you can see in the picture above, the presence of a garden in front of a beach house not only functions as a mere sweetener but can have a positive and healthy impact on its residents.

Then, some of the garden benefits, are we can feel from the garden are smooth air circulation, comfortable housing, and better lighting. Then, in making a garden, we can use the remaining land in front of the house and turn it into an aesthetic garden. Then, don’t worry about the spaciousness, you can design it as your wish. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Bathroom designs for beach houses

The bathroom is one of the most vital rooms in the house. It is because the bathroom design describes the house’s interior. Of course, the house will look less beautiful if the bathroom interior design is not in harmony with the overall interior design of the house. Even so, deciding on the right bathroom interior design is not easy. At least you have a lot of references to the types of bathroom designs that exist.

For those of you who always want to feel the beach atmosphere when bathing, then the type of coastal bathroom design is your dream. Although highlighting the feel of the minimalist beach design, this bathroom design is still pleasing to the eye. Give the color navy blue, turquoise blue, green turquoise, and white to make the bathroom design colorful but still warm. You can combine this coastal bathroom design with tiles from natural stone for a more natural impression. Then add aesthetic bathroom design fixtures.

4. Conclusion

If you are a person who likes to vacation at the beach, we provide some beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, comfortable, and fun beach house designs that you can create. There are many other characteristics that we can describe of beach houses as wooden furniture, accessories, and beach house knick-knacks.

Then, to realize a house model like this, you must prepare the best design and sufficient budget. So that your beach house results according to your taste. Hopefully, our review can use for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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