1. Overview of the minimalist living room partition

Minimalist home designs generally have limitations in terms of room division. However, that does not mean the house cannot be decorated to look beautiful and charming. For that, you can outsmart it using a minimalist living room bulkhead.

In addition to not taking up space, if you use this room divider can be an alternative to maintaining privacy between the living and family rooms. As far as we know, there are many forms and designs of room dividers to add to the aesthetic impression of the interior of your room. Therefore, let’s look at the inspiration for an attractive, aesthetic, minimalist living room partition design.

2. Minimalist room divider design inspiration

A room divider design or partition is a solution to overcome the size of a narrow room in a minimalist home. In addition to limiting one room to another, room dividers can be designed to be more functional and add to the beauty of the interior home.

Therefore, we provide an attractive minimalist bulkhead design that you can apply to a minimalist home. Therefore, let’s look at the review. Using a wooden room divider will make the house interior look more beautiful. Then, wood material is usually synonymous with an aesthetic impression. Besides being able to give a natural touch and a warm nuance to the room, this minimalist wooden bulkhead design can also save your expenses so as not to make a new room divider from stone.

3. Some examples of interesting partition designs

Partitions are often an option to replace the function of the wall. Besides being able to beautify the room with various designs, minimalist partitions are also the right choice to use if you don’t have a spacious enough space.

This design can increase the space in your home. Therefore, we will discuss some minimalist room divider partition designs that you can apply to your home. For that, let’s follow our review below!

Minimalis bulkhead design from wood

Room dividers made of wood are designs that we commonly encounter in most homes. Wooden screens have a variety of attractive shapes, ranging from vertical to horizontal. Then, because of the natural material, this wooden living room divider can add a cool and natural impression to your residence.

To look more harmonious in the room, decorate the living room with a minimalist sofa, a long minimalist buffet, ornamental plants, and room accessories. Don’t forget to design the room equipment in a color that matches the wood divider. With this beautiful design, you will be happy and feel at home in the house.

The combination of iron and wood bulkhead

Houses with industrial designs have characterized by dark hollow iron. If you have an industrial-style place, you can use a living room divider from a combination of iron and wood. This design can make the house look aesthetic. Then, you can put your favorite accessories and documents in this place.

To make it look more attractive, you can design it by making some space in this minimalist partition. Then, arrange the accessories, small flower pots, and documents neatly. To add to the beauty of a minimalist bulkhead, design it in a color that matches your living room and home floor. Don’t forget to add a minimalist sofa set to make it look aesthetic. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Glass room divider design

Futuristic-style houses must be familiar with the use of glass and mirrors. Moreover, glass can make your home look more spacious. However, for those of you who need more privacy, maybe you can change the clear glass to dark-colored glass so that your activities in the living room are not visible.

Then, to add to the beauty of the room, you can add a brown and blue sofa set, wooden table, sofa cushions, standing lamps, unique hanging lamps, room accessories, and floor rugs. With a design like this, your living room will be able to amaze your guests. Hopefully, this design can add to your living room design ideas. Happy decorating!

Minimalist room bulkhead from cloth curtains

This one partition looks practical and has an affordable price. Especially for those of you who have a house with limited space. You can use this design for your living room. Even though this partition seems too simple, this one-room divider has many people like it. The bulkhead from these curtains is usually suitable for small dwellings, such as studio-type apartments, so they do not take up space.

However, to make it look more attractive, add furniture that matches the color of the curtains and the room. Then add a floor rug to make it look more elegant. With a design like this, your living room will look aesthetic. So for those of you who have a minimalist home and want to save costs, this design can be an inspiration to you.

Minimalist bulkhead from sliding door

Having a minimalist model house makes you have to think about how to design the room to look more attractive. Therefore, you can use the room partition from this sliding door as an inspiration for your living room design. However, if you want your room to look complete, you can use this wooden partition is very multifunctional as a divider and separator like a wall. If you need time for personal purposes, you can simply close the door by pushing.

But to make this living room look more aesthetic, you can add a single sofa, rattan guest chairs, sofa cushions, unique wooden tables, flower pots, and floor rugs with colors that match the furniture. This design makes the living room atmosphere warmer. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Minimalist partition by using a bookshelf

The bookshelf above, besides having a function as a room divider, you can use this as a place to put your collection of books. In addition, you can place various other objects, such as figures, trophies, or other goods For that, we recommend a contemporary bookcase that you can use for the partition between the living room and the family room.

To make it look more beautiful, you can add a long sofa, guest chairs, an antique guest table, decorative standing lamps, and floor rugs that match the living room. With a design like this, you are more relaxed to talk with your family and guests. Hopefully, this simple design can make you and your family cheerful.

Block with macrame design

If you don’t know the name of macrame, maybe you should know this one product. Macrame is a form of craft from thick threads that form a certain pattern and is very interesting. This design looks antique and unique. Therefore, you can apply this partition to a bohemian or Scandinavian-style living room.

To make it look more harmonious, you can choose a color that matches the interior of the living room. Then, add a rug of the same color as your curtains. That way, the appearance of your room looks artistic. Well, for those of you who like something antique and unique, this design can be an inspiration to you.

Unique partition dividing the living room

If you want your living room to look different, you can create a custom partition like the picture above. With an artistic design, you will feel a comfortable atmosphere. This partition has its artistic value that adds to the beauty of the living room and makes the air circulation in the room behind the living room awake and not stuffy.

But to look more attractive, you can add sofas and sofa cushions, decorative lights, ornamental plant pots, and wall paintings. Then, this design looks more beautiful with a wood motif tile floor. If you want an artistic space restriction, this design can be your inspiration.

TV room divider design with living room

This room divider design looks more modern than the others. On the right and left sides, space is made for walking. Then, in the middle between the TV room and the living room, it is designed with an attractive minimalist partition. This kind of partition looks more luxurious in this room.

Then, the design of this living room looks cozy with wood motif tile floors, brown sofa sets, motif floor carpets, wall paintings, wall shelves, and a television. That way you will feel a relaxed atmosphere while releasing tension while working in the office. Hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration to your living room.

Room divider design using minimalist shelves

Choosing a room divider using a minimalist shelf can also be the best choice. That way, you can decorate the shelves as you wish. In addition to being multifunctional, this type of model partition is also suitable for various interior designs, ranging from minimalist, modern, and artistic interior design. This living room looks more beautiful with a sofa set, guest table, wall paintings, photo frames, and ceramic tiles with wood motifs. With this arrangement, your living room design looks aesthetic.

Minimalist bulkhead design from sliding bamboo model

The design of this one-room divider seems to be different from the previous room divider design. By choosing a partition design that is environmentally friendly and can save space, you can apply a partition made of bamboo.

To look more harmonious with the living room interior design, use matching colors, such as guest chairs, floor carpets, and hanging decorative lights. To make the room feel fresher, decorate it with ornamental plants and flower pots. With an arrangement like this, your guests will be amazed to see it. Hopefully, this beautiful and unique design can add ideas and inspiration to your living room.

Partition design with matching colors

You can make design this modern minimalist living room bulkhead to match the wall color or choose a soft color. This living room bulkhead design looks elegant and luxurious with a shelf decoration in the middle. Then, the living room looks attractive with the presence of a sofa, a wall shelf, and a buffet that matches the color of the partition. With an arrangement like this, you will be more confident to receive your guests. We hope that this design can be an inspiration for your minimalist home.

Colorful minimalist room divider

As far as we know, modern minimalist room partitions are always designed with wood elements. If you want to highlight this design, you can make a design until the color is like what you want. The partition design above looks beautiful and fun. With a combination color of white, brown, and black, this partition looks elegant in the living room. If you are happy with the colorful design, you can apply it to the room divider in your home. Happy decorating!

Vertical wooden partition complete with accessories rack

The last minimalist living room partition, you can sample is a vertically mounted wooden beam complete with storage shelves. In addition, you can add knick-knacks or books as additional decorations that fill the partition to harmonize the color of the partition with the room.

Then, to make the atmosphere in the house feel warmer and more cheerful, you can add a letter L sofa set, wall paintings, and hanging decorative lights. That way, your living room will be pleasing to the eye. Hopefully, this design can add to your living room design ideas.


4. Conclusion

Everyone will be happy to see the interior design of their home looks beautiful and aesthetic. But if you have a minimalist house with limited space. Don’t worry because you can make your living room divided into a family room.

The solution can use a minimalist partition that fits your room model. With this bulkhead design, your conversation with guests is not disturbed. Then, to make it, you have to prepare a sufficient budget. Hopefully, the design examples above can make your family and living room design look aesthetic. Happy decorating!




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