1. Overview of beautiful minimalist window

A beautiful and charming house design is everyone’s dream. Therefore, a beautiful minimalist home design is in great demand by many people. One of the designs that can affect the beauty of your home is windows. Therefore, you cannot leave a minimalist home without any decoration. In addition, minimalist window models can also be influenced by the environment in which you live.

Then, to create a minimalist home window design, many models and variations can be made. For that, we will provide ideas and inspiration for arranging a minimalist home window design to make it look more stylish and match your surroundings while maintaining your privacy!

2. Attractive minimalist window design

If you want to build a house, of course, you will think about how to design the shape of the house. Window design is an important element in building a house. Just imagine if the house does not have windows, your house must feel hot and stuffy. Therefore, the window is an important thing to think about in the design. Then, design the best window design for your home.

In addition, when you choose a window design, try to match the shape of your home. Home windows, besides being used for sunlight to enter and flow air in and out smoothly, also have to choose the right window model so that your home design looks aesthetic and is comfortable to live in for a long time. We know that home is a place where we take a break from daily activities and serve as a shelter

In addition, a good window is certainly a window that is by its function. Then, the window layout can’t be arbitrary, so it doesn’t take up too much space. But if you have a modern minimalist home, you should choose the type of minimalist window that fits the design of your home.

3. Window design reference

Minimalist window design can make the house look more beautiful. Besides that, Then, to give an aesthetic impression to your home, you have to be smart in choosing a window model. So that when people are amazed to see your house. Then, using a simple minimalist window with a unique model can make your home look more attractive, even though your house is not spacious. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the images below.

4. Attractive minimalist window inspiration

The window is an important element in a house. A minimalist window with an attractive design is the right home decoration. Especially for those of you who have a minimalist home, you must look for inspiration for beautiful and charming window models. So the exterior and interior of your home design look more attractive.

As we know, a house will seem incomplete without windows. Both bedroom windows and room windows are more important because they can make air circulation and sunlight that makes us healthy. In addition, the house window model can also make the exterior and interior appearance of a house pleasing to the eye. For that, let’s review the window image below. Hopefully, one of these images can be useful for you.

Classical arched minimalist window mode

The classic minimalist window model like the picture above gives a beautiful impression of the home interior. Then, this minimalist window model can also be conditioned to protrude outward so t it can save space in the house. Therefore, many houses in Europe use minimalist windows like this picture.

Then, to look beautiful, you can add furniture such as sofas, hanging lamps, and table lamps adapted to the house’s interior. That way, the interior design of the living room will look beautiful and charming. Happy decorating!

Arched minimalist windows for rooms

This minimalist window model is also suitable when applied to rooms that have a classic, elegant and luxurious interior theme. This window design looks like a house in Europe. The combination of walls with windows will add to the beautiful and elegant impression of a house. Then this combination will be different from the others.

Then, to make your bedroom design look more comfortable, you can add a wooden bed complete with foam, a classic wardrobe, classic decorative lights, wall paintings, and ornamental plants. With this design, you will feel at home in the room.

Double-hung minimalist window model

You will feel happy if you have a beautiful and aesthetic home. But to make all that, you must be good at arranging it. As in this picture, the minimalist double-hung window model is a minimalist window model that is very popular abroad. However, this minimalist window model has now also started to become a trend in Indonesian housing. Therefore, the minimalist double-hung window model tends to be practical because it combines two glass windows in a frame so that it has a more dynamic impression.

An attractive design of this window, it can use is shifted down or up, and there is a partition so that it can increase the efficiency of energy use in the house, such as locking hot or cold air. To make it look cool, you can add a classic model sofa, floor carpet, and wooden buffet to store furniture and documents.

Minimalist double-hung window model for the kitchen

A beautiful and comfortable kitchen design can make you excited to cook. To make all that, create a design with a minimalist double-hung window model because this model can be used as an inspiration for your favorite classic model in your home. This minimalist window model can also use only one window layer.

This model is usually applied to a minimalist home model. So it doesn’t require two windows to turn on the minimalist window model with this hung model. However, to add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can add ornamental plants to make it feel fresher.

Transom minimalist window model

Minimalist transom model window, the shutters can be opened as wide as we want. Then, the window will automatically be stuck. This minimalist tipped window model is practical and more flexible, and is very suitable to be placed in various areas of the house, including for high and low rooms such as bathrooms or toilets.

There is something unique about this minimalist folding screen window model. This minimalist window model is not only suitable for inspiration, but it will also not store dust or pet hairs that you have. The folding screen in this minimalist window model is also useful in making your home design look antique and unique.

Stationary minimalist window model

This minimalist window model is different from some of the minimalist window designs above. This static minimalist window model has no opening at all. As the name implies, the static minimalist window model is more decorative and very suitable to be placed in the corners of the room.

However, this minimalist window model has very elegant and is usually placed in rooms that are high enough and also sufficient to provide lighting in a room. Then, to make it look more beautiful, design windows with bright colors to make them look more harmonious.

Minimalist window with frosted glass finishing

The advantage of a minimalist window model of frosted glass is that it creates good enough privacy for the house. This design can be easily applied in various ways, using paper that is directly pasted or by spraying on the minimalist window itself.

This window is generally shifted horizontally and stacked on the other side of the glass. This minimalist window model is a suitable choice to be applied to the type of house with a modern and contemporary interior design. To maintain privacy, you can still add minimalist curtains and furniture with a choice of colors that match the window frames.

Stained glass minimalist window model

In Indonesia, the name for the stained glass minimalist window model is stained glass. This minimalist window model refers to a window model with colored glass motifs. The glass in this minimalist window model is made by adding metallic salt at the time of manufacture to give it a color and then adding several small pieces of glass are arranged to form a pattern or image.

This minimalist window model can be easily found in residences and places of worship in Europe, even its high historical value makes this minimalist window model existed since the late Middle Ages.

Sliding minimalist window model

Many homeowners make designs with sliding windows to save space. You also must always see a window model like this. This minimalist sliding window model does look practical and efficient in the house.

In addition, this model window does not take up much space and is very convenient for its users. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Indonesia this minimalist window model is still one of the favorite minimalist window models. However, to look more attractive, you can use an aluminum frame. That way, the exterior and interior appearance of your home design look luxurious.

Minimalist window with window film

This type of minimalist window film finishing offers other styles that you can choose from, such as a stained style, color variations, and a glow-in-the-dark style. As far as we know, many window films are easy to remove or install. Therefore, if you are always bored with the same minimalist window style, you can choose this design because it is easy to replace when you are bored. Then, to look more attractive, design your interior with a sofa in the same color as your window film.

Minimalist window with stained glass decoration

A minimalist window house design can be installed in a contemporary-style house, don’t be confused because the stained glass decoration fits perfectly with the style of the house that carries the style of the old house.

As you know, this type of glass will make a minimalist window still beautiful to look at. Then, Stained glass is also available in various colors and ornaments, bright and transparent. But with this design, you can still see clearly. But if you are happy with old house designs, this window design is perfect for you to imitate.

Minimalist window by using a screen

You can make a glass window design like the picture above. This minimalist window looks more beautiful with a metal screen and can make the house exterior even more luxurious. This screen is also useful for facilitating air circulation and blocking the sunlight at certain times. Therefore, you can consider a screen model for a minimalist window like this. Then, to make it, you must prepare a sufficient budget. So the results are satisfactory and according to your taste.

Minimalist windows with folding screens

The design of folding screen windows or folding screens is suitable for minimalist windows because it has several advantages that other minimalist window sweeteners do not have. First, a minimalist window with a folding screen will not store dust or animal hair. Second, this screen is also useful for separating rooms in one room even though it is not in a minimalist window. Windows with this model are suitable for permanent minimalist windows.

Minimalist windows with curtains and shutters

Curtains have a function that distinguishes them from other minimalist window accessories. Curtains can filter ultraviolet rays that enter directly into your home. As you know, there are types of curtains that can be raised and lowered by remote with various designs and various ornaments. Therefore, for a futuristic home design, curtains like this are suitable to be installed.

Minimalist window design with artwork

A beautiful and enchanting house is a well-designed house. Therefore, for those of you who like art, two-dimensional works of art are suitable to complement your minimalist window. Such as wall decorations in the form of canvas posters and hanging decorations, or various calligraphy.

Then, to look more attractive, you can put other room decorations according to the style you are interested in, not only in the family room. You can also decorate the dining room to make it look more attractive. To make it look more luxurious, add a sofa set, table, decorative lights, and unique accessories. That way, the interior design of your living room will look aesthetic and unique.

Minimalist window with plant decoration

Minimalist window design is not only designed with beautiful frames and beautiful paint colors. Therefore, you can make your home windows with plants as a complement to your minimalist home window. Plants have many functions, so you don’t need to be confused about where to put green plants in your home. Usually, beautiful plants have placed in interiors that are side by side with the windows. By arranging it like this, your window design looks more attractive.

5. Conclusion

Those are some variations of house windows that we can explain. To make your home design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and luxurious, you can choose a window design that fits your home. But if you don’t want to bother with designing the exterior of your home, you can use a home decor service so that the results are according to your taste. Hopefully, the above image review can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!


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