1. A glimpse of bohemian design

The Bohemian style has the character of using carpets and fabrics to enliven the appearance of the room. This design originated with nomads who left Bohemia in Central Europe to escape rigid rules.

Therefore, the bohemian residential design (Boho style) prioritizes personal taste. With so many designs on offer, finally design lovers prefer the desired style according to their wishes to beautify the interior of the design of their home. For that, let’s look at the bohemian ideas and designs below.

2. Artistic bohemian concept

If you have a very expressive soul, a high artistic spirit, love freedom and want to create a home that can represent you. You can try choosing a Bohemian design which is known as artistic. The Bohemian concept does rarely found because the impression is free from the styles known in the modern style. But if you love freedom, express it by choosing a Bohemian style. For that, let’s look at the aesthetic bohemian design below.

3. Bohemian is an attractive design

This Bohemian application looks more attractive, even though it doesn’t seem to match each other because the pattern arranged by residential owners has a high artistic soul. Therefore, the arrangement looks unique and beautiful. In addition, another characteristic of Bohemian is the use of vintage and old-style furniture. We would like to remind you that to create a Bohemian impression, the furniture does not mean worn antiques, but furniture that can still function like an old radio but can still use.

4. Some examples of attractive designs

The bohemian design has described as a room filled with various colors, patterns, ethnicities, plants, and various other forms that reflect the freedom of expression. This design also really upholds aesthetic value. Therefore, if you like ethnic and traditional things, it feels like a Bohemian house design can describe your character.

If you want to create a Bohemian-style home, there are no set rules for creating this design because you can express yourself. However, what characterizes the bohemian style is the combination of various colors and contrasting patterns. The more the patterns and colors collide, the more bohemian characteristics will appear. For clarity, let’s review the Bohemian design below. Hopefully, one of the designs below suits your taste.

Bright color combination

The combination of various bright colors and patterns that collide with each other makes this room look so beautiful and artistic. If your living room is like this, you’ll have fun relaxing surrounded by colors and patterns like this! Despite using dark-colored walls. In addition of furniture and accessories with bold colors makes this room look very cheerful. In addition to colors and patterns, bohemian also add a lot of plants to it. Then, to look more attractive, you can add guest chairs with color motifs, colorful carpets, antique knick-knacks, and decorative lights.

Fun boho design

If you prefer a classic style design, of course, this boho living room is for you. Then to look attractive, you can add patterns like the carpet, sofa cushions, and wall decorations. To look more beautiful, add a colorful patterned sofa, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, mirrors, and classic buffets to make a vintage design look, and antique knick-knacks. Then, design the living room floor with an earthy brown color. That way, this boho design looks natural.

Subtle bohemian design

To create a festive bohemian design, you don’t need to be too busy with decorations and color games. As you can see, this minimal bohemian-style room looks calmer and more soothing. The choice of white and light brown colors, as well as pots of cactus plants, will make you feel like you are in the desert.

To look more harmonious, you can add guest chairs in a color that matches the room. Then add a guest table, floor rugs, ornamental plants, and antique knick-knacks. In addition, you can add exposed brick designs to the walls. With a design like this, your living room will look aesthetic.

Colorful point

This one boho design is suitable for those of you who like simple designs but still have a focal point or focal point that can distract. As you can see in this picture, brightly colored decorations on this all-white surface. Then, to look more elegant, you can add a sofa with colorful cloth covers, an opal glass table, a work table and chairs, antique knick-knacks, and ornamental plants. Don’t forget to design the floor with a wooden floor to make it look more like a bohemian design. With this arrangement, your living room does not look stiff.

Use vintage items

Furniture and decorations used in the bohemian style usually look used or vintage. Therefore, you should avoid using items that look new or modern. Then, you can get these items from antique shops, thrift shops, or even use family heirlooms. To look classic, you can add classic guest chairs, antique decorative lamps, antique wooden tables, antique knick-knacks shelves, floor rugs with colorful motifs, and ancient paintings. With this arrangement, your living room design will look vintage.

Casual and comfortable design

Although the bohemian style seems crowded, basically this style prioritizes to the comfort of its residents. Therefore, you need the room still looks casual and comfortable. To make the living room look complete, you can use sitting cushions, wall paintings, fake ornamental plants, antique decorative lamps, soft sofas, carpets, or antique furniture. That way, you can enjoy your bohemian room. Then, choose furniture or knick-knacks that give the room a cozy or comfortable impression.

Neutral color as the base

Even though the bohemian style emphasizes a variety of color combinations and patterns, you still need to use simple neutral colors as a base. The trick is you can use white on the walls. Then bright colors on the floor tiles and the ceiling of the room.

To make it look complete, also use neutral colors on the sofa set, wall paintings, metal shelves, and some flower pots. Then, to look thick with a bohemian design, add colorful pattern rugs, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, antique knick-knacks, and antique decorative lights. The goal is to balance the appearance of a bohemian-style room that usually tends to look crowded by various combinations of colors and patterns. With this arrangement, your living room will look comfortable.

Combining attractive patterns and colors

The key to bohemian or boho style is using contrasting colors and patterns. But still complementary. You can see floral patterns placed on the floor and hanging on the ceiling, which can be combined in a bohemian-style room.

Although there are no specific rules about color combinations in the bohemian style, you should still use consistent color combinations so that the room still looks harmonious. If you don’t like bright colors, try a slightly darker, more eye-catching color like olive green, mustard yellow, or dark orange. Then, to complete the living room, add a letter L sofa, opal glass table, corner table, antique hanging lamps, motif sofa cushions, colorful carpets, and unique knick-knacks. With this color combination, your living room will look aesthetic and unique.

Use natural materials

Bohemian-style room interiors are usually synonymous with using natural materials, such as rattan, wood, or hemp. You can use wood and rattan furniture, macrame decorations, or jute rope trinkets. In addition, the use of various materials can add an interesting texture to the room.

In addition to the use of natural furniture and decorations, the presence of ornamental plants is also important in bohemian-style decoration. Choose indoor ornamental plants with beautiful and minimalist designs. So they can beautify the appearance of the room. Then add a wall painting and a round table to place the knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the atmosphere of your living room will be warmer and pleasing to the eye.

Stunning design

The hallmark of this bohemian architecture is the use of ethnic elements in the building. It can be from the use of building materials to the interior mix that is used with the color of the existing furniture. The bohemian style is synonymous with gypsy, colorful, and mixed between ethnic, hippie, and vintage design. With this arrangement, the impression is not stiff because it has become the hallmark of this bohemian style.

To make it thicker with a bohemian design, you can add a buffet with turquoise green, guest chairs with colors that match the walls, ornamental plants that match the color of the walls, antique knick-knacks, and floor carpets that match the color of the round chairs. With a color arrangement like this, the living room design will feel festive and cheerful.

Chic black and white design

Black and white nuances In this modern era, many people are interested. With black and white, you can create a comfortable atmosphere at home. In addition, black and white make the room look quirky but elegant. In addition, you can add flashy colors like gold and brown.

With a modern boho style like the picture above, the atmosphere of the living room will feel comfortable. To look more attractive, you can add a sofa with colorful sofa cushions. Add a guest table with motif cloth. Then, to add to the festive atmosphere, you can add floor rugs, antique chandeliers, and photo frames on the walls. With an arrangement like this, your living room will be able to amaze your guests.

Use a sheepskin rug

The final bohemian design is to use a sheepskin rug. Sheepskin rugs are usually used for rustic-style homes. However, if you want to create a modern feel in a boho style, using a sheepskin rug is a great idea. The sheepskin rug will make the atmosphere of the room feel sweet and warm. Then, the sheepskin rug also will go well with the boho design.

Then, to look beautiful and charming, you can design your living room floor with wooden floors. But if you want to make it harmonious, add a white sofa set like the picture above. That way, your living room will look aesthetic and fun.

5. Conclusion

If you have a bohemian living room, you must be good at designing and arranging furniture, knick-knacks, and accessories. The advantage of a bohemian living room, you don’t have to buy into the rules of excessive color and equipment. You can decorate according to your taste and the size of the room.

Then, to make your living room design look beautiful, aesthetic, comfortable, and attractive, you can follow our review above. We hope that one of the designs we provide can suit your taste. Then, make you and your family comfortable and at home. Happy decorating!


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