1. Overview of the living room on the terrace

The living room design is an important part that cannot be separated from the design of the house. In addition, this room is also a place to receive guests and even a favorite area to gather with family. For homeowners with limited land, you can use the terrace as a living room. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you have a minimalist home design. By designing the terrace into a living room, the interior design of your living room will feel comfortable. Then you can do any activity.

If you are creative, you can design the terrace into a room where you receive guests and relax with your family. By building a living room on the front porch, you don’t have to bother to accept guests into your home. Then, it will make the house feel more spacious and also save a lot of budgets because you don’t need to buy elegant and luxurious furniture. Therefore, take advantage of the terrace to be converted into a living room to overcome the limitations of space in the house. Well, if you are looking for a solution to build a terrace with a living room concept, let’s review the versatile design below.

2. Create versatile designs

One of the reasons why many people prefer multifunctional rooms is because of the narrow space. Moreover, we live in an urban area where every inch must be used to its full potential. The concept of a living room on the front porch is not only saves a lot of room at home but also can be used for the living room when many family or friends come. Of course, you don’t want your family or guests who come to your house not to get a seat just because small house. Therefore, the design of the living room on the terrace can make the atmosphere outside more cheerful.

3. Make the atmosphere more comfortable

Now! the concept of an outdoor living room is becoming very popular in residences. By creating a living room on the front porch, everyone can enjoy a comfortable outdoor atmosphere because it has connected to the outside area and free air.
Then, to look more attractive, put some green decorations such as ornamental plants or create a small garden that refreshes the eye. That way, the outdoor feel becomes a very inviting attraction. That way, anyone will not mind enjoying the fresh air while enjoying a cup of coffee and small talk. Therefore, we review some privacy designs to make you feel more comfortable in the outdoor living room.

4. Give the impression of privacy for comfort

According to its function, the open living room is an area to receive guests. Then, we often use this room to gather the family to talk about important things. That is why you need to add privacy to an open living room. Do not let people who pass in front of the house interfere with our conversation. The solution is to install fences, walls, or border plants. In addition, the use of privacy also makes you calmer and safer. Therefore, let’s review one by one the open living room design below. Hopefully, one of the designs suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Natural with Scandinavian design

If you like Japanese or Scandinavian interior design styles. Then, you want to have a terrace as well as a cozy living room. You can make it, and you can imitate this design inspiration. For that, You only need to paint the patio walls white. Then, design the wooden elements on the roof to present a more natural atmosphere.

Then, make sure you use furniture with the same feel. Look for white sofas and tables which do not escape the elements of wood. That way, this multifunctional room looks more attractive. Then you can make it a favorite place to gather with family and receive guests.

Natural Design

Choosing furniture to put on the terrace in the living room can not be arbitrary. On the one hand, you need to place furniture that is comfortable and comfortable to stay in. However, the terrace as an outdoor area increases the risk of heat and rain, so it is necessary to look for furniture that is resistant to temperature changes.

One of the tricks, you can create a terrace as well as a living room with furniture made of soft materials so that it feels comfortable. However, make sure the sofa you choose has a comfortable seat cushion. Then to make it look green, you can add some ornamental plants so that the natural atmosphere is more pronounced while making the living room cooler.

Roomy and warm design

The design of the terrace and the living room should be made spacious to feel comfortable. However, don’t let the outdoor living room seem empty because this room is always to accept guests and gathering family.

Then to look more attractive, make the floor with wood parquet or vinyl to give a warm impression. To make it look spacious, you can look for a letter L sofa to make it more space-saving. Don’t forget to place a rug made of woven bamboo or other natural materials to get a more homey atmosphere on the terrace and your living room. To look more attractive, add patio chairs and wall hangings. That way, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetic.

Artistic and comfortable design

As you know, the open living room on the terrace can be decorated artistically because of its position outside the house. To make it, you can place some decorative decorations that make the terrace atmosphere more aesthetic.

However, you should look for functional decorations so that they are not only sweeteners but also make your terrace and living room more multifunctional and comfortable. For example, you can add wall knick-knacks and flower pots on the walls as decorations. You can also place some ornamental plant pots to make it look cooler. Then, to make the living room a place to receive guests, you can add a long sofa, guest chairs, round tables, and sofa cushions. That way, the interior design of your open living room will feel more beautiful and charming.

Vintage design

If you want to present a vintage design in an open living room, choose an aesthetic, multifunctional, and space-saving model like the picture above. Wall hangings and decorative lights look thick in this outdoor living room design.

In addition, the closed model will make the open living room look neat. Then, to look more attractive, you can complement this outdoor living room with colorful guest chairs, motif sofa cushions, antique jars for drinks, ornamental plants, and black and white motif curtains. That way, the exterior design of your home will appear more artistic and charming.

Design with swing

An attractive outdoor living room design is everyone’s dream. To make all this happen, you can equip a sofa has designed with a swing complete with sofa cushions and a dining table set to make the atmosphere feel warmer.

The design of this outdoor living room looks unique but is sure to amaze people. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design the floor with wood. Then add decorative wall lights, and hanging fans. That way, you will feel more relaxed talking with your family and guests.

Aesthetic outdoor living room

Residents with limited land have to be extra creative to outsmart the lack of space. The most common way is to make one room have two functions at once, namely an outdoor living room and a terrace.

We know that privacy concerns are important in your home. So your conversations are not overheard by others. For that, you can design your terrace into an outdoor living room. To make it look like a living room, you can add guest chairs, tables, sofa cushions, and ornamental plants. Then, to make it look spacious, the design is white. That way, your outdoor living room will look aesthetically pleasing.

Natural design and exposed brick

This outdoor living room design looks beautiful and has a size of 4 x 7 meters. As you can see, this terrace wall has filled with ornamental plant pots that make the wall look green. Then, to look more natural, this wall is decorated with white exposed bricks to match the ornamental plants. Then, to look more beautiful, a wooden shelf is given to put ornamental plants.

To complete the outdoor living room, you can add a set of rattan chairs with a table, sofa cushions, a round table, ornamental plants, and floor rugs. With a design like this, your outdoor living room will look natural and artistic.

Beautiful and natural design

If you have remaining free space on the balcony of the house, you can turn it into an open living room. Add a beautiful rug, and make a chair design with ceramic material covered with plastic and soft foam. Add bright sofa cushions, ornamental plants, and wall hangings to make it look fresher. To look more attractive, choose a room design with a color that matches the chair. With this design, your outdoor living room will look beautiful and charming.

Homey design

The outdoor living room is a great solution to deal with the limited space conditions of the house. Making an outdoor living room can reduce the number of rooms in the house so that the residence looks more spacious. The outdoor living room can be a favorite place to relax because the atmosphere is comfortable.

To complete the outdoor living room, you can add a long guest chair, a rattan chair covered with foam to make it feel comfortable when sitting. Then add a guest table and a round table as a complement to the living room. Then, if you still have enough land in front of the house, you can design a fish pond so that the atmosphere feels cooler. With this arrangement, your outdoor living room design looks homey and can make you feel at home.

5. Conclusion

Those are some minimalist home outdoor living room designs that we can explain. If you want to make it, you can choose a design that suits your taste. However, to organize an outdoor living room in a small house without renovation, you can take advantage of several areas in front of the house above. We hope our review can make your home exterior design look elegant, aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. Hopefully, our article can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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