1. Overview of the narrow living room of a minimalist house

Many people select to buy a type 21 or type 45 house as their first residence. Even though it’s not spacious, you can make it more comfortable by arranging a small living room to make it look spacious.

The living room is usually the first room where guests visit the house. The reason is that this one room is usually located at the very front of the house. Moreover, the living room usually functions as a family room. So to make a small living room design feel spacious is very important. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because there are several ways to organize a small living room to make it feel more spacious. For that, let’s follow the review of ideas and designs below.

2. The best idea and design

If you want to organize your small living room, but you don’t know anything about interiors, you can see some pictures below. Basically, organizing a small living room is easier than a large living room. That way, you can choose the right decor and save money.

But to get the best ideas and designs, you need a guide and special tactics to look a small living room doesn’t look cramped. Utilizing every corner of the space in the small living room, such as vertically and horizontally, and you must make the main mindset. Even though it’s a little complex and there is a risk of failure because you’re not careful but if you are understood, of course, you will get an idea to find a design that suits your taste. For more details, let’s look at the picture below. Welcome to our review!

Putting sofas and multifunctional furniture

If you like to organize a minimalist home interior, you can take advantage of some attractive living room furniture and furnishings. What you need to pay attention to is, when you are looking for furniture and sofas, look for multifunctional furniture and sofas to maximize the area in the living room. So it doesn’t look cramped.

To look more attractive and spacious, avoid furniture that is just decoration. Make sure all have multiple uses. So that your narrow living room looks more spacious and beautiful, design it in white, and add a beautiful painting, floor rug, and wall hangings that are pleasing to the eye. That way, your living room will look elegant.

Design with furniture attached to the wall

If you want to make an aesthetic and fun living room concept, you can design a wooden shelf attached to the wall. By arranging it like this, furniture that should take up space can be replaced with beautiful wooden shelves.

So that your minimalist living room looks elegant and luxurious, you can decorate the living room with antique knick-knacks and place them on the wall shelf. Then, add a beautiful gray sofa set, sofa cushions, a guest table, a corner table, hanging decorative lights, and a television on the wall. With this arrangement, your narrow living room will look elegant and luxurious. Hopefully, this living room design can be an inspiration for you.

Paint in bright colors

If you want to beautify the living room, besides choosing furniture, you can paint a small living room in bright colors, such as white, light beige, or sky blue. The reason is that bright colors give the room a more spacious impression. In addition, bright colors make the eyes more relaxed than dark colors.

Then, to look more attractive, many homeowners combine a beige wall color with a matching sofa chair. In addition to its minimalist shape, the selection of furniture colors that tend to be neutral can also give a roomy effect to the room. Make sure the selected furniture does not have many patterns or colors. Then, choose a color that matches the color of the room. If you want to look sweet in your living room, you can add wall hangings, decorative lights, and ornamental plant pots. That way, the arrangement of your living room will look stunning.

Use Mirror

Having a narrow living room makes you have to be creative to organize it. One trick to make the living room more spacious is to install a mirror. An optical illusion that displays the reflection of the living room can be an easy way for a small living room. There are no special mirror specifications for this trick, any shape with a medium size can be the right choice. Placing a large mirror on the wall or above the cabinet can be a smart tip to make the living room more charming.

To look more beautiful, add a sofa set, sofa cushions, a beautiful painting, decorative lights, and floor rugs in this room. But don’t forget the beautiful flower pots to make the room look even sweeter. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel comfortable.

Take advantage of natural light

As far as we know, the position of the living room is in the front area of ​​the house and generally has windows that point out. To make your small living room feel more spacious, open these windows. In this way, natural light can give a warm and fresh impression.

Before turning a small living room into a more comfortable feel, you must prepare the best design. Opening the window is good for air circulation. So the living room will feel fresh. By maximizing the use of glass windows and high ceilings, makes the living room extra wide. To make it look more beautiful and not narrow, you can arrange an L-model sofa set, side table, wall set shelf, television on the wall, and motif floor carpet. With this arrangement, your living room looks aesthetic and attractive.

Choose live plants as decoration

If you want to make a beautiful small living room, try placing some indoor plant pots in the living room. This plant will give a beautiful and comfortable living room. Of course, placing a pot of green plants makes fresher the living room.

To look more beautiful, you do not need to decorate with large and expensive plants. You can put a simple plant in a small pot like a cactus, mother-in-law’s tongue, or Balinese maranta. Then, also make sure to choose the size of the pot that matches the size of the small living room. Don’t forget to add a sofa set, and sofa cushions to make the atmosphere warmer.

Wall painting as a beautiful decoration

In addition to the ornamental plants as a narrow living room decoration, you can add some decorations in the form of paintings, artwork, or beautiful photo collages on the walls of a small living room. Especially, if the living room has a high enough ceiling. No need to be too expensive decoration. The cheap art decorations can make a small living room look beautiful.

So that your small living room looks aesthetic, you can complete your living room with a single sofa, motif sofa cushions, tables, and decorative lights. Then, to add to the sweetness of the living room, you can decorate a beautiful cloth on a wooden shelf. Then design your living room with bright colors like white and green Tosca to make it look wider. Hopefully, this living room design can be an inspiration for you.

The right sofa placement

Arranging a minimalist home living room to look beautiful must be clever. If possible, place a sofa or guest chair against the wall. It will make the small living room look more spacious. But if you put the sofa in the middle of the room, there will be space between the back of the sofa and the blank wall. It will actually make the small living room look even smaller.

Then, to make it look harmonious and attractive, you can choose a letter L sofa with sofa cushions. Then, add wall hangings, floor rugs, corner tables, and guest tables. Don’t forget to design the floor with wood or ceramic wood floors. With this arrangement, your living room will look aesthetic.

Sofa cushions in a small living room

To add to the beauty of a minimalist living room, it’s not just a quality sofa that you should choose. You must select decorative pillows and pay attention to the pattern. Choose a pattern and size according to the sofa model. Then, do not Choose a pillow that is too big because it can make your small living room look crowded. Then, to look sweeter, you can add flower pots, tables, and beautiful wooden shelves. With this arrangement, your living room will look elegant.

The right position for the TV

To make your living room looks sweet and pleasing to the eye, never place the TV on the wall next to the window. The sun’s rays during the day may indirectly illuminate the cable. This can make your small living room look messy. Then, the best position to place the television is on a blank wall. To not take up space, you can install brackets or put a cabinet to support the TV. Then, add chairs, floor rugs, and wooden shelves. That way, your living room will look neat.

The right window design

If you want to get lighting in your minimalist living room, installing the right lighting can create an effect for a small living room. If possible, please arrange furniture to create more functional zones. Of course, it will increase the effectiveness of the lighting. A small living room should also have more than one light source. You can rely on large windows for natural lighting.

To look more aesthetic, place a bright color sofa set in front of the window, a guest table, and two relaxing guest chairs. Then, add wall paintings, family picture frames, antique chandeliers, flower pots to make them more beautiful, and floor rugs. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel more comfortable.

Non-rigid design

If you have a minimalist living room, don’t be afraid to mix and match your small living room design. If you only use one model. Of course, your living room will look very stiff. That way, you can use a brightly colored sofa paired with the right coffee table of the same color.

However, do not overdo it too in mixing & matching the small living room design. Many people do not know how to decorate a simple living room. The solution is to use a long sofa, guest chairs, flower pot racks, and tables. To look more attractive, you can add sofa cushions, wall paintings, decorative lights, and black and white floor rugs to match the floor. With this arrangement, your living room will look cool and pleasing to the eye.

Choose attractive furniture colors

Arranging a minimalist living room must be good at combining colors. Therefore, adjust the color of the furniture to the type of ceiling. If you have a small living room with low ceilings, do not choose dark-toned furniture colors. Choose neutral colors or tend to be bright, such as beige or light gray. Then mix and match with ornamental plants on the table, or add a simple wall decoration.

In addition, choose a letter L furniture model and a wooden table that fits the room. Then, to look more attractive, add floor rugs, flower pots, and decorative lights. With this arrangement, your minimalist living room will look elegant and luxurious.

Setting the light in

The dream house is a house that is healthy and has enough sunlight. To make all this happen, create a small living room design that can enter light from the house exterior. If no window can do it optimally, use a large mirror that reflects the light. Besides illuminating and saving electricity, large mirrors also have the effect of enlarging the room.

To make the living room look more beautiful, you can add beautiful sofa sets including sofa cushions, wooden tables, corner tables, decorative lights, and antique knick-knacks. Don’t forget to add a floor rug in a color that matches the living room. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant and luxurious.

Arrange beautiful rugs

Many people arrange the living room only based on the furniture and wall paintings. Even though the floor carpet with a beautiful model is no less important for the living room, do not a mistake that is often made when arranging a small living room is to buy a carpet size that does not match the living room area. Maybe, the goal is to make the living room look more beautiful.

For that, we suggest that you choose a proportional-size rug for a small living room. To look more harmonious, mix and match the color of the carpet with your sofa set, sofa cushions, guest table, and table lamp covers. To look more attractive, add ornamental plants and wall paintings. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable and at home in this place.

Put a photo collage on the wall

Small decoration such as wooden frames is no less important to make a beautiful living room design. Usually, homeowners use photo collages of their best moments to decorate their small living rooms. However, do not place photos randomly in all corners of the room.

It will make the small living room look cluttered. Therefore, try to take advantage of a painting on the wall to be a photo gallery area. In addition, make sure you put your favorite displays or collections on the display rack. So they are neatly arranged. Then, to look more beautiful, add a sofa, sofa cushions, decorative lights, wall clocks, and knick-knacks. listen

3. Conclusion

If you have a narrow minimalist living room, you have to be good at designing and arranging the furniture. The advantage of a minimalist living room with limited land, you don’t need to buy excessive furniture and equipment. You can decorate according to your needs and the size of the room. Then, to make your living room design look cozy, aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive, you can follow our review above. We hope one of the designs that we provide can be according to your taste. Then, make you and your family comfortable and at home. Happy decorating!


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