1. Overview of interior living room

The process of designing a home can be both fun and confusing. Why so. We’re not sure which idea to choose as so many come to mind. Some of us may worry that using a house design service or building a house will be expensive, depending on the service or method chosen. Therefore, we are here to help you realize your dream home. Please tell our top architects what you want for your home, and they will make a budget plan to suit your budget. We are ready to help make your dreams come true.

The living room is a place to accept guests and a gathering place for many people in the house. Then, to choose the color of the living room, you can use a choice of colors according to your preferences. The designers say the combination of two colors for the living room will be the most suitable choice.

2. living room model inspiration

As far as we know, the living room inspiration model is the homeowner style. But in our opinion, the living room is a room full of laughter and fun for the family. But it must be able to give the guests and family a beautiful nuance. Therefore, the living room must design with the best.

3. Living room design

As far as we know, there are some attractive living room designs that we are familiar with. Such as minimalist design, Scandinavian, vintage, traditional, and industrial. However, what is always used by many people is the minimalist and Scandinavian design. The reason is that this design is simple, does not use much furniture, and is bright. Therefore, if you want to design a minimalist living room, you can make it.

4. Beberapa contoh desain living room

Here we explain some examples of the best living room designs. Then, to make it, you have to prepare a budget and choose the best design and beautiful furniture. Therefore, let’s discuss it one by one below. We hope that one of the designs below suits your taste.

Monochrome display

A monochrome color palette is usually only manifested in black and white or one color in different shades and shades. Then, that way, they will take over a room and should not be underestimated. You can use this type of two-color combination for living room designs in different shades to add texture to your walls and floors.

Then, to make it look more attractive, complete it with a bright color sofa set and table, wall shelves, wall paintings, television, floor carpets, hanging decorative lights, and standing decorative lights. By arranging it like this, the living room will look beautiful and charming, and you will be more confident to accept your guests.

Accent wall

One solid color wall can do wonders for your room. But if you want to try a combination of two colors for the walls of the living room. Moreover, accent walls are easy to do and very affordable. An accent wall not only adds a little drama to the living room. It also helps you to experiment with living room interior color combinations.

Then, to look cool, you can add a sofa set and table, antique wall hangings, decorative lights, and ornamental plants. With a neat arrangement like this, your living room will look attractive. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Bright color furniture

Adding a contrasting color to a room with one color is the perfect mix for a living room. Then, to make it look more attractive, add wall paintings, accessories, hanging decorative lights, ceiling fans, sofa sets and guest chairs, and ornamental plants. With this combination of furniture, your room will look more artistic. If you want to design like this, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Scandinavian living room

If you like two colors of paint, but can’t decide which is the best for decorating your living room. For that, you can decorate the walls with a combination of two colors. That way, you don’t need to divide the room into two, but try to make your living room more attractive.

For a more eye-catching look, you can use popular options like earth tones or fresh pastels as a two-tone combination for the walls as they complement each other well. Then, you can also place contrasting furniture or potted plants for the perfect backdrop. With a combination of two colors on the walls and furniture, your living room will look cool.

Use wallpaper

One of the best ways to design your living room walls, is to add wallpaper. You can go as bold and artistic as you want by adding motifs, colors, and geometric patterns. We know that wallpaper has a motif background is ideal for living room settings. Therefore, you can use wallpaper with metallic gold stripes on a gray background, which becomes geometric and irregular blocks. In this way, to get the best and most attractive living room wall appearance.

Soft furniture

If you like the idea of ​​a two-color combination for the living room walls but don’t have the freedom to paint the living room walls, instead, you can simply add a splash of color with soft furnishings. Then, add colorful curtain pillows. It also gives you the option to change your interior color combinations periodically from time to time. To add more vibrancy to the living room, place a matching rug, some paintings on the walls, and some quirky antiques on the coffee table. That way, your living room will look stunning.

Use pastel colors

Pink interiors give your room a vintage and sophisticated look. Then, making it a fun choice for many homes. In addition, white to pink will further enhance the color of the room. Then, place a brightly colored sofa to match the color on your living room walls. Then, to look cool, you can add hanging decorative lights, floor rugs, and attractive accessories. That way, your living room will make your guests feel at home.

Metallic and gem colors

A smart way to introduce luxury into your home is to pair gem tones with metallic hues. Using gem tones, you can beautifully complement a luxurious setting with a muted background color to off-white or off-white.

Use wood tones whenever you want to add warmth and comfort. Woody and earthy finishes can add a sense of richness to a room. And what better way to tell them apart than with a solid color. Living Room to Bring Positive Energy Imperial blue and walnut brown combine to give the room the ultimate modern touch. So, all contemporary homeowners need a subtle two-tone combination for the living room.

Contrast color options

If you think using contrasting colors can drastically change your living room, you’re right. The technique of using diametrically opposite colors for the walls and living room furniture is called color blocking. This design concept is mainly used for walls to separate them or even combine your furniture to balance this difference. If you have textured gray stone walls, you can efficiently contrast the white walls with some of the other furniture.

A touch of light blue can beautify the room

In this inspiration, there is a minimalist living room model in light blue. You can use an L-shaped sofa which is fun to sit or stretch out. Don’t forget the tiny table for serving drinks and snacks. The presence of this small multifunctional table is not only a guest table but can also be used as a side table next to the sofa to put various decorations or lights.

The combination of a wooden frame and a gray cloth surface is suitable for a minimalist living room model with a Japanese or Scandinavian theme. Then, this spell is also beautiful to be used as a nightstand in the bedroom.

Minimalist and multifunctional

Do you often receive family members to stay at your house? This minimalist and multifunctional living room model must be applied. At first glance, there is nothing special about this minimalist living room model. However, this sofa is multifunctional and space-saving and can be turned into a comfortable bed or mattress. Then, in this place, you can gather with family members on the weekends while enjoying watching movies.

Then, to add to the impression of warmth, you can add wall hangings, television, floor rugs, and soft sofa pillows. If you want to watch a movie while lying down, you can simply lift the seat of the sofa and lower the sofa cushions. With a design like this, your family will feel comfortable.

Neat and lots of storage

The beauty of a minimalist living room is not attractive if you place a lot of things. Therefore, keep things as neat as possible. If necessary, remove some items to make them look roomy. This minimalist living room model uses a lot of multifunctional furniture that is useful as a storage area. Among them are wooden wall shelves, guest tables, sofa sets, dining tables, and chairs.

But if you are confused about where to start, try to remodel and replace the old table with a multifunctional guest table equipped with shelves and drawers. With a model like that, it doesn’t take up space and makes your minimalist living room model more spacious and you don’t need to buy furniture anymore.

Add family room

People’s likes vary, including in the family. Maybe you prefer to sit in the living room. But your spouse and children prefer the living room. To work around this, apply a minimalist living room and family room model. Spread the rug in front of the sofa and add some small pillows.

For the pillow, don’t choose randomly. Look for small pillows, that are soft and comfortable to use, such as dusty pink, white, and yellow gold. This cushion pillow can make you feel at home while watching movies, become a headrest, support your back, or just be hugged. Don’t forget to cover it again with a pillowcase, so it’s more durable and easy to wash if it gets dirty.

Bright and colorful

This minimalist living room model uses a lot of colors and motifs. Don’t worry about looking tacky. Then, this minimalist living room is still beautiful and will amaze your family. The three seats used are mustard, gray, and light blue. Meanwhile, the motif game is applied to pillowcases and carpets.

This minimalist living room model is synonymous with a space-saving design not a lot of stuff looks beautiful and makes you amazed. If you are interested in applying it, you can make this design your idea and inspiration.

Then to look cool, add a wall painting that has artistic value, floor carpet, decorative lights, half buffet model. Don’t forget to decorate the windows with colorful curtains to make the room look unique. That way, your living room will make your family happy.

Minimalist and luminous

At first glance, there is nothing special about this minimalist living room model. However, this sofa is multifunctional and space-saving. When pulled, the sofa set can turn into a comfortable bed or mattress. Then you can relax with family members while talking.

A bright color Cissie sofa bed can be the right choice for a minimalist living room model in your home. This space-saving and multifunctional sofa bed are comfortable for two people at once. Then, to look more attractive, add decorative lights, wall paintings, beautiful curtains, flower pots, floor rugs, wooden shelves, and living room accessories. That way, your living room can make your family comfortable and cheerful.

Neat with lots of furniture

Having an aesthetic living room is everyone’s dream. A beautiful living room certainly has a color that matches the furniture that has been prepared. But do not put too much furniture because it can make the room look cramped and messy. Therefore, keep things that do not need as neat as possible. If necessary, get rid of some items that are not used.

However, this minimalist living room model uses a lot of multifunctional furniture that is useful as a storage area. Among them are a TV table with drawers, a guest table with shelves and drawers, and a beautiful sofa set. Don’t forget to add floor rugs, wall shelves, living room accessories, hanging decorative lights, and wall paintings. With this design, your living room can make you and your family feel at home.

Add interesting accessories

People’s likes vary, including in the family. Maybe you prefer antique and unique designs like vintage designs. However, this one living room emphasizes the antique design of accessories. Then, to look more attractive, this living room is equipped with a letter U sofa, patterned sofa cushions, an iron frame wooden table, a fan-style decorative mirror, storage shelves, and floor rugs. With this arrangement, your living room will look beautiful and artistic.

5. Conclusion

If you want the living room to look beautiful, you have to prepare the best design. Therefore, we provide some examples of the best living room designs to make them look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and attractive.

If you want to design your living room, you can see some examples of the designs we provide and design them according to the pictures we provide. But for those of you who don’t want to bother, you can use interior design services according to what you want. Hopefully, this article can be an idea and inspiration for you.


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