1. Overview of beach apartments

The existence of an apartment at the beach not only adds to the fun. But you can design the home interior to make it look aesthetic. Apartments are also an asset that you can invest in. If you are at the beach, you can enjoy the morning sun or the perfect place to sunbathe.

Therefore, many people choose to take a vacation to the beach. Then, to enjoy the atmosphere of the morning and evening sun. You will be pleased with the swish of the waves that hit the beach, then see the waves rolling in the ocean. Even though the balcony area you have is not too wide, you still enjoy the sea view from this place.

2. Ideas and inspiration

We know that beachfront apartment ideas and inspiration has built for people who love the sea. In this place, they enjoy the fresh air and the swish of the ocean waves. Then, at night they sat on the balcony enjoying the stars in the sky. Therefore the idea and inspiration to build an apartment by the beach can make many people happy to live in this place. For inspiration, we share some exterior and interior design inspirations that can be used as references. For that, let’s look at the attractive beach atmosphere below.

3. Attractive beach atmosphere

As the name implies, the nautical style, also known as the coastal style, is inspired by the atmosphere of the beach, sea, coast, and nature. This design concept adapts the feel of the coast into the room. With a soft color palette, this interior style can give birth to coolness and serenity. Therefore, the hallmark is in the design and arrangement of furniture arrangement equipment that is not too excessive. The nautical or coastal style is one of the most unique styles inspired by nature.

The nautical style is not something new in the world of interior design. This apartment design may be better known as a beach house. This apartment has an architectural and interior design. Then, the construction of this apartment has inspired by the model of the houses on the beach. Therefore, let’s discuss beautiful beach apartment designs. For that, let’s follow the review below.

4. Some attractive designs

The atmosphere of the beach always has its uniqueness. It can provide instant peace and make us forget for a moment the problems we are facing in everyday life. The natural atmosphere of the coast is always the best reason why this place is so popular.

Did you know, because of its uniqueness, the beach can inspire and give birth to a style of interior decoration that adapts to the atmosphere? This interior design style has a nautical name. Therefore, many developers build apartments and housing on the beach. To design and organize it, let’s review the article below. Hopefully, you are interested in making this interior design look aesthetic. Welcome to our review below!

Arrangement of ornamental plants on the balcony

The balcony connected to the living room can also be an area for you to channel your hobby of planting. In this place, you can create your mini gardens, such as hanging various green plants or flowering ornamental plants. Moreover, you also can create a vertical garden on the balcony.

Especially if the position of your residence is on the beach, Decorative plants also can be a supplier of clean oxygen. So it’s not always about aesthetics because a balcony with a green open space concept is also able to provide health benefits. In addition, it can be the right place to create a garden if the house

The balcony design above emphasizes the simplicity and feel of nature. This design tends to be simple, so you don’t have to bother preparing the ornaments. You just use three basic elements that can relax you, namely wood, a small white sofa, and greenery. The presence of these three elements will make your beach apartment terrace the perfect place to relax and relieve fatigue and stress.

Balcony in the bedroom

This design is still discussing the bedroom equipped with a balcony model that is suitable for you to relax while looking at the open sea. This inspiration can maximize the natural scenery outside the apartment. That way, you feel like you’re watching the big screen freely. But. if you use a large door that leads to the balcony you will be happier. The idea of ​​a balcony using a large door with glass like this can also create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere. Then, to enjoy the view of the open sea, you can put on a terrace chair and a table. Then, you can drink a cup of hot coffee.

Navy blue living room

After you arrange the balcony, then the first step is to bring the navy blue color and combine it with a touch of wood in the living room. The way to get a design like this is to bring a touch of wood to all the furniture in the living room.

In addition, you can also apply wood to sofas, tables, and cabinets. Don’t forget to bring blue in some corners, especially on the sofa and sofa cushions. You can also combine it with a touch of white to make the living room look brighter. That way, the classic feel can make the beach living room feel more comfortable.

Comfortable family room

To apply a navy blue living room design, you can decorate several family rooms as a gathering place. This family room has two long sofas facing each other. To make it feel like on the beach, you can decorate blue sofa cushions to sit back and relax. Therefore, make your living room design as attractive as possible. If you want to decorate the family room, there are lots of inspirations for the design of the family room that can be applied to a variety of gays.

The most appropriate step to bring an attractive family room on the beach is to bring a navy blue sofa cushion, guest table, wall painting, and ornamental plants. Then combine it with wooden furniture. This way, to get a beautiful living room design. That way, your family room will look aesthetic.

Aesthetic master bedroom

This beautiful and elegant bedroom apartment has located by the beach. The bedroom in this apartment looks spacious. The goal is that the extended family can gather in this place.

In addition to uniting two bedrooms into one, the design of this spacious apartment room gives the impression of being very comfortable. If you have a luxurious lifestyle, this design can be an inspiration for you. In addition to providing comfort, you can use this room design to sleep with a large family while looking at the open sea. Therefore, many people combine several rooms in an apartment into one to meet family needs. In this way, your bedroom design will look spacious and pleasant.

Beautiful Bedroom

If you have a beautiful apartment design, it will make you happy because you get a comfortable bedroom atmosphere. But if you want your bedroom to face the beach, you can design a large glass window. That way, you will see the sea view at all times. With a design like this, your bedroom will make the people in it feel at home and cheerful.

In addition, the glass window design can also make it easy for sunlight to enter the room. So that makes your room, and you become healthy. Not only that, even the glass windows can make the room look bright and airy during the day. So you can save on electricity costs for your bedroom. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Aesthetic bedroom

This one-bedroom design looks aesthetic. This bedroom is inspired by the inspiration of apartment room balcony that is perfect for you. By making glass barriers, and putting the chairs, and tables to relax, you can make the appearance of this one area much more comfortable. Then, the design between the balcony and the bedroom also looks aesthetic. Unlike the previous balcony inspiration, which was quite open. Therefore, this idea is somewhat more privacy-guarding.

In addition, this inspiration also continues to provide a comfortable atmosphere from the available open space. The use of colors and materials is also fairly modern and minimalist, without the need for many decorative elements. Then, to appear more luxurious, this bedroom is decorated with ornamental plants, soft beds, and floor carpets. Then, the wooden floor design makes this bedroom even warmer.

Comfortable dining room

If you want to apply the nautical style to the dining room design, lighting is one of the most important factors. For that, choose a large window to make it easier for natural light to enter the dining room. For you to know, every apartment in the beach area must have large windows so natural light and wind from outside can enter the apartment. But if you don’t have much access to natural light to enter the room optimally, you can add a lamp or a large mirror installed opposite the window.

In addition, the use of a glass table can actually help increase light access so that it can enter the dining room area. But the large glass table is rarely used in the concept of a nautical-style interior. But everything is returned to your choice.

You can combine the nautical concept with other design styles that are your favorite and give birth design to a beautiful and unique. Then, to look more attractive, decorate the dining room with antique decorative lights, beautiful knick-knacks, tables, and chairs that match the beach design. That way, the nautical-style room design can be an interior concept that you can be proud of.

Beautiful kitchen by the beach in Scandinavian style

Everyone has their own dream house. Then, some like the beach atmosphere with beautiful sea views. Therefore, for those of you who like freedom and the blue and vastness of the sea, you will choose to live by the beach.

Even though the beach is synonymous with fishing settlements, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a luxurious interior on the beach. Therefore, we provide a Scandinavian-style apartment kitchen design that is white and clean. Furthermore, you can apply it to your kitchen interior on the beach. Imagine how cool it is to cast a glance from an all-white room to the blue sea. Especially if your kitchen has built directly facing the beach. Wow, cozier! To look more attractive, you can decorate with ornamental plants and beautiful furniture.

Nice bathroom

If you have enough space, an enabling environment as well as a suitable concept for an open-model bathroom. You can design an open bathroom model like a Bali beachfront villa or a private cottage in Puncak. A bathroom with a model like this can provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

One of the main attractions of having an open-air bathroom is the beautiful view, and you can enjoy it while showering. If your residence has a beautiful view like the beach, an open bathroom model is very suitable for you. Then to make a bathroom design look more aesthetic, you can install a large sliding glass window. So you can enjoy the sea view. Then, install a bathtub and shower as bathroom facilities

Relaxing garden overlooking the beach

If you want to feel the beach, you can choose a location like a picture above. Don’t forget to pay attention to the material factor that you want to use because the salty nature of seawater quickly makes iron or steel easy to rust. Therefore, replace with material with precast concrete to be resistant to waves.

Then, to make you more relaxed, you can place a beach umbrella so is not exposed to the hot sun. Then, put a lounge chair and table for a drink. With this arrangement, the atmosphere in front of your apartment will be more pleasant.

5. Conclusion

If you have an apartment by the beach, you must be good at designing and arranging furniture. The advantage of arranging an apartment interior with limited land, you don’t need to buy excessive furniture and equipment. You can decorate according to the needs and size of the room. Then, to make the interior design of your apartment look comfortable, aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive, you can follow our review above. We hope that the reviews we provide are to your liking. Then, make you and your family comfortable, at home, and cheerful. Happy decorating!


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