1. Overview of the open dining room

The beautiful dining room design is a family favorite spot beside the living room or garden because the dining room is usually the right place for families to gather when eating a meal. In order for family meals to be more comfortable and of good quality, there’s nothing wrong if you decorate the dining room to be a more charming and homey place.

In addition, you can also create an open dining room in your home so that the atmosphere feels more comfortable and open. The open dining room can make your dining atmosphere with your family more intimate. Then, you will feel more relaxed. For that, let’s discuss the idea of ​​an open dining room below.

2. Open dining room ideas

The idea of ​​an outdoor dining room doesn’t seem not very familiar in Indonesia. Most homeowners are still happy with the conventional style, indoor dining area. While on the other hand, restaurants with charming views are being hunted by many people.

The phenomenon can be said to be contradictory and futile. If you want to design an open dining room, you can eat while enjoying the fresh air without going to that kind of restaurant. In this place, you can cook your favorite meal. Then sit back in the dining room chair and then enjoy your meal. That way, it will be more familiar if all the family in the house can gather to eat together.

The outdoor dining room design can make various types of houses. Especially in a vacation home, of course, the location is a choice. If you are interested in the idea of ​​an outdoor dining room, you can take a look at some of the references below.

3. Some examples of outdoor dining room designs

As far as we know, many outdoor dining rooms were made in green gardens with natural nuances. These two areas are deliberately designed to get such a feel-good. Then, the next dining room was also initiated by a skilled designer. The concept is modern, then combined with minimalist and contemporary elements. So this appearance open dining room can look aesthetic.

As far as we know, natural and artificial dining rooms are different. The outdoor dining rooms were designed by humans, while the natural open dining room has made naturally without humans. For example, a pine tree that is decades old can be designed as an open dining area. Then, this place became a refreshing place for many people to spend their vacation.

Therefore, if you have more backyards in your home, try making it a unique and comfortable outdoor dining room. Then, design this open dining room as beautiful as possible so that your family feels at home to continue eating at home while gathering together. For that, let’s discuss some designs below.

Oak dining table design

If you want to design an open dining room, oak can be your furniture material of choice. Furniture made of oak can absorb moisture and is resistant to water even if it rains, your furniture will not be damaged. Then, to look more attractive, combine it with various ornamental plants and decorative lights, beautiful tables and chairs, and sofa cushions. That way, your open dining room feels more comfortable.

Industrial theme outdoor dining room

The design of an open dining room with an industrial theme is becoming a favorite of many people because it does not require excessive costs. Therefore, many use this theme for minimalist cafe decorations for dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. You can also use this theme for an outdoor dining room in your home.

Then, to appear more artistic, leave the side of your wall still on the rough cement. Then, use furniture from wood, hanging decorative lamps, zinc, or pipe scraps to decorate your dining room. That way, your open dining room design will definitely be unique and comfortable.

Teak wood furniture and rattan lamp

Having an aesthetic open-air dining room is a pleasure. In the picture above, you can see an expensive teak wood table. With a design like this, it can make the house look luxurious. In addition, you can use these teak wood tables and chairs to be placed in the outdoor living room.

Then, to look cool, also add antique hanging decorative lamps, sofa cushions, unique flower pots, and rattan accessories to make them look beautiful. Don’t forget to design the dining room floor with wood to make it look elegant. With this design, you and your family will feel more at home in this place while enjoying special dishes.

Relaxing dining area by the pool area

The open dining area designed in the pool area is indeed fun for you to relax while enjoying a meal. The design of this open dining room has equipped with a long table and patio chairs. With this design, the dining room design looks beautiful and comfortable. Then, to look green, you can add vines on the roof, ornamental plants in pots, and flower pots on the dining table. In this design, your family dining atmosphere will be more enjoyable.

Outdoor dining room with red furniture

You can design an open dining room with an attractive red chair. You can use this color to decorate the outdoor dining room in your home. To look fashionable, you can add ornamental vines on the poles and sink for washing hands with marble motifs. Don’t forget to design the dining room floor with wood to make it look natural. In addition, you can also add unique decorations such as decorative lights and photo frames with aesthetic writing. With this design, your open dining room design will look artistic.

Dark wood decking with orange accents

Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere of eating with your family in an open house? You can create an open dining room design like the picture above. Then, to look more attractive, use orange accents on some of the furniture in your dining room as chairs. Add wood decking with a dark color as well to make it look more dazzling. Then present a white dining table to match the orange chairs. Next, you can gather with your family while enjoying your favorite dish.

Roof with processed wood structure

This open dining room consists of a wooden arrangement that can be used as a roof design to add to the aesthetics of the dining room. Then, to make it look more beautiful, you can design a wall with exposed bricks and add some ornamental plants to decorate your dining room. Then, add minimalist tables, chairs, and antique decorative lights. In addition, don’t forget to add beautiful decorations to sweeten your outdoor dining room. This design will make you and your family more cheerful.

Unique ceramic design and blue furniture

The design using unique ceramic colors in the outdoor dining room will also be very beautiful. Choose ceramics and chairs in blue to bring a calm and sweet impression. But you have to be careful when it rains because the ceramic floor will become slippery if exposed to water in a lot of intensity. So you have to clean it first before letting your family come over. To look more harmonious, add a wooden dining table, beautiful flower pots, and wall hanging plants to make it look fresher. That way, your open dining room design will look luxurious.

Waterproof sofa and chair combination with marble stone table

Sometimes we have friends and guests at home. But if you have prepared a comfortable place for them, you will be more confident to accept them. By making the dining room open, you can more relaxed chat with them. Then, to add extra comfort to this dining room, please use a sofa with soft pillows.

In addition, you can also use a marble table to make the outdoor dining room in your home more charming and add orange chairs to make it look trendy. But you must remember to use water-resistant materials so it is not damaged by rain and hot sun. With this design, you can enjoy your conversation with your friends.

All-white shades with minibar

You can use this mini bar-style dining room design for you to relax while drinking coffee. In addition, you can invite your friends for a relaxing coffee event. The all-white open dining room design can certainly make the room look cleaner and more spacious. With this color design, your dining room design will also look cozy.

Then, To look more beautiful, add a mini bar on the side of your dining room, a dining table with higher chairs, floor rugs, ornamental plants, and garden accessories. Don’t forget to design your dining room floor with wooden floors to make it look natural. With this design, the appearance of your open dining room will look more attractive.

Cool design for a BBQ party

If you like having BBQ parties with your family or friends, this outdoor dining room design is perfect for your home. Make a place for BBQ utensils next to the dining table. Then, also use a roof with a wooden arrangement to beautify the interior of your open dining room. You can also add air purifier plants in your house so that BBQ smoke is not so annoying. To make it look more attractive, add a lacquered wooden table and chairs, a table for a gas stove, and a table for placing food. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants so that the atmosphere is fresher.

Rustic design with worn bricks

Who says things that are old or worn out are bad? You can use this rustic theme design for an open dining room design. Precisely with this design, the appearance of the open dining room looks unique and beautiful.

If you are interested in this design, use a wall with old bricks. Also, add ornamental plants to decorate your walls. Then, to look more beautiful, please use comfortable and attractive dining room furniture such as beautiful letter L sofas, sofa cushions, dark wood dining tables, dining chairs, wall lamps, floor carpets, and ornamental plants. This design reminds you of your time in the village.

Open dining room design in the garden behind the house

The outdoor dining area brings a fresh new experience. You don’t have to work hard to make it. It’s easy, cheap, and much more efficient than making a dining room design at home. Then, to make this design, you can use some tricks without needing professional help.

You can use the land behind the house to design this. Use an existing garden to make it look more beautiful. Instead of leaving it idle, you should be able to try placing a dining table and dining chairs. But first, make sure the kitchen is close to the area to make it easier to serve food. To make it look more attractive, don’t forget to choose furniture according to its designation. Then, select a material that is water and heat-resistant so that it is not easily damaged.

Design with arid patio

If you have an open space, you can use it as a place to relax, and read a book while enjoying a warm drink. However, if the location is close to the kitchen, it can also be used as an open dining room. Then, you just put the furniture according to the size of the terrace area. so you can move easily.

In this one picture, the patio design applies a minimalist concept. An elongated empty field is divided into two areas. First, an area similar to a family room with a comfortable sofa set. Then one corner is used as a dining room with complete furniture. With simple shades, you can apply a soft and soothing tone.

Privacy design with wood material

In a housing complex, there is almost no distance between each house. Each is only separated by a wall or maybe a fence. Therefore, privacy is one of the important needs that should be maintained.

The design of a high wall or fence is safe, but on the other hand, it tends to be inappropriate for outsiders to see. Then the alternative is to make a barrier with wood as high as a human. Then. design with natural materials to bring out a fresh and natural feel. As in the picture of this outdoor dining room, namely a wooden fence and added as a wall fence coating. Where the top is available space for soil and plants. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Small party venue in the back garden

Remember the patio concept above? The layout this time is also similar, namely placing the dining room opposite the relaxing area. It’s just not occupying the patio but in the backyard. In addition, a natural feel appears through the wood that covers the concrete fence separating the dwellings. Then, at night, spotlights at various points make this area look exotic.

Many activities can be done in the backyard. Often this area is used as a mini party venue that invites the closest people. With an open dining room design like the picture above, you can accommodate many friends to relax.

Outdoor dining room design with stunning lighting

Everyone certainly wants to have an ideal home. The design of the house depends on the tastes of the homeowner because the house is a palace for its inhabitants. This dining room looks beautiful and aesthetic.

The design of the chandelier installed above looks stunning in lighting. Then the arrangement dining table, chairs, and lamp accessories in the corner of the room amaze the guests. This dining room looks like a luxury restaurant design in cities. Then, to add to the beauty of this dining room, it is decorated with plants, trees in the corner of the room, and attractive natural stone designs. That way, the open dining room looks very aesthetic so that you and your family are more cheerful in this place.

4. Conclusion

Those are some outdoor dining room designs that you can try in your home. Make the atmosphere of eating with your family at home more comfortable and enjoyable. We hope that with this design the family will feel at home eating. Hopefully, this design is useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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