1. Overview of the Scandinavian-style dining room

Every homeowner, of course, would want his house to appear more attractive and attract the attention of many people. Therefore, they are looking for contemporary interior design styles that are loved by the public. For now, what is in great demand by the public is Scandinavian design. This design prioritizes simplicity in the appearance of space, thus making Scandinavian interiors in demand in the market.

If you look closely, you will find several important elements that are always present in it. It will never change and it’s definitely very easy to find. However, the main characteristic of Scandinavian design is that it absorbs a lot of styles from Northern European buildings. Style in interior appearance to coloring, all follow the characteristics of the Nordic countries. The countries that are part of it are Denmark, Svalbard, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden to Greenland.

As you know, the concept of a Scandinavian-style house is a very simple room. Moreover, this style is famous for its simple and clean impression. Usually, the design of the dining room is combined with the kitchen or living room to save space. Just a table and chairs plus a little decoration can make a beautiful room look more attractive. But if your Scandinavian-style home design is spacious, you can separate it from other rooms and provide cool decorations. For that, let’s look at the review of Scandinavian-style inspiration ideas below.

2. Scandinavian-style inspirational ideas

The inspirational idea for a Scandinavian dining room design is synonymous with the use of furniture made from wood. You can see some inspiration to make the room look more attractive. The interior design of a room is quite interesting if it can be adjusted to the wishes of the owner. Usually, every room in the house has a variety of different designs.

Scandinavian design is one that is quite interesting and popular today. You can find this design in various rooms including the dining room. The dining room is one of the most important areas in the house. Therefore, the Scandinavian concept has been chosen because it has a simple impression, but still seems unique and attractive. So for those of you who want to create an attractive and different dream home, you can choose a Scandinavian design.

3. Scandinavian design decoration reference

In this article, we provide references to Scandinavian dining room decorations that can be adapted to the wishes of homeowners. Then, make sure you can create the impression that the room is comfortable and different. The way to arrange the dining room is actually not difficult. In addition, minimalist design is indeed a lot of choice for various reasons.

But if you want to create a different design, you can choose the Scandinavian concept. There are many attractive designs that can be created in this one room. You can play with colors to create a beautiful and attractive impression. One of them chose white and brown as the right combination. These two colors are characteristic of the Scandinavian concept. So you don’t go wrong in applying the following, there are several designs that can inspire Scandinavian dining rooms. For that, let’s review the design below. Hopefully, this design is to your liking. Welcome to our review!

Using wood materials

One of the characteristics that can be created in a Scandinavian dining room is the material. This one concept is synonymous with being dominated by wood. For your information, there are many wood elements in the Scandinavian theme, with the aim of creating a warm and elegant atmosphere in the room. Therefore, you can apply the wood elements to several elements in the room.

In addition, you can apply it to the floor or furniture only. Do not let excessive wood elements that will interfere with the appearance. Warm wood is able to create a comfortable atmosphere in the residence. Moreover, the majority of this style of the dining room has a more dominant color, as shown in the picture above. With this arrangement, your dining room will feel

Natural lighting

A bright and tidy dining room can increase your appetite. To make that happen, you can get it through Scandinavian design. Scandinavian dining room design with lighting can make your dining room feel comfortable and pleasant. For that, you can apply the use of large windows to help air circulation and light enter naturally.

In addition to windows, the application of glass doors also helps the atmosphere of the room so it is not damp. In this way, the white color which is one of the characteristics of Scandinavian design stands out more clearly and the room will appear brighter and more spacious. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add floor rugs, antique decorative lamps, flower pots, dish racks, and wall paintings. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look more attractive.

Predominant white color

You can get a more dominant color application in the Scandinavian dining room. White is the color that is widely used because it can give a clean and spacious impression to a room. Even though it seems all white, there’s nothing wrong with combining it with other color-sweetening decorations. Besides that, the white color also gives the impression of being clean, tidy, and elegant. Therefore, white is one of the favorite colors in society.

To make it look more beautiful and enchanting, you can combine white with wooden tables and chairs, black hanging decorative lights, attractive wall paintings, and green plants in several corners of the room. In this way, it can help the dining room feel fresher and livelier. So that your meal with your family will be more cheerful.

Arranging the right furniture

Applying the concept of a Scandinavian dining room to a room can make your dining room look beautiful and elegant. We recommend that you apply a room with minimal decoration, for example, the use of paintings or wall hangings. In addition, use the carpet as a floor mat with some free space in the dining room. Then arrange the furniture in the room so that the dining room looks neat and beautiful. Make sure to determine the right concept, including designing a Scandinavian dining room with furniture.

With a combination of one color, like white, you will easily combine it with other furniture. Then, to make it look more attractive, please combine your dining room with a dining table in the same color as the interior of the dining room, and black chairs. Then, to make it pleasing to the eye, add flower pots to the dining table. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look aesthetic.

Simple room impression

Interior design with a Scandinavian concept is more concerned with function. So it seems simple and functional. You can see that the dining room only needs some necessary furniture. This dining room doesn’t need excessive decoration, but it can make the dining room seem full.

Therefore, the use of furniture is one that you need to pay attention to when choosing a Scandinavian dining room design. So the room will be more functional and more comfortable. To make it look more harmonious, you can add a dining table with a color that matches the room, chairs, beautiful flower pots, wall decorative mirrors, floor rugs, and unique hanging lamps. Then, to make it look elegant, design the dining room floor with wood motifs. With this arrangement, your dining room design will make the atmosphere warmer.

Use of dining room accessories

The hallmark of Scandinavian design is white. Contemporary Scandinavian interior design can be seen immediately from the use of these colors. As you know, white can create a clean and spacious appearance, besides making Scandinavian-style interiors stand out even more. This is why this one design is always associated with the use of white in it.

Even though it seems all white, you can use some additional decorations to make your dining room more stylish, such as antique decorative lamps, wall paintings, green ornamental plants that are beneficial for health, unique tables, chairs, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your dining room design will make the atmosphere in the dining room more familiar. Happy decorating!

Accessories for dining room decoration

Many models of tables and chairs are sold in the market. This furniture uses a Scandinavian design so it looks more attractive. This furniture model can add a relaxed impression to the dining room. Besides that, you can add ornamental plants in pots to make it look cuter. Apart from wooden furniture, other elements that can add warmth to this dining room are wall paintings and dining room knick-knacks. The beauty elements displayed in this dining room make the space look feminine and of course comfortable. To make it look elegant, you can design the floor with wood motifs. That way you can relax while enjoying your meal.

Role function and simplicity

Next is the function emphasis on Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design has another characteristic, namely simplicity wrapped in a function. Emphasizes the atmosphere of simplicity you can have from the use of space with its main function, such as a combination of a dining room and kitchen. So whatever is in this room should be highlighted. The rest do not need excessive detail decoration which only makes the space narrower.

This is why in Scandinavian design, the determination of furniture is one of the main factors that need to be taken into account. The layout between tables, chairs, and other furniture must be in the right place, and no excessive decorations. Everything must return to the function of each piece of furniture in it. As you can see, this dining room has decorated with a bar table, chairs without a backrest, a unique black chandelier mounted on the bar table, and a beautiful kitchen set. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look functional and luxurious.

Setting the right mirror

In applying Scandinavian interior design, you will find blank spaces. This is one of the main features that is deliberately highlighted, such as the dining room above. In general, residents apply the use of mirrors in this place. This is because residents want the dining room to look spacious. In addition, arranging some ornamental plants and motif carpets, makes the dining room look more attractive.

Not only that, in the application of a Scandinavian-style house, using excess furniture can make the space feel cramped. Try to compare if the lucern is installed in the room, of course, there will be a striking difference. Therefore, some people like to install mirrors in the dining room to make it look different and spacious. Then, make the dining atmosphere feel warmer.

Aesthetic design with wood

Wood-based materials are a hallmark of Scandinavian design and cannot be separated. Like a couple on their honeymoon, each other is reluctant to separate. In this article, wood elements will be used in this theme. So it can make the room feel warmer. This is why in the Scandinavian style, wood is one of the elements that is always attached. Therefore, you can use the choice of wood for several elements in a room.

Such as use on floors and furniture, or only on the walls. This will keep the space looking beautiful and functional. Warm wood is able to build a comfortable atmosphere in Scandinavian dwellings, the majority of which use the dominant color white as well. To make it look more attractive, mix it with black and white patterned floor rugs, elongated sofas, colorfully patterned sofa cushions, elongated wooden tables, wooden benches, dining chairs, wooden ceiling decorations, unique hanging lamps mounted on the ceiling, wall shelves, antique knick-knacks, and a neat and beautiful kitchen set. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look aesthetic.

Unique and artistic design

The final feature of the Scandinavian style in the house is cleanliness and also natural lighting in the room. This design emphasizes good air circulation and sunlight entering the room. This is why this one theme uses quite a lot of windows and large glass doors in one of the elements in it. However, the Scandinavian design does not only prioritize the above. You can also make this design in a unique and artistic style.

In addition, with a beautiful wooden floor, the dominant color that is highlighted will be more clearly visible. That way the dining room will look beautiful like the picture above. To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with round wooden tables, chairs, stacked wooden shelves, unique hanging lamps mounted on the ceiling, and ornamental plant pots. With this arrangement, your dining room will look unique and artistic.

Design with a chandelier

A beautiful and cozy dining room can certainly be complemented by a chandelier. But not all types of chandeliers will fit into the interior of the dining room. Therefore, you can see the inspiration in our review. So that you find the most suitable to be placed in your dining room.

Not only a place to eat dishes, but the dining room is also an area for family gatherings. For this reason, the interior of the dining room requires attention like other rooms in the house. In addition to the arrangement of furniture, lighting in the dining room also plays an important role. If you are interested in remodeling a house in Scandinavian style, this one theme is sure to make your home look beautiful. To make it look elegant, you can design a floor with wood motifs. Then, design the color of the room with a matching color complete with a decorative mirror on the wall. That way, your dining room design will look elegant.

Design in minimalist style

In this day and age, there are lots of activities that can be done in the dining room. Apart from its main function which unites homeowners to eat together, the dining room can also be a space used to do children’s tasks. Scandinavian dining room design options offer a simple, clean, and clutter-free look that is perfect for you to try!

However, there are no general rules that require you to use certain types of furniture. In fact, you can combine a sleek wood dining table with mid-century chairs for a unique look. Then, add a contemporary-style chandelier with lighting that spreads to every corner of the dining area.

Use simple features

In a Scandinavian dining room design, you won’t use a lot of items or superfluous features. In addition to limiting clutter, your room will appear minimalist furniture with a sleek look that is complemented by strong clean lines.

Make sure you don’t put too many ornaments in the dining room. Then, use open console shelving with bolder lines, then add a rug in modern neutral stripes that serves as the main focus in the dining area. To make it look beautiful, you can add a unique chandelier to the ceiling. Then, design the floor with a wood motif. That way, your simple dining room design still feels comfortable.

Use more natural ingredients

Modern Scandinavian dining room design isn’t just limited to the use of neutral tones and spare furnishings. When you only focus on white tones the dining room will feel very empty and less pleasant. To add warmth to a minimalist dining room, mix the ingredients in it.

Natural wood or veneer features will enter beautifully and give the space a warmer, more inviting look. Try this minimalist brass chandelier to enhance the look in your dining room. However, combining materials is not just about lights. You can include a dining table, and chairs made of natural wood with a colorless finish to add charm and appeal to your modern minimalist dining room. To make it look green, you can put ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. That way, your dining room will feel comfortable.

Take advantage of empty areas

For a Scandinavian-style dining room, you can just have a blank wall. Instead of leaving it empty, you can add a few items to increase the appeal of the dining room. The trick is to decorate the walls or shelves with flower vases so that you can make the dining room look more attractive.

To give your dining room added interest, you can remove some of the items to make the pieces stand out more. Meanwhile, for the center area of ​​the dining table, try adding some flower vases or bowls that are more striking, add a chandelier with an elegant shape, and comfortable wicker chairs. It’s the perfect combination to tie together the look and feel of comfort in a dining room!

4. Conclusion

Those are some dry dining room design looks that we can recommend. If you are interested in one of our reviews, you can use it as inspiration for your home. However, if nothing suits you, you can order a design from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. We hope that our review above can make your home interior look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable. Then, make you comfortable and feel at home cooking. Happy decorating!


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