1. Scandinavian-style dining room overview

In the concept of a Scandinavian-style house, you can create a very simple dining room. Moreover, this style is famous for its simple and clean impression. Usually, the design of the dining room is combined with the kitchen or living room to save space. Then, a table and chairs plus a little decoration can make your home interior design look more attractive.

However, the rules don’t always have to be that way. If your Scandinavian-style home design is large enough, you can separate it from other rooms and provide cool decorations. So, you can look at some Scandinavian-style dining room decoration ideas and designs that you can apply to your home. I hope this design suits your taste.

2. Idea and design

About two years ago, the Scandinavian style suddenly boomed and has often become a topic of discussion because of its simple and modern charm. The Scandinavian style can also create a lighter home environment that looks light and practical. Besides that, a dining room with a bright design can make your room look spacious.

As we know, the Scandinavian style in a house can have a calm and comfortable effect on families. To create a home-style like this, you can start by creating a minimalist Scandinavian-style dining room design. Then, the design with the Scandinavian style can present a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Some interesting design examples

Scandinavian design is an interior style that is quite popular with many people. Therefore, for those who are happy with a simple, bright, and comfortable design, this Scandinavian design also can be applied to the dining room. As you know, usually, Scandinavian interior design uses more wood-colored furniture. It’s no wonder that the Scandinavian interior style can be applied to various sizes of dining rooms, including minimalist ones. Therefore, we want to share ideas to explain some interesting designs below. Welcome to our review!

Scandinavian dining room’s bright colors

Scandinavian-style interiors first appeared in the 1950s, now this style is back and has become one of the most popular choices for many people. Scandinavian-style interiors are the most suitable style choice for minimalist-style rooms and provide a maximum sense of comfort. On this occasion, we provide an example of this phenomenal Scandinavian dining room.

As you can see in this picture, this dining room design is equipped with a bright dining table and chairs, a kitchen set and a kitchen with bright colors, walls with white exposed bricks, and beautiful flower pots. That way, your dining room design will look more spacious and attractive. Then you can get more benefits from the Scandinavian style as Hygge!

Scandinavian-style kitchen and dining area

Uniting the kitchen and dining room is indeed an option that has been chosen by many if you have limited space. Therefore, you can design these two rooms into one with a simple concept like this Scandinavian-style interior.

By applying more muted colors, such as gray, brown, white, and black, then the appearance of the room will look warmer with the use of wood or vinyl floors and a kitchen set designed in white. Then the brown wood dining table. But if you want to design it, you don’t need to worry because the arrangement of the kitchen and dining room can use simple ornaments. Then, to make it look more attractive, add a dining table and chairs like the picture above, standing decorative lights, and a white kitchen table. For a more attractive impression, design a wall with white exposed brick. That way, your dining room design will look elegant.

Kitchen and dining area beside the stairs

Most people use the empty area next to the stairs for cupboards or storage. However, you can also make something different by utilizing this dining room and kitchen space. With open space concepts such as the design of the dining room and kitchen, you have saved space.

In addition, the arrangement of furniture and kitchen sets must be arranged appropriately so that the room looks quite spacious even though it is under the stairs. The stairs give a unique and aesthetic appearance to a dining room. Then, to look more attractive, you can choose a brown wood dining table and chairs. Then place a decorative lamp on the dining table for lighting. Then, design a kitchen set and table in minimalist colors and add a table design with red exposed brick.

The kitchen and dining room are all wood

The dining room and kitchen combined into one room look aesthetically pleasing with an all-wood concept. Like this picture, wood has been chosen for kitchen and dining room furniture and other equipment such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and floors.

If it’s not suitable, you can use a wooden dining table connected to the kitchen table. Then, also add ornamental plants to give a little touch of color. So the room looks livelier. Then, design a kitchen set with the color of the walls, add wooden wall shelves, and add hanging decorative lights to illuminate the kitchen at night. That way, the dining room design will look naturally beautiful.

Natural lighting in the dining area

A beautiful and healthy dining room doesn’t only focus on light from lamps. Therefore, you can take advantage of natural lighting from large glass windows, and you must design glass windows before starting the dining room design. The natural light that enters the dining room can increase your appetite because you feel the atmosphere is like being in nature.

As you know, Scandinavian design is synonymous with the use of bright and soft light colors. As you know, this large window can make the dining room look more luxurious and comfortable. To make it look more attractive, you can add a wooden dining table and chairs, a unique hanging decorative lamp above the table, an elongated buffet, wall paintings, and glass flower pots. That way, your dining room design will feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Bright color combination

As far as we know, the dining room can be made in various variations. Therefore, if you want to be bolder with colors, you can use bright color combinations other than neutral colors, such as pastel green and gray. Like this picture, the floor carpet and portable decorative lamps are designed in pastel green, the dining chairs are in gray, and the dining table is in bright colors.

Then, to look complete, this dining room is equipped with a wooden buffet for storing cutlery. Then, the floor of the room has been designed with wood motifs. With this arrangement, the dining room design looks elegant and attractive.

White domination

The Scandinavian style puts forward the concept of clean cut, namely an interior arrangement that looks clean. Of course, it can be seen from the white color that dominates the interior of this dining room. You can see that the walls and furniture in the dining room and kitchen look brighter.

In addition, the appearance of the dining room also looks neat because the placement and selection of the types of furniture in each room are simple and varied. In addition, the white color can also add a sense of relief and spaciousness to the room. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a white dining table and chairs. Then design a kitchen set and kitchen with the same color as the dining table. To not look monotonous, you can add wall hangings and wooden shelves. That way, your dining room design will look bright and pleasant.

Simple design

Dining rooms and other rooms with this Scandinavian- style tend to use neutral colors such as white, black, and other monochrome colors. That is what makes these dining rooms seem simple and simple, even though they are equipped with several decorations with different concepts.

Then, to look complete, this room is furnished with a wooden dining table and gray chairs, long wooden benches, a short buffet, and beautiful wall paintings. To feel fresher, you can complement it with a few pots of ornamental plants like in this picture. That way, the dining room design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Natural design with plants

Plants are a universal decoration element, they can be placed anywhere and match any room design concept. In addition, plants can also make you feel fresher and look natural. But there are also ornamental plants that can turn dirty air into clean air. Therefore, the function of plants is perfect for those of you who want a fresh atmosphere.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a white dining table and chairs. Then, rattan floor carpets, antique hanging decorative lamps, stacking shelves for flower pots, and several potted ornamental plants. With these decorations in the dining room, of course, it will bring fresh air and a natural feel to the dining room. Happy decorating!

Touch with wall accessories

It turns out that not only white and black can be used for Scandinavian designs. Wall accessories also can be used in this design. With the arrangement of cool wall accessories, the room design seems calm and can be included in a Scandinavian room. The combination of colors and accessories turned out to be very suitable to blend in this dining room.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a white dining table and black chairs. Then add wall paintings, wooden shelves on the walls, antique hanging decorative lamps placed on the dining table, decorative flower pots, floor rugs, and antique knick-knacks. Don’t forget to put the dining table in front of a glass window so the sun can illuminate it during the day. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look aesthetic.

Wooden floor design

Scandinavian native woods such as pine, fir, aspen, birch, maple, elm, and alder are often used in decorating interiors of this style. Most of the wood is deliberately not processed, alias in a raw and natural state so that it gives a distinct impression. However, nowadays the wood has been processed into a smooth and shiny surface. That way, the dining room floor design will look more beautiful and charming.

To make it look more attractive, add a white dining table and chairs to make it look cleaner. Then place a patterned floor rug, antique hanging decorative lamps, a round mirror on the wall, and a beautiful flower pot and placed on the table. That way, the dining room design will feel more comfortable and pleasant. Happy designing!

Easy-to-open window design

Large openings are one of the hallmarks of the Scandinavian design style. The low intensity of sunlight in winter in Nordic countries causes large openings to be one of the most important architectural elements to pay attention to. Then, The Presence’s large glass windows allow sunlight to enter perfectly into the house and make the room healthy. In addition, air circulation will feel very optimal.

To make it look more attractive, you can color it black, a black hanging decorative lamp placed on the dining table as lighting at night, pots of glass flowers, and an additional gray table. To display Scandinavian characteristics, you can design a dining room floor with a patterned wood floor. That way, your Scandinavian-style dining room design can look bright, airy, and comfortable.

Design with black chandelier

The Scandinavian- style does have a resemblance to the minimalist concept and is becoming a trend. That is caused by the simple elements that are equally contained in the two styles. Therefore, not much decoration was added to this dining room.

Even though the number is small, the selected decorations already have very bold colors and motifs that can give a different color to a Scandinavian-style dining room. However, these two designs still have differences, as in the characteristic black hanging decorative lamp mounted on a wooden dining table. To complete the dining room, you can add gray dining chairs. That way, your dining room looks complete.

Folding chairs to maximize the function of space

This dining room design looks simple and fun. One way to maximize limited space is to use furniture that can be folded and stored when not needed. Therefore, folding chairs can be a solution to universal problems that often haunt small house owners. Apart from its useful function, its modern appearance is also suitable for a Scandinavian-style dining room.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a long dining table, abstract wall paintings, and decorative plant pots to make it feel fresher. Then, if there is still space, you can combine it with a minimalist sofa set. In this way, you can save space in your home. Happy decorating!

Design with a warm atmosphere

This last dining room design looks very homey. This dining room looks aesthetic and comfortable. The presence of a long dining table, black dining chairs, long wooden benches, antique hanging lamps above the dining table, and black and white patterned floor rugs add to the warm atmosphere of the dining room. The dining room with this style tends to be plain and emphasizes colors.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this dining room is equipped with a long sofa, patterned sofa cushions, minimalist wooden shelves, and a kitchen table that matches the wall. With this arrangement, the atmosphere in your dining room will feel warmer. So that makes you and your family feel comfortable.

4. Conclusion

Those are some ways to arrange a dining room to feel comfortable and increase your appetite. As you know, a beautiful and charming dining room design can make you more confident in inviting your guests to eat together in your home. In addition, your family atmosphere is getting closer. We hope that one of the ways to arrange the dining room that we reviewed above can suit your taste. Then, make your home interior design look aesthetic, luxurious, attractive, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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