1. Overview beautiful terrace

A beautiful and complete home design must have a terrace. As you know, the terrace of your house can be presented not only as a sweetener for your home but also has a much more functional purpose, namely as a place to rest for a while and gather with your family. In order to be a comfortable place to relax, you need consideration for designing it. You can decide what kind of minimalist home terrace design you want, then start moving on by determining the furniture and its layout.

However, if you are still confused about finding references to a comfortable minimalist terrace design, we provide several comfortable minimalist terrace designs for you to gather with your family. For that, let’s follow the review below.

2. Comfortable and attractive terrace design

This is a row of minimalist home terrace design ideas that you can try to apply. To create a beautiful and enchanting minimalist terrace, you must prepare the best design. The goal is to provide maximum comfort at home. We all know that the terrace of the house is a place that the owner often uses to relax and enjoy the fresh air around the house. But in reality, the terrace of the house usually only contains chairs and tables.

It will make the terrace far from comfortable. In fact, if it is arranged properly, the terrace of the house can be a very comfortable family gathering place and at the same time establish harmonious communication among family members. So, if you want to arrange the terrace of the house, it must be able to make the house more beautiful and make us comfortable to relax. Here we review interesting terrace design inspiration that you can make inspiration for your home.

3. Attractive design inspiration

Family gatherings are events that are often awaited. Especially when gathering, family members can talk and joke together and create fun moments. There are many spaces that can be used as family gathering areas, one of which is the terrace of the house.

The terrace of the house is an option for an exciting family gathering area. If you get together at night, families can talk while enjoying the night sky. In addition, the terrace can also be used for barbecues or barbecues with friends. So that’s why the terrace of the house is more pleasant to be used as a gathering place, the design of the terrace of the house must meet the needs of gathering. We hope that our review below will suit your taste. Welcome to our review!

Shabby chic style terrace

Another style that you can apply on the terrace of the house is the Shabby Chic style. The application of sweet colors like this makes the terrace more beautiful. No need for excessive colors or motifs. Just use one to two colors or Shabby Chic-themed motifs like blue, and pink on the sofa. Then, you can install wall decor as room accessories. But for this terrace use a white sofa set complete with a table. That way, your terrace design looks elegant.

Design with a covering roof

If you have a terrace outside the house, you must be worried about being exposed to rain and heat. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution so that the terrace outside the house is not exposed to heat and rain. To anticipate this, you can add a roof cover that can be made of glass or wood. This cover is quite important to install, especially if you use a sofa that is easily damaged if exposed to heat or exposed to rain. With this arrangement, sofa sets, sofa cushions, and other furniture will be safe. Then, you and your family will feel more comfortable relaxing and gathering in this place. But you don’t forget the ornamental plant pots so that the atmosphere on the terrace feels fresher.

Design with green plants and a fish pond

You should try this minimalist home terrace design if you want to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home area. By adding some green plants in some corners of the terrace. Also make sure you put the plants in the right position, to further add to the beauty of your terrace. Apart from that, you can design a fish pond and put terrace chairs in this place.

Now you can imagine a very pleasant and soothing atmosphere. Sitting relaxed in the morning or evening by brewing a cup of tea accompanied by a soothing green view and watching your favorite fish playing in the fish pond is really very pleasant. That way, your stress will disappear. Then, you can have fun with your family.

Arrange a narrow terrace

If you have a narrow terrace. Relax, everything can have a solution. We provide recommendations for home terrace designs that you can try to emulate. This terrace design looks simple with the addition of chairs and a small rattan wooden table in front of the window, next to the entrance. As if to be a decoration of the exterior of the house when viewed from inside the house.

Besides that, to add a prettier impression to your terrace, add decorative plants that are placed on a wooden shelf in the corner of the terrace. Then, add lights to sweeten the area on the terrace. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can place decorative lights standing in the corner of the terrace, patterned floor carpets, tables for placing drinks, and bonsai plants placed on wooden trees. With this arrangement, your terrace design looks aesthetic.

Design in classic style

The classic nuance on the terrace is still in great demand by many people. So, if you present it by adding the use of dark color exposed brick in the floor area, it can make the terrace look beautiful. Then, to make this classic feel even thicker, you can add some old or vintage-style furniture at the same time. Like a pair of old-fashioned rattan chairs and a vintage-style table in the middle. Then, the design of the two pillars as well as the guardrails for the terrace and yard, of course, will also give a classic impression to the terrace of your house that is increasingly alive. To make it look beautiful, add decorative plants and flower pots to the walls. With this arrangement, your terrace design will make the terrace more lively.

Design with hanging chair

If you want the impression of a homey terrace, you can arrange it with a beautiful design. Then, add a hanging chair along with some small comfortable pillows to rest your body by relaxing and spending time on the terrace. In addition, so that your terrace area always feels comfortable, add soft pillows to hanging chairs, and tables to place drinks. Then, design your terrace floor with wood motifs. With this arrangement, your terrace will look homey.

Bohemian and rustic style design

This minimalist home terrace design is quite often used by several places such as cafes, bakeries, villas, hotels, and many others. To get the same atmosphere, you can also apply this bohemian and rustic concept to your minimalist terrace.

Terrace designs with bohemian and rustic concepts generally always provide neutral color details on the walls. So, you can pour paint colors on the walls like beige, brown, green, and other similar colors. In addition, add boho ornaments to the walls, floor, and ceiling of the terrace. To make it look cooler, complete it with colorful shutter motif chairs, tables for placing drinks, decorative garden lights, and beautiful flower pots. That way, your terrace design looks beautiful.

Open terrace design

This open-air terrace is actually able to make the house look more alive. The room outdoor of your house will look very effortless but still feel comfortable even though it only has a narrow area. Cool air will be very easy for you to breathe every morning. To make you relax, you can complete the terrace with a wooden sofa covered with soft white foam and a table for placing drinks. Then, design the floor with a wood motif floor, wooden cabinets, decorative wall lights, and decorative plant pots. With this arrangement, your terrace design feels comfortable and pleasant.

Aesthetic terrace design

Having a terrace with a minimalist concept would not hurt you to try to mix and match various bright colors into the concept of the terrace of the house. For sure your home terrace will have a cheerful feel in every corner. To beautify it, also add ornaments such as decorative wall lamps, unique hanging decorative lamps mounted on the ceiling, rattan sofa sets covered with colorful foam, tables for placing drinks, corner tables, and ornamental plants in pots. With this arrangement, your terrace design will look aesthetic.

Artistic terrace design

This minimalist home terrace design has a quite different touch. Because, even though it is designed in a simple way, the artistic concept looks very strong seen from the decorative lights and murals that are affixed to the surface of the back wall of the terrace. To make the homeowner relax, this terrace is equipped with wooden chairs with high armrests, wooden floors, decorative wall lights, unique decorative lights that are hung from the ceiling, and decorative plant pots placed in the corner of the terrace. That way, you and your family will feel comfortable in this place.

Desain Teras Rumah Minimalis dengan Kolam Ikan

The design of a fish pond in front of the house can make your heart peaceful. It’s really nice, after a tiring day at work, you spend time resting with your favorite fish. Even if it’s just sitting relaxed on the front porch of the house, your stress and tension during the day’s work will disappear. Plus if when you sit on the terrace, you hear the sound of water splashing from your pet fish pond. Surely you will feel joy. To feel more relaxed, you can add a chair to lie down on and be surrounded by a beautiful flower garden.

Modern terrace design

If you want your terrace to look beautiful and charming, you can apply two concepts to your terrace design. Maybe before you have never imagined at all in your mind what would happen if the minimalist concept met with modern concepts simultaneously. In this way, the terrace of the house will turn modern immediately after you add some futuristic home furniture. Then you can also pin lighting support lights on your terrace. Add a sofa set, patterned sofa cushions, floor rugs, and a table for placing drinks. With the concept of your terrace looks aesthetic.

Garden terrace design

This terrace design looks comfortable and fun. The open natural atmosphere makes everyone who is in this place feel at home. The terrace design of this house can be an inspiration for those of you who want to change the atmosphere of your terrace to make it look different. The neat arrangement of furniture and accessories makes this place look beautiful. Moreover, it is located in the middle of beautiful greenery.

As you can see, the arrangement of the sofas arranged in a circle makes the atmosphere of communication more pleasant. This wooden sofa which is equipped with soft foam makes you feel at home to sit back and relax while chatting with your family. Then, the motif carpets and tables that decorate this garden look beautiful and elegant. To make it look more attractive, this terrace is decorated with umbrellas to protect it from the hot sun. But don’t forget, you still have to cover the terrace so that it isn’t exposed to rainwater. With this arrangement, your open terrace design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Open terrace design with Gazebo

Having a beautiful and artistic home design is everyone’s dream. To make it happen, of course, you have to prepare the best design. Gazebo with soft sofa cushions and foam used for sleeping really makes the warmer atmosphere. In this place, you can bring your family to relax while enjoying the outdoors.

A neat and beautiful arrangement of ornamental plants makes the atmosphere in the Gazebo area more cheerful. Of course, this place can be a fun place to gather with friends and family. Moreover, this place is surrounded by a garden full of tropical plants, you feel like you are in Bali. If you have enough land, this garden terrace design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Small swimming pool

The existence of a swimming pool in the area of ​​the house is indeed very pleasant. Moreover, this swimming pool is specially designed for family gatherings. so you don’t need to look for entertainment swimming out of the house. If your house has a large enough back porch, you can add a small swimming pool. Don’t forget to place a relaxing area with a roof, complete with seating, hammocks, and a table for drinks and snacks.

Terrace on the balcony

Terraces can be made not only in the backyard and front of the house but also on the balcony. You can decorate minimalist or industrial designs. Then, also place vines on the fence for a cooler and greener feel. In addition, you can put decorative plant pots in the corner of the terrace so that it looks beautiful.

To make you and your family relax, complete with sofa sets arranged facing each other so that communication can run smoothly, patterned sofa cushions, floor rugs, a table for placing drinks, and a corner table. and flower pots on the table. Don’t forget to make a canopy to protect it from the hot sun and rain. With this arrangement, your terrace design will feel comfortable and cool.

Unique terrace design

Terrace design is a lot of choices. But so that you feel comfortable and happy, design it according to your taste. Next, if you can make a minimalist design and play with a combination of colors, the terrace of the house can look more special. By using this method you can combine pastel colors like Tosca green with walls designed with ornamental plants. Then, place a flower vase on the iron bars to beautify the room. In this way, your terrace will be more attractive to be used as a relaxing place. Furthermore, to get you and your family together, complete with round chairs and tables to place drinks, decorative plant pots, and wooden floors for you to sit back and relax. With this arrangement, your terrace design will look aesthetic.

Terrace with garden design and exposed brick

You can make a terrace design with a garden like this picture as a playground for your child. Apart from arranging furniture such as garden chairs, and complete cafe tables, you can also design the terrace of the house as a children’s playground. You can install swings, slides, and other games. Don’t forget to make sure the base is soft so it doesn’t hurt your little one.

Besides that, you can also make this terrace a place to hang out with your friends while enjoying coffee and hot tea. To make it look more attractive, design a wall with exposed brick to make it look natural. Apart from that, this terrace with flowers and ornamental plants can also provide refreshments to you and your family. That way, your family will be happier.

Sunbathing and relaxing area

Luckily for those of you who have open space behind or in front of the house. You can get extra space to relax, bask in the sun, or enjoy with your family. The terrace has dominated by wood floor material and decorated with a black and white patterned carpet.

Then, to make you feel more relaxed, you can place sofa cushions to lay on the carpet. Then, complete with cafe chairs and tables to enjoy the fresh air while enjoying warm tea. In order to make the atmosphere feel fresh, you can put ornamental plants in large pots and place flower pots on the fence. That way, you and your family will be able to enjoy the outdoors while having fun.

The family’s ideal terrace model

A terrace design with the right furniture and some flower plants can make you feel at home. By presenting an arrangement like the picture above, your terrace will look cool and stylish. With a simple terrace model, and has great benefits. Apart from functioning as a place for you to relax and gather with your family, it can provide fresh air. This terrace design also does not need much maintenance. To make you relax, complete with a long wooden sofa complete with foam, a round table, flower pots in the corner of the room, and a wooden fence. That way, you and your family really enjoy the outdoors.

The terrace is simple but festive

If you are one of those who like to fill their spare time by decorating the house, you can make this terrace model the most ideal place to test your creativity. The goal is to create a terrace model that is lively, warm, and still comfortable. A terrace design like this can be the main highlight when you receive guests. This simple terrace is only equipped with a relaxing swing complete with foam and sofa cushions, and a gazebo made of bamboo complete with a natural mattress, and sofa cushions. To make it look green, this terrace is planted with green grass. That way, you will enjoy your relaxing day with your family while enjoying drinks and food.

4. Conclusion

Those are some beautiful and comfortable terrace designs for you and your family to gather. We hope that our review above will suit your taste. But if it doesn’t suit you, you can order it from a home decor company. So that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can make your home’s exterior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Then, make you and your family more intimate and cheerful. Happy decorating!


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