1. Overview of glass windows

All buildings must have windows, apart from being a place for light to enter and air circulation, windows also beautify a house. Therefore, the window glass model was made of various. Every window should match the style of the house. If you are bored with the normal manner and want to make something unique for your home, you can express yourself by designing windows in a different style. For those of you who are building a house or looking for inspiration for unique window glass shapes, here we provide some creative ideas that you can emulate. For that, let’s review the attractive designs below!

2. Attractive design

Every homeowner wants a beautiful and charming home design. The interior design of a dwelling consists of various aspects. Each aspect will give a different look and impression depending on the execution, style, and final finishing done. Of the many aspects, the design presented in the full window inspiration from floor to ceiling will give an impression of elegance and luxury that is hard to match.

Some of the following full window inspirations show that aspects of window design like glass walls can be applied in various styles. Ranging from traditional styles, and minimalist, to contemporary ones. Whatever type is used, the result is attractive.

3. Advantages of glass windows

You certainly will always find a house with glass windows. Design with glass windows has many advantages, including sunlight entering the room so that the room becomes bright and healthy. In addition, incoming sunlight can save electricity during the day. Therefore, many homeowners design their windows using glass. Therefore, many homeowners consider minimalist door and window models made of glass to give a bright impression. Then, large windows and doors made of glass allow a lot of sunlight to enter the house freely.

Interior designers also suggest making more glass windows to keep the feel of the room bright. An expert from Sierra Pacific Windows in California, Andrea White, said that natural lighting can improve the occupant’s mood, allow more natural light, and have many other benefits for the occupants. For that, let’s review some examples of attractive glass windows you can apply to your home.

4. Some examples of attractive glass windows

As you know, glass windows are very necessary to decorate a house. Windows are also important for air circulation. So it’s not stuffy. Therefore, various window designs are offered to homeowners, but the most appropriate for you to use is a window that makes you feel comfortable indoors.

Not only that. the existence of a window also makes the room brighter with natural lighting. In addition, windows can also add to the aesthetics of the room. Therefore we want to share ideas to discuss glass window designs that suit your home design. Hopefully, our review below suits your taste. Then, make it an inspiration for your home. Welcome to our review!

Skylight style windows

This one window design looks cool and unique. If the window is usually on the wall, you can place it in a different place, one of which is on the roof. Sealin displays a unique and cool impression of your home. That way, this window design allows maximum light to enter the house. Another advantage of having this window is that you can observe the starry sky at night from inside the house.

So if it’s not possible to install a window on the wall, you can install it on the roof. It’s called a skylight model window. Unfortunately, the window of this model is a bit inconvenient to open and close, especially if it is installed on a high ceiling. Plus, it’s impossible to open the window when it’s raining because water will enter. Therefore, make sure you add adequate ventilation in the kitchen. Then, you also can install a stove hood which functions to suck up heat, odors, and steam from the stove.

Cathedral-style window design

This full residential window design is applied in a room with a cathedral-style ceiling. The most interesting thing about this glass window wall beside its shape that follows the shape of the ceiling, the choice of color for the frame is very interesting. The black color that frames the window looks contrasting amidst the predominance of white on the walls, ceiling, and other furniture. Thus giving an elegant and special look. To make it look cooler, you can design the floor with wood motifs, place tables, and chairs, and arrange the kitchen with the best design.

Window design modern industrial style

The design of this room is in a modern industrial style. This residence looks more charming with the use of full glass windows on one side of the living room. The glass wall window design is deliberately arranged in several square frames, looking in tune with the two wooden pillars in the room. The white color of the window frames complements the room’s neutral color palette. At the same time, it looks contrasts with the exposed brick wall. Then, to make it look more attractive, this room is equipped with two sofa sets, wall paintings, floor rugs in the same color as the sofa, and unique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant.

Window with tree trunk frames

If you are bored with the same window frames, you can make window frames from tree trunks. Instead of neatly cutting and trimming it, you can use the whole log. This model window will make you feel like you are among the trees when you look out the window. This window model is perfect for homes with a rustic style that emphasizes natural architectural elements and uses natural wood and stone materials.

When you enter this room, your attention will be immediately drawn to the unusual glass window frames. Wooden window frames that are connected to pillars on the ceiling of the room have a double function, not just as a support. A small detail in the form of using super-sized iron nails gives a raw and natural impression, in accordance with the green scenery out there. To make it look more attractive, the bedroom floor can be designed with wood motifs. Then, add a minimalist bed, a small table, and ornamental plants so that fresh eyes can see. With this arrangement, your bedroom design looks natural.

The window beside the stairs

If you have a two-story house, then this idea is very easy to do. You can install this small square window along the stairs of the house. To give an artistic impression, you can install windows in different positions. Then, you can also choose several different window shapes to apply this style. To make it look more attractive, mix it with decorative lamps, glass tables, and antique knick-knacks. Besides that, for the room to look luxurious, you can add a marble floor. That way, your home interior will look luxurious.

Unique triangular windows

Aligning the shape of the building with the window design is the best way. It’s not even impossible, this uniformity will actually give your home an attractive appearance. An example is a building with a triangular design that combines a triangular design throughout the building, including the window design. To make it look more attractive, you can add a unique chandelier to the ceiling, a sofa set, a table for placing drinks, and a dining table. Then, to make it look elegant, you can design a floor with wood motifs. That way, your living room design will look elegant.

Asymmetric window

Uniting windows and doors in one design is currently becoming a trend. Pasanya this design is considered more practical and minimalist. Window models like this are suitable to be applied to the front or part of the house. Then, you can apply this unique design in large sizes. To make it more interesting, give an asymmetrical impression to each square in the window. To make it look more attractive, you can combine sofas, coffee tables for drinks, and patterned carpets. That way, the living room design will look more attractive.

Window with mini garden

This living room design seems simple, this model window has many benefits. This window design with mini plants can create a beautiful feeling when you look out the window. It’s not complicated to make. You only need to install a long box as a place for the plants on the front of the window. This model window is suitable for urban, modern, and contemporary-style buildings. Add, ornamental plants in this room so pleasing to the eye.

Angled style windows

As the name implies, this model window is installed in the corner of the wall of the house. The arrangement is also fairly easy, namely, it is installed at an angle to follow the shape of the wall. This angled style window is suitable for modern and contemporary style homes. The window of this model was popular in 1950. Then, this model window is suitable for rooms that are directly connected to the outside area of ​​the house. Then, to look more attractive, you can combine it with wood designs. Then, place decorative lights and minimalist beds. That way, your bedroom design will look unique.

Pivot window

The pivoting window is also known as the aesthetic window. The window of this model has a pivot in the middle and is opened by pushing one side of the window. Unfortunately, this model window takes up a lot of space, so it requires definite space planning. Even so, this window has a high aesthetic value. Another advantage of this model window is that it is flexible to be applied to various types of houses. In addition, this window is suitable for you to install in the bedroom. That way, your bedroom design looks aesthetic.

Vertical window

This type of window has a high panel with aluminum framing. Window models are suitable for installation in rooms with ceilings that are not too high. In addition, this window model is also suitable for modern, contemporary minimalist-style homes and bungalows. With a white aluminum frame, the interior design of your room will look spacious.

Bifold window

If you are a house lover with a bright and open atmosphere, then this window model is suitable for your home. You can use this model if you want a wide window. The bi-fold concept allows windows to be opened and closed by folding the parts.

This window model is not widely used in Indonesia. The model is unique and suitable for wide windows. Uniquely, the bi-fold window model will fold sideways when opened. As a result, the kitchen room becomes airy with windows that open wide. The stuffiness in the kitchen will disappear as soon as the window is opened.

However, this window model also has its own drawbacks. The wide window model can be passed by adults. Moreover, the bifold model window does not allow trellises to be installed. So, to avoid unwanted things, make sure to close and re-lock your kitchen window.

Low hopper window

This house model uses an additional window below the main window. With the addition of windows, greater air circulation in the room is possible. The window of this model has the character of an opening that allows air to flow upwards, so it is perfect for bungalows and traditional house models. Therefore, many have applied the house style with this low-hopper window design.

This window inspiration looks special thanks to its beautiful design. The color of the frame that contrasts with the color of the walls is one of the highlights. The presence of this full window also complements the existence of several skylights in one room, and the result is a room full of light. Then, to make it look beautiful, you can combine it with a white sofa set.

Long windows to the ceiling

A window design that is quite popular lately is the elongated window concept. Through the open curtains, a bright effect will get an attractive appearance. Especially if this type of window faces a yard or green garden, then you will feel like you are in a beautiful garden.

Window designs facing natural scenery with full window models can make the atmosphere more comfortable. Then, the glass wall shows the importance of choosing a frame. This black frame looks in contrast to the interior area of ​​the room. At the same time, it seems to be a frame for the natural scenery outside the room. To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with minimalist beds, wooden buffets, and decorative mirrors. That way, your room design feels comfortable and pleasant.

Round glass window

People’s tastes are different, some like the box glass window model, elongated and widened. However, this window design looks beautiful and unique because the window can also be applied in different shapes, such as the round model. Windows with a round shape that are large enough like this are rarely used, but there’s nothing wrong with installing this model window in the home. You can try placing windows like this in rooms like bedrooms and living rooms that face directly to the garden. That way, a lot of air will enter and make the room feel fresher.

To make it look more elegant, you can design a floor with wood motifs. Then, add ornamental plants for eye fresheners, single beds, decorative lights, and unique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will look beautiful and neat. Then, make your sleep more sound.

Glass Window between Indoor and Outdoor

If you look at the design of this window, it seems as if there are no boundaries between the outdoor and indoor areas. However, there are glass windows with black frames installed on the terrace. This design makes the transition process between these two areas look more attractive.

In addition, this full window design can be a glass wall that opens a wide view to the outside of the house. The effect, of course, the room feels more spacious. Then, to limit the view from the outside, you can install curtains or blinds that can be opened and closed as needed. If necessary, you can install a partition in the room to cover a more private area. That way, your conversations inside will feel comfortable and safe. Please try this decor!

Unique and artistic window models

The window design always makes people feel bored. Therefore, you can create a secondary wood model window design. This window design is the work of Stephen Paul. This window design looks solid with a wooden frame decorated with glass. The shape that resembles the letter X adds to the appearance of this window, so it looks unique and artistic.

Then, installing a full glass window doesn’t just make a room full of light. However, also highlights the exterior elements that are right outside the window. The concrete latticework design outside the window complements the exposed design on the ceiling. To make your room look more attractive, you can equip it with wooden furniture, minimalist sofas, colorfully patterned rugs, swings for you to lie down on, and up-to-date knick-knacks. That way, your living room design looks artistic and unique.

Folding window

Currently, the UPVC Window model is the flagship window model. This UPVC folding window consists of three or more window frames that can be opened to the fullest. The trick is to fold and push to one side. That way, your occupancy will get maximum air circulation and light. However, to install it you have to adjust it to the model of your room so that it looks harmonious. Then, to make it look more attractive, mix it with wood motif tiled floors, patterned carpets, and furniture with colors that match the window frames. That way, the interior design of your room will look aesthetic.

The large window opens sideways

Sometimes we feel bored if we are always at home. Finally, we are looking for a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. However, now you can make a large window model that opens to both sides and can be the right choice for your home kitchen. Especially if the size is adjusted to the area of ​​the kitchen, it will feel comfortable. When the window is opened, the kitchen room will immediately look airy, bright, and fresh. So your cooking activities become more fun with a comfortable atmosphere.

To make it look even more perfect, you can use the space in the window as well as a dining table. All you have to do is add a stool model chair outside the kitchen, and you can also enjoy dining with a semi-outdoor feel. With a design like this, you don’t have to look for a coffee shop to relax while enjoying hot coffee. Happy decorating!

Window model on the roof of the house

If usually, the window is on the lower wall, this time the window is installed on the roof of the house. So this design is made unusual. With this unique window design, the light that enters will be maximized. Especially when night comes, you can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful sky accompanied by the stars. To give an artistic impression, you can install windows in different positions. Apart from that, you can also choose several different window shapes to apply this style. With this arrangement, your home interior will feel pleasant.

Tube model window design

Having a two-story design house is very fun because you can take advantage of the space in the room for your various needs. However, if you are bored with box-shaped windows, you can design your windows to be tubular.

Therefore, you must be good at designing your home so that it looks beautiful and charming. By taking advantage of the windowed room to relax while enjoying the healthy morning sun, you can enjoy warm tea drinks that are healthy for your body. Not only that, you can bring your favorite pillow to read a book under the bright light from the window. That way, the atmosphere in your home will feel warmer and more enjoyable.

5. Conclusion

Those are the designs of several window models that we can recommend. We hope that our reviews above will suit your tastes and make your home interior design look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. However, if you don’t want to bother, you can order a home decor company to design it. So that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can be an inspiration for you. Then, make you and your family happier. Happy decorating!


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