1. Overview of natural stone

All residents want to make their houses look beautiful and charming. To make that happen, not only with furniture and accessories in the house. The exterior of the house also needs to be designed beautifully. Therefore, many fence recommendations for housing are offered by home decor companies, one of which is the minimalist iron fence model discussed previously. This material is very suitable to be a variation of the wall fence of your home.

Its natural appearance can make the house more beautiful and charming. Besides that, other materials that can be used as exterior decoration for the house are natural stones. This material comes with the latest stone patterns. Therefore, it is not surprising that the wall fence is also often used as an inspiration for the front of the house.

As you know, there are many types of natural stone for fence walls that you can find on the market. You can choose a model with a different texture. Natural stone fences are also classified as having long durability when compared to wooden fence materials. For that, before you design it, you have to get to know the variety of natural stone models.

2. Getting to know the variety of natural stone fences

Natural stone is a material taken from the environment. Its nature is very natural so the application of the design will also look natural, especially if it is exposed. There are so many types of natural stone, so it’s easy to mix and match with other types of materials. That way, variations of natural stone fences also vary.

Today the development of the types of natural stone sold in the market varies greatly. Therefore, a wide selection of natural stones can make it easier to get various colors, shapes, textures, and sizes at various prices, from the most economical to the most expensive.

3. Why choose natural stone

One of the most popular fence materials is natural stone. Variations in style, texture, color, and price allow us to innovate and mix and match between various types of natural stone and other manufacturing materials. The individual’s desire to display a unique and different fence design is increasingly visible. In the end, it can complement the exterior design of the house.

Apart from all that, however, the existing fence design has the main function as an element that must protect and provide a sense of security for the occupants in it, such as issues of security, comfort, air pollution, sound pollution, privacy, and other unwanted things. In addition to these functions, the fence should have a design that is able to describe the characteristics and existence of the owner.

4. Idea and design

The fence is the front face of the house because the fence is the first part that people see from the outside. Therefore, the design of the fence must be designed attractive so that it has an appearance that beautifies the facade of the house.

Natural stone fence designs are now being favored by many people. The presence of natural stone gives a beautiful natural touch, without compromising privacy and security. Natural stone fences are also believed to be able to increase the selling price of a house, because of their beautiful design and prestige for those interested in buying a house. By making a fence design from natural stone, the value of the house price will increase. If you don’t want to make the wrong design, let’s review the attractive fence design below.

5. The inspiration that you can emulate

Everyone knows that the beauty of natural stone has long been known as an attractive building element for home design as a fence material. The natural appearance of natural stone is suitable to be applied to almost all home models. Therefore, since ancient times, natural stone has been widely used as a material for house fences until now.

Various types of natural stone are used as fencing materials, including plaster stones, temple stones, andesite stones, sandstones, bricks, and roster. Each type of natural stone has its own uniqueness in forming various models of fences. This difference in appearance will be even more interesting if the natural stone fence is designed nicely. Especially for a minimalist natural stone fence. Therefore, for those of you who are planning to make a natural stone fence, here we present some inspiration for a minimalist natural stone fence design that can be used as a reference to beautify your home. For that, let’s follow the review below!

Patch stone

A beautiful minimalist home design is synonymous with a monochrome color display. Therefore, outboard stone as a minimalist natural stone fence is the right choice to complement a minimalist home. In addition, the outboard stone is also known to be strong even though the shape is only in the form of a slab. To make it look more attractive, this fence is decorated with plants that are planted in front of the fence. Then, as another complement is the gate designed with hollow iron and steel wire. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home will look more attractive.

Gabion fence design

There are many ways for homeowners to design their fences to make them look more attractive. The design of fence which is designed with a height that almost covers the house is well-designed. This fence design uses river stone which is usually used as a house foundation material. However, the use of river stone is now starting to penetrate into the realm of aesthetics, one of which is on the fence of the house.

The gabion fence design is obtained by inserting river stones of various sizes into the box of iron wire that forms the fence. Then, minimalist natural stone fences like this are widely applied to modern homes because of their unique appearance and designs that can be modified into various models. Then, to make it look more magnificent, this wire and stone were painted black. That way, the exterior design of your home will look natural and attractive.

Pillars of stone

This one fence design looks unique. The technique for placing a minimalist natural stone fence is not limited to sticking it to the wall, such as a fence that can be formed from an arrangement of stones that form unique pillars. You also don’t need to worry about its strength because this natural stone fence model is sturdy and doesn’t require special care.

Natural stone fences also can be shaped and decorated in various ways, like the picture above. So your residence will look more attractive and unique from the front. Also, mix the color with a dark iron or wood fence to make it look more elegant. To make it look more attractive, you can design the iron fence with black paint to make it looks magnificent. With an arrangement of natural stones like this, the exterior design of your home can amaze those who see it.

Fence design from natural granite stone

A beautiful home design is everyone’s dream. Then, to make it happen, you must get inspiration and ideas. The natural stone fence model from granite is in great demand by minimalist homeowners because of its simple appearance. In addition, granite also has a charming appearance with a variety of color choices. Then, to make it look more attractive, the arrangement of granite stones also can be arranged in various models of natural stone fences. Some are arranged flat, some are mounted protruding. That way, natural stone fences from granite will appear dimensional.

Combining this type of natural stone fence from granite with green plants will add elegant value to the house exterior. This natural stone type of granite is also often the choice of people who want to show simplicity with a luxurious design in their minimalist homes. This fence design is suitable if applied to an existing house in a complex. By choosing granite-type natural stone, the exterior design of your house will be pleasing to the eye.

Traditional impression of roster fence

This house design looks aesthetic and attractive. Fence and building designs has made in matching colors. But lately, the roster is widely used as a house exterior sweetener. As a model of a minimalist natural stone fence, the rooster stone will provide a unique and attractive appearance. Various types and roster colors are available in the market. But if you want an ethnic concept, choose a warm terracotta roster. Meanwhile, for a house with a modern minimalist concept, a gray roster will look harmonious.

Then, to make it look more attractive. the entrance has equipped with a gate made of natural stone. Then, the iron fence has made tight and painted white. Then, the fence, a list has been made to make it look sweeter and more attractive. With this arrangement, your fence design will look aesthetic.

Design with exposed brick

If you want a warm home look, a fence model using exposed brick is the right choice. This material is easy to get and easy to mix and match with other materials. Distinctive exposed brick color will match any home paint color design. You don’t need to worry either, because an exposed brick fence will certainly complement the look of any style of home.

Then, to make it look more attractive, in front of the fence is equipped with a mini garden planted with ornamental plants and flowers. Then the entrance is made white. In addition, in front of the fence, a footpath is made to enjoy walking in the morning while looking at ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your fence design feels more alive.

Design with a mix of materials

The design of the natural stone fence model has an important role so that the house looks beautiful and charming, like the unique fence above which combines natural stone with wooden slats. Its unique shape and appearance that match the facade of the house make this minimalist natural stone fence not only a barrier but also a beautiful home decoration. To make it look unique, the arrangement of natural stones is tilted. Then, it is decorated with ornamental plants and a brown wooden fence. That way, your fence design looks unique and artistic.

Magnificent and artistic design

The design of the fence is no longer just a barrier and security for a house. More than that, the fence is also required to have aesthetic value. In making a fence, there are many materials that you can use, one of which is natural stone. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, this material can make your home look more natural, sturdy, and elegant. Therefore, it is not wrong if many people choose to use natural stone as their fence.

To make it look beautiful, this fenced area is planted with shady trees and green grass. So it doesn’t look monotonous. If you also want to use natural stone as a fence, you can use this design as inspiration. That way, the impression of your home will look majestic and dignified.

Natural stone fence with wooden door

To have a beautiful home design, you have to make security by using a fence so thieves don’t enter it. However, to make it you have to design the design appropriately. So it feels safe and comfortable in the house. So if you want to make a fence made of natural stone while maintaining privacy, you can combine a fence made of natural stone with a wooden door. Then, design the right size so it’s not easy for people to climb on.

In addition, the combination of wood colors that are darker than natural stone will make the outside of the house look very elegant. This design is perfect for those of you who want a photo spot at home. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can make the area around the fence a fixed path to enter the house. Then, plant trees that can make the atmosphere cool.

Natural stone fence with hollow iron

The design of a natural stone fence will look more elegant and magnificent when combined with a black iron fence. That way, the fence will look sturdy and of course durable. The design also makes your home environment look more colorful and attractive.

Natural stone fence with this type of stone is perfect when applied to a minimalist home. As you know, the color of the gray stone is suitable to be combined with black or white iron fences. But if you want to look fresher, choose a bright wall paint color to match the color of the fence. Then, to look more magnificent, the entrance to this house is designed with pillars made of natural stone with the same color as the fence. With this arrangement, the exterior design of your home looks more attractive.

Natural stone fence flanked by a wooden fence

The wooden fence design which has combined natural stone and is supported by a steel frame looks artistic and unique. Not only wooden doors that can be combined with natural stone fences that look elegant. You also can use a wooden fence around the house and then combine it with a natural stone fence design. In this way, it will look elegant.

Another design that is no less interesting for you to apply is a combination of a natural stone fence with a box-shaped wooden door that is twice as high as the fence. This design looks different from previous designs which used iron as the entrance to the house. But to design it, you have to consider the height of the fence so that it is not easy for people to enter. That way, the exterior of your home will feel comfortable and safe.

Elegant white natural stone foundation design

One of the advantages of using natural stone is that your fence can last a long time. Then the design can also be adjusted to the wishes of the homeowner, like the design above. White and black natural stones combined into a unique and no less elegant fence design. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can arrange it randomly using a steel frame. Then make pillars so that they can become prisoners and also look magnificent. Meanwhile, iron that is installed vertically can be painted brown. That way, the exterior design of your home looks magnificent.

White color combination natural stone fence

The design of this house looks minimalist. To arrange the fence, there are many natural stone colors that you can choose from, including white. If you use a white natural stone fence, it will make the front of your house look clean, neat, and elegant. Then, add greenery on the other side to make it look beautiful.

The white natural stone fence will look elegant when applied to your minimalist home. Don’t forget to add green plants in front of and in the area of ​​the house to make it look more refreshing when combined with a fence. With this arrangement, the exterior of your home looks elegant.

Natural stone combined with wood

Natural stone and wood both give a beautiful and natural impression. Wood has a distinctive color, and so does natural stone. The color is not uniform. There is dark and there is light too, but precisely this color’s non-uniformity creates the beauty of the natural stone. Then, a natural stone fence with wood will be the perfect combination for a house fence. This combination is perfect for homes with a minimalist home architectural style. There are also houses that use gabions as fences. To make it look beautiful, you can make flower pots in front of the fence, then design paths with bricks. That way, the exterior design of your home will look neat and beautiful.

Fence design with unique natural stone

Having an attractive fence design can make you happy. Of the many materials used to design house fences to make them look good, this one natural stone is unique compared to other natural stones. Its surface tends to be rough and uneven, while other natural stones have a smooth and slippery surface. In terms of installation, this natural stone looks unique because it is not neatly arranged like the installation of other natural stone fences but the installation is allowed to be irregular because basically, the shape of the natural stone is not neat.

It looks like a naturally formed lump of river rock and produces a certain pattern when used as a natural stone fence. But who would have thought that with its uniqueness, natural stone can display the beauty of the house, especially when combined with a wood design? Then, to make it look more attractive, the fenced area has been decorated with green plants. That way, the exterior design of this house looks beautiful and natural.

Menelusuri asal usulnya, batu kewal sebenarnya adalah batu kali Lumajang. Material batu alam satu ini sulit didapatkan, tidak dijual di pasaran sehingga membuat harganya sedikit mahal. Meski demikian, peminat batu kewal tetap banyak dan menjadi incaran untuk pembuatan pagar batu alam.

White natural stone combined with a brown gate

The idea of ​​using a natural stone fence on this one will highlight a minimalist and natural architectural design due to the combination of white natural stone with green plants around the fence. To strengthen the modern minimalist impression, also combine it with a brown gate with a simple carved model with a classic feel.

For the final touch of this natural stone fence, you can use a glossy coating so that the natural stone looks wet or with a natural coating to display the natural stone according to its original color. The application of a natural stone fence in your home can give a natural, natural impression. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, in front of the fence a mini garden is made with green ornamental plants and ceramics. With an arrangement like this, you will feel safe and calm.

Fence model of minimalist river stone

This unique river stone fence can also be combined with a combination of other materials, such as this BRC wood plank. A house with natural stone and a suitable BRC wooden fence will make a simple house facade design look even more attractive. Therefore, it is not surprising that this combination is often found in pictures of the front wall of the house, which are still relevant today.

However, if you want to complement the garden area behind the house with wooden door walls, of course, a minimalist gabion fence is the right choice. With the design of the stone fence wall, it will make the front of the house look more sturdy. To make a unique river stone fence, you can arrange it randomly using wire and iron. In this way, the stone will not fall.

6. Conclusion

Those are some natural stone fence design inspirations that can make your home facade look unique and beautiful. We hope that our review above will suit your taste. However, if it doesn’t suit you, you can order from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, this design can make the exterior of your home design look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, attractive, and comfortable. Then, make you and your family feel safe at home. Happy decorating!


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