1. Overview of beautiful rooftops

Having a minimalist house design is not an obstacle for you to have a garden. If you can’t make a garden in front of the house, try making it above the house. The concept of a roof design is known as a rooftop garden. Even though it seems strange, this concept has been widely adopted by people abroad because it really has great benefits.

Initially, rooftop gardens became a trend in major cities abroad, such as New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and many more. Furthermore, this trend also spread throughout the world, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, rooftop gardens are not only adopted in residential buildings but also in business buildings such as cafes and restaurants. The existence of this rooftop garden has even become a magnet in itself to attract visitors. Even though it looks complicated, making a nice, beautiful, and cool rooftop garden is not difficult. For that, we will help you design an attractive rooftop area in the following way.

2. Attractive design

The garden is synonymous with the home page. However, what if the homeowner lacks land? Therefore, they can make the roof of the house into an attractive rooftop garden. There are various choices of simple rooftop designs to develop for your home. In this picture, we will discuss some very charming rooftop garden ideas. Therefore, let’s first look at the definition of a rooftop before we discuss the others.

3. Beautiful rooftop inspiration

Before looking at the inspiration for a good rooftop home design, it’s a good idea to know what a rooftop is first. The rooftop is the roof surface or part of the roof of a building which is usually used as an open area for activities such as relaxing, breaking the fast, or enjoying the view.

If you live in a small house but want to have a minimalist rooftop, you can design various aesthetic and comfortable spaces. As long as the planning is right, you can design an empty area at the top of the house to be used as a room according to your needs. Besides that, you can also design the entire area to be turned into an attractive minimalist rooftop. Even though there are only a few areas left, the most important thing is that you can create a rooftop according to your dreams.

4. Ideas and Inspiration

Rooftop ideas and inspiration came because of the limited land available in a modern minimalist-style house. There’s no other way to add room except to make a Rooftop. Then, used as a multifunctional area, such as a place to dry clothes, a place for gardening, or even a comfortable relaxing place for the family.

As far as we know, there are many ways you can turn a rooftop into a comfortable outdoor area. But you have to prepare the best design. Then, maximize the rooftop area in your home. Therefore, we will review some examples of attractive designs below.

5. Some attractive design examples

A house with a rooftop can give you comfort and the best view while relaxing. Therefore, you can decorate the rooftop to the shape you want. Then, to make it look more attractive, add some furniture to make it feel comfortable while relaxing in this place.

In addition, the rooftop can be used to gather with family or friends until late at night. But if you want to make the right rooftop design to make it feel more comfortable, you must prepare the best design. In the following, we review inspirational rooftop designs. Then, you can apply to your home. Hopefully, this design can suit your taste. Then, it can be an inspiration for you. Enjoy following our review below!

Living room design at the top of the house

The rooftop is one part of the house that is often encountered recently. Its existence is starting to be considered important by homeowners, especially for young homeowners who have homes with limited land. Next, you can plan how to design a simple house rooftop to make it look good.

In order to make the atmosphere on the rooftop more relaxed, you can complement it with green grass plants, ornamental plants, and ornamental plant pots. Then, add a large sofa, motif sofa cushions, a round table to place drinks, floor pillows, and antique knick-knacks. Then, to look elegant, design the floor with a wood pattern floor to make it where you relax That way, your rooftop design will look cozier.

Presenting plants to look beautiful

A rooftop with a beautiful garden can make you comfortable and feel at home. Therefore, plants cannot be separated from rooftops because these two elements are like a couple. Then, the rooftop style with this garden concept must present plants in it. For that, you can use plants that are heat resistant so that they continue to thrive here. But you can also install netted wire to reduce the heat level in the area. That way the plants you care for here won’t die from drought. With an arrangement like this, the rooftop with your garden design will be a place to relax while enjoying the bright morning air. Happy decorating!

Rooftop design with green grass

This rooftop model looks spacious. Then, designed with green grass and some ornamental plants. With a design like this, you will feel comfortable when spending time at the rooftop garden. In this place, you can hang out with your family or loved ones while enjoying the atmosphere. Of course, this design is the feel you want so you can sit comfortably and relax.

Then, to create a relaxed atmosphere with your family, you need to set up some comfortable benches and tables in this place. If possible, you also can put on a soft sofa, so that the atmosphere on the rooftop is warmer. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will look comfortable.

Attractive rooftop design

This rooftop design looks attractive with bright colors. The umbrella design to cover the sting of the sun looks harmonious. Then, the walls are decorated with lights that can illuminate at night. By relying on standard room shapes, this minimalist rooftop is not difficult to realize.

Surrounded by walls and wooden flooring, this minimalist rooftop carries a beautiful natural accent. Apart from that, the addition of green decorations such as various ornamental plants also sweetens the appearance of this tiny rooftop. To make it more multifunctional, you can also add an outdoor dining table and chairs, and a wooden sofa with soft foam. With this arrangement, your home design looks elegant and charming.

Rooftop with a vertical decorative plant design

This rooftop design is more of a design of ornamental plants that are installed vertically and seats, and wooden tables. Apart from that, this minimalist rooftop also focuses on the yellow lighting from the indirect lamps as well as the downlights which add to the beauty of the atmosphere. The decorations that appear are quite consistent with the beautiful theme, including the addition of white exposed brick walls to sweeten the whole look.

To make it look more harmonious, this rooftop is equipped with wall shelves to place various flower pots, flower pots displayed on exposed brick walls, and flower pots displayed in the corners of the rooftop. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will be pleasing to the eye. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Design with the right lighting

Rooftop design cannot be separated from natural lighting and lights. The right type of lighting is applied to the garden area, including the rooftop garden, which is the type of lighting that is dim and soft. Yellow light bulbs are perfect for creating a soft and intimate atmosphere. You can spread these lights throughout the room to create a unique impression.

Then, to make it look attractive, you can install a dimmer in the circuit so that the light can be adjusted. To make your rooftop look beautiful, complete it with a dining table, chairs, a gazebo, and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, the rooftop design will make you and your family happy.

Add a Canopy on the Corner

Before you design a rooftop, we want to remind you that the air temperature on the rooftop is very hot. Therefore, you might feel hot if you are not used to being here. Especially during the day when the weather conditions are sunny, the heat will be many times higher than the conditions below. That’s why here you need a canopy to protect from the hot sun. You can install this canopy in the most comfortable corner of the rooftop used for gathering.

So your rooftop can be used to gather with your family and friends, complete it with a U-style sofa. This type of sofa accommodates many family members. Add attractive sofa cushions to make it more beautiful. Then, so that it doesn’t look fresh, place ornamental plants in pots. With this arrangement, your exterior house design will look aesthetic.

Corner design according to your taste

When you arrange a rooftop, it’s a good idea to create a favorite corner. It is the most special corner. Then, you can use it to enjoy time with your loved ones. Usually, this corner faces a beautiful view. However, if you don’t want the view outside the rooftop, you can design them face-to-face so that your communication has maximized.

For that, please first choose an area that can make you feel comfortable, calm, and happy. Then you can arrange it properly so that later it creates a beautiful place. Then, complete your rooftop with a minimalist sofa set, a table for placing drinks, and a wooden shelf on the wall for placing flower pots. With this arrangement, your rooftop design feels comfortable.

Design with attractive colors

Setting the right rooftop color can make the atmosphere more comfortable and pleasant. The room coloring has a big influence on the room because each color has a specific meaning. So its use must be chosen carefully. As you know, several colors are not quite right to be applied to this rooftop. But we will review the right color for your rooftop.

Usually, people use white, gray, black, and brown. These colors have been chosen because they blend well with natural environmental conditions. What’s more, you complement the sofa set, table, walls, and rooftop floor with brown wood color. Then, combined with white, such as the seat covers made of foam. Color settings like this can make your rooftop design look elegant.

Use solid wood flooring

The beautiful house design will definitely make you happy. Therefore, we recommend that use a solid wood floor on the rooftop. It is a choice of flooring material that is perfect for installing on a rooftop. With a design like this, a natural, elegant, and unique impression can drastically increase the value of your rooftop. It’s just that this floor is not quite right when applied to a rooftop that is in the lowlands because it will be easily damaged due to extreme weather. You can use a design like this in cool mountainous areas.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, this rooftop is equipped with beautiful garden benches, a table for placing drinks, pots made of wood for arranging ornamental plants, a table attached to the wall of the pot, and ornamental plants placed in the corner of the room. In addition, the design of the spotlights in the glass living room can make the rooftop floor even more attractive. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will feel cozy and fun.

The right furniture

Enjoying a meal with family is one of the countless pleasures. Especially if the meal is held on the rooftop, it will make your appetite even higher. Then, so the atmosphere feels more relaxed, you can add a dining table that uses lighting at night. This method will make the impression of a dining table not boring.

So the rooftop doesn’t look monotonous, you can add makeup mirrors on the walls, ornamental plants that are beneficial for health, and permanent plant pots on the floor. In addition, the floor design with wood motifs makes it look elegant. With this arrangement, the rooftop atmosphere will be more cheerful.

The right arrangement so as not to look monotonous

A monotonous rooftop design can make the atmosphere boring. Then, you also feel uncomfortable in this place. Therefore, you have to be smart to arrange it to make it look more attractive and fun.

However, if homeowners find it difficult to organize and care for trees, they can try other alternatives such as presenting some furniture to fill the void in their rooftop. Therefore, homeowners should be able to place plants that do not require regular maintenance. That way, you don’t have to bother to manage time to care for your plants. To add a more relaxed atmosphere, you can add rattan chairs and a table to enjoy warm coffee in the morning. With this arrangement, you will feel more comfortable and feel at home.

You can decorate the rooftop design with a wooden gazebo. For that, make the patio design one of the icons on your rooftop. This can be a brilliant touch and delight guests. These ideas and designs can be unique ideas for making a roof garden to make it look charming.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this rooftop is equipped with a dining table, several chairs for family gatherings, then a sofa set, motif sofa cushions placed under the gazebo, and beautiful ornamental plant pots. With this arrangement, your rooftop will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Design with a gazebo

You can decorate the rooftop design with a wooden gazebo. For that, make the patio design one of the icons on your rooftop. This can be a brilliant touch and delight guests. These ideas and designs can be unique ideas for making a roof garden to make it look charming.

Then, to make it look more attractive, this rooftop is equipped with a dining table, several chairs for family gatherings, then a sofa set, motif sofa cushions placed under the gazebo, and beautiful ornamental plant pots. With this arrangement, your rooftop will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Making living and dining room

In accordance with the initial concept, the existence of a rooftop is to add space to a small house. So the room is not cramped. With the right design, the rooftop will look beautiful and can be arranged for several room needs. As you can see in this picture, the living and dining room design has been made on the rooftop. Thus, making the atmosphere more enjoyable.

This way, you can save space below. Then, you also get a more pleasant atmosphere because you get free air and don’t feel hot. Then, to make it look more attractive, this rooftop is equipped with sofa sets that can accommodate more than six people, a dining table, several chairs, and beautiful flower plants. That way, the rooftop atmosphere will feel comfortable and cheerful.

Take advantage of the bonfire on the roof

You can see, this rooftop design provides an extraordinary view with a glass barrier and a bonfire. You can design wooden floor motifs. So, even though the night has come, you still feel warm thanks to the bonfire.

With the bonfire, you can sing with friends or family until late at night. You can also do cooking activities using a campfire such as a barbecue or grilling corn. If you want to make the atmosphere more relaxed, you can add some relaxing wooden chairs, a small table, a bed for lying down, floor rugs, and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, the rooftop design will look aesthetic.

Beautiful and charming garden

Rooftop design cannot be separated from a beautiful garden. Placing a garden on the rooftop it’s a good and unique idea. In this way, you can still relax. The advantage you can get cooler air thanks to the existence of these parks. To look more attractive you can place some chairs, tables or wooden beds. For the choice of plants, you can choose vines, flowers, or even vegetables or fruit that can be enjoyed. With this arrangement, your rooftop will look natural.

Contemporary design

The contemporary design on the rooftop is the choice of many citizens of the United States. In this way, instead of making the rooftop design like an outdoor living room. Another advantage that they get is that they can enjoy the atmosphere of the night sky while chatting with colleagues or family.

The most interesting thing about this design is the presence of a TV and sofa which add to the comfort while relaxing. So that the atmosphere feels more family, complete with a dining table, several chairs, lounge chairs for sleeping, decorative lights, and television. and ornamental plants. Then, design a rooftop floor with a wood motif. With an arrangement like this, your rooftop looks artistic.

Design with a dining table

Making the rooftop a dining room turned out to be a fun choice. In this place, you can maximize space by adding a dining table and some chairs. For decoration, you can add some plants and flowers. The impression from this rooftop design apart from being beautiful, of course, you want to spend some time relaxing here.

With this design, you can use the rooftop for various events. Starting from birthdays, promotion celebrations, and engagements, even if you have a large enough space you can have a wedding party. To make it look elegant, design floors and walls using processed wood. That way, your rooftop design looks beautiful and elegant.

Simple rooftop design in the style of sitting on the floor

This rooftop design is perfect for small homes that are not too large. Instead of using a sofa or chair, it can take up space. Therefore, you can turn the rooftop into a hangout area by sitting on the floor like in the picture above.

Prepare some sitting pads or beanbags, as well as a small table for placing snacks. As a base, you can install a green carpet that resembles grass and also add ornamental plants to cool the atmosphere. To make it look more aesthetic, design the walls with white exposed brick and add natural stone as a rooftop decoration. That way, the exterior of your house will look attractive.

The simple minimalist rooftop design

If you want a minimalist rooftop design that’s non-complicated but still comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, you can follow this design inspiration. You don’t need to arrange a lot of furniture in this place. You only need to present a pair of sofas and a minimalist white table.

In addition, to protect from the sun, it is enough to make a protective roof or a wooden pergola reinforced with wire walls and vines to make the atmosphere more shady, cool, and comfortable. That way, your rooftop design will look like a garden.

Desain rooftop sederhana yang mungil

By carrying natural accents, this tiny rooftop design looks very comfortable and aesthetic even though the decoration is simple. Everything is made of wood, starting from the wooden walls, and wooden floors, to permanent wooden benches. To make it look more beautiful, this rooftop is equipped with small gardens on both sides which makes this tiny rooftop even prettier. To make it more multifunctional, you can also add minimalist garden tables and chairs. That way, you and your family can enjoy the rooftop atmosphere comfortably in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Rooftop design with a canopy roof

Beautiful and sweet, that’s the first impression you get when you see this rooftop design. The combination of white and soft blue creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, coupled with a sofa that is designed on the wall. To add to the beauty of the sofa, it is equipped with motif sofa cushions.

In order not to be exposed to the scorching heat of the sun during the day, this rooftop is added with a canopy roof that shelters the sofa area. So that it keeps the atmosphere shady in the hot sun. In this place, you don’t need to add excessive decorations. You only need to add flowers and greenery to make it look fresh and cool. With an arrangement like this, your rooftop design will feel comfortable.

Design with a minimalist swimming pool

Having a beautiful home design is everyone’s dream. If you have enough rooftop land, you can make a minimalist swimming pool like this picture. Then, you can swim while enjoying the beautiful scenery at night. In order to maintain privacy, you can install a wall or glass wall. Don’t forget to add some outdoor lounge chairs to be a place to sit casually with your partner. Then, make lighting with a lamp. So that you can enjoy the free air at night while looking at the stars in the sky. In this way, you will feel at home.

Korean-style rooftop design

The last rooftop design is a Korean-style rooftop design. If you like watching Korean dramas, you must have seen the scene showing their rooftop. With an area that is not much, you can decorate a rooftop into a romantic and warm place like the one above.

Not only comfortable but also luxurious. You can install a modern sofa set and a pair of outdoor chairs to relax. The decoration of the chandeliers makes the atmosphere even warmer and prettier at night. Designing a rooftop area like this makes the atmosphere of gathering more intimate with family. Coupled with an umbrella that is above the sofa set. This design adds to the atmosphere of feeling comfortable and makes people more relaxed.

6. Conclusion

Those are some rooftop designs that we can recommend. As we know, houses with limited land are difficult to develop again. Therefore, we want to share ideas to make a roof in your house. We hope that the designs we reviewed above will suit your taste. However, if you don’t have time to design a rooftop for your home, you can order from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can make the exterior of your home look beautiful, aesthetic, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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