– Versatile room makes our home have many advantages even it has small space. We can turn it into a party room without any decorations. Before making it, we should know the suitable interior design that will be suitable to be applied. A Scandinavian has a wide impression with neutral colors usage that makes it feel prettier than applying another style. The suitable room that will be preferred to apply the design is a dining room. However, we can’t carelessly apply the style without knowing the Scandinavian characteristic style. We should know it and search for some design ideas to make us easy to apply them. Besides design ideas, knowing furniture which will be preferred to be added to our dining room is important to create a perfect style.

Generally, a Scandinavian style doesn’t use many decorations and tends to have functional furniture. A dining table set can be added near the living room or kitchen to create a versatile impression. We can utilize it as a place to gather with our family or to eat together with our guests. It also makes our home have many advantages even in small spaces. A Scandinavian design also can be combined with many styles such as vintage, modern, and aesthetic. Today, we will give you some versatile Scandinavian design ideas.

Versatile Scandinavian Dining Room Design Ideas

Actually, it is easy to decorate our dining room if we apply a Scandinavian design because it has a simple impression. It doesn’t need to choose the decoration or furniture which has a complicated design or shape. We only need to add neutral colors and natural style as long as it is related to the concept. If we want to apply a vintage concept, we should choose furniture where the carving or shape must be simple. Doing this one will certainly create both a modern and vintage style.

Light Grey Scandinavian Dining Room

Grey Scandinavian dining room design ideas
A beautiful grey dining room is suitable for a family gathering

Light grey is always identic with a Scandinavian style. By using it, we don’t need to decorate our dining room with many decorations. For people who want to hold dinner with family or invite someone to eat together, a light grey concept is suitable for it. We can make our guests feel comfortable even we are on a budget. Some grey dining chairs with wooden tables can be added to create a Scandinavian dining room. Regarding the flooring, we can apply light brown ceramic tiles to make a harmonious concept in color selection. A white wooden drawer is preferred for the design and decorate it by adding little plants. To make our walls look fascinating, we should add some pictures that will be suitable for this room. A big plant can be added as a decoration and create a fresh impression. This dining room can create a cozy impression if we make it near the Scandinavian kitchen design. It can’t feel bright if we don’t add a lamp then the best recommendation choosing a dark grey pendant lamp.

Simple Versatile Dining Room

Scandinavian dining room design ideas
Simple Scandinavian dining room design

If we take a look, it looks like a simple Scandinavian dining room and doesn’t have a special characteristic. However, we can apply this concept near the living room that has a television. By making it, we can eat while watching our favorite tv programs and make it as one room with two functional at the same time. Our family can talk with us in the different rooms and make us more convenient if we want to do various activities at the same time. How to apply it? We should add a wooden dining table set and apply wooden tiles for flooring. It can create a simple impression with a natural accent then can make our dining room look fascinating. White pendant lamps are suitable to create a bright impression without making them look tacky. For the living room, we only need to add some white sofas with a big television.

Book Shelf With Many Books In Scandinavian Dining Room

Versatile Scandinavian dining room decorating ideas ideas
Library in the Scandinavian dining room

A versatile Scandinavian dining room can only be made if it has two functions at the same time, how to make it then? Do you ever want to read a book while eating something in your dining room? Now, you can do it by applying this concept. Adding a big bookshelf then storing many books, we can have a library in the dining room! It will be more comfortable if we make it near the vintage modern Scandinavian bedroom. Why? Because we can enjoy our breakfast time after sleeping all the time in our library dining room. Besides books, we can also add a statue, little lamp, or even ewer to make it beautiful and won’t look monotonous. Light grey tablecloths are suitable to cover our dining table. Don’t forget to add a light brown rug as a pedestal on the wooden flooring to create a stronger Scandinavian style.

Versatile Scandinavian Kitchen Dining Room

Minimalist versatile Scandinavian dining room design ideas
Versatile Scandinavian dining room and kitchen

Do you want to have a kitchen which can be made as a dining room too? If you want, this concept is very suitable for you. By adding a dining table set that has light grey dining chairs near the kitchen, we can have both a kitchen and dining room. It can make us easier to cook and serve without walking again to the other room. We should apply this concept if we have a small home and want to apply a Scandinavian interior design. Wooden vinyl tiles are very preferred to be applied to create a natural and attractive impression at the same time. White is a suitable color to paint our walls room because it is identic with the design characteristic.

Colorful Monochrome Versatile Scandinavian Dining Room

Versatile dining room design ideas to create a fascinating impression
Colorful dining chairs in the white dining room

Some people love the white and light grey color combinations and if you are one of them, this concept should be applied to your dining room. We can paint our ceiling with white color and light grey for the wall. To make it look harmonious, wooden vinyl tiles should be applied. Adding a marble oval dining table with some colorful dining chairs makes it doesn’t need many decorations to attend a party or dinner with family. We only need some pictures that can be attached to the wall and install a mirror to create a vintage accent.


Decorating a dining room is necessary to do because we can’t feel comfortable while eating if it doesn’t have beautiful decoration and furniture. However, if we have a small home, sometimes we can’t feel cozy while staying. By applying versatile Scandinavian dining room design ideas, it can make us confident to invite many guests and make us utilize our home better.


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