1. Overview of a simple minimalist dining table

The beauty and comfort of home interior design can make you and your family look harmonious. Therefore, many people are trying to find ideas and inspiration to design their house interior of the room, so design issues are not an open secret anymore. Moreover, you have a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. You must complete it with attractive furniture. In this review, we want to share ideas with you to organize a dining room with a minimalist table that is simple but still looks elegant.

You can present a minimalist dining table design in the dining room as a complement to your dining room design. This dining table can adjust even in a small dining room. Not only that, but this minimalist design dining table also accentuates the modern impression. For this reason, we want to review the simple minimalist dining table design below.

2. Simple minimalist dining table design

The dining table is the main piece of furniture that must be in the dining room. Its function is to put the food so that all family members can gather to enjoy food comfortably without the need to hold the plate constantly. Among so many dining table models, the most popular among the public is a minimalist dining table.

The minimalist dining table has various types, such as a folding minimalist dining table, a minimalist dining table made of glass, ceramics, and a classic minimalist table. So that you are not curious anymore, just take a look at some of the complete designs of the minimalist dining table that you can use at home below!

3. Dining table and chairs Model

If you buy a dining table, you must adjust it to the size of your dining room. So it doesn’t become cramped. Also, make sure the seats available at the dining table match the number of your family members. Then, try not to use a round dining table because a round dining table will make a lot of room wasted.
A table with a box or elongated shape might be more suitable for a minimalist home model, especially if your dining room has a limited area. Then, for dining chairs, you can use a minimalist dining chair. In addition to its simple and smaller shape, this type of chair will also not take up much space. And most importantly choose a comfortable dining chair according to the size of your dining table.

4. Minimalist dining table design ideas

The dining table inspiration was lifted from dining room equipment. As we know, many dining tables model has offered to us. But not all of them fit the dining room model and our tastes. Therefore, we would like to review some dining table models that are appropriate for you to choose and suitable for your room design. For that, let’s look at the dining table below. Hopefully, it suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Dining table with two chairs and one bench

A small family is a happy family. You wish you could eat with them all the time. Therefore, the choice of this dining table has designed with an elongated and slim shape. This design is made just for a narrow room. As you can see, this dining table provides three chairs for four people.

These are the advantages and uniqueness of this dining table design. With three chairs, you can save space in your dining room because you can use one chair for other purposes, such as placing a special chair for those of you who have small children aged three years. Then., one long chair has been designing elongated according to the dining table size. So t it can be occupied by two people. We hope that the arrangement of the room like this can be an inspiration for you.

Multifunctional dining table

Having a beautiful minimalist dining room is everyone’s dream. Therefore, your creative ideas are needed to organize your dining room to make it look more attractive. Then, you can use a multifunctional dining table to save space. For example, a minimalist dining table with a small size but equipped with a cabinet or drawer in the middle for storage of cutlery. That way, you can minimize the use of the cabinet so that the room feels spacious.

To make your dining room look more comfortable, you can add flower pots, wall paintings, floor rugs, and simple dining chairs. That way, the atmosphere in your dining room will be more pleasant. Then make your family more harmonious. Well, hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Dining table with long bench

A dining table with long chairs like the picture above can save space. But you have to adjust the length of the bench to the size of the table to make it look harmonious. Long chairs like this can be used for four people. In addition, this long chair also can be used for other purposes. Then, to make it look more attractive, add floor rugs and ornamental plant pots in the dining room area so the atmosphere feels fresher. That way, dining room design will feel more comfortable.

Wooden dessert dining table

This dining table design looks unique. Then, this table can use for two people. A table with a folding shelf table name can save a lot of space. In addition, this design has two functions, namely the dining table and kitchen table. It can be seen in the special storage area for kitchen items.

Then, the table board can be pulled out and positioned as desired to realize its function as a dining table. Therefore, place the table at the right angle. So you can pull it properly. If you have a small dining room interior design, you can use this design to inspire your dining table.

Multifunctional wooden folding table

Not much different from previous dining table designs, a beautiful wooden folding table is indeed intended for a minimalist room because this type can be used for several functions. That is, the function is not only for kitchen activities. On the other hand, this unique design allows the dining table can use as a work desk, living room cabinet, and dressing table. To make it look more attractive, please put furniture with matching colors. That way, the dining room looks sweeter.

Breakfast bar design dining table

The design of the dining table is not only limited to placing food. Now if you talk about the function of the dining table, you will agree that the highlighted design must be able to be used for other activities and in the interior design of the dining room. That means a dining table with a breakfast bar design is suitable for your kitchen space.

This design has a unique shape that blends with the kitchen island or the kitchen. So that the placement is not wasteful because there is no separation between kitchen furniture and dining table. That way, the dining room design will look aesthetic.

Light neutral dining table

If you want to make the dining room look beautiful and comfortable, the selection of furniture should not forget the dominance of the colors because it can make the dining room tight. But If you want the effect of a spacious dining room, bright neutral colors are the best choice.

For that, you can use white, beige, to light gray. Each gives the impression of a clean room and makes the dining room wider. To look cooler, don’t forget to combine it with slightly colored decorations so that there is a color sweetener in the room. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a floor rug. That way, the design of your dining room looks more luxurious.

Bar style minimalist dining table

Many dining table designs make in various models. The minimalist bar-style dining table as above is integrated with the kitchen island or other parts of the kitchen. Then, to enjoy food at this minimalist dining table, you must use a bar stool with high legs. With this design, you can enjoy drinks and snacks while chatting with your partner when she is cooking. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add hanging shelves, ornamental plants, and kitchen sets in your kitchen.

Minimalist dining table with pedestal legs

In addition to a minimalist dining table with two table legs, there is also a dining table that only has one table leg. This minimalist dining table is called a pedestal table. This type of table generally has a round shape and is medium size. The legs of the table are in the middle of the table with several arrangements of blocks as a base. To accommodate more people, you can add chairs in a color that matches the room. Then add floor rugs and wall paintings. With a design like this, your dining room can accommodate several people.

Folding minimalist round dining table

The minimalist dining table design of this cafe model looks beautiful and elegant. Therefore, many people choose this table model to enjoy outdoor dining. If you need an additional minimalist dining table for outdoors, you can use this model as an inspiration for you.

In addition to the dining table, you can use a minimalist folding dining table to relax while drinking warm coffee in the afternoon. The advantage of this table is that, when not in use, you can store this folding table in the warehouse. Then when you want to use it, you can unfold it and put it where you want it.

Agar tampak lebih menarik, anda dapat melengkapi kursi dengan warna yang senada dengan meja makan minimalis lipat ini. Kemudian tambahkan karpet lantai, dan tanaman hias. Dengan begitu, ruang makan terbuka anda akan menjadi lebih nyaman. Selamat mendekor!

Japanese minimalist dining table, chabudai

When you see old Japanese films, you can see a minimalist dining table with short legs. This short-legged minimalist dining table is named Chabudai. Then, people who eat around this table must sit cross-legged using a pedestal with a floor chair. If you use a dining table like this, you will enjoy it like a Japanese. Then, to look more aesthetic, add floor rugs, flower pots, and dining room accessories. That way, your dining room will be more comfortable.

Minimalist dining table with glass material

This minimalist dining table has designed with glass material. You can use this minimalist dining table for a small dining room so that the dining room looks more spacious because the table is transparent. In addition, the dining room will also look brighter. The advantage is that the glass material is easy to clean if it gets stained.

However, this type of minimalist dining table also has several drawbacks, such as the material easily broken when hit by an impact. Therefore, you must be careful when eating so as not to cause scratches and breakage. With this minimalist glass dining table design, the dining room will look more luxurious. However, a dining table is not recommended for children.

Abstract minimalist dining table


This rectangular dining table design with real wood looks beautiful and natural. You can use this abstract-shaped dining table for your dining room. You can use this minimalist, abstract-shaped dining table made of large wood to eat with your family.

This abstract-shaped dining table can create a dynamic and natural impression, especially when combined with a dining chair made of matching wood. Then, to add a modern dining table design, you can add a minimalist dining chair in white. That way, the design of your dining table will look luxurious and natural.

Minimalist dining table with ceramics

We all know that ceramics have only use for walls and floors. It turns out that ceramics also can be used to beautify the dining table. This minimalist dining table with a ceramic-covered surface is easier to clean when exposed to food spills. Its ability to withstand loads is also stronger. To make it look beautiful, choose brightly colored ceramics with symmetrical motifs. Then, add a dining chair with a matching color. That way, your dining table design will look unique.

Minimalist dining table with trestle legs

A table usually has four legs at each corner so that the weight of the table can be supported in a balanced way. However, this minimalist dining table is different from other table forms. This minimalist dining table with trestle legs only consists of two table legs.

Even though it only has two table legs, its balance and strength are guaranteed thanks to the framework that has connections between the two table legs. Coupled with a horizontal beam as the base. To look more harmonious, add a dining chair with a color that matches the table. That way, the interior of your dining room will be pleasing to the eye.

Scandinavian style minimalist dining table

Scandinavian design is currently loved by many people. This design is popular because of its simple, bright, and attractive design. You can choose the Scandinavian-style dining table like the picture above for a minimalist dining room in your home. With this design, the atmosphere of dining with your family will feel more comfortable. Then, to make it look more beautiful, add unique hanging decorative lights, ornamental plants, and wall paintings. That way, your dining room will be more attractive.

Dining table with bright and simple colors

A dining table with bright colors can give a pleasant impression to your family. You can choose this one design because the design is also very simple and doesn’t require a lot of decoration. Monochrome themes never disappoint. Therefore, you can apply this dining table design to your minimalist dining room.

To make it look perfect, add hanging decorative lights, wall hangings, and ornamental plants. Then, match the dining chairs with colors that match the dining table. That way, your dining room design will look modern.

5. Conclusion

The dining table has always been a concern for homeowners. This furniture has a considerable influence, so the dining room design looks beautiful and charming even though there are other interior rooms.

For that, if you want to give an aesthetic, luxurious, comfortable, and attractive impression to your dining room, choose a dining table model with the best design and in harmony with the concept of your dining room. That way, your dream of having a luxurious and comfortable dining room can come true. But you must adjust the size of the minimalist dining table to the size of the room and your budget. Hopefully, this article can be used for you. Happy decorating!


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