1. Overview of bohemian design

Home interior design sometimes makes us bored. The solution is that you can change the interior atmosphere of the room interior to make it look different. Then, you can make a unique and attractive design such as applying a bohemian design.

The bohemian style itself has been around since the mid-1800s. This design originated from the lifestyle of nomads or gypsies who lived a nomadic life. Their lifestyle is finally referred to as bohemian.

In addition, this design style has a unique and quirky character. Over time this style is increasingly popular and favored by many people. From here, the Bohemian design then developed into one of the unique home decor styles. For those of you who are interested in bohemian design, let’s look at this interior design inspiration below.

2. Bohemian design ideas and inspiration

The bohemian home interior design inspiration that is currently popular is loved by many people. This design is quite simple because it only has one function as a room sweetener. In contrast to the living room or living room which has several functions.

However, you definitely want to have an interior room with different nuance. Therefore, ideas and inspiration to get a unique and attractive design to gather and relax with family can implement with this design. That way, the interior design of your home will make your family more cheerful. Let’s take a look at some furniture that can support this idea and design inspiration.

3. Choosing a furniture model

To give a touch of unique decor elements to the space in your home, you can consider what kind of interior style is appropriate for peace and comfort in your home.

We know that the bohemian style is perfect and attractive. Therefore, for those of you who are happy with a few charming vintage and classic accents, you can present a bohemian interior concept in your home to make it look aesthetic and attractive. Then, even this design is unique in terms of color, decorative elements, to the furniture used.

Therefore, many interior designers suggest making changes to the home interior to make the atmosphere feel more alive. Next, you must prepare furniture and accessories for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and terrace. That way, your home interior becomes more beautiful. Therefore, let’s look at and choose an attractive design

4. Choose an attractive design

Presenting a variety of colors, busy and impressive motifs will display an attractive design. That’s the typical bohemian interior design style that is more prominent with a design style that is free from rules and has a more distinctive uniqueness. This design seems to come out of rigid rules, then can express your dynamic, unique, and attractive personality. For those of you who want to be creative with this unique interior style, you can see the picture below. Hopefully, one of these designs suits your taste.

Living room with irregular interior design

As explained above, the bohemian style is synonymous with irregular design. It is different with a minimalist interior with a clean and empty impression. This bohemian design style often combines colors and patterns that collide.

The condition of the room with an irregular design is the hallmark of a quirky and unique bohemian style. You can design the living room by adding colorful pillows with unique ethnic motifs. Therefore, you don’t need to match the pillows to create a contrasting impression. Then, to make it look more attractive, decorate the sofa with colorful colors, and add wall paintings, wall decorations, unique chandeliers, and wooden tables. That way, the interior of your living room design looks aesthetic and unique.

Colliding color schemes

This bohemian style is very thick with the use of colors, textures, and also multi-layered accents. Bright colors are the basic colors for the interior design of the room. Then make the interior of the room crowded.

To look more antique, add knick-knacks or decorations with unique color patterns so that they give a bohemian bustling impression. Then add bright color rugs, decorative lamps, antique tables, paintings and wall hangings, ornamental plants, and antique accessories. That way, your living room will have a different impression from other living rooms. Happy decorating!

Vintage style furniture from different ages

Antique furniture with a vintage style is the furniture that is most often used when decorating the bohemian style. Although this item will give the impression of being old, antique, or old, this spontaneous element of bohemian style also applies to the selection of furniture.

Then, to look antique and unique, take advantage of makeshift furniture. Generally, furniture will be collected from different eras so it can form irregular conditions, and this is the hallmark of the bohemian design style. For a sweetener, please combine a lots of textures and colorful accents on patterned blankets, pillows, wall hangings, decorative lights, floor rugs, antique knick-knacks, and colorful fabrics. That way, it will amaze your guests who come.

Living room with art accessories

This living room design looks like a minimalist style. However, the difference is the accessory in the form of a work of art which is one of the distinctive elements of a unique bohemian style. Artwork can be abstract paintings, framed photos, and wall accessories.

In addition, to look thick with a bohemian style, you can add colorful sofas, sofa cushions with colorful motifs, floor carpets, ornamental plants, decorative lights, and old-fashioned furniture. This design is often synonymous with natural elements in room decoration. That way, the interior design of your living room will look modern.

Bohemian antique room

Bohemian is known for its vibrant look and striking use of color. You can select to use a choice of bright colors such as pink, red, or turquoise. These colors are my favorite colors and are suitable for boho-style interiors.

In addition, use white as the main color and as the base color. Then try to explore with bohemian decorations and knick-knacks. Then, as a very personal space, the bedroom interior is a reflection of its occupants. So, choosing a bohemian interior style is one of the best ways to show your unique personality and character.

You don’t need to worry because you are not required to replace all the furniture that is already in the room. All you need is to complete and beautify the room area with ornamental plants, accessories, and various bohemian-style decorative elements on your bed. That way, your bedroom design will look aesthetic and unique.

Bohemian-style room with carpet decoration

f you want your bedroom to feel more comfortable, decorate the bedroom floor using a rug with bohemian motifs and color combinations. You can use geometric patterned rugs, striated, or carved motifs. Then, adjust the color of the carpet to the palette or color of your room. Although the bohemian style is known to be free and breaking the rules, to get beauty, you should choose colors that are not eye-catching.

But if your room has plain walls, you are free to use various motifs and colors for your carpet. However, if you have put a lot of ornaments such as wallpaper, bright wall paint, or decorations, avoid carpets with different colors or motifs. Choose a rug with no more than three colors and a pattern that is not too complicated. Then, to look more attractive, add makeup mirrors on the walls, ornamental plants, and decorative lights beside the bed. That way, the bedroom design will feel more comfortable.

Design with typical bohemian pillows and bed covers

As we know, pillows and bed covers can affect the overall appearance of the bedroom. So, you should use a pillowcase and bed cover with a unique abstract geometric pattern. And for the mattress area, you can be creative with a very random and irregular. Then, play with motifs, patterns, and colors for your pillowcases and bed covers.

But if you are already using a bohemian style rug, it means you are expected to use a bed cover without a motif. Then, use bed covers with various colors and motifs if you use a rug without a pattern or plain. Then, to look more attractive, add decorative lights, wooden shelves, and wall hangings. That way, your bedroom design will be more beautiful.

Bedroom design with plants

Bohemian is very closely related to nature. Therefore, you can present live plants in pots in several corners of the bedroom. In addition, to beautify the interior of the room, plants give a green atmosphere and a natural impression to the room. In addition, you will also have a fresher and healthier atmosphere with the presence of these indoor plants.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add colorful bohemian fabrics, sofa cushions with colorful motifs, and decorative lights. That way, the atmosphere of your bedroom will feel warmer.

Dining room with a variety of styles

To get a visualization of the dining room in a bohemian style that is easy and efficient, try using chairs with various color variants, materials, shapes, and models. This combination will give birth to something that looks unique and anti-mainstream. The use of old wooden chairs can also be a good alternative.

In addition, the use of colors that tend to be bright or bright, such as yellow, red, blue, pink, or green, is another characteristic of a bohemian interior. As you know, the bohemian interior style allows combinations that aim to display an eclectic impression and taste in the dining room.

Then, this interior design style also tends to bring colors with various motifs. This style can make a space that looks unique and different. You can see in the picture above, that this dining room has been designed with wall hangings, ornamental plants, and bohemian carpets. That way, the dining room design looks beautiful and unique.

Beautiful bohomian dining room

Having a small dining room design doesn’t make you confused. You can apply the Bohemian interior design style! With a touch of unique decor elements, it makes you feel at home relaxing in the dining room, calm and comfortable.

As you know, this boho style design has a classic vintage accent that is attractive from the side of the bustling color combination. Paint the walls of the dining room with the best color. Then, you can choose the best furniture. Then, the presence of ancient wall paintings, unique decorative lights and floor carpets is perfect for those of you who like crowds and seem cheerful.

Old-fashioned bohemian dining room style

Bohemian is an interior style that began to develop in the 19th century in Paris. This style is synonymous with the use of many colors, patterns, textures, materials, and layers. This style tends to use natural materials or interior materials.

Bohemian gives the impression of a warm and comfortable room. With this design, the dining room can provide quality time with family. To look more attractive, you can decorate the dining room with ornamental plants, wall hangings, dining tables, and old-fashioned chairs. That way, eating activities are more comfortable.

Bohemian kitchen in a minimalist style

Identical to the impression of disorder, bohemian interior design is considered messy and makes the room look cramped. However, kitchens with bohemian designs are still in great demand by many people because they have high artistic value.

To minimize the narrow impression of the kitchen, you can use minimalist furniture that doesn’t take up much space. Instead, use furniture with neutral colors such as black, white, or brown. Then adjust the color of your kitchen equipped with bohemian colors. Then add ornamental plants, wall shelves, and bohemian accessories. That way, your kitchen design will look beautiful and unique.

Choose a flashy backsplash

Choosing a bold backsplash is the first step in creating a bohemian style. For starters, giving a bohemian touch can be done by boldly choosing a backsplash. You can choose bright colors with unique patterns.

This bohemian kitchen design combines patterns with a unique rustic style blue and island stove unit. Then, to look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with dining chairs, bright color kitchen tables, kitchen sets, electric stoves, decorative lights, and floor carpets. Then, to strengthen the bohemian impression, the walls have designed with black and white ceramic motifs. That way, this kitchen design feels more comfortable and fun.

5. Conclusion

After reading the above review, we hope you are interested in redecorating your home in a bohemian style. Not only that, we hope the interior design of your home will look beautiful, attractive, luxurious, comfortable, and aesthetic. Hopefully, our review can be a guide and inspiration for those of you who want to redesign your home. Happy decorating!


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