Overview of earth tone colors

Already know, what is earth tone color? Earth tone colors are colors that are nuanced in the beauty of the earth. These colors always show a soft and charming impression. For example, gray is identical to the rocks in the mountains and yellow and brown to the colors of soil and sand. Then, there are also blue colors that resemble the sky and ocean, as well as red and orange colors that resemble the colors of the sun. All of these colors are in stark contrast to the home interior. Therefore, many people use the interior of the house with this color.

Then, some of the earth tone colors come from derivatives of colors that are contrasting but have a more natural or muted feel., such as beige, olive, mustard, terracotta, and chocolate. Therefore, various earth tone colors can give a natural, warm, and elegant impression but also bring out a soft and comfortable feeling.

Beautiful design

Choosing colors when designing the contents of the house, must be adjusted to the model of the room and your taste so as not to cause boredom. However, if you want to bring a sense of comfort and warmth, you can try earth-tone colors.

Lately, the earth tone color has attracted quite a bit of attention and has become a trend. Many people choose this color so that their home interior looks beautiful and elegant, including in decorating the house. Therefore, let’s look at inspiration and earth tone color combinations to decorate your home as below.

Inspiration and earth tone color combinations

Earth-tone colors have a neutral impression, so they are easy to combine and apply in various rooms. Here we present some inspiration for earth tone color combinations for various rooms.

Earth-tone colors and colors have become an interior trend because of their natural and elegant characteristics and can create a homey and peaceful atmosphere in the dwelling. Then you can design even this color for the house interior to make it warmer and more relaxed. By using a variety of earth-tone colored furniture, you will be interested in seeing the results of the resulting home interior. For that, we provide some design inspiration that you can use at home, as shown in the image below.

A mix of black, white, and other in the living room

The combination of black, white, and ocher in the living room can create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Ocher or ochre is a unique earth color accent and has a luxurious feel. Then, when paired with black and white, the ocher color stands out and is beautiful, without feeling overwhelming.

Then add a touch of dark gray to make it look nice and make the room feel alive. To appear more attractive, add furniture that matches earth-tone colors, ceiling fans, bright-colored carpets, and decorative lights. With this arrangement, the interior of your home will look beautiful and elegant.

Cozy living room in earth-tone colors

Combining dark brown paint and a touch of red, it makes the living room feel warmer and more comfortable. To look more beautiful, you can add dark furniture such as bookshelves, a gray sofa, and a little touch of white. Then add decorative lights, floor rugs, and wall paintings. With this earth tone color combination, it can make the living room look elegant and charming. Then, you will feel comfortable and happy to sit back and read a book. Nah! for those of you who like to read, this design can be an inspiration to you.

The warm blend of olive and bronze colors

We know that earth-tone color combinations that are suitable for living rooms are olive and bronze. These two colors can complement each other and create a warm and charming feel. This beauty can be seen when the window has opened. Then sunlight enters the room. So the olive green tint is more beautiful. If you want to add the green, you can place ornamental plants with metallic bronze vases in the corner of the room. Then mix and match the color of the sofa set with light colors, wall decorations, and white cabinets. With this design, your living room will look aesthetic and attractive. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Beautiful semi-classic family room

If you want a semi-classical family room with a soft earth-tone color combination. You can combine dusty blush and taupe to make it look more attractive. Then add decorations such as hanging lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, decorative mirrors, flower pots and wall decorations. Then mix and match the color of the sofa and sofa cushions with the interior of the living room to make it feel more alive and elegant. With this design, the appearance of your living room will make your guests amazed and happy. Well! I hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Cool and comfortable feel with light gray and white

The beautiful dining room is a dining room that has a cool and comfortable feel. As you can see, the combination of light gray and white can be a great choice for your favorite dining room. You can paint the walls a light gray color, then mix and match with dark gray and white furniture.

To be more impressed with life, complete with a dining table, dining chairs. Then add green plants in pots and paint with a touch of green. Then, add an antique chandelier decoration. Don’t forget to design windows with glass so that sunlight enters the room and makes the interior of the dining room healthy. With a design like this, your dining room will feel cool and comfortable. So you will feel at home in this place.

Combination of emerald green and charcoal

If you like bold and bold colors, a combination of emerald green and charcoal can be an option for earth tones. The color combination will make your dining room feel cool and comfortable. In addition, you can make this room a place to talk with your family.

To make it look more beautiful, you can add a touch of white color from paintings or ornamental plants and an elegant white chandelier. Then, complete the dining room with a round glass dining table and some appropriate chairs. To make it look more beautiful, place a beige floor rug to make it look to contrast with the dining room interior. This earth tone color combination still doesn’t feel excessive and actually spoils your eyes looking at it. Hopefully, this dining room design can make you more comfortable at home with your family.

The combination of latte and red spices in the bedroom

Having a comfortable bedroom can make you sleep soundly. Therefore, you can combine latte and red spice colors to get a warm atmosphere in the bedroom with an earth tone. These two colors make our eyes pleasing to the eye. Then, the warm atmosphere will feel even more when you open the window. Then let the sunshine into the room.

Then, to look more stunning, add bright color beds, lounge chairs, hanging decorative lights, storage shelves, and bright color floor rugs. With a touch of light gray on the bed and sofa floor and brass metal decorations, your bedroom will look elegant and feel comfortable. Then, you will feel more comfortable and sleep soundly. Hopefully, this design can add to your bedroom design ideas.

Luxurious impression of the combination of navy and terracotta colors

For those of you who prefer colors with cool earth tones for the bedroom, you can try mixing navy and terracotta colors. The combination of these two colors can give the impression of luxury and a warm atmosphere. Moreover, adding a touch of white in some parts. It will certainly make the atmosphere more festive.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add curtains, hanging decorative lights, table lamps on the left and right of the bed, iron frame beds, and floor rugs with matching colors. Therefore, the combination of navy and terracotta colors is a color that can complement and contrast each other. To make the bedroom interior more interesting, you can paint the walls dark blue which can remind us of the night sky full of stars. Well, hopefully, this color can be a guide for those of you who like cool colors.

Sage and grayish white color combination

This earth tone color combination looks pleasing to the eye. As you can see, this elegant sage color blends perfectly with the grayish white. In addition, you can sweeten it with a touch of brown and black on some furniture. Sage color can work well with misty colors to create a room with a calming feel.

o make it look more beautiful, you can decorate the interior of this bedroom with a minimalist bed, wall mirror, makeup mirror, nightstand, dressing table, and decorative lights. To make the room feel comfortable and green, you can add ornamental plants and bright color floor rugs. Those are some earth tone color inspirations for the design of the bedroom in your bedroom. We hope it can inspire you. Happy decorating!

Pair a brown table and a blue sofa

You want to have an aesthetic and minimalist house design. You must have imagined a beautiful living room dominated by light blue and brown colors that can bring a calming effect. Well, for that, you can use a brown table which is an element of fun earth tones.

For a more attractive appearance, you can combine it with a blue sofa, wooden table, and light brown carpet to create a more elegant impression. Then, add ornamental plants and wall hangings to make it look sweeter. Don’t forget to design a large glass window in your living room. With an arrangement like this, the living room will be bright from the sun and make your guests feel at home talking to you. Hopefully, this simple design can be a guide for your minimalist living room.

The combination of white and brown with soft nuances

Meal time is the right time to gather with family. Therefore, you can bring earth-tone colors to the dining room to create a calm and peaceful feel. One way is to use an all-white, brown, and beige color combination, like the inspiration below.

Then, to make the dining room look aesthetic, you can add a dining table and chairs, hanging decorative lights, long cabinets, and some ornamental plants. But don’t forget to add accessories so it doesn’t look monotonous. For those of you who like the design of a spacious and wooden dining room, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Create a workspace with a light brown color

The wood brown color is one of the colors of the earth tones. This color is identical to the color of the soil. So if you want to design a workspace, it doesn’t always have to be formally designed. You can create a comfortable work area using various light brown wooden furniture.

To make it look cool, you can add a beautiful impression to the workspace with green ornamental plants like the picture above. Then complete your workspace with wooden tables and chairs, document racks, cabinets to put accessories, and wall paintings. With this design, your workspace looks beautiful and neat. Then, make your enthusiasm for work even more. We hope this workspace design can make you more successful.


Many people are now starting to understand the color of Earth tones. This color is color. The color of the earth element is often present in residential homes to give a calming effect if you want to design your home with earth tone colors. We provide some examples of interesting pictures to make your home look aesthetic, attractive, and beautiful. For that, we hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating.


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