Overview of abstract painting

Beautifying the house through wall decorations has always been the way of choice for homeowners. Moreover, it is space-saving and does not take up much space. One that must be ogled is none other than abstract painting. We know abstract painting is arguably a work of art that is timeless and always open to different interpretations. Then, decorating with abstract paintings can appeal to anyone who sees it.

Therefore, you can present abstract paintings in various residential styles, ranging from minimalist, modern, and classic houses to houses with Japanese aesthetic designs. To start styling abstract paintings at home, we inspire..

Ideas and inspiration

The idea and inspiration for abstract painting are born from the thoughts and imagination of a painter. Then poured into the canvas. Then, the beauty of these paintings can be seen from the life of a painter. So do not be surprised if this painting looks alive and amazes everyone who sees it.

This painting is full of imagination which describes the condition of the painter at that time. With its soft brush touch and play of paint colors, it can’t be compared to the way you create images or display photos from a camera.

Then, to make an abstract painting, imagination is required to be able to bring this painting to life so that it can touch the feelings of everyone who sees it. Therefore the level of this painting can be said to be at the highest level. To make this, they must get an inspiration that invites them to touch their brush and paint their canvas.

About the origin of abstract painting

How many times have you seen an abstract painting and heard someone say, I can paint like this too! While abstract painting may seem easy to some, it can also be more challenging than classical or traditional painting.

Because abstract art goes against the rules and customs of art. As the artist, you are free to go against the rules, express yourself, and determine what constitutes art. Therefore, decide whether you want to create a random geometric abstract painting with bold shapes (like the Piet Mondrian or Paul Klee styles), or if you want to focus more on the painting process itself (like the Jackson Pollock or Mark Rothko styl

Some examples of attractive abstract paintings

We always see paintings at galleries. Some has painted by famous painters. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to provide some examples of interesting abstract paintings for your home. For that, we provide some examples of abstract paintings to decorate the interior of your home. But if you want to implement this painting on the walls of the house, you can call the painter. Then, you convey your wishes to the painter. For that, let’s discuss one by one the example images below. Welcome to our article!

The best modern abstract painting

The abstract painting above seems to have extraordinary artistic value. Then, to start decorating it, you can make it in the interior of your home, especially in the living room, or you provide one room as a place for your painting collection. The most important thing is that the owner’s will comfort factor for the choice of painting is lovely with it because abstract paintings generally have the best meanings.

But if the taste of the homeowner refers more to modernism, then there is no need to be afraid to present a choice of abstract paintings that are more lively and contemporary. Of course, the visual results have guaranteed to make the house’s interior design more attractive, and the abstract painting can be a focal point in the room. However, the presence of sofas and equipment in the room must also be combined and matched with existing paintings to make it look alive. Well, you can try it to decorate your home.

Abstract painting of snake scales

The choice of neutral style abstract painting with a natural green theme is not only aesthetic but also unique. This color pattern is identical to snakeskin and has an outdoor feel. Then, it makes the interior feel more natural. Especially for clients who like a minimalist or modern interior style, this abstract painting can be the right decoration choice.

However, if you want to make your living room look more attractive, you can adjust the living room equipped with a bright color sofa, white decorative lights, a marble round table, and add a few ornamental plants to make it look green. With an arrangement like this, your living room will be able to make you more confident to accept.

Adjustment to the aesthetic interior

A matching color palette between interiors and abstract paintings is often applied according to the advice of interior experts everywhere. This matching style feels more flexible with the perfect color combination between vertical space and the existence of space-saving furniture. That way, this abstract painting becomes the main center of your living room

Then, so that the living room looks beautiful, you can adjust the living room equipped with the paintings on display, such as a gray sofa, blue sofa, patterned sofa cushions, an attractive round table, beautiful flower pots, a matching floor rug, and floor carpet. That way, your living room will become the focal point of your home interior. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Abstract painting that is not thick

As we have discussed before, abstract painting is not easy to paint because this painting requires a strong imagination. So that the artistic value is thicker. Abstract painting may be synonymous with aristocratic tastes, which are more inclined toward ancient painting. Such an assessment often influences decisions in designing the interior of a room because it relates to the homeowner’s taste.

As far as we know, many variations of abstract painting have a mixture of more straightforward techniques and expressions, such as forming images of people, flowers, or other things. Then, the varied colors can make a painting more lively and inspiring.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with living room accessories such as bright color sofa sets, sofa cushion motifs, unique tables, decorative lights, table accessories, and floor carpets with colorful motifs. Then, ornamental plants. Then to make it look more beautiful, you can design a wall color that matches the painting. With this design, your living room will become the idol of the guest

Classical painting combination in Japanese style

The abstract painting always has a classic, and it does not always have a big size. It all depends on how the arrangement is. To present a charming abstract painting in a more modern way, you can use Japanese-style furniture or decorations that tend to be simple so that the painting can stand out more.

The decoration of an abstract work of art does not have to be rigid on the wall but can be placed on the floor or table as a more stylish space-saving solution. To look attractive, you can add ornamental plant flower pots beside it. With this arrangement, your room will look artistic.

Minimalist abstract painting

Lovers of minimalism always experience a void of space on the house walls. If you are getting bored with your daily routine, various minimalist abstract paintings can be placed in the space to liven up the walls of your house like the inspiration above. The plain walls covered in white paint has decorated with various abstract paintings with various themes and colors. The combination of all that makes the interior of the house fresher

Therefore, to implement the most aesthetic residential wall inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore various styles of abstract painting. In the world of curators or art collections, there is no limit between one painting and another as long as it is according to taste. Therefore, to eliminate your boredom while at home, you can implement abstract painting in the interior of the house.

Attractive abstract painting for living room

From an abstract perspective as a wall decoration, the benefits are the same as for other paintings. However, why are abstract paintings always sought after by collectors and dare to be paid dearly to get them the abstract painting has its benefits other than just as a minimalist home wall decorator. Then, it can give provide fun inspiration.

Then, to make your living room look more attractive, one way is, we need to mix monochromatic colors, namely colors that are arranged based on matching colors. Matching colors are created by adding white or black. While the painting depends on the imagination of the painter at that time. We hope this painting can be an inspiration for your living room.

Abstract painting with unique imagination

Almost everyone is happy with beautiful and unique paintings. Especially the abstract painting. Abstract painting is a type of painting that does not have a pattern, object, or painting figure, but has its idea or idea. As far as we know, abstract painting refers to an unrealistic or natural form that does not display a form.

Therefore, for people who do not have the imagination for painting, abstract shapes will be difficult to recognize as the appearance of objects that you see in everyday reality. We understand that abstract painting is a form of artistic imagination that is processed by artists in searching for the essence of the object’s form. So that the shape of its form becomes unique and antique.
But if you want to make harmonious your living room, you can combine it with beautiful sofa equipment complete with sofa cushions. With this arrangement, your living room will look alive.


Abstract painting in interior design is part of the decoration with high artistic value. In abstract model painting, a painter chooses colors based on considerations and imagination at the time. Color choices are based on the character and symbolic meanings of the colors themselves.

Abstract painting colors can be classified into several groups, like a hot, cold, and harmonious colors. Hot colors consist of red, yellow, and orange color elements. Therefore, this painting uses a lot of bold colors to make its classic look more visible.
We hope your living room can decorate with paintings that have high artistic value to make it look aesthetic, beautiful, unique, and attractive. Happy designing!


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