1. Overview of a modern minimalist kitchen

In general, many houses has built with a minimalist design. They make it because the availability of land owned by the developer is limited. Therefore, many developers are building homes in a small area. This also has an impact on the size of the rooms in the house, including the kitchen. With a minimalist design model, many homeowners change the interior design of their kitchens so that their kitchens feel more comfortable and less cluttered.

2. Modern minimalist kitchen ideas and inspiration

Minimalist home design is the prima donna today. The right and neat arrangement of the room is an idol today and has a high aesthetic value. Therefore, minimalist kitchen ideas and inspiration are needed to beautify the interior of a minimalist home. We know the advantage of a minimalist home is that it is a simple design but has a functional design because this concept is in great demand by residents who have densely populated areas with narrow land.

As far as we know, the idea to design a minimalist kitchen can make the house’s interior look cool and neater. A simple but elegant design makes homeowners feel more comfortable and calm. With a minimalist kitchen style that is bright, clean, and doesn’t require a lot of furniture, this kitchen is one of the idols of women. With a minimalist design, you can combine it with the dining room and family room. That way, your home interior will become a multifunctional design. For that, let’s talk about a minimalist kitchen model as below.

3. Some modern minimalist kitchen models

As far as we know, the latest beautiful minimalist kitchen models are in great demand by the public. This kitchen looks simple and unpretentious without reducing the value of beauty in appearance. For those of you who want to design a modern minimalist kitchen, we want to share ideas to provide some examples of designs that suit your taste.

We understand that many people are starting to pay attention to modern minimalist-style kitchen models because they can make the kitchen interior not bad. While at the same time giving a little impression of being fashionable and pleasing to the eye. You can choose the latest modern minimalist kitchen model that is aesthetic and attractive. This minimalist kitchen model is a combination of simplicity and room aesthetics. Then, if you want to carry this concept, it’s a good idea to see the latest modern minimalist kitchen model below. Hopefully, this kitchen model can be your inspiration.

Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray

A minimalist kitchen like this picture is dominated by all-white furniture with a combination of gray in the upper and lower cabinets. In addition to giving a little accent to the kitchen, gray can create a modern impression and doesn’t get dirty easily.

To use the kitchen space more efficiently, you can equip a cupboard with a letter U shape. With this design, you only need to turn around when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to arrange food. In addition to being minimalist, this kitchen also saves electricity because it has skylights that become the entrance of sunlight during the day. To look sweeter, you can arrange a gas stove set on the kitchen and table, put small plants and attractive kitchen utensils. With this arrangement, your kitchen will give a fresh feel.

Minimalist kitchen blends with the dining area

If you are a new family, you will still be happy to accompany your partner to cook. If so, you can apply this minimalist kitchen design. Like the picture above, this kitchen has a row of cabinets and a combination with a dining table. You can place several utensils such as plates and glasses on the wall shelves. Meanwhile, you can put dry food ingredients in the lower cupboard.

So that your minimalist kitchen looks more beautiful, install spotlights on the walls for your minimalist kitchen, and place flower pots as a sweetener for your kitchen interior. Don’t forget to arrange the gas stove set on the kitchen table to make it look luxurious. A design like this will make your kitchen design look aesthetic and comfortable.

Bright and light-saving kitchen design

This minimalist kitchen design is still dominated by minimalist furniture with white and blue walls. This color combination makes a minimalist kitchen look artistic. With a beautiful arrangement, this kitchen looks classy. Although the kitchen is small, the layout of the furniture is quite neat, so this small kitchen looks spacious thanks to the large window beside it.

With the arrangement of glass windows, the sunlight becomes easier to illuminate the kitchen interior. Thus you can save the lights in the morning and afternoon. Then, to look more classy, ​​you can bring unique hanging decorative lights, decorate the kitchen with flower pots, arrange a gas stove set on the kitchen table and put some beautiful accessories. Well! for those of you who want to save electricity, this design can be your inspiration.

Minimalist kitchen with contemporary design

Having a minimalist kitchen makes us have to be creative to organize it properly. A minimalist kitchen design like the picture above has a combination with a contemporary design that is beautiful and fun. Thanks to several black furniture and cooking utensils, such as a funnel lamp, dining chair, water faucet, toaster, pots, and small plant pots. This kitchen looks more attractive.

As you can see, one of the unique elements in this contemporary minimalist kitchen is a black wall. This black wall can use as a medium for drawing children or writing small notes using chalk and can be erased whenever you want. But if you want they don’t do that, you should prepare drawing paper and pencils so they can draw and write on the paper you provide. That way, your kitchen interior is not dirty. Hopefully, this design can make you more comfortable.

Minimalist kitchen with additional shelves

If you want to make a minimalist kitchen design look luxurious and clean. Then it makes this minimalist kitchen look more attractive. But if you can arrange efficient cabinets and kitchen sets like the picture above. You can put some cabinets has made attached to the wall to save space and be easily accessible by users.

This modern minimalist kitchen looks simple and impressive even though the shape of the furniture and furnishings is not luxurious. To look more stunning with your family, design a kitchen set and kitchen table with a matching color. Then design the kitchen floor using wood floor material to give a warm and comfortable feel for everyone who is there. But if you need an additional storage place, you can present a small display rack in the corner of the empty kitchen area. This design can make the area and style of your kitchen interior.

Modern minimalist kitchen all-white design

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. It is not surprising anymore because cooking activities can make oil and sauce splashed in the kitchen area, and then the falling food flakes. Therefore, most people avoid the all-white color for their kitchen.

But if you are someone who is not afraid of getting dirty, it never hurts to apply this all-white minimalist kitchen design. Then, starting from the color of the walls, furniture, and kitchen utensils. Then, choose furniture made of slippery material so that it is easy to clean when exposed to dirt later. In addition, add spotlights to the kitchen set to make it easier to control cleanliness. But the advantage of this white color is that the kitchen looks bright, clean, and spacious.

Minimalist kitchen all wood design

Desain Dapur Minimalis Serba KayuAnything designed with wood will make it look more natural. Therefore, if you want to make a minimalist kitchen with wood, you must be able to adjust the colors that match the color of your wood to make it look natural. Like the picture above, this minimalist kitchen has designed with all wood. Then the kitchen table and kitchen set are made in the same color. So the kitchen area design looks aesthetic and natural.

Then, to look more attractive, the kitchen above is equipped with a microwave and an oven on the built-in furniture. Proper placement makes the kitchen feel more comfortable. Then, given a hanging fluorescent lamp to illuminate the kitchen when cooking at night. Meanwhile, for the storage area on the kitchen table, you can use it to put various cooking utensils, such as pans, electric kettles, and so on. Hopefully, this all-wood design can be an inspiration for those of you who like natural styles.

Minimalist kitchen with kitchen island

Desain Dapur Minimalis dengan Kitchen Island

If you feel bored with a minimalist kitchen design where the furniture is attached to the wall. Try using the kitchen island as a place to put the stove and sink. Then, you choose a small kitchen island. So the kitchen does not become cramped and does not limit your space.

For a minimalist kitchen to look more elegant, place a dining table next to the kitchen island, so you don’t have to bother going far to serve food and tidy up dishes. For a design like this, the dominance of gray is suitable for a minimalist kitchen. That way, your minimalist kitchen has a slightly modern touch. Nah! for those of you who are happy with this design, you can make this design your inspiration.

Design with a minimum of electric lighting

Desain Dapur Minimalis yang Minimal Pencahayaan ListrikAs far as we know, now the necessities of life are expensive. Therefore, you must be clever to save on every aspect. One of them is the use of lights during the day. Then, instead, use sunlight. In addition, if you want to arrange a minimalist kitchen, color selection is more important so the kitchen looks stunning.

To add to the sweetness of a minimalist kitchen design, use a touch of gray and enough glass windows to make it look bright during the day. With this design, the atmosphere in your minimalist kitchen doesn’t feel monotonous. Next, you can put a brave-colored refrigerator such as red, a gas stove set, and wall hangings. With this decoration, your modern minimalist kitchen will feel more comfortable and fun.

Mini-sized minimalist kitchen looks spacious

Desain Dapur Minimalis Ukuran 2x2 pun Bisa Terlihat LapangFor those of you who have a mini minimalist kitchen design and want to keep it looking spacious. The key is to use a minimalist kitchen design with an open concept or blend it with other rooms. For this minimalist kitchen design idea, the room is integrated with the dining room and corridor and has located under the stairs.

Then, to look spacious, minimalist kitchen space can be limited by using a cupboard with a size of half the height of an adult. Then, to distinguish the atmosphere of the kitchen from other rooms, you can use wood material on some of the furniture, such as the built-in kitchen cabinets, the cooker hood, and the outside of the stove rack. With a design like the picture above, you will feel more comfortable even though you are in a limited space. Hopefully, this design will be an inspiration for you.

Design with bar table and chairs

Desain Dapur Minimalis dengan Meja dan Kursi Bar

With the development of home interior design, making we have to adjust our lifestyle to the size of the house. The idea of ​​a minimalist kitchen design like the picture above has combined a cooking room with a dining table with a bar concept and uses a high chair as a bar stool. It is very nice to make at your home.

Then, to bring up a minimalist design, use all-white furniture and simple shapes but do not reduce its function. Then, give a little accent use of one to two pieces of furniture in different colors. Don’t forget to make a glass window. So that sunlight can easily enter the kitchen. Then, you can save electricity during the day. This design can make your modern minimalist kitchen will feel like a bar atmosphere. Then you can enjoy this bar to drink coffee while chatting with your partner.

Simple design but looks classy

model dapur minimalis modern terbaru

To give the impression of a classy kitchen, the arrangement of a number of furniture is more important. In addition, you can also choose white combined with dark colors that tend to be calm, such as dark blue and black. Then, design the floor with wood motif ceramics to make it look more natural.

Then, to look sweeter, the glass blocks on the walls can also be applied to give a different impression while adding natural lighting. Then design a kitchen set with a color that matches the kitchen table to make it look harmonious. Don’t forget to arrange the location of the gas stove and kitchen equipment accessories so they don’t fall apart. With this arrangement, your modern minimalist kitchen will look neater and more attractive

Kitchen design under the stairs

model dapur minimalis modern terbaru

According to feng shui, the kitchen under the stairs is not recommended because of the possibility of being stepped on by people who want to go upstairs. However, you can work around this in various ways. One of them is not setting the kitchen table right in the area under the stairs. Thus, you will not violate the rules of feng shui.

In addition, modern minimalist kitchen models with the latest styles will still be visible. Then to make it look neat, you can design the kitchen walls with colorful motifs. Then put some accessories. So it doesn’t look monotonous. Hopefully, this simple design can add to your ideas about simple and comfortable kitchen designs.

Design with soft colors

dapur mini bar modern

Kitchen designs that emphasize soft and warm nuances can be created through the choice of colors for several pieces of furniture. Beige is one of the colors we recommend if you want to make a warm aura. To further maximize it, the lighting around your kitchen can install glass windows and neon lights. So that the kitchen still looks minimalist without reducing the modern aura.

4. Conclusion

JIf you want to create a modern minimalist kitchen design. We present some examples of images as above. To make your kitchen look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and fun. You have to prepare a budget to pay for decor and designer companies.

However, if you want to make your own, you can imitate one of the pictures of a modern minimalist kitchen like the picture above. We hope that this review article can be useful for you. Then make your kitchen interior a comfortable place to be with family. Happy decorating!


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